Teen Wolf

Season 1 Episode 2

Second Chance at First Line

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2011 on MTV - Music Television
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Scott is aware of his powers, but does not know how to control them. He contemplates on whether to play at the upcoming lacrosse game. He then uses his second chance with Allison to move their relationship in a better direction.

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  • Teen wolf

    Great ! :)
  • Really great entertainment.

    I thought this was a really entertaining hour, with a lot of good character developments on multiple fronts. I definitely love some of the non-main cast members quite a lot - Scott's mother is really nice, Stiles's dad is great (plus Stiles and his dad together are rather hilarious) and the Coach is great too, especially that rambling scene when Scott said he wasn't going to play the game.

    The story advances nicely - I feel like some of it was predictable and some of it was really intense, but it all came together with a really explosive conclusion in the end with a highly intriguing last few scenes that has me really excited for the next one.

    Looking forward to watching more!moreless
  • Get through this

    So, I'm having a rewatch now that season 3 is completely over and going back to these first episodes, I am reminded of how many times I almost gave up on it in the beginning. My biggest problem in season one was that I actually hated the two leads--Scott and Allison. I got through the episodes by focusing on every other character and trying not to cringe every time the lack luster duo appeared on screen. But it's actually quite easy to do, as the supporting cast is excellent. I'm not just talking about Stiles, Lydia, Jackson and Derek. The adults on this show are phenomenal. I especially love Sheriff Stilinski. Derek isn't given much to do in this episode, but that's mainly because he's still a part of the "mystery of the Alpha" storyline.

    The introduction of the hunters at the end of the first episode raised the stakes and there's a bit more action, but there's also a tremendous amount of whining from Scott that doesn't do anything for the likability of his character.moreless
  • Don't Mind Seeing Till The End, But I Really Wanna See A Paranormal Girl in Season 2

    Well, it kind of gets complicated for Scott to be in a dilemma of playing in that big lacrosse game because if he doesn't, he'll "lose" Allison to a new guy (whoever it is) introduced by Lydia. Lydia is more annoying than Allison, but as the saying goes (if there ever is), "Nothing so soothes our vanity as a display of greater vanity in others; it make us vain, in fact, of our modesty." I don't know whether anyone reading this gets what I mean..Anyway, I'm still watching this show as the male characters are funny & worried at the same time, especially how Stiles deal with his werewolf friend. So, (my fingers cross) hopefully, there is another girl...but she's a PARANORMAL girl..out of nowhere. I really wish I'm the writer for this show during season 2. I presume that my heroine that I've mentioned will appear during the midseason 2. It's gonna be a long wait for me....if the writers of Teen Wolf don't lift up the expectations of fans who are into paranormal girls. Yes, I'm one of them. Sorry to anyone who thinks I'm calling the female characters as damsels. SPOILER ALERT: BTW, I hope to see Allison & Lydia to become stronger girls (Lydia was bitten by a werewolf; Allison is a hunter.), but not as strong as my imaginary heroine. If she is real on this show.moreless
  • Absolutely Dismal !another hour of my life wasted !

    I always try and watch two episodes of a TV show before making a judgement.. I watched the pilot and thought it might have just a glimpse of potential... Boy was I wrong !

    Rarely have I seen such trash. This show doesn't know what it wants to be.. It's a terrible mishmash of what seems to be popular at the moment..

    Badly done werewolves.. tepid teen romance.. stupid coming of age stuff, lame sports "competition".. dark sinister "Bad guy", rugged "hunter".. so many feeble stereotypes.

    The script is feeble, and the lead actor is always mugging at the camera.. I guess he was taught to "emote" in acting class. The acting as a whole is third rate, with the only glimmers of talent coming from the "New Girl/ Love interest" and the nasty girl leader of the popular set at the school.

    This show is not so much Teen Wolf, as Lame Duck !moreless
John Atwood

John Atwood

Math Teacher

Guest Star

Vince Pisani

Vince Pisani


Guest Star

Chris Thomas Hayes

Chris Thomas Hayes

Opposing Lacrosse Player

Guest Star

Linden Ashby

Linden Ashby

Sheriff Stilinksy

Recurring Role

J.R. Bourne

J.R. Bourne

Chris Argent

Recurring Role

Melissa Ponzio

Melissa Ponzio

Melissa McCall

Recurring Role

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    • Scott: What if Derek catches us?
      Stiles: I have a plan for that.
      Scott: Which is...
      Stiles: I run one way, you run the other, if he catches either of us, too bad.
      Scott: I hate that plan!

    • Allison: I can handle weird.

    • Lydia: Scott! I just want you to remember one thing for tonight.
      Scott: Uh, winning isn't everything?
      Lydia: Nobody likes a loser.

    • Stiles: Just try not to worry too much while you're out there, or get too angry... Or stressed... Don't think about Allison being in the stands or that her father's trying to kill you, or that Derek's trying to kill you. Or the girl he killed. Or that you might kill someone if a hunter doesn't kill you first! I'm sorry, I'll stop.

    • Scott: I want a semi-freaking normal life!

    • Stiles: Hey, Lydia, you probably don't remember me, I sit behind you in Biology. Uh, anyway, I've always thought that we just had this kinda connection, y'know, unspoken, of course. Maybe it'd be kinda cool to get to know each other a little better.
      Lydia: Hold on, gimme a second. (takes out her bluetooth phone) Yeah, I didn't get any of what you just said. Is it worth repeating?
      Stiles: No. Sorry.

    • Scott: I could smell blood.
      Stiles: That's awesome! I mean: that's terrible! Whose blood?

    • Stiles: What did you find?! How did you find it?! Where did you find it?! And yes, I've had a lot of Adderall.

    • Derek: You think your little buddy Stiles can just Google 'werewolves' and now he has all the answers?

    • Lydia: I date the captain of the winning lacrosse team. And if they start the season losing, I date the captain of the losing lacrosse team. I don't date losers.
      Scott: Losing one game isn't gonna kill anyone. In fact, it might even save someone.
      Lydia: Fine! Don't play. We'll probably win anyway, and we'll go out after like we were planning, and I'll introduce Allison to all the hot players on the team. And Scott McCall can stay home surfing the net for porn.

    • Stiles: Her dad-
      Scott: Shot me-
      Stiles: Allison's father?
      Scott: With a crossbow.

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