Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 7 Episode 20

Attack of the Neutrinos

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1993 on CBS

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  • "I want that tape." -Shredder "Sure, no problem." -Vernon

    This is from one of the best seasons, Season 7. This episode started off with some action, when the Mole Squad swiped Dr. O'Toole's Sonic Pulverizer! The Mole Squad gets away, and April sets down the tape on the doc's desk. Then he throws papers and a tape of his Hover Thruster Shematic on it, and Donatello, unknowingly, hands April the wrong tape! Oh, snap!

    Anyhow, Tragg has caught the Neutrinos and reports them to Krang and the nefarious Shredder (now voiced by Jim Cunnings) and hypnotizes them into wanting to destroy the Turtles. They almost do, until Kala hears a whistle and wakes up. Donatello realizes that they need the Sonic Pulverizer to bring Dask and Zack back, so they have to fight through the Mole Squad to get it. They do it, and get all 3 Neutrinos back.

    Then, they break into the Technodrome, rescue Vernon, destroy the Hover Thruster before Krang can get the Technodrome over land, and send the Neutrinos back.
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