Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 7

Burne's Blues

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1989 on CBS

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  • All the air conditioning in the city is broken...a mysterious air conditioning repairing company seems to have a link. Burn's and Vernon are on it to find out the story

    I liked this episode, it actually wasn't as blatantly obvious as it usually tends to be with the plots. It was funny, for some reason this episode really tickles me and I couldn't help but be amused by Burnes and Vernon's antics in this episode (what can I say, I like light hearted themes ), its to bad the series doesn't have these two play off each other more. And I have to say that I rather liked that little news motor cycle that April was riding in this episode, April seems to have a lot of talents in the auto mobile department, like how she is able to maneuver a huge van on a war torn street and avoid flying missiles, and now she can drive a motor cycle, hmmm.

    The whole April ignores the turtles and gets captured made me roll my eyes. The turtles where what... ten minutes away? She could have waited. I'm starting to really believe that April lets her self get captured just so she create more drama and thus a bigger story to report on. You know going out and "making" the news
  • A wonderful episode of tmnt that has it all with great comedy, fast paced action, and a fantastic story line that keeps me watching until the end.

    This episode is well laid out with multiple plot lines and great humor. It starts off on a very hot day in New York with the Turtles Eating Pizza with April. Great Turns to ugly when some thugs hold up the place. The Turtles jump into the action and stop the crooks then flee the scene. April catches the story, but doesn't get the Turtles on tape which makes her boss, Burne Thompson, relive his glory days by grabbing his press pass and trench coat and starts his journey to dig up some hot news on the Turtles. If it's hot on the surface it's just going to be boiling down below at the earth's core where the technodrome sits. Shredder and Krang are up to no good as usual and for them to cool of the technodrome they must travel to the surface to get a new experimental cooling gas. The Turtles are on their trail and must put a stop to shredder’s plan and save April before it’s to late.

    Burne and Vernon press on through the mean streets look for a clue to where to find those darn turtles, but all they find is Don Tortelli and a couple of aliens that look a lot like Elvis. This episode kept me glued to the TV screen until the very end. The story was great and the action was even better. I laughed my head off at Burne and Vernon’s misadventures. The story is really cleverly written and the fun never stops until the end. TMNT is a classic show and this episode proves how excellent the series really is.