Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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    im loving this season so show is that dont like this season are scared of loving where its going cant get any better
  • Stop hurting Isaac, Derek and Stiles!!

    it is a bit hard to enjoy a show when the main character annoys you to no end. they are pushing the idea of Scott being an Alpha down our throaths and I for one am so done with it. I was over it pretty much in the season premiere and it has only gone downhill from there.

    Though I have to say Scott, Isaac and Allison make a pretty interesting team. romantically I could get pretty much behind any combination. but I don't particulary care much in the first place so...

    it was good to see Boyd again. and I'm not sure about Cora yet. she seem to care for Derek but I'm really curious about her backstory. where was she? how long did she think Derek and Laura were dead? why did she come back? how did she meet the Alpha Pack?

    the Alpha Pack is weird. I'm getting the story line less and less. so they want Derek to kill his own Pack to gain strenght and join them. and in the process kill Scott who presents a potential threat to them? it's not a stupid plan but Derek would rather cut his own arm off than harm any of his Pack. he would make them hate him before actually hurting them. which BTW was a fucking heartbreaking scene. and Scott still insist on not being part of Derek's Pack so there is that.

    maybe it's just total bias on my part but Jennifer reminded me a lot of Stiles in her scene with Derek. not sure if it is good or bad yet but I find it interesting.

    seems like the creators of the show just love to hurt Isaac and Derek and emotionally torture Stiles. I'm not finding it funny. or entertaining. so please stop.

    Stiles, Lydia and Deaton working together is good, and while I have not thought of it, they did sort of split into 3 groups of 3. I wonder whether it will be significant for the plot.

    Alpha Alpha was intriguing up until the point he started to sound a little too full of himself. Barefoot Amazon seems a few short marbles short and Vin Diesel is there for the one liners, apparently. and the shirtless twins are too much of a couple of puppies to be believable Alphas, TBH.

    it was an interesting episode, it did further the plot and presented more questions but I wish they woudl all get the fuck overthemselves and work together for once. is that so much to ask?
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