Teen Wolf

Season 1 Episode 5

The Tell

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • One more question - do you think I'm attractive?

    That was the quote of the day, closely followed by "What's a Stiles?"

    I loved the episode, which had a lot of interesting developments. The scenes with Derek and Kate were incredibly well done and really intriguing, and the character of Kate is certainly a very interesting character that I'm loving so far.

    Stiles was absolutely hilarious both in the classroom scene and the scene in Lydia's house. Those were some of the most enjoyable parts of the episode.

    The parent/teacher interviews were really interesting too - especially Stiles's, which was hilarious.

    The scenes with Alison & Scott running off for the day were admittedly more than a little purposeless, but the episode was really strong with events on other fronts that lifted it to a high level and kept it incredibly interesing.

    Looking forward to seeing more!
  • The Tell

    It normal for me not to like either the Leading Person or their love interest. For example in Smallville I liked Clark but was annoyed by Lana and in Buffy I liked Angel but man did Buffy annoy me. Whats not normal is me disliking both of them. Scott and Allison we very irresponsible in the episode. Yes ditching class is bad in my book but they both ditched their friends? If Scott was going to skip class he should have been with Derek trying to find the Alpha. Seriously, the Alpha wants you to kill someone or they will kill you perfect timing for a romantic walk in the forest. Sigh. At least Derek and even Stiles are trying to help. I really thought that Allison's dad was going to be the bad guy, he did shoot Scott, but its looking like her aunt is winning that contest. Wow. She really doesn't like werewolves. I found the conferences to be very interesting. They really explained each teen character well. It was interesting to find out that Jackson was adopted. I'm sure that will lead to a storyline sometime down the road. The Alpha has to be someone that knows Scott because Derek said he was chosen. Initially I was leaning toward the science(?) teacher because he was asking some really personal questions about male role models. Then the panther/lion showed up and now i'm thinking about the Vet too. Its pretty convenient to have a mountain lion show up right when the sheriff was trying to disprove that theory. Also the Alpha isn't doing a good job hiding his wolf form.
  • Agree With User 111111.

    Not much action and certainly a grown teenager should be responsible even with her ways of dating her boyfriend. It seems Jackson is an adopted kid and he's having frustrations of not knowing his biological parents. Let me hope that one of them is a paranormal being though Jackson deosn't have any supernatural powers yet.
  • Kind of Portraying How Irresponsible Grown Kids Could Be

    I found out that Allison has just turned 17 on her birthday (which means my prediction will include a girl who is older than Scott & Allison.) in this episode. It's kind of irresponsible as Scott persuaded Allison to skip school. As for Allison, she should have been the grown up instead she just let Scott do a childish thing. This episode isn't good to be portrayed by real life students (and to parents be firm with your kids). Anyway, it's good to see Stiles doing his awkward behaviour as it lifted the mood in this episode. Especially his frequent asking questions to Danny. This episode also portrayed Jackson's scaredy cat look after having seen the Alpha at the video store. Because of that, I know how to portray Jackson in my prediction of season 2. Really hope that the next episode there'll be more action and suspense. BTW, I'm still wishing for a paranormal girl to come into picture in season 2.
  • The Tell


    The Tell was a superb episode of Teen Wolf and I really enjoyed watching this episode as there was a lot of suspense for viewers wondering if Jackson will turn into a werewolf, who is the alpha, and who exactly are Allison's family and what are their secrets. There was a lot of action, awkward moments, and surprise. The characters and story lines are really starting to come together. It does seem that every thing happens at the right moment at times a little to often. This episode definitely touched upon the awkward teen dating scenarios and it also kept things interesting with the various characters. I really look forward to watching the next episode of Teen Wolf!!!!!!!