Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

    • Planet of the Turtleoids (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      The TMNT are on the prowl in the city, their target: a good Pizzeria, when they stumble onto by a sumo wrestler breaking into a pet shop, his name is Tattoo, who constantly, mumbles something about "going home", the turtles attempt to subdue the colossal opponent, but to their surprise, tattoo is able to elude them by morphing into a hamster and fleeing..
      The turtles are quick to suspect Shredder and Krang of this little event, and indeed, they are correct, the diabolical duo have been experimenting with the mutagen again, unleashing newly created mutant menaces upon the city so as to acquire a ruby krang believes will be sufficient in empowering his heat ray with which he'll use to free the technodrome from it's icy cage!
      Shredder journeys to central park to acquire a lion and a gorilla to mutate, but rocksteady and bebop's usual bungling inadvertently causes a Mole and a Bull to transform. Creating Groundchuck and Dirtbag! Shredder, a little miffed that this was NOT what he wanted, decided that these two mutants will have to do, and orders them to take the ruby.
      Meanwhile, Vernon of all people runs into a turtle-like figure, assuming it IS one of the green machine, he contacts April, but the turtles have been together the entire night, something's up!
      As the Turtles ponder this mystery, Groundchuck and Dirtbag attack them. A battle ensues, one which is only halted by the strange turtle being that Vernon encountered, his name is Kerma. He captures the TMNT and the two mutants, and takes them to his starship-disguised as the Chrysler building!
      April arrives with her camera, but she is too late and can only look on as Kerma activates his ship's engines and takes off, taking the mutants and the turtles with him into the unknown deapths of space....moreless
    • Night of the Rogues
      Season 7 - Episode 19
      Krang, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady break-in to the City Hall of Records and steal a file of maps of The City's sewer system dated 1895. Before they are able to escape back to the Technodrome, they get their collective butts kicked by the Turtles. Licking his wounds in the safety of the Technodrome, Shredder blames Bebop and Rocksteady for his failures, vows vengeance against the Turtles, and decides that while Krang begins his excavation project in the City's sewers (in hopes of discovering a source of treasure) he will be busy recruiting his new minions (to replace Bebop and Rocksteady who have been locked in a room to keep them out of harm's way) to help rid himself of the Turtles once and for all.

      Concerned and confused by Krang's interest in the sewer system, the Turtles set out to investigate, only to quickly encounter Shredder and his villains and former foes, recruited to terminate the Turtles: the Rat King, Slash, Leatherhead, Temptesstra, Scumbug, Anthrax and Chrome Dome! After the Turtles get their butts kicked, they do what they should have done in the first place - run away. Convinced that they will never find them in the sewers, Shredder's Rogues Gallery decides to lure the Turtles out into the open by destroying the City. It works -- even though the Turtles know that this is exactly what the villains were planning. The Turtles are captured and about to be "disintegrated" but with only minutes to spare, they are rescued by Splinter, Irma, April, Casey Jones and Zack the honorary "fifth" turtle. Meanwhile, Krang has unearthed the prize he has been looking for - the Star Ship of the legendary space pirate, Captain Logos. It seems that Captain Logos crash-landed his ship on Earth one thousand years ago, and just as Krang has suspected, it is filled with the space pirate's booty - riches beyond imagination, plundered from every corner of the galaxy.

      However, before Krang and Shredder are able to "transport" Captain Logo's Star ship back to the Technodrome, the Turtles arrive on the scene, and using Shredder's Disintigrator, which was designed to destroy the Turtles, the space pirate's ship is blown to smithereens. Naturally, Shredder's rogues are angry that they will not be getting paid and give chase to Krang and Shredder, who are then rescued by Bebop and Rocksteady who have broken out of their imprisonment because they feared that Shredder needed their help.moreless
    • Cowabunga Shredhead
      Season 3 - Episode 18

      Michaelangelo's pizza-craving appetite gets the better of him once again, driving him to empty his brother's entire supply!
      The other turtles, having tolerated all they can of thier brother's highly obsessive eating habits, use hypnosis to "persuade" Michaelangelo to do the unthinkable: CRAVE PIZZA NO MORE!
      Meanwhile, Shredder hatches a diabolical scheme using a new device, a holo-emiter capable of creating exact duplicates of anyone whose biological information is stored in the machine's database.
      The villain hopes to use this techhnique to control the world's prime movers and shakers--giving him undisputed mastery of the planet.
      To test the device, Shredder creates a copy of Michaelangelo, but during the experiment, Rocksteady and Bebop's usual incompetence manages to cause the device to malfunction.
      In the chaos that follows, a blast from the device hits Shredder , and the villain soon starts acting not quite himself...but more like Michaelangelo!
      When Shredder waltzes into their lair acting like thier bro, the confused Turtles decide to take advantage of his situation. Using the hypnosis techniques, the Turtles are able to switch their arch-foe between his Michaelangelo and Shredder personas through two key words: "Michaelangelo" will keep Shredder in his current persona, and the word "Shredder" will revert the villian back to his old, insidious self.
      The Turtles hope to learn about Shredder's plans this way, but how long will tin-grin be exclaiming "Cowabunga?"

    • Superhero for a Day
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Gadgetman, yesterday's superhero, decides to rescue the public from danger and evil once again. While the Turtles are on their way to stop Shredder from draining power plants (which is part of Krang's plan to free the Technodrome from the asteroid), they meet up with Gadgetman. Krang gets Shredder to forge a false alliance with Gadgetman to try to destroy the Turtles. When the Turtles arrive to the third and final power plant to stop Shredder, Gadgetman's allegiance will be the weapon to see who is victorious.moreless
    • Curse of The Evil Eye (4)
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      The Turtles are still on the search for the last fragment but unfortunely shredder finds the very last fragment and connects all three to his helmet and uses it as a deadly weapon but a battle with the turtles causes shredder to use the helment however it ends up in the hands a former employee of April's tv crew who soon discovers it's power, but Baxter finds him and take the helmet. Shredder discovers that baxter is also looking for the helmet so he leaves.

