Teen Wolf

Season 1 Episode 5

The Tell

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Jackson is attacked by a werewolf in a video store. However, the werewolf spares him and runs off scaring Lydia in the process. The Sheriff and Stiles go in to take a look. Jackson can't give them much in the way of details. Scott and Derek watch the crime screen from the rooftops. Obviously they didn't do it, but they are eager to find out the identity of this werewolf especially if it's the Alpha.

Since Scott shares a common link with this werewolf, Derek tells him he should do his part in finding him. Derek also reminds Scott that there will be a full moon in a week, so Scott will undergo a full transformation.

Kate apologizes to Allison about what happened with Scott. Kate is having her seventeenth birthday, so she gets a present from her sister. Scott learns about the birthday, and they plan to make it a date the whole day.

Jackson goes back to the school after the incident at video store. In locker room, he is met by Derek who asks if he saw anything, but Jackson repeats what he said earlier that he didn't see anything.

Stiles goes to see Lydia, but Lydia is nearly passed out on drugs. Stiles then looks at her phone and sees that she actually took a picture of the werewolf in the video store.

Kate comes with another hunter to kill Derek, but Derek makes quick work of them. Kate catches Derek with a cattle prod stunning him momentarily. We shift back to Scott and Allison going on for a walk. Stiles talks to his Dad about parent teacher night. Stiles calls him but Scott has his phone turned off.

With Derek hurt, Kate tells him the truth about his sister that they didn't murder her. Kate can't prove any of this yet. Kate is telling Derek all of this in the hopes that he will her tell her who the Alpha werewolf is.

Sheriff Stilinsky finds a surveillance picture of a creature walking on two legs after the video store attack. We shift back to the parent teacher night, and we see all the different parents talking about Lydia, Scott, and Stiles. The Argents learned that Allison ditched class with Scott.

Scott and Allison come back from their date, but their parents aren't happy that they were playing hooky. Everybody starts bickering, however, a screams throws everybody off.

Argent and Scott think the Alpha might be near. Scott saves Allison from being run over by a driver. The sheriff takes a hit from a car, but Argent eventually shoots the culprit down, a mountain lion.