Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 2 Episode 7

Enter: The Fly

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1988 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Donatello was struggling from the knucklehead he's colored as Raphael, but then changes to purple when the knucklehead gets zapped.

    • While Splinter is tending to April and waiting for the turtles to return with the gasai leaf, look at the bowl of ointment on his table. It's white in one shot and green in the next, and Splinter does not even touch it.

    • Episode was released on VHS titled, Case of the Killer Pizzas.

    • When Krang contacts Shredder in a warehouse, his communicator appears in his belt. Problem with that, it wasn't there before.

    • How come the Gasai leaf looks EXACTLY like the Doku plant?

    • Response to Baxter being conviced the Turtles were responsible for his new mutant form: Shredder just tricked Baxter into believing his mutant form was the Turtles' fault and he easily believed 'em 'cause Baxter isn't really all that bright.

    • In this episode and many others, Baxter is convinced that the Turtles are also responsible for him becoming a fly, but only Shredder and Krang took full responsibilty for the incident, and the Turtles were never involved at all.

    • The premise of a "dimensional balance" is a rather flimsy plot device to get Baxter sent to Dimension X. The balance certainly isn't affected when he returns to earth after being mutated (nor does it pose a problem when Krang brings the ENTIRE TECHNODROME back a few episodes later).

    • After being subjected to three years worth of September 11 footage, I for one can tell that the rooftops of the twin towers in this episodes look nothing like what the real ones did.

    • When Leonardo deflates the Turtle Blimp, his belly is green.

    • When Don eats his pizza he's colored as Michelangelo.

    • When Shredder says he "has a job for the Knucklehead", he's not wearing his pants.

  • Quotes

    • Shredder: Baxter turned into what?
      Krang: That's right. It must've been in the unit with him. Instead of vaporizing him, it crossed-mutated him with that insect!
      Shredder: And you let him escape through the portal? Brilliant!
      Krang: I didn't have to warn you, you know.

    • Donatello: Whose bright idea was this, anyway?
      Raphael: Yours!
      Donatello: Well, you don't have to rub it in.

    • Bebop: I passed the test!
      Rocksteady:Uh, what is that thing, boss?
      Shredder: One of Baxter's last inventions before his unfortunate, uh, accident. (Points at Bebop) I think I'll name it after you.
      Bebop: Gee, thanks, boss!
      Shredder: I'll call it the knucklehead.

    • Donatello: I don't think he gave us the right change, I'm a few pennies short.
      Leonardo: That figures. I've always said you didn't have enough cents.

    • Baxter: Oh, no! I forgot to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!
      Shredder: Baxter, you bumbling idiot! Why am I condemned to work with amateurs?

    • Baxter: (picks himself up after being blasted) Why are you attacking me?
      Shredder: Why are you attacking ME? I thought we were friends!
      Baxter: Some friends! (points to Rocksteady and Bebop) You always liked these mutants better! And it was your fault I've become this hideous hairy-legged monster!
      Shredder: What? No, it was the Turtles' fault; don't you remember?
      Baxter: The Turtles? But I thought-
      Shredder: (interrupting) The Turtles were the ones who sent you to Dimension X! THEY are the enemy!
      Baxter: That's right! We used to fight the Turtles together!
      Shredder: And together, we shall fight them again! Go now, and you shall have your revenge!

    • Michaelangelo: I'm like mondo confused! Where'd that humongous insect come from anyway??
      Donatello: Beats me... But there was something strange and familiar about him, like we met him someplace before...
      Raphael: Probably in the BUG-house!
      Leonardo: I still can't shake off the idea that it's got something to do with Shredder...
      Donatello: Forget Shredder! We gotta get that Kazai leaf, and fast!
      Leonardo: And this time, we'll take the Turtle-Blimp.
      Michaelangelo: Premo-notion! My feet are killing me!

    • Shredder: Baxter, you oaf! What's taking so long?
      Baxter: It'll be ready in a second, master. There, this should create a gaint force-field between the two towers.
      (The machine blows up.)
      Shredder What went wrong?

    • Shredder: Months of work, ruined! Oh, you imbeciliican incompetent! Thanks to you, I now have to grovel before the baneful bag of brains, Krang.
      Baxter: But why from a garbage heap?
      Shredder: Because this is the site he chose for the transdimensional convergence! I think he did it just to annoy me.

    • Krang: What seems to be the problem?
      Shredder: There seems be a problem, thanks to my miserable excuse for an assistant. (looks back at Baxter)
      Krang: Enough! The Turtles must be destroyed before we begin our conquest for planet Earth!
      Shredder: I need more help! Send me Rocksteady and Bebop. Maybe brawn will work where brains have failed.

  • Notes

    • Baxter's Transformation into a fly would later be contradicted by his twin brother Barney in 'Raphael Knocks em Dead".

    • Episode included on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Volume 2 DVD.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Rock Soldiers since Shredder and Splintered.

    • This episode was included on a laserdisc titled "Cowabunga, Shredhead/Case of the Killer Pizzas."

    • Debut of the Knucklehead robot. The machine would make another appearance as a city stomping monster ridden by Krang in "Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero".

    • The concept of Baxter Stockman being fused with the fly is based upon the 1986 David Cronenberg remake of "The Fly."

    • Baxter's last appearance as a human.

    • Finally, Rocksteady and Bepop return as Shredder's hench-thugs!

      This marks the first time they've been on earth since Season 1 finale "Shreddered and Splintered."

  • Allusions

    • Doctor Who
      Baxter: Oh, no.I forgot to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.
      This was quote from Doctor Who often said by the Third Doctor.