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  • going without the 'flow' of the wolves teen.

    I have been a fan of Teen Wolf since the very first episode. It struck just the right balance between horror, humor and characters that you really wanted to survive into the next season [or not]. From dark brooding Derek to beautiful intense Allison. At 13 episodes it was balanced just right to deliver enough each week to keep me on the hook. Then they extended the season - and it still worked as they split it into what I see has been called a and b.

    The Season 5 arrived. I kept checking my snail mail for the drugs to arrive that I'm sure would've helped me enjoy this season - but they didn't. Instead we had 5a which was like one long drug trip, without the drugs - then the long break and the arrival of 5b. I started watching and was so confused I stopped, accumulated all the episodes [except for the finale obviously] then watched up to ep 19. A bit of the confusion cleared up a bit, here's hoping the finale will be decent - but I'm not holding my breath.

    Anyway, before I climb off my soap box, let me finish off by saying that season 5 has felt like I was drowning in slow motion [you must admit that ALL of those slow motion scenes get a bit much after 20 half the time the show feels like it's trying to pull off season 5, and build the foundation for season 6. TW S5 feels like a beast dragging 2 heavy loads - one being the current season, the other, setting the scene for season 6. Previous seasons have started afresh, which is something I've really enjoyed - instead of sitting there and thinking to myself, is this relevant to the beast, or season 6, hey oops, I just missed something, maybe I it, hey look navel lint.

    I really enjoy TW - I will continue to watch until I either make sense of what's happening, or I lose the plot so badly that even google maps can't find me.