Teen Wolf

Season 1 Episode 1

Wolf Moon

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 05, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • How do you even play it?

    I can't rate the episode because I couldn't play it! I became a member, strictly so I could watch teen wolf, but I haven't seen any instructions on how to play it. I try clicking on the video but it won't work...
  • slayy

    it actually slays my life
  • i don't know

    i don't know
  • Teen Wolf Review

    Awesome !!! 8.3
  • Great pilot.

    Just watched this first episode and I really enjoyed it. I love how fast the show started and everything seemed to happen really quickly, which is never a bad thing on a TV show for me.

    The cast is great so far - loved Stiles for sure and the ending was definitely superb and really exciting - no doubt it will have some big ramifications!

    Looking forward to watching more of the show, this was a great start.
  • Teen Wolf

    Very good
  • Just power through this

    The first few episodes of Teen Wolf are almost a completely different program from the show I've come to love. It started as a star-crossed teen romance with two leads and a supporting cast, but it's since become a real ensemble show. It's a good thing, as the two leads are the least interesting characters and the least talented members of the cast. Friends apparently started out the same way, with Chandler and Phoebe not intended to be main characters until they started seeing the performances and the show was quickly retooled.

    Honestly, the only thing that got me through this episode was Dylan O'Brien's performance as Stiles. I think it's very telling that we're introduced to Scott McCall via his physique instead of his face. They obviously hired this kid for his body and not his acting ability. He has zero energy or charisma compared to Stiles. They gave Stiles a typical wacky side-kick entrance, but they really didn't need to. His face says it all. I kind of feel sorry for Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed, who must have come into this show thinking that this would be their breakthrough, and instead we've seen the focus shift from them to their costars, and the show is so much better for it.

    If you can get past the complete lack of chemistry between the two romantic leads (who look more like siblings than lovers) and power through this episode, good things are coming.
  • I Don't Know

    All i want to do is just watch teen wolf
  • I dont know

    How do u play it this is stupid
  • A Good Start, But I'm Not Gonna Like Scott's Girlfriend That Much.

    Actually, isn't it too early for Scott to be bitten by a werewolf after 5 minutes of the episode premiere? BTW, I'm kind of not liking Allison Argent. She kind of always look TOO NICE. I don't know why Scott is into her during her first day at Beacon Hills. He even ask her to go with him to a party and.. she just accepted it while giving him a "cute" smile. Normally, I would always write about first meetings with anyone is NOT ALWAYS PERFECT. Seriously, it's TOO PERFECT to me and I feel a strong dislike towards this situation. Despite this review, I'm looking forward to this series as I'm into some dark drama going on in Beacon Hills. And, maybe looking forward to see (hot) boys on the show.
  • This episode was very entertaining but had some stereotypical aspects that I didn't like.

    I was really looking forward to this show after all the MTV hype. I found the episode good but it didn't live up to all the hype. I really like Tyler Posey. I think he has serious potential as an actor. Most of the other actors were decent as well. I didn't like, however, the teen movie stereotypes that ended up on this show. The shy little outcast that all of a sudden becomes a star (even though we know he becomes a star because he becomes a werewolf). The stereotypical jock who is a jerk. The stereotypical coach who is also a jerk. These are not original characters. There should have been something to make them stand out. I was ready to turn the TV when the best friend yelled "That's my friend!" when Scott made an impressive play on the field. (How many times have we seen something similar on television or in movies?) This show needs more originality if it's going to be great. I haven't even seen the second episode yet because it just didn't leave me curious to see more.
  • Wolf Moon


    Wolf Moon was a great premiere episode of the re-imagined series of Teen Wolf. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it started out getting right to the point. There were lots of great scenes, the characters are all positioned and played well, and the story moves at a good pace. I liked the action, especially when Scott showed off his new skills at Lacrosse. Allison who is the new mysterious girl finds herself popular from the get go and takes notice of Scott. This didn't strike me as good as The Vampire Diaries, however the series is still very high quality, just a different feel to it, which is good in the end. It was also great to see a familiar face from Stargate SG-1, J.R. Bourne, who is a great actor. He looks very similar to Alexis Denisof of Buffy and Angel fame. I like how every thing was established in this episode. I look forward to seeing what happens next!!!!