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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 18

Cowabunga Shredhead

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1989 on CBS
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Episode Summary


Michaelangelo's pizza-craving appetite gets the better of him once again, driving him to empty his brother's entire supply!
The other turtles, having tolerated all they can of thier brother's highly obsessive eating habits, use hypnosis to "persuade" Michaelangelo to do the unthinkable: CRAVE PIZZA NO MORE!
Meanwhile, Shredder hatches a diabolical scheme using a new device, a holo-emiter capable of creating exact duplicates of anyone whose biological information is stored in the machine's database.
The villain hopes to use this techhnique to control the world's prime movers and shakers--giving him undisputed mastery of the planet.
To test the device, Shredder creates a copy of Michaelangelo, but during the experiment, Rocksteady and Bebop's usual incompetence manages to cause the device to malfunction.
In the chaos that follows, a blast from the device hits Shredder , and the villain soon starts acting not quite himself...but more like Michaelangelo!
When Shredder waltzes into their lair acting like thier bro, the confused Turtles decide to take advantage of his situation. Using the hypnosis techniques, the Turtles are able to switch their arch-foe between his Michaelangelo and Shredder personas through two key words: "Michaelangelo" will keep Shredder in his current persona, and the word "Shredder" will revert the villian back to his old, insidious self.
The Turtles hope to learn about Shredder's plans this way, but how long will tin-grin be exclaiming "Cowabunga?"


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  • Funny

    Michelangelo is hypnotized not to eat pizza, after eating the Turtles' entire dinner, and it works. meanwhile, Krang and Shredder try to create holograms to replace the Turtles and the president. But Shredder is hit by a ray and thinks he's Michelangelo. Can they restore him back? It was a funny one, and my favorite from the Volume 4 pack.
  • This one made my head hurt!

    This episode was bizarre for two reasons: One, Mikey is hypnotized into hating pizza. I mean Mikey! This is blasphemous, and yet because it is, its all the more wildly entertaining! Two, Shedder acts like Michaelangelo. I can understand Leo, maybe Don or Raph, but again MIKEY!! He clumsily tries to work a cheapskate, talks in that horrid surfer slang, and scarfs down pizza like nobody's business! Brilliant!

    Sometimes the best episodes are not when raw emotion is displayed, but when certain, well-established characters act totally contrary! True, the premise was corny, but that's the show! And I frankly canot think of any other reason Shredder would utter the phrase, "With mucho gusto, amigos!"moreless
  • Vice president... hmmm... just a heartbeat away not bad.

    One of the Best episodes ever! I love watching shredder being humiliated like that! It was kind of silly but it really worked!

    It starts off when the Turtles find out that Mikey ate the turtles last supply of pizza again! Don, Leo, and Raph go crying to splitner like children. Splinter takes his fatherly position a little too seriously and decides to take care of the problem by hyptnotizing Mikey to make him not crave pizza anymore!

    Meanwhile Shedder and Krang use their endless supply of technology that they can use to build anything from an evil death ray of doom to an easy bake oven, to build themselves a holographic synthazizer that can make holograms of anyone.Shredder recieves a disc that has all of Michleanglo\'s data on it, including his endlees cravings for pizza. He returns to the surface with the disc containing all mikey\'s data. However you would think that shredder would have learned by this point to do things for himself and stop letting Bebop and Rocksteady take care of extremely important phases in the plans. I don\'t see why Shredder couldn\'t have put the disc in the machine himself, He was looming over Rocksteady and Bebop while Bebop was putting the disc in backwords. So Shredder pays for him laziness and is struck by the beam making him think he is Michleanglo. Believing to be mikey, Shredder stops by the turtles lair with pizzas in tow. acting like and soundning just like michelanglo. Splitner uses his hyptnosis which he conveniently knows how to do in this episode, and tells shredder that whenever he hears the word micelanglo he will act like mikey but whenever he hears the word Shredder... He reverts back into the villian we all know and love.

    Mikey decides to split as he does in many occasions (He\'s just trying to get attention )

    So the turtles go in search of Mikey who coiencidentally gets kidnapped by Bebop and Rocksteady. (wow they actually succeeded in something) While Shredder aciddentally mutters his own name in a pizza parlor and tries to make a record size turtle pizza with leo and raph. While the REALLY slow pizzia oven works on cooking the turtles, Donatello discovers the master plan. And we still have enough time to watch a scene in which Shredder has a conversation with Krang and with time enough to spare to return back to the pizzaria. He returns in just the nick of time to retrieve the disc. Raph says mikelangalo and huzzah! the turtles are saved. Donatello figures out how to reprogram the disc because as we know all discs are reprogrammable. and the turtles set up a trick. The disc now makes multiple mikey\'s which set off Bebop and Rocksteady shooting at the Mike holograms like a drug addiction. The turtles save mikey,and shredder thinking he\'s Mikey again, saves the turtles before The ray hits Shredder reverting him back to normal, and Bebop and Rocksteady decide to tackle him, and all is back to normal.

    Splinter decides that no more pizzzia is a cruel and unusal punishment and lifts the hypnosis from mikey who eats more piazza than is leagal. A very funny episode and quite clever. The writng does suffer to make the characters live and to make the turtles win, but then again it always does! Occassionally the animation style got very cartoony (squashy and streatchy) but all in all a great episode!moreless
  • "I crave pizza no more. I can't believe I'm saying this."

