Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2014 on MTV - Music Television
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Demonic Ninjas still lurking in the shadows, Scott's friends unite to learn what they can do to stop them.  Stiles is almost at the point of losing it and enlists Scott's Moms help in understanding whats happening with him.

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  • Darkness Revealed

    This was another very good one. Not a whole lot I can really say, I like the fact that we're seeing some Japanese mythology and this episode gives us more details on it. In a way part of this arc is sort of like a whodunit mystery, the evil fox demon is the hidden killer in the train/mansion and like in all those mysteries it's most of the time someone we see hiding in plain sight.

    We of course discover that Kira is a fox creature, whom are tricksters and radiate a luminous aura. However there are different kinds some are good but also some are evil. There's a soild back and forth between both Scott and her, and a moment where they were going to kiss; I really wouldn't mind if those two hook up Kira is turning out to be a decent new edition and hopefully she'll get better.

    Theres a small soild siedge battle in Scott's house, at first Scott and the rest have the upper hand but then of course tables turn as the Oni Demons they break though and it looks like they could be fraked. But it's revealed that the Oni Demons before they decide to kill they give each of the people they pursue a test, the mark under the ears of Lydia and the others are tags to indicate their ok. Theres a little suspense despite the fact you can easily guess Scott and Kira will be ok, personally I know that Kira is a red hearing for the demon their trying to pursue. But still I can't be positive until I see the final results and I like that final back and forth which was slightly touching between Kira and Scott as he has strong faith she's not evil and both submit to the test together on just mere faith. Of course, both pass the test thankfully, however there is only one person that doesn't and that person is Styles.

    Personally, I had a feeling the evil fox demon was going to be him due to some of the strange things he's gone though in the past episodes. This evil fox demon is said to not just possess evil souls but also good one's. I'll admit seeing that reveal now makes me worried for his life, but also the others I'm afraid that Styles might go into the fox demon mode at certain points and try to kill all his friends. The evil fox demon looks like it's gained strength over the decades as it has taken out the Oni Demons hunting it, which makes we all the more worried for Scott and everyone elses life. Hopefully, Scott and the rest might find some sort of solution for Styles condition but theres no gurentees since one an evil fox demon possesses you it's for keeps.

    Things are about to get darker for Styles, Scott and everyone else as the darkess has revealed itself and isn't going to stay hidden much longer.moreless
  • Flashbacks all around

    This was both unexpected and predictable.

    I would have never guessed it was gonna be Stiles but it became pretty clear halfway through the episode. And I'm scared because they are foreshadowing his death like crazy and just no. I wonder whether Claudia was possesed as well. I need Stiles. I need someone to save him from this thing. The last scene was earie. Chilling.

    The show needs more Derek and his sass. But nice of them to include him. And I love it when he pops in with unexpected pieces of trivia. I'm a little concerned with his line about dying for Scott though. I mean, on one hand, of course he would. On the other hand, just no. He needs a blanket, a good book, a mug of hot chocolate and Stiles to cuddle with. Not playing at a hero.

    It is sort of sad that Derek was the only one who didn't have anyone around when he woke up from the test. He needs to bond with Papa Stiliski stat. They can be sassy together.

    I don't care for the twins. They are somewhat funny written I just can't forget what they have done.

    Mama McCall is the best. Agent McCall can fuck off anytime though. The sooner the better. And he better stays away from Sheriff or I sick Gerard on him.

    Overall the story is coming together beautifully and it scares me shitless. And not in a good way.moreless
  • Why is it that no one has a summary for chapter s03e17?

    Is there a mistake in your schedule? I can't seem to get the episode but it is still listed as Jan 27th?
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