      Baxter even tries to make a monster out of gold but discovers that the eye doesn't work on anything that is made of that substance. Shredder is able to wrest back control of the helmet from baxter, and he creates an army of giant golems at the san fracisco bridge. The Turtles discover that the fragments are becoming dangerously unstable, and they race to tell the villain to rid himself of the eye before it explodes!

      Shredder, of course, does'nt believe thier story and orders his golems to attack the turtles. The eye fianlly begins to self-destruct. Now aware of it's danger, shredder tosses his helmet into the water, just as the eye explodes, there is a huge tidal wave, and after it subsides, only the turtles are left standing.

      Is Shredder gone for good?moreless
    • Turtles at the Earth's Core
      Season 3 - Episode 10

      The Turtles receive a blast from the past when Dinosaurs invade the Big Apple. The TMNT attempt to coral the beasts, and more or less succeed.
      Befriending a young diplodocus they dub "Dippy", the Turtles trace the invading dinos to their source, and they are shocked by what they find there: a "lost world", hidden deep beneath the earth's core, where the ferocious creatures of yesterday still thrive. The TMNT find out that the reason for the Dinosaur's continued preservation is the radiation sent off by a mystical energy crystal.
      Before the turtles can relax and explore this "new world", they find out Shredder and Krang are after the crystal, intending to use it in another diabolical scheme to re-power the Technodrome. The Turtles join forces with Dippy to stop the villains, they are able to drive Shredder back at first, but their actions provoke Krang to take a trip to the savage land himself.
      Upon arriving, he builds a hi-tech titanium plated battle fortress, from where he can harness the crystal's powerful energies and channel them into the Technodrome directly from this base. Shredder eventually manages to outwit the TMNT, and succeeds in obtaining the crystal.
      But things go awry when Shredder accidentally drops the crystal, damaging it, without the crystal, (the source of their life-energy), Dippy and his fellow dinos begin to slowly die.
      The TMNT attempt to penetrate Krang's fortress with Dippy's help, but his strength alone isn't enough, Just when the green machine think all is lost, Dippy calls on other dinosaurs to assist him, with their combined efforts, the dinos are able to break into Krang's fortress, and a fierce battle ensues...

    • My Brother, the Bad Guy
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Shredder breaks into the Ninja Hall of Fame and steals the diary of the infamous Brothers Kojima. He leaves his fingerprints all over the place though, and one Lt. Saki finds them: Shredder's brother!

      Burdened with his evil brother's past and present sins, Lt. Saki vows to bring in his sibling and travels to America to track him down. He meets up with the Turtles by accident at the Nuclear Fusion Reactor, where they are safeguarding a new super-magnet, which they suspect might be Shredder's next target.

      But all chance of an alliance between the two forces are soon hampered by lt. Saki's obsession with doing things "by the book", preventing the green machine from breaking the law in efforts to stop Shredder.

      Shredder creates holograms of the Kojima Brothers and programs them with "the greatest secrets of the three great ninja master of all time." The brothers keep the TMNT busy long enough for Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop to break into the nuclear fusion reactor and acquire the super-magnet.

      With the magnet in his possession, Shredder can now use its power to pull the Tecnodrome back from Dimension X, and into the middle of the city!

      But Lt. Saki arrives just in time, but he is soon outmatched by his brother, who handcuffs him to a drainpipe. Donatello finds the holo-emiteer -- generating the Kojima brothers and destroys it. The holograms vanish, and the Turtles race to stop Shredder, but it is too late. The portal is opened and Krang sends the Technodrome through.

      As the green machine duke it out with Shredder, Donatello manages to reverse the effects of the magnet at the last second, but instead of being pulled back to Dimension X, the Technodrome is catapulted into the heart of the North Pole.moreless
    • The Big Blow Out (3)
      Season 3 - Episode 47

      The Turtles are returning to New York, via the open road, when the Technodrome suddenly surfaces in front of them. The Turtles barely get out of its way in time, before Shredder begins firing lasers left and right.
      Now back to the of a planet, the Technodrome makes it's way to a nearby power relay station, with the Turtles in hot pursuit. April makes it back to New York and tries to warn everyone that Krang is on the warpath. The Turtles break into the Technodrome again, but the machine's powerful defenses are able to drive them back. Krang succeeds in stealing a satellite dish from the station, with plans to use it to open the dimensional portal and slip Earth into Dimension X. Once there, the awaiting war fleet on the other side will destroy it. Despite all efforts, the Turtles fail to prevent the villains from making it to the city. With little time left, Donatello hatches a plan, the TMNT "borrow" a missile launcher from a military vehicle, and take it under the sewers. Leonardo and Michaelangelo keep Shredder busy in a final battle, while this is going on.
      Eventually, the TMNT trick an enraged and embarrassed Shredder to take the Technodrome over a sewer drain, where Donatello fires the missile attached to the launcher. It rockets out of the sewers and propels the Technodrome upwards into the already-opened portal, back into Dimension X -- and straight into the path of the awaiting war fleet. The fleet mistake the Technodrome for Earth, and open fire upon it. The Technodrome eventually crash lands on a nearby asteroid with no power, and no way out of Dimension X.

