Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 24

The Divine Move

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2014 on MTV - Music Television
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Scott and Derek join forces with The Twins to bring down the Nogitsune but a familiar face returns to Beacon Hills.

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  • Love this show!

    such a great season finale. Looking forward to the next season :)

    sure there were some plot holes but ultimately i enjoyed it and that's why i watch this show. Hopefully they will explore some of the new characters like malia and kira some more next season. This was a really dark season and i loved it :)
  • GREAT!!

    Aiden's death scene was heartbreaking .. i didn't want him dead and the other twin leaving .. they were funny and strong ... i wanted to see more of them next season !!!

    i am going to miss alison .. Isaac .. Aieden .. Ethean .. chris .. too much characters leaving at the same time it's depressing ..

    i personally don't like kira .. i would like to see a love Triangle between "stiles .. Malia .. and scott" this would be so interesting for me especially after all these dead characters.


  • what a great season this was

    I loved this season... it was so completely different from the previous 2. It had all the action, the romance and just about everthing in it.

    I just hope the next season will be just as good as this with 24 episodes.

    And to JMich below me, How much did u get paid to give the bad review?.... Just shut ur mouth man.
  • Thank God it's finally over

    BAD IDEA extending the number of episodes in season 3. The last 12 episodes of season 3 were pointless. The only reason I'm even rating it this high is because its finally OVER!

    I began watching the show for the Warevolves, not evil demon ninjas. Loved the first two seasons, but this season was enough for me to reconsider watching any further; slow, boring and just ridiculous. Fireflies, demon ninjas, bandage-head zombies, foxes, samarais and endless dream sequences; give me a break! After spending 2 seasons for Scott to become an Alpha, they do absolutely nothing with it. WHERE were the warewolves? Where was the great story which made the show Great in the first two seasons? After wasting my time on these last 12 episodes, on some level, I wish Stiles just killed them all.

  • Potential, wasted. Again

    I liked Isaac figuring it out. And him and Chris working hug was heartbreaking. As was Aiden's death even though I don't care much about the character. But teh Carver boys sold it.

    I kinda liked the resolution of the Nogitsune story line even though it felt rushed and in a way too easy. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    What I found rather laughable was Derek's motivational speech about the special specialness that is Scott. The show keeps telling us how wonderful Scott is but they rarely show us. I sort of wanted to yell at *Derek after the speech "That is you, not Scott, you are describing!"

    I was dissapointed at teh Agent McCall resolution. I really don't care about the character but I guess acceptance is the next stop in Scott's journey. Pity I don't care about that either.

    They actually managed it. They made a whole season without a single Stiles and Derek interaction. They struck gold with that relationship, with the amazing chemistry Tyler and Dylan have and they are just letting it go to waste because? Why exactly? Because they feel people don't like Scott enough? Because they are chickens? Because they truly don't care about the fans? Because they are 5 years old throwing a tantrum because they didn't figure out it first?

    Isaac and Chris leaving together was interesting. I have a feeling that would be a much more interesting show than the one we are about to see in July.

    Even when the show is good they manage to dissapoint.

    Like with the whole S4 set up. That was just a disaster wrapped in bad decissions. The only part that I liked was Danny figuring out werewolves. That was cool. Let's hope he will get more than 3 lines next season.

    I don't give a fuck about Malia. It could have been interesting her becoming a part of teh pack but they shot that to ground with her introduction - read, that terrible no-good hook up. Plus, she should be mentally 9 and not a cocky teenager that has her life totally figured out.

    And don't even get me started on bringing Kate fucking Argent back. Why can't the true bad guys ever stay dead? Why is she hurting Derek again? Why does the show insist on hurting Derek?

    I wish I could quit the show. They are making it easier by the minute though.moreless
Matthew Del Negro

Matthew Del Negro

Kyle McCall

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Tamlyn Tomita

Mrs. Yukimura

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Ryan Kelley

Deputy Parish

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Arden Cho

Arden Cho

Kira Yukimura

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Linden Ashby

Sheriff Stilinski

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Tom Choi

Tom Choi

Mr. Yukimura

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