Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 10 Episode 4

A Turtle in Time (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1996 on CBS
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A Turtle in Time (2)
The Turtles, Shredder and Krang's battles skills, powers, and memories are absorbed into Dregg, and he becomes a super-being. He detains his drained prisoners and prepares to initiate the final stage of his plan to conquer earth by using the matter transporters to project pieces of the very sun itself onto any city of his choosing, he will continue to do so until Earth conveys onto him the title of emperor.

Splinter, meanwhile, is visited by time-travellers from the distant future, which has come to aid the TMNT, at the approval of Splinter, they travel back two years, and pluck a team of turtles from the past. But there is a price to pay for this deed, the past Turtles only have 24 hours before they must be sent back, or the turtle's present timeline will cease to exist.

The past TMNT, together with Carter arrive on board the Dreggnaught, and after a fierce battle with Dregg's underlings, are able to rescue the present-day TMNT, but their skills and experience are still retained by Dregg. The Turtles use the transporters to return to earth, only to find Dregg's doomsday machines waiting for them when they arrive at the warehouse.

Is there no future for the Past and Present Turtles?moreless

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  • this just keeps getting better.

    last episode Dregg brought Shredder and Krang back from dimension x with hoping they would help him destroy the turtles and they turn on him but in this episode Dregg turns on them by absorbing the mutegen out of the turtles and absorbing Krangs mental energy to become a more powerful powerful being. the turtles are on their last leg so Carter helps them by contacting Merrick and landor to help save the turtles by going back in time 2 years in the past to bring the turtles of the past to help restore the present turtles mutant powers. shredder and Krang are still on the loose hiding from Dregg as shredder helps restore Krang to his normal self. while Dregg has a most dangerous plan to transport a piece of the sun to earth to burn the city's this episode just keeps getting good how will the turtles get out of this one find out in part 3 of my three part review.moreless

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