    • Shredder & Splintered
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      As Shredder lures Splinter into The Technodrome, this time with the promise that the RetroMutagen Ray in his possession can restore the sensei to human form, the Turtles confront a giant-sized Krang, now in a new body, in the heart of New York City, the final battle results in Splinter sacrificing his chance for normalcy to save his students, the five then battle the invading Dimension X troops inside The Technodrome, resulting in the banishment of the fortress, and it's insidious occupants, into Dimension X itself.moreless
    • The Turtles and the Hare (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      In Krang's latest scheme, Rocksteady and Bebop, dressed as Easter bunnies, are blasting people with a Docilizer Ray and turning them into timid, rabbit-like people. If the ray works, Krang plans oninstalling it in a microwave transmitting dish and zapping the entire City with it. Krang sends them to the Channel Six News Building where they are planning to have an Easter egg hunt.

      April watches Bebop and Rocksteady test the gun and calls the Turtles for help just before she gets zapped. To stop them, the Turtles must search out a Cyranium Crystal in the Fairy Tale Dimension. Leonardo and Raphael arrive there, and run into Hokum Hare (the rabbit of the "Tortoise and the Hare," who thinks they are the turtles who always beat him), who insists on following them. Outwitting the Giant (from "Jack and the Beanstalk"), Hokum, Leonardo and Raphael grab the crystal and climb down the Beanstalk, just as Jack chops it down. Leonardo, Raphael and Hokum make it back to Earth and, with Donatello and Michaelangelo, stop Shredder and Krang from broadcasting the Docilizer Ray all over the Earth. Hokum gets to stand in as the Easter Bunny for the Channel Six Easter Egg Hunt.moreless
    • Back to the Egg
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Krang invents an age reversing serum that turns any creature into a younger version of itself. He decides to send Captain Kroolik and Grillox, a mutant circus performer from Dimension X, to track the Turtles down and squirt them. Shredder is also sent to go with the Captain. Once they have captured the Turtles, Captain Kroolik intends on putting them in his circus as performers and that will give Krang the opportunity to take over the city.

      The Turtles are tracked to a pizza place where Kroolik only gets a chance to squirt two of the Turtles' pizza with the serum. Michaelangelo and Leonardo eat those two pizzas turning them into little Turtles. Not knowing what the cause was for the shrinking, Donatello and Raphael take them and head back to the lair. On their way, they run into the Captain and Shredder who are waiting to capture them. The Turtles manage to escape and continue to the lair. Donatello and Raphael figure that Krang and Shredder are behind what happened to Michaelangelo and Leonardo and head back to the pizza place to find pieces of the original pizzas. While those two are away, Michaelanglo and Leonardo wander off and end up at the Channel Six building with April. She radios Donatello and tells him that Michaelangelo and Leonardo are with her. Donatello asks April if they can stay with her while he and Raphael try to come up with an antidote. In order to keep them occupied while she works, April brings them into one of the studios that is taping a kids show and puts them in the audience.

      While searching the city for the Turtles, Captain Kroolik sees Michaelangelo and Leonardo on TV while passing a store. They immediately head for the Channel Six building hoping to capture the toddlers at last. They arrive at Channel Six and manage to capture April, Michaelangelo and Leonardo.

      Donatello and Raphael come up with an antidote and put it on pizzas to bring to Michaelangelo and Leonardo. They arrive at the news building to find that Kroolik and Shredder are waiting for them. Donatello tosses the pizzas to Michaelangelo and Leonardo turning them back to their normal size. With the odds stacked up against them, Kroolik and Shredder flee through a portal back to Dimension X.moreless
    • 9/29/90
      Krang and Shredder are working on some super mutagen which they plan on using to create an army of super mutants that will take over the world. Bebop and Rocksteady decide to try the mutagen out on Bebop's pet turtle. The mutagen turns him into an evil Mutant Ninja Turtle, named Slash. When Slash starts destroying the place, Bebop and Rocksteady send him to Earth.

      Fenton Q. Hackenbush, a developer for Donald J. Lofty, has a plan to do away with the sewer system and build condominiums. The Turtles find out what Fenton is planning and try to stop him. They phone April and make arrangements to meet and talk about Fenton's plans.

      Meanwhile, Slash is looking for the palm tree from his water bowl on Earth, which is where Bebop and Rocksteady have told him it is. While looking for it, he meets Hackenbush. Hackenbush tricks him by saying he will show him where there are lots of palm trees if Slash will do something for him. Hackenbush tells him that he has to smash the Freedom Bell and everything else along his way. Hackenbush hopes that by having Slash do this, it will make the Turtles look guilty and get them arrested. This will get them out of the way so he can proceed with his plan for the sewers.

      The Turtles find out from April that Slash is planning to smash the Freedom Bell. When they find him, they discover that they are no match for him. Even though he kicks their butt, they do manage to save the bell from being smashed.

      Back in Dimension X, Krang and Shredder find out what Bebop and Rocksteady have done with the mutagen and are very angry. They send Bebop and Rocksteady to Earth to get Slash back.

      Slash finds out that Hackenbush double crossed him and decides to get revenge on the city. He boards a rocket filled with garbage and threatens to crash into the city. The Turtles manage to steal the Techno Wing from Bebop and Rocksteady and use it to stop Slash from going through with his plan. Krang and Shredder open a portal for Slash's rocket to enter Dimension X, but Slash just flies by, dumping all the trash in the Technodrome.

      After the Turtles tell Mr. Lofty what Hackenbush was planning to do, Mr. Lofty fires him and tells the Turtles not to worry about losing their home.moreless
    • The Missing Map
      Season 3 - Episode 40

      Zach and Walt visit the Turtles, and Walt becomes jealous of Zach's adventure with the Turtles. His jealousy causes him to steal a document pouch from the Turtles that includes a map to the lair and documents that prove that Shredder conducted a conspiracy to have Splinter expelled from the Foot Clan.
      The Turtles must stop Shredder and Krang from getting the pouch and save Zach and Walt at the same time.

