Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 7 Episode 23

Atlantis Awakes

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1993 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The Technodrome does have power. When Krang first discovers some unusually strong energy readings, he informs Shredder that the Technodrome's power reserves are limited but they should have enough left to get the machine to the source.

    • The Technodrome moves under water despite the fact it has no power!

    • Rocksteady attacks Leonardo & Michaelangelo, but in the next part with Shredder, they show Rocksteady walking away with the crystal along side Shredder.. but after that, they show Rocksteady still fighting Leonardo & Michaelangelo. How is Rocksteady in two places at once?? :)

  • Quotes

    • (after caving in the roof on Raphael and Donatello)
      Shredder: That ought to take the starch out of their shells!

    • Shredder: (Getting sick of bowing before 'King Bebop', picks up his Com-Link) Krang, send some Foot Ninjas up to Bebop's room and burn everything in sight.
      Bebop: Wha? But, my action figures, my bubble gum cards, (Gasps) ...my comic book collection...

  • Notes

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