Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 03, 2013 on MTV - Music Television
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Derek and Isaac search for Erica and Boyd, and a new wolf pack arrives in town with its own menacing Alpha.

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  • Answer the damn phone

    Last season I grew so annoyed with poor communication as a major plot device. So imagine my distress when it occurs again this season, and within the first 15 minutes? Yup! When Scott's mom is desperately trying to text him about Isaac at the hospital, the teacher send each student a text and then she states, NO texting ever. Put away your phones. Then, just when Allison and Lydia are trying to call Scott to discuss how they got these strange markings on their wrists, Stiles says, No Allison tonight. No phones. So Scott, seeing that Allison is ringing him, stuffs his phone in his pocket, ignoring her call. I just can't take this crappy writing style, where the suspense in driven by poor communication rather than innovative plotting. Why not a car accident, to keep Scott from reaching g the hospital in time? Why is it always the damn phones??moreless
  • Stiles?

    Well, I noticed right off that Stiles was subdued, where was all the manic energy from last year? Bummer. Derek is just as beautiful as last year, quieter, less angry. Scott seems to have grown up, still has the role of white knight, all heart. Lydia is doing the 'I'm hurt so I sleep around to feel better' thing, Allison looks ready to freak, on the verge of a breakdown. Jeez was Isaac that gorgeous last season? Miss Danny, Jackson, Erica, Boyd, even Finstock! The Alpha toe nails are seriously nauseating, ugh. Felt a bit like being stuck in a Hitchcock remake of The Birds. Need to learn why the Alpha Pack just had to blatantly come to Beacon Hills and expose werewolves to the humans, only the humans never notice.... Hope the bad guys are more three dimensional than they are so far. It was very good to jump back into the fray. Hope there is some Stiles/Derek scenes to come. Those two just sizzle together. Really, really miss Jackson.moreless
  • Tattoo

    Tattoo was an exciting and fast paced yet all encompassing episode of Teen Wolf. I loved how the story picked up from last season with intense action and dramatic suspense. It was great to see Allison and Scott see each other at the red light. The Alpha Pack is revealed and they are powerful. There was definitely some supernaturally charged air in town. I'm curious to see how events tie together. So far I'm hooked and I can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Season 3 already out yay

  • So many symbols

    I was pretty scared of S3 after the S2 finale and even more so after all the teasers thrown out in the last couple of weeks. And some of those fears were validated by the season premiere.

    I hate HATE HATE that Not-Ms-Morrell referred to Scott as Alpha. I understand that it's his arc and one day he will be an Alpha but he is not now. And he is nowhere near ready to be one. I mean, he is one argument away from being an Omega.

    My second fear-come-true was Derek and Scott being pitted against each other again. But given that we know about it this early on I'm hoping for some twist that won't leave me curled up in a corner without a chance for recovery.

    The episode was a wonderful set up for the season. The introduction of the Alpha pack was pretty cool.

    The Twins are impressive - both in and out of their shirts. And the fact they can morph together is freaky and awesome.

    Barefoot Lady and Bald Dude seem dangerous and dedicated.

    Alpha Alpha gives me chills because he just like Peter is creepy on the inside. He is going to be like Kinder Surprise, you can shake him all you want but you still only find out what is inside when he decides so. And while I'm not that happy about Scott the Special Snowflake plot I like that they at least established Alpha Alpha is trying to destroy him now before Scott grows into his potential.

    Stiles, how I missed you. I didn't even realized how much before I saw him again. Dylan is magical. I like how Stiles brings both the comic relief - the fainting, and the seriousness - his talk with Lydia.

    Speaking of which. While I'm not always thrilled with the way Lydia is portrayed in fics, in canon she is one fierce lady. I also like how sexuality - and her sexuality is portrayed on the show. She knows what she wants and needs and she is making no excuses and taking full ownership of her body and feelings.

    I hope we get to see more of her friendship with Allison. I also wonder whether Not-Ms-Morrell sort of recruited them to the Resistance or whatever it was called. Could be cool. Though I'm sad they killed her off. Just when I started to almost like her.

    There were also too many symbols. I'm pretty sure Scott's will be important later on as well.

    Melissa was great. And they really need to include the Sheriff and soon. I have a feeling he is gonna find out by accident or a kidnapping but I rather someone told him.

    And now to my favorite who has the best entrances ever. I was waiting half the episode for Derek to appear and when he did he did not disappoint. My Sassy Sourwolf. He seemed a bit less angsty then last season, there was a sense of calm around him. I liked that. I'm afraid it won't last for long but still.

    I also like that Derek didn't want to involve Scott but when Scott was about to find out he didn't lie or tried to prevent it because he realizes he needs help. Derek is a truly wonderful person - if a little over his head. I just wish more people would see it.

    I was also fangirling about Stiles and Derek sharing a scene. One of the reasons I wish they develop a friendship or more is because I think their snark-offs would be legendary. Like with so many other things they snark and sense of humor compliment each other.

    Color me intriguedmoreless
Meagan Tandy

Meagan Tandy

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The way that Deucalion has Scott guide him is incorrect. Most blind people are trained to reach for a person's upper arm just above the elbow when they want to guide someone as it is easier for them to tell when they need to go up or down stairs and to turn when going through narrow spaces.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Sheriff Stilinski: trying to make Stiles go to school I'm not gonna beg you.
      Stiles: typing on a computer Ain't good. I'm impervious to your influence anyway.
      Sheriff Stilinski: Would you consider a bribe?
      Stiles: You couldn't meet my price.
      Sheriff Stilinski: Extortion?
      Stiles: You got nothing on me.
      Sheriff Stilinski: considers it Yeah. rolls the chair with Stiles sitting on it away from the computer

  • NOTES (2)


    • Lydia: "And seriously, an American werewolf in London? Like that's not going to be a disaster."

      This is a reference to the movie An American Werewolf in London in which an American becomes a werewolf while visiting London, goes on a killing spree, and eventually dies.