    This episode is my favorite of the entire series. It's fun and hilarious in its plot holes and absurdity. Shredder brainwashed as Michaelangelo makes me laugh after nearly every line he says. So what that the technology used makes no real logical sense? So what if the entire episode begins with Splinter needing Michaelangelo to cease craving pizza, and ends with him seemingly forgetting that he wanted to eternally stop him from devouring all the pizzas in the house, and Splinter makes him crave pizza once more? It's crazy and it's ludicrous, and this series should not be any other way.moreless
Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon


Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke


James Avery (I)

James Avery (I)

Shredder (Oroku Saki)

Peter Renaday

Peter Renaday

Splinter (Hamato Yoshi)

Renae Jacobs

Renae Jacobs

April O'Neil

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Michelangelo is suppose to be tied at the ankles, but during the parts where Michelangelo is gagged with a cloth, his ankles are not tied.

    • During the scene after Michelangelo's been hypnotized, when the turtles ask him if he wants pizza, the animation is noticeably different... almost in a looney toons style.

    • How did Shredder know where the Turtles' lair was? The hologram's data zapped Shredder, but the hologram of Michelangelo could not have had the data of the location of the lair, because Krang programmed it, and he didn't know where the lair was.

    • after leonardo cuts the ropes on michaelangelo the scene shows all for turtles standing in this order: Donatello, Michaelangelo with leo's sword, Raphael,and leo crouched down. Then when it's the close up shot the order is: Donatello, leo, mike, and raph.

    • In the scene where Raphael and Leonardo are wrapped in pizza dough and about to be burned by the pizza oven, when Raphael says, "Or worse yet, Michelangelo," Leonardo's mouth is moving to the line.

    • When Michelangelo storms out of the lair, he still has his nunchaku, but they are gone when he is captured by Bebop and Rocksteady.

    • Raphael looks abnormally short when he says "How long do we have to put up with Canhead like this?"

    • When Shredder says "Not now, you cretins!", the sock is missing from Mike's mouth.

    • Bebop stuffs a sock into Michelangelo's mouth right before Shredder returns. When the scene switches back to them after the commercial break, Michelangelo now has a cloth gag. Then, in the next scene in this hideout, the sock is back.

    • Michelangelo was supposed to be tied up at Shredder's hideout, but apparently the animators forgot that. When Shredder leaves the pizza place, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello stick their heads out of the garbage cans, but Leonardo's mask has turned orange. Then, when Leonardo says "That must be his hideout!", Raphael's mask is orange.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Bebop:: We got us a turtle! We got us a turtle!
      Michaelangelo:: "Michaelangelo 583: up to a chair". Put a sock in it, will ya? You're giving me a mondo mingrain!
      Bebop:: "stuffs a rolled up sock in Michaelangelo's mouth". You put a sock in it!

    • (Michelangelo wolfs down the pizzas)
      Raphael: With an appetite like his, who needs clones?

    • Splinter: Repeat after me--"I crave pizza no more."
      Michaelangelo: I crave pizza no more. I can't believe I'm saying this.

    • Shredder: Now this disk contains everything we need to know about Michaelangelo. Even his endless appetite for pizza. Insert it gently.
      (Bebop inserts the disk the wrong way round)
      Rocksteady: (talking quietly) You're puttin' it in backwoids!
      Bebop: Big deal! (snorts) So what could happen?

    • Raphael: Oh, sure is hot in here. NO WONDER! We're about to become today's hot plate special!
      Leonardo: What a way to go. We'll probably get eaten by Shredder!
      Raphael: Or worse yet, Michaelangelo!
      (Shredder stopps the conveyor belt.)
      Raphael: Whew! Talk about close. Is that you, Donatello?
      Shredder: Guess again. Now hand over that graphics disk!
      Raphael: Sure thing, Michaelangelo! (Shredder turns into Michaelangelo)
      Shredder/Michaelangelo: Oh wow! Hey dudes, how'd you get in this fix? Or, should I say fixings?
      Raphael: It's a long story, just help us out of here.
      Shredder/Michaelangelo: With mucho gusto, amigos!
      Donatello: Are you guys okay?
      Raphael: We're fine. Who doesn't enjoy being wrapped in melted mozzarella?

    • Bebop: Wow, a turtle. This is even better than finding the boss.
      Rocksteady: Yeah, I'm in the mood for some serious turtle bashing!

    • Shredder: What's happening, compadres?
      Michaelangelo: Quick, the Synthesizer! Waste it!
      Shredder: Right on. Turtle Power!!
      Bebop: Uh, hey boss, what are you doing?
      Rocksteady: You gone nuts or something?!
      Shredder: COWABUNGA!!! (Synthesizer ray hits him) Uh... where am I?
      Bebop: Hey, he's not the boss! He's a turtle in disguise!!
      Rocksteady: Then let's rip it off him!
      Shredder: (Looks at the burning Synthesizer) What happened to my beautiful Synthesizer?
      (Rocksteady and Bebop tackle him)
      Bebop: Great disguise!
      Rocksteady: Yeah, but not good enough to fool us!
      Shredder: You idiots! What are you doing?!!!

    • Splinter: Who are you? How did you find this place and what is your mission?
      Shredder: I am Michaelangelo. This is my home. My mission is to serve the cool forces of good, to obey my totally hip master Splinter, and whenever possible, to consume mondo portions of pizza.

    • Shredder: (as Michaelangelo) No need, dudes! I brought back some takeout, so like let's get down and pig out.

  • NOTES (4)