    • The Big Break-In (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 46

      Now successfully re-energized, The Technodrome begins moving towards the surface. Krang sends for a Minimizer from Dimension X. With it, he can shrink anyone and anything that stands in his path. He immediately uses the device to shrink all of the nearby military bases, therefore making the planet defenseless, once he takes the Technodrome to "higher ground."
      The Turtles, knowing that they and the planet will be in hot water if Shredder and Krang take the machine to the surface, decide to break into the machine itself, and try to sabotage it. Under attack from Rocksteady, Bebop, and Krang, the Turtles realize that taking out the machine won't be an easy task. April, in the meantime, shows up to cover the mystery of the missing bases. Although she's at the right place, she's here at the wrong time. The Technodrome suddenly surfaces, and heads in the direction of the reporter.
      The Turtles, however, manage to gain control of the Minimizer, and with just seconds left before April becomes road kill. They are able to use it to shrink the Technodrome to the of a softball. Then, they restore the military bases to their proper The now miniaturized Technodrome falls back into the hole it came out of, where Krang and Shredder use their energy reserves to restore it to it's own full height. It's not over, yet.

    • A Thing About Rats
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Baxter Stockman, a mad scientist, is showing an exterminator his new invention a rat catching robot called Mousers.

      The exterminator rejects Stockman's offer however shredder decides to buy his inventions. He unleashes a dozen mousers in the sewers they are easily defeated by splinter but is no match for 1200 the turtles track to the one responsible for the mechanical rats to his hide out while there Michaelangelo encounters Krang.

      Krang tells Michelangelo to destroy the master control for the mousers because Krang is angry for Shredder not hurrying up to build him a new body. He destroys it, and takes the mansion with it.moreless
    • Night of the Dark Turtle
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      While Donatello and the other three Turtles debate the issue of "brains vs. brawn", Donatello's Early Warning Alarm System goes off. According to Donatello's readings, The City has experienced a major vibration emanating from the Earth. Naturally, everyone suspects Shredder and Krang, so they set out to investigate immediately. Donatello's readings lead them to a Government Research Lab, where only moments ago Shredder received a Micro Blaster from one of the resident scientists. The Blaster is supposedly the mightiest (and smallest) weapon known to man. During a fight scene, Donatello is seriously hurt by Shredder. And while Shredder eludes the Security Guards (without his Micro Blaster), the Turtles also retreat back to the lair with a semi-conscious Donatello.

      When Don emerges from his coma he is not quite the same. Something about him is different. But one thing is for sure, he is angry and wants Shredder so bad he can taste it. But Donny feels that he needs a new identity... something that will instill fear in Shredder's heart, something like the Dark Turtle, a Batman-esque crime fighter. Meanwhile, three Star Cruisers loaded with Triceratons have landed in the city, claiming the earth as Triceraton property. Donatello scours the mean streets of the City in search of the Shredder, who is now in cahoots with a local mobster by the name of Wolf Jackson. Leo, Mike, and Raph battle the Triceratons, who are intent upon sending the Earth through their Star Gate and back to the Tricertraon Galaxy where it will be stripped clean.

      Leonardo, Michaelanglo and Raphael are helpless without Donatello and his brains. The 3 decide that they have to find Don and bring him to his senses, with only one hour remaining before the end of the world as we know it. Back to where it all started, Donatello and Shredder are engaged in a final showdown and it looks as if Donatello has the upper hand. In fact, it appears that Donatello really will kill Shredder once and for all! But Leonardo, Raphael and Michaelagelo arrive just in time to save Shredder's life and cause Donatello to fall and knock himself unconscious again.

      When Donatello regains consciousness he cannot remember anything and is embarrased to find himself wearing a comic book character costume. Meanwhile, time is running out for planet Earth, but thanks to Donatello's quick thinking, he is able to convince the Triceratons that the Dark Turtle is the ruler of Earth and that the animatronic dinosaurs from the Natural History Museum are his minions. Of course, Donatello's use of Shredder's Micro Blaster also helped to convince the Triceratons that they should get out...moreless
    • The Great Boldini
      Season 3 - Episode 38

      The Turtles, Zach and his friend Caitlin visit the Museum where a magician, the Great Boldini, intends to make a valuable emerald disappear. Everything seems to be going well until the lights come back on. The audience sees Boldini tied up, gagged and the emerald is missing. He insists he has nothing to do with it. Everyone at the museum is searched. During the search, the Turtles are revealed and arrested. Zach and Caitlin follow Boldini thinking that he is acting suspicious. They discover that he's working with Don Turtelli and that he did indeed steal the emerald. The Turtles escape and break back into the museum searching for Zach and Caitlin. Down in the basement of the museum the Rat King discovers Boldini, Don and the kids. The kids manage to escape from Boldini along with the emerald but are shortly captured again. They manage to hide the emerald before they are recaptured. Meanwhile, the Rat King decides to work with Boldini and Don in getting the emerald back.

    • The Power of Three (1)
      Season 10 - Episode 3
      Aboard the Dreggnaught, Dregg and Mung are discussing their next move against the Turtles when Mung informs Dregg that, whilst scouting dimensions, he came across two individuals who claimed they were "old acquaintances of the turtles": Shredder and Krang!

      Intrigued by the prospect of using the TMNT's mortal enemies as pawns in his grand scheme, Dregg makes preparations to bring Shredder and Krang back to earth. Meanwhile, Donatello cures Carter of his mutation disease, using the process he used to cure his brothers. Carter, wanting to return to civilization decides the time has come to leave The TMNT and New York behind him, and says goodbye.

