Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 10

The Overlooked

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Sterek

    Season 3 episode 10 = Derek chasing after Stiles to protect him = already existing Sterek friendship and loyalty = very possible future Sterek romance = the end of this discussion!

    This is a response to :

    - Derek and Stiles are not friends.

    - Derek thinks Stiles is an idiot.

    - Derek and Stiles hate each other.

    - ...

    Watch season 3 episode 10 and suck it!
  • I don't know what to think of this episode.

    There was way too much slow motion. There were some funny moments - Peter is aways such a delight even if I still don't beleive him further than I could throw him. There some not so cool fighting. And there were several explanations.

    I like the way Derek's past tied into story. It explained at least partially why she seeked him out. And confirmed she is older than him. She did not kill him though for a moment there I thought he would be her third sacrifice. She is one short, after all.

    I don't like the way people keep on saying Derek killed people. Like there should be a whole cementary dedicated to his victims. As far as I know he only killed two people and one of those is back amongst the living - Melissa seeing Peter again was a wonderful scene, by the way. He may be a little, OK a lot, hottheaded but in teh end he usually rather sacrifices himself than actually killing someone.

    Stiles with Cora in the ambulance was a touching scene but I really hope they are not setting up a love story there. He mentioned several times she reminds him of Derek and we have been there and done that and it ended up rather badly. I could go for Cora & Scott though. Now that Allison and Isaac seem to have a thing.

    Speaking of which, Isaac is too precious for words.

    And it seems The Alpha Pack is not as loyal to the Alpha Alpha as was insinuaited at the beginning of the season. I got the feeling there was a little something something between Barefoot Amayon and Ms. Blake. That or they are sisters which would make this whole deal whole other type of messed up.

    The more they keep talking about the One True Alpha, the less I can see Scott as one. Especially the lovely frase of a werewolf becoming Alpha by sheer power of will. When there is still no indication that Scott wills anythign other than being a real boy again. And as cool as Deaton is, I'm less and less impressed by him. He seemed cool and knowledgeble and detached int eh previous seasons now he is just turning into a fan girl.

    These last two episodes will be interesting for sure. But if Scott singlehandedly saves the day I might cut someone. I want some freaking team work for fuck's sake.

    And I almost forgot, Melissa is a bad ass mother ... that.
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