Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 2 Episode 7

Enter: The Fly

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1988 on CBS

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  • Baxter is now a mutant fly in this episode!

    Here is my review for the TMNT episode "Enter The Fly". It is an episode I know very well by heart because I watched it alot when I had it on video. Anyway, it is about the Turtles investigating what Shredder and Baxter are up to. The villians get away when they are being seen. Shredder then contacts Krang and asks for Rocksteady and Bebop to be sent for help. Unfortunately, in order for them to be sent back to Earth, Shredder sends Baxter into the transdimensional gateway when it is open (a fly follows in with him as well, I might add). After getting his original henchmen back, Shredder decides to get back at the Turtles by poisoning April with a toxic plant known as a "Doku Plant". As for Baxter, he is about to be vaporized in a descinergrating unit until the fly follows into it and gets its molecules combined with Baxters', thus turning him into a mutant fly and escapes back to Earth. Splinter then tells the Turtles about what happened to April and that he needs a Gasai Plant to make an antidote. To make a long description short, the Turtles go out to find one and they deal with Baxter and Shredder, as well as cure April in the nick of time. If you noticed on this episode, you'll see the World Trade Center, which doesn't exist anymore (blame it on what happened 9/11). Other than that, this episode's great to watch.
  • good and memorable episode

    this is one of the most memorable Turtles episode ever. it is a turning point as krang finally gives shredder help and baxter is no longer a human after this episode. why did shredder want bebop and rocksteady when they are dumb, but then they have muscle. this is also one of the darkest episodes: krang was to disintegrate Baxter as he has no use for a human, but the fly and baxter cross mutate instead of getting incinerated and becames a humanoid fly; and April gets poisioned by shredder through a plant and there is not much time left.

    also I mentioned to one of my coworkers a character turning into a fly on ninja turtles and he said it was that baxter guy. how do people still remember that episode! it was an old one.
  • It would help my knowledge of Baxter Stockman if I had watched this episode first...

    So Baxter and Shredder are plotting a scheme, and the Turtles interrupt it. Shredder would rather have Bebop and Rocksteady back, he must be desperate. He sends Baxter to Dimension X and Krang prepares to disintegrate him, but the dude merges with a fly and is duped by Shredder to serve him. I thought Stockman was smart. The Turtles have to get the Gazai leaf to cure April, but however, they must fight the mutants, Baxter, and Shredder all at once.
  • This is a good episode.

    I liked this episode. I mainly enjoyed it because Baxter became a fly, which I found to be pretty cool. Baxter isn't one of my favorite characters, but due to his mutant change, he's one of my favorite villains. This is an excellent episode, and it is packed with loads of action, and of coarse, comedy.