      Elsewhere, at the power plant, Dregg and Mung activate the Vortex Transporter, which causes a citywide blackout, but in Dregg's eyes, the chaos is all worth the effort, as the transporter succeeds in bringing Shredder and Krang back. But the two villains prove to be as sly as Dregg when they are able to get away from him, proclaiming that they and they alone will dominate the earth. They flee into the city.

      Carter, meanwhile, sees the chaos that has gripped the city since the blackout, after saving a cab filled with civilians, he changes his mind about leaving.

      The blackout has also caused traffic to grind to a halt, and April isn't happy about it, she thinks things can't get any worse, and then Shredder and Krang hijack her cab, and promptly kidnap her. April is able to contact the Turtles, but Shredder cuts her off, they soon find her cab, but it's empty, Krang and Shredder have decided to proceed on foot.

      Mungg is able to locate both the TMNT and their foes and transports all of them back to the Power Plant, where Dregg is preparing to subject them to his greatest, most insidious experiment, Shredder tricks Dregg into thinking he's changed his mind about working with him in conquering earth, and the deception pays off, Shredder and Krang engage in a gun-battle with Dregg's soldiers, the Turtles join in the conflict also, and soon all three parties are fighting one another.

      But Dregg uses his micro-bots to turn the tide, and recaptures his foes. He then reveals what he intends to do with them: drain their mental energies and infuse them into his own body, with Shredder and the TMNT's honed battle skills and Krang's superior intelligence, Dregg will become the most omnipotent being in this or any other galaxy!

    • Turtles to the Second Power (3)
      Season 10 - Episode 5
      While both groups of the Turtles are trying to survive from Dregg's attack, Dregg moves forward with his attack plan. Shredder and Krang won't be defeated so easily, and complicate things for Dregg. While Dregg holds off Shredder and the Turtles, he demands total control of all governments from the United Nations or the Earth will get a little crispy. Also, Carter must cure his mutation, along fighting with the Turtles.moreless
    • Corporate Raiders from Dimension X
      Season 3 - Episode 25

      All over the city, high ranking corporate executives are being kidnapped by men in business suits, but the Turtles don't get involved until they learn that one of these corporations is the world's largest suppliers of pizza. The Turtles charge into action by staking the T.I.H.C. (The Incredibly Huge Corporation) which has yet to be "hit." They do not wait long in vain. Within moments, a black limousine pulls up in front of the TIHC Headquarters and from within it disembark four men in suits carrying laser rifles. The Turtles try to stop them, but are thwarted by their laser blasts. However, one of the Turtles was able to recover a briefcase belonging to one of the businessmen. When opened, it reveals documents with the name Octopus, Inc.
      The Turtles recruit Casey Jones to infiltrate the Headquarters of Octopus, Inc. so that they will have a better understanding of what they are up against, but while staking out the TIBD (The Itty Bitty Corporation) and waiting to hear from Casey, another black limousine pulls up and unloads men in suits with laser guns. The Turtles try to stop them. Donatello throws water on the businessmen causing them to snap out of their trances and tell the Turtles that they were kidnapped by Octopus, Inc. and brainwashed to commit crimes. The Turtles rush back to Octopus, Inc., rescue Casey and storm the President's office only to encounter Shredder, who has them tied up and thrown into a broom closet with the real president of Octopus, Inc. -- Octavious Ogilvy, to await the "Grand Arising" -- the rising of the Technodrome in the old Octopus Stadium. The Turtles must interrupt this "Grand Arising."

    • Super Bebop and Mighty Rocksteady
      Season 3 - Episode 27

      Shredder orders Rocksteady and Bebop to place the Mesmerizer atop the Channel Six News Building Tower. The Mesmerizer is designed to turn all humans into zombies. It has no effect on mutants. But a bolt of lightning causes the device to fall from the Tower and crash through the roof of the Channel Six News Room. Rocksteady and Bebop activate the Mesmerizer and watch April, Irma, Vernon, Berne and the Anchorman become instant zombies, waiting to do their bidding. Suddenly, the Turtles protect them. The Turtles succeed in this, but not as they had hoped for. During the scuffle the Mesmerizer is broken. The Channel Six News Crew returns to normal and Rocksteady and Bebop escape with the broken Mesmerizer and the Turtles on their heels. Shredder now plots to return to the surface and implement to use the Mesmerizer himself to conquer the world.

    • Blast from the Past
      Season 3 - Episode 29

      Krang and Shredder are going stir crazy. They have been defeated once too often by the Turtles, so Shredder has decided to do something about it. He takes Rocksteady and Bebop up to the Earth's surface and to the Asian-American Cultural Center where the burial urn of an ancient noble warrior and founder of the Foot Clan, ShibanoSama, is on display.
      Meanwhile, April is doing a live broadcast from the same Asian-American Cultural Center. Splinter suggests that he and the Turtles should hurry there at once for fear that Shredder may be on his way. But they are too late. Shredder knocks the Turtles out with a ninja smoke bomb and releases the spirit of ShibanoSama. Shredder requests that the Warrior Spirit teach Rocksteady and Bebop the secret ways of the ninja and make them invincible. Shibano Sama replies that only the true leader of the Foot Clan can make such a request.
      Then, the Turtles try to confront Shredder and tell Shibano Sama that Splinter is the true leader. But Shredder has thrown a gas grenade at them, and Splinter has amnesia. The Turtles must rejuvenate his memory while Raphael holds off Shredder and Shibano Sama.

    • Planet of the Turtles
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Earth is experiencing some kind of atmospheric disturbance which allows the Turtles to view TV shows from other worlds. They are tuning into a wrestling match from Planet of the Turtles, where the Flying Turtlenecker Brothers defeat smaller opponents.

