Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 28

Beware the Lotus

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1989 on CBS

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  • a ggod epsiode

    too bad they only had two epsiodes of mercenerany villian who is as good as either Shredder or TMNT when it came to Ninga fighting
  • Excellent example of Leo-centric gold!

    While Leo is not my fav of the four, but he deserves the attention he gets from writers and fans! This is simply a classic!
    Leo clashes swords with a katana-wielding ninja worthy of his prowess-- and she's a woman! Leo vs. Lotus is the best sword combat of the series. It surprises and angers his brothers when their leader is defeated, but Leo is absolutely smitten by his new adversary! "She's cunning... She's trecherous... *sigh* She's wonderful!" You would never expect the normally serious turtle to be so skewed from his current mission. Its a shame she turns him down. "It would never work out between us. You do not respect my career... There is not much gold in goodness."
    Okay, so this is a kiddy show and we cannot expect to read too much complexity in these characters. Lotus herself is very familliar to die-hard turtle fans; she appears to be vaguely similar to the she-ninja Karai, Shredder's successor to the head of the Foot clan. Only Lotus lacks Karai's strong sense of bushido.
  • This is the episode I remember the most. The one I look back on the most.

    When I was little, I had a crush on Leonardo. Weird, huh? In this episode, the character "Lotus" is a bad guy. And this is what I remember: something happens so that Leonardo helps her turn good... At the end of the show, they order pizza as usual, the pizza boy (wearing a baseball cap) comes and goes. When they open the pizza box, there is a lotus flower on top of it. Which is Lotus' signature. So, it ends, with the pizza boy coming out of the sewer, takes off "his" cap... and reveals long hair, showing that he's a she... the pizza boy was Lotus, visiting the turtles one last time. Anyway, I just remember being incredibly jealous... there seemed to be a special bond between Lotus & Leonardo. :shrug:... there ya go.
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