Teen Wolf

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Seeing clearly

    Amazing episode. Built a real emotional connection between Derek and Page in just one episode. loved it.
  • Good eps

    Not bad
  • Deucalion's Pack

    What kind of gas did Gerald use to take out Deucalion's pack with the spiked mace. He is just seen using an epi-pen before he attacked. It suggests that a wolf can be rendered helpless by steam.
  • Teen wolf

    Love it
  • Not as compelling as previous episodes

    Two people who are telling stories. Neither is reliable. Neither is likable. UGH. Well, the good part is Scott shows his Alpha backbone. The boy is getting fierce. Most of the cast, including young Derek, young Peter and the girlfriend were beautiful, worthy of being artist models, that kind of beauty. The cinematography, the lighting, the shadows, heck maybe its the make-up?

    God it was painful to go through and watch the betrayals happen, visually there was a display of the truth played out for us to watch in flashback, the words of the storytellers were lies, twisting the way it went down. I of course doubt Gerard has the right of it. He told Chris that Deucalion is responsible for their relative's suicide, but I think there is a good possibility that is going to be a lie. Sad, discouraging episode.

    Even so, I will probably watch it again at some point. Each time I re-watch an episode I learn something new. Also, despite great reservations I had hearing about plans and story-lines in preview, I have to commend Jeff Davis on his handling of the 3rd season. Well done even without enough Stiles and Derek time. I do hope Derek will find peace and happiness as some point, and some intense bro time with someone, too.
  • Some monsters are born and some are made.

    Two unreliable narrators. Two not easily fooled members of the audience. Two girls that care. And one broken young man.

    The concept of the episode was awesome. How the lie and the truth and the different threads had woven one heartbreaking story of love, hate and loss.

    I want more of Talia. She seemed such an interesting character. Strong Alpha. Sassy Hale. Loving mother. I think the sassiness is hereditary with teh Hales.

    Peter, with every answer he gives I have three more questions. He always follows his own agenda and I wonder what his deal was with Paige. Right now my wild guess would be jealousy. And it was cool to see young Peter again. he is a cutie among other thing.

    Alpha Alpha wanted peace. And it was human hatred that made him a monster. I can't deal with the fact Scott came to Gerard. I'm willing to give him a couple of brownie points for not believing everything Gerard was feeding him but still. And Scott is apparentally not as much of a pacifist as he would have us believe.

    I like how the humans in this universe are the real monsters. Kate, Gerard, Victoria.

    I love that Stiles was the one to ask and hear Derek's story. I like that he has doubts. I want to see him ask Derek. It will most probably break my heart but I do want to see it happen anyway.

    I wonder what Derek plans to do now. I wonder whether Ms. Blake reminds him of Jennifer. I wonder whether Peter or Gerard have something to do with her being in Beacon Hills. I wonder whether he ever will be allowed to gather the broken peices of his soul to at least attempt to put them back to somethign like together.
  • good episode

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