      Dimension X is experiencing the same type of disturbance, which allows Krang to watch the same show. On a commercial break, Krang sees Rupert, a turtle pitchman, selling a Personal Energy Projector. Krang thinks he can use this projector to draw energy from Earth to power the Technodrome. He sends Shredder to the Planet of the Turtles to retrieve the projector. Shredder gets chased by Rupert and the Turtlenecker Brothers back through the portal to Dimension X as he tries to steal the projector. With the Turtlenecker Brothers stuck in Dimension X, Krang convinces them to go and capture the Turtles. He sends them to the sewers through a dimensional portal and they capture the Turtles, bringing them back to the Technodrome. April happens to be with the Turtles and radios Splinter as soon as they disappear. Splinter gets there just in time and he and April enter the portal just before it closes.

      In the Technodrome, Krang has set up the projector and drained almost all of the energy from Earth. The Turtles realize they have to come up with a way to stop Krang. Splinter and April rescue them and they split up. Donatello and Rupert are sent to the Planet of the Turtles to look for Dr. Turtlestein, the inventor of the projector, to see if he knows of a way to stop it. Splinter, April, and the rest of the Turtles stay in the Technodrome to try and stop Krang. Donatello and Rupert come back just in time with a portable transporter and reverse the effects of the projector, sending the energy back to Earth. Dr. Turtlestein uses the transporter to send the Turtles, Splinter and April back to Earth.moreless
    • The Big Rip-Off (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 45

      In a last ditch attempt to gain power for the Technodrome, Krang sends Rocksteady and Bebop to steal a newly created set of energy modules from a hi-tech science lab located at Fort Charles.
      But the bungling duo are halted by a super-computer, CY-CLOMPS, which is protecting the modules. Not one to be denied his spoils, Shredder re-programs CY-CLOMPS from the technodrome, and commands it to trap April (present at the lab to do a live broadcast) in an airtight vault!
      When the Turtles arrive at the scene, they find themselves locked in combat with various robots and defences activated by
      CY-CLOMPS to prevent them from reaching April. The Turtles eventually succeed however in pulling CY-CLOMP'S plug , and they rescue the reporter.
      However, whilst the turtles were locking horns with CY-CLOMPS at Fort Charles, Shredder was able to locate another lab, which contained a similar set of energy modules, and quickly acquired them. The Technodrome is re-energized, and now has enough power to rise to the surface!

    • The Foot Soldiers are Revolting
      Season 4 - Episode 40
      After Bebop and Rocksteady blow another assignment, Shredder fires them and decides to replace them with an intelligent Foot Soldier named Alpha One. A computer interruption caused by Bebop and Rocksteady causes the main computer to malfunction while Krang is programming Alpha One. The end result is Alpha One comes out more intelligent than Krang and Shredder put together. Alpha One decides he does not want to work for Krang and Shredder, so he sends them out into Dimension X space in a life pod. Alpha One starts to do the same with Bebop and Rocksteady but they tell him where he can find a wave modulator. Thinking that this will be helpful if he wants to rule the world, A 1 decides to keep Bebop and Rocksteady with him. His plan is to transport all the humans to Dimension X so he and his robots will have control of the Earth.

      The Turtles are looking for the wave modulator in the sewer. Just as they find it, Alpha One shows up with his soldiers, Bebop and Rocksteady. The Turtles try to stop him from taking the modulator, but fail. Alpha One returns to Dimension X, but leaves Bebop and Rocksteady in the sewer. Bebop and Rocksteady and the Turtles decide to work together to try and stop Alpha One.

      When the Turtles go to the surface, they discover that Alpha One is on Earth with a Dimensional Displacement Device which he is using to transport all organic life to Dimension X.

      Meanwhile, back in Dimension X, Krang and Shredder manage to find their way back to the Technodrome. When they get there, they discover all the people that Alpha One has transported. They immediately start transporting all of them back to Earth. Alpha One sees the people coming back through the portal and gets distracted because he doesn't know what's happening. This distraction allows the Turtles to take the wave modulator out of the Dimensional Displacement Device. The Turtles turn the device against Alpha One transporting him to an unknown dimension. The Turtles then use the Device to transport Bebop and Rocksteady back to Dimension X where they belong.moreless
    • Atlantis Awakes
      Season 7 - Episode 23
      While surfing in the white water rapids of the sewer, Michaelangelo is rescued by Merdude, a half-man/half fish from the lost city of Atlantis. Merdude left Atlantis over 200 years ago in search of others of his kind - it seems that Merdude is the only mutant in the lost city. But now he has lost his way and the Turtles, using Donatello's Porta-Tracker, volunteer to help him find his way back home. Meanwhile, aboard the Technodrome, Krang's computers are picking up some low-level energy readings emanating nearby. With the Technodrome's power reserves at an all time low, Krang thinks it would be prudent to investigate. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady, using a much faster Transport Module for the required reconnaissance work, quickly discovers the legendary lost city, and as luck would have it, the Atlanteans believe that Bebop (that's right, Bebop!) is their long lost King. It seems that the Atlanteans have been waiting generations for a strange creature to come from the sea to reclaim his throne, thereby fulfilling their age-old prophecy. But Hepax Lagamina, a young and beautiful Atlantean woman, comes forth and declares that Bebop could not possibly be their king. Hepax insists that the true king would be a water breather and Bebop is a pig! Quick thinking Shredder jumps into the fray and suggests that as king, Bebop should order the traitor to be "clapped into irons" and so she is. By the time Merdude and the Turtles arrive, Bebop, in all his regal finery, is ensconced upon the throne and once again issues the "clap in irons" orders, but Merdude and the TMNT disappear back into the sewers beneath the city of Atlantis. While Bebop enjoys his new role, Shredder and Rocksteady discover the Star of Atlantis, the largest jewel they have ever seen. Shredder contacts Krang, who insures them that this jewel is exactly what they need to use as a focusing crystal and turn the Technodrome's main cannon into the most powerful heat ray in the universe. Realizing that it is too large for just the two of them to carry, Shedder convinces King Bebop to deploy his subjects in the endeavor. Hepax convinces Merdude to challenge Bebop to meet him in the Atlantean arena. Merdude uses his telepathic powers to call upon his friends of the deep. The area is filled with all kinds of aquatic life. Merdude wields the Trident of Power and Bebop quickly renounces his throne. Meanwhile, Shredder steals the Star of Atlantis but the Turtles get it back and return it to Atlantis. Merdude is named King.moreless
    • Case of the Hot Kimono
      Season 3 - Episode 33

