Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 9

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • The people who knew less

    This episode of teen wolf had to be the best so far. It had a lot of action and mystery. Every second there was something new going on or a who is was happened.
  • Amazingly Interesting

    After one episode is finished you literally cannot wait to see another one. There is something about teen wolf that leaves you hooked and when they show the clip for the next episode you can't help but to count down the days until it j's Monday again. Teen wolf has definitely made my Mondays better
  • That girl that died in the woods Derek girl friend is the teacher

    I think that the teacher is Derek old girl friend that he killed in the woods because the teacher told Lydia you just like me but the only thing is the teacher died and Lydia did not. Just think about it and watch that last part of the show again
  • Mind, fucked.

    So Ms. Blake is the Darach (is she Paige, also?) and Lydia is a Banshee. And Papa Stilinski knows. And was abducted. This episode really wasn't holding any punches.

    I'm really glad all the slow motion and sweeping music was a mind game from the show and from Ms. Blake and not their attempt at persuading us Derek and Ms. Blake are the Greatest Romance to ever romance. I can still happily pretend it was all a hallucination (FF button is my friend). Though I wish Derek didn't have to go through all that betrayal and guilt again. Poor boy needs a break.

    I'm liking Cora more and more. She is a bit of a hot head which only means she will fit right in. And I love her sass. I need more scenes with her and Lydia. Allison and Lydia and Cora need to be friends and keep putting people in their places. While it might have been a low blow I liked what she told Scott, Stiles and Lydia after she attacked Aiden. I think in a way refusing to see the bigger picture, accept all the possible outcomes and actions that maybe need to be taken is making them weaker because they are unprepared. Plus, anyone who knocks Scott off of his pedestal, even for two seconds, is a hero in my book. Also, I need more Hale Family scenes. If Isaac is inluded only better.

    Ms. Morell was incredibly and surprisingly informative. I liked that scene as well.

    Lydia is awesome and she and Stiles better be friends and nothing more than friends because they are perfect that way. And she repeating Stiles line fromt eh previous episode was hilarious and genious.

    I also really liked how different bonds were created in this episode. I just wish Derek was included in all the bonding. Boy needs it bad.

    So the Sheriff finally knows. I like that the scene was comedic and it were the emotions of the Stilinski men that made it so very not comedic. Stiles' last comment - low blow that it was, made me wish we knew more about Mama Stilinski.

    I'm liking the twins more and more. They can stay. Especially Ethan and Danny are totally cute. Not sure if the Omega thing was retconning as I thoguht Omegas don't have packs but I let this one slide.

    So Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall are going to be a thing, right?

    Allison and Isaac make an interesting duo. I like him as a character more with each episode. He really is a bit of a puppy that is sometimes lost and sometimes impulsive and sometimes just needs a hug.

    I keep saying it and they keep ignoring me but they all need to freaking communicate with each other.

    And Jeff, you better not kill Papa Stilinski or I will go all Hulk on you.

    Also, I wonder who is gonna be the poor soul to tell Derek that his new ladyfriend is, well a crazy psycho. I hope they are not trying to indicate he has a type.
  • Wow Just Awesome!!

    First of all I would like to say that I was truly genuinely shocked that the sweet teacher was actually a grotesquely ugly psycho monster who in her spare time likes screwing Derek (can't really blame her for that though he is unbelievably hot) and sacrificing virgins and the like. Also I'm really not surprised that after waiting what seems like a century to find out what Lydia is that it turns out she is a Banshee I mean it really fits Lydia as all she really seems to do nowadays is scream no I wouldn't even call it screaming more like shrieking. Gotta love her though!

    Alison is freaking hot and amazing but she has some serious daddy trust issues