Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 1 Episode 3

A Thing About Rats

Aired Unknown Dec 30, 1987 on CBS

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  • Baxter Stockman has created a new device called Mousers which could rid the city of it's rat problem.Everybody has rejected his idea.Shredder decides to take the idea and use it to his own gains.These ought to get rid of his rat problem once and for all.

    This episode introduces Baxter Stockman, a apparent mad scientist who really had only good intentions to begin with. You see he creates these machines called mousers (which will chew through almost anything to get at rats), and he tries to sell his invention to inner city extermination companies. Of course this contraption would put them all out of business so passing on his idea seems the way of the norm. Shredder uses Baxter's invention and creates them on a massive scale. These things go after Splinter, the turtles rescue him, and they go to an abandoned building where Shredder has the mousers' master control. Mikey goes in to disable but gets captured by Shredder. Krang frees him and tells him to destroy the master control. He does so and Donnie sends all the mousers after Shredder. The house is destroyed along with the mousers and Shredder escapes back to the Technodrome.
  • I guess the Mouser's out of the bag with this episode.

    Baxter Stockman is a geek with the ability to make robots that eat everything from concrete to wood, when they're supposed to kill rats! Yeah... Anyhow, the Turtles are looking for ol' Tin Grin when Splinter is attacked! So they relocate to April's and trash the place. Then they go to the mansion on Green Street, where Krang is revealed to the Turtles. I think that was the only important thing to the show that even happened here.
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