      April's Aunt Agatha (Aggie) Marbles, a woman crime solver not unlike Agatha Christie's Miss Marples, pays her a visit at Channel Six News and suggests that she would like to meet the Turtles. Meanwhile, Michaelengelo and Leonardo encounter two crooks, Bruce and Rodney, who are stealing kimonos from all over town -- including Master Splinter's favorite kimono which had been sent out to the Quick Kimono Cleaners. The Turtles team up with Aunt Aggie to solve this mysterious caper and to retrieve Master Splinter's kimono.
      April and Vernon, following a bogus tip, were kidnapped by the Big Boss, Don Tortelli, who is the mastermind behind the theft of the kimonos. Don Tortelli thinks that April knows something about the stolen kimonos and tortures her and Vernon with a feather in order to make them talk.
      Meanwhile, having had little success finding the crooks, Aunt Aggie concocts a scheme to bring the crooks to them. Donatello dresses up like the infamous Cal Worthington of Southern Caliifornia Auto dealership fame and makes a bogus commercial advertising himself a "Kimono Kal" owner of the famous "House of Used Kimonos." Don Tortelli sends Rodney and Bruce to steal the kimonos, but what they end up stealing, of course, is a crate of Turtles who are delivered to Don Tortelli's penthouse.

    • Michaelangelo's Birthday
      Season 3 - Episode 31

      It's a very special day for Michaelangelo... only his brothers seem to have forgotten all about it.
      Unknown to Mikey, the other Turtles are only pretending that they have no idea it's his birthday, in order to launch a surprise party on him later.
      As the day progresses, and Michaelangelo gets more and more irritated and upset, Leonardo begins to feel as if he, Raphael, and Donatello are stretching the joke just a little too far. But his concerns are ignored by the others, who believe Michaelangelo's present state will make his surprise party even better.
      Michaelangelo, depressed and frustrated, surprises them all before they can surprise him�by running away!
      Before they can go after him, the remaining TMNT hear reports of Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop, embarking on a rampage through New York.
      Splinter volunteers to locate Michaelangelo, whilst the remaining Turtles do battle with "Tin-Grin".
      Shredder has armed himself, however, with an offshoot of the same mutagen, that once transformed the Turtles from tiny babies to their present martial-arts kicking state.
      He tries to use it on the green machine during their battle, but the Turtles are too fast for him. and his force retreats. On his way though, he bumps into Michaelangelo. Subduing the turtle, Shredder straps him to a device that begins pouring out the mutagen!
      Will Michaelangelo spend his birthday (and the rest of his life) looking like he did on the actual day he was born?

    • The Case Of The Killer Pizzas
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Krang finally relents and provides Shredder with help in defeating the Turtles. Only his request this time is for some "eggs" from Dimension X that look like meatballs. Back on Earth, Shredder learns of a Pizza Bake-Off and decides to use this event to snare the Turtles. Meanwhile, thanks to Shredder, the Turtles learn of the same Pizza Bake-Off and make plans to attend. Splinter suggests that Shredder may be nearby and warns them to be careful. April and Irma attend the Pizza Bake-Off as well. And, while Irma tries to avoid an old boyfriend, April discovers the Turtles presence and agrees to enter their names in the raffles for the Three Prize Pizzas.moreless
    • Leonardo Lightens Up
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      Splinter goes away and leaves Leonardo in charge. After a while, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo get tired of being bossed around by Leo and decide to try one of Don's inventions on their hapless leader. The 3 scheming TMNT zap Leonardo with a "Personality Modifying Ray", turning him into a wise cracking jokester. It doesn't take long for the new Leonardo to annoy the Turtles once again.

      Meanwhile on the surface, the City is being destroyed by a criminal musician named G. Cleff. Cleff is using an ultrasonic sound system to shatter concrete and steel so that his goons can rob the buildings.

      April finds the Turtles and informs them of what is happening. Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo go searching for Leonardo to tell him, but discover that he has left the lair to go have fun. When they finally find him, he tells them he is too busy having fun to help them. Now the other 3 TMNT have no alternative but to try and stop G. Cleff without Leonardo's help. G. Cleff gets the best of them and they head back to the lair to think of another plan.

      Shortly after, Splinter returns and Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo fill him in on what has happened. With the Sensei's help, the Turtles get Leo back to his normal state and the four of them are able to stop G. Cleff from causing any more damage to the City.moreless
    • Planet of the Turtleoids (2)
      Planet of the Turtleoids (2)
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      (Will be put up ASAP, hopefully when released to DVD)
    • Beware the Lotus
      Season 3 - Episode 28

      Krang hires a female Ninja, Lotus, to replace Shredder. It seems that Lotus has agreed to help Krang locate the Turtles in exchange for 100 pounds of gold. To prove her worthiness, and Shredder's unworthiness, Lotus defeats him with her Ninja skills. Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop leave the Technodrome with their tails between their legs vowing that Krang will someday beg to have them back. Meanwhile, Burne assigns April and Vernon to do a special story on romance. At the Olaf Perfume Factory, April interviews a Monsieur Olaf, who reveals that he has a "Scent Analyzer" that can "sniff out" any fragrance. But, while protected by three armed guards, is suddenly stolen by Lotus and in its place, she leaves a lotus flower. A short time later, Lotus visits Aqua Land, and steals from Dr. Gilman, a marine biologist, his complete file on his study of genetic codes of turtles. Once again she leaves a lotus flower in its place. April shows the Turtles a lotus blossom that was found at the crime scene. Leonardo falls in love with Lotus.

