Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 33

Case of the Hot Kimono

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1989 on CBS
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Episode Summary


April's Aunt Agatha (Aggie) Marbles, a woman crime solver not unlike Agatha Christie's Miss Marples, pays her a visit at Channel Six News and suggests that she would like to meet the Turtles. Meanwhile, Michaelengelo and Leonardo encounter two crooks, Bruce and Rodney, who are stealing kimonos from all over town -- including Master Splinter's favorite kimono which had been sent out to the Quick Kimono Cleaners. The Turtles team up with Aunt Aggie to solve this mysterious caper and to retrieve Master Splinter's kimono.
April and Vernon, following a bogus tip, were kidnapped by the Big Boss, Don Tortelli, who is the mastermind behind the theft of the kimonos. Don Tortelli thinks that April knows something about the stolen kimonos and tortures her and Vernon with a feather in order to make them talk.
Meanwhile, having had little success finding the crooks, Aunt Aggie concocts a scheme to bring the crooks to them. Donatello dresses up like the infamous Cal Worthington of Southern Caliifornia Auto dealership fame and makes a bogus commercial advertising himself a "Kimono Kal" owner of the famous "House of Used Kimonos." Don Tortelli sends Rodney and Bruce to steal the kimonos, but what they end up stealing, of course, is a crate of Turtles who are delivered to Don Tortelli's penthouse.


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Don Turtelli says "They're going to be real sorry," while holding his feather, the glove on his right hand is missing.

    • When the turtles are at the warehouse and Leonardo says, "Here's April's microphone and Vernon's camecorder," he has his normal voice. But when he says, "But no April or Vernon," he uses Donatello's voice.

    • When the turtles are inside the crate, Leonardo says, "And people wonder why I love this job." However, he has Raphael's voice.

    • When Leonardo steps out on the side of Don Turtelli's skyscraper hideout, he has Donatello's bo-staff on his belt, instead of his swords

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Don Turtelli: (About April) That dame knows something. Bring her in.
      Rodney: What for, boss?
      Don Turtelli: Oh, just for laughs. (Chuckles and takes out a huge feather)

    • (April and Vernon have been captured by Don Torteli and his men and taken to his penthouse. They have been tied to chairs, blindfolded, with one bare foot propped up on a box)
      Don Torteli: OK little lady, sing. Tell me all you know about kimonos.

      April: Never you crook!

      Vernon: Er, April, maybe you could tell him a little something?

      April: Not in a million years!
      Don Torteli: (He gets out a feather) Ok lady. You had your chance, now pay the penalty! (He begins to tickle torture April's bare foot)
      April: (While laughing )......Forget it.......i won't talk you fiend
      Rodney: It's no good, boss. She'll never break, she's too tough.
      Don Torteli: Maybe, but this whimp should fold fast (He then starts to tickle torture Vernon)
      Vernon: (While laughing) ......No more......I'll tell.....I'll tell you everything!
      Don Torteli: Good. Now talk!

    • Don Turtelli: (while holding his feather When I catch those two dames, they're going to reeeal sorry.

    • Vernon: (While being tickled tortured) I'll talk. I'll spill my guts. In the third grade, I cheated on an English test. And later, I cheated on my income tax.

    • Burne: (After slipping on a banana peel) What idiot dropped this on the floor?
      Vernon: April, what is your aunt doing?
      April: What she does best, Vernon: finding clues.
      Aunt Aggie: (Looking at the banana) The angle of the bite would indicate the perpatrator would be about five foot nine in height and a sloppy eater. (Sees a bit of banana stuck to Vernon) What have we here? Why, I do believe it's a fragment of banana.
      Vernon: It was an accident. I was going to put it in the trash when it squirted out of my hand.
      Aunt Aggie: Case closed, Mr. Thompson. Here's your idiot.
      Burne: Oh Vernon, we're going to have a little chit-chat about littering.

    • Aunt Aggie: We'll throw a monkey wrench into their plan.
      Raphael: If she pulls one of those out of her purse, I'm out of here.

    • April: Quick Veron, the Don's gone. Let's make a break for it.
      Veron: No way. I'm staying right here.
      April: Where Don Turtelli can keep tickling your toes?
      Veron: On second thought, let's get out of here.

    • Don Turtelli: Clear out of here!
      Aunt Aggie: Not until you release my niece and her companion.
      Leonardo: And return Master Spilter's kimono.
      Don Turtelli: Forget it. Don Turtelli don't return nothing, not even library books.

    • (Don Tortelli's thugs watch Vernon get tickled tortured.)
      Bruce: Listen to that guy laugh.
      Rodney: Yeah, and everyone says the boss has no sense of humor.

    • Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Raphael: (in commercial jingle) Kimono Kal, he's your pal, so "kimono down" to Kimono Kal.

  • NOTES (5)