    • Raphael Meets His Match
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      Raphael wins a ticket to a costume party on MacDonald Crump's yacht and decides to go disguised as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. April and Vernon are also attending the party for the TV station.

      As Raphael boards the yacht, a woman in what appears to be a female mutant costume shows up, grabs his arm and pretends to be his date. Raphael discovers that the women's name is Mona Lisa and she is a mutant just like him. He gets suspicious of her when she tells him that a pirate named Captain Filch is going to hijack Crump's yacht and hold it and its passengers for ransom.

      Soon after, the yacht is hit by a force field, stopping it in the middle of the ocean. Raphael begins to believe Mona Lisa when he sees Captain Filch and his anemone guards board the yacht. The two mutants, along with April and Vernon hide away from the Captain. While in hiding, Mona Lisa tells them how she was transformed into a mutant by Filch. She swore to get revenge on the Captain for what he did to her and that's what led her to the yacht.

      Raphael and April decide to help Mona Lisa in her quest. While trying to radio for help, April gets captured by Filch's guards. Filch makes her go on the air demanding money for the passengers on the yacht or he will drown them all.

      Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo see April on TV and go in search of the yacht. They get there just as Filch is forcing April to walk the plank. With the help of Mona Lisa, the Turtles blow up Captain Filch's submarine and capture him. Later, Mona Lisa surprises the Turtles by showing up at the lair with pizzas for them.moreless
    • The Legend of Koji
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      At the City's Museum of Fine Arts, Shredder uses his "Time Portal" invention to journey back to ancient Japan so that he can "destroy Splinter and the accursed Turtles once and for all by changing history." Meanwhile, Splinter has experienced a disturbance in the force and suggest to the Turtles that they make haste to the Fine Arts Museum, where they follow Shredder back to the year 1583 - the year the Foot Clan came into being.

      Back in ancient Japan, Shredder storms the palace of Oroko Sancho and informs him that he is one of his descendents, Oroko Saki, and that he has traveled from the future to give him power and wealth beyond his wildest dreams. But after Shredder tells him about the location of two magical relics in the forest that would provide Oroko Sancho power and wealth, Shredder's ancestor decides that he can find it for himself without the aid of his descendant. This proves to be his undoing, as Shredder decides to don Oroko Sancho's battle armor, impersonating his arrogant ancestor, and lead his men into the forest.

      Meanwhile a young Samurai, named Hamato Koji, is also roaming the woods in search of something his sensei instructed him to find, in order to start his own ninja clan. Back in ancient Japan, Splinter and the Turtles arrive just in time to help Koji defend himself against Shredder and Oroko Sancho's men, who have been ordered to kill Koji before he locates that which he needs to create what will become the Foot Clan.

      Needless to say Shredder is extremely angry that the Turtles have followed him to the past and threatens that they will never escape the past without the Time Machine Remote Control. Before they can pursue Shredder and get the remote they must assist Koji in his quest (and naturally, explain who they are and why they are there). Meanwhile, Shredder must hire new assassins to deal with Koji, Splinter and the Turtles, now that Oroko Sancho's men refuse to fight because they believe that Splinter and the Turtles are Tengus - demons.

      After defeating another hired killer, Koji, Splinter and the Turtles discover the location of the Shibano Sama shrine. Inside they discover the Nomi sword, a legendary blade that can cut through anything, and the Tsunami Box, containing a power greater than any tidal wave. Koji attempts to open the box, but is warned by Splinter that it should only be opened when it is truly needed. No sooner does Kohji have these magical relics in his possession does he begin to dream about the power of his clan, then they find themselves surrounded by Shredder and his samurais.

      During their battle the Tsunami Box is accidentally opened, releasing a giant fire-breathing dragon which, after scaring everyone, heads in the direction of a nearby village. So while Koji and Splinter go off to protect the village, the Turtles are left to keep Shredder and the marauding samurais at bay. Oroko Sancho manages to free himself and declare Shredder as an imposter. Just as his samurais are about to execute Shredder and the Turtles, Koji arrives riding atop the now tamed dragon. Oroko Sansho cowers in fear, revealing his true colors. Koji offers service to Oroko's men as he initiates the Foot Clan. Once again, Shredder's brilliant plan is foiled as Donatello uses Shredder's remote to transport the other three Turtles, Splinter and Shredder back to their own time.moreless
    • 12/31/87
      Shredder experiments with the Inter-Dimensional Portal, hoping to contact Krangs' Rock Soldiers and prepare an invasion of Earth, but a group of fun-loving aliens called the Neutrionos, renegades in Krang's dimension, take advantage of the Portal's opening and use it to arrive on Earth, and they eventually run into the Turtles.

      The Turtles and the Neutrinos meet up, after a misunderstanding. They tell the Turtles of Krang and the Rock Warriors, just when Tragg and Granitor themselves crash the party. The Turtles and the Neutrinos retreat to the lair, and Tragg uses a WeatherMaker to lure them out.

      The Turtles and the Neutrinos go to the Technodrome and get the Rock Warriors into the Technodrome, but fail in capturing Shredder.moreless
    • Leonardo is Missing
      Season 6 - Episode 12

      When Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Raphael return from the video arcade, they discover that Donatello's lab is in disarray and that Leonardo is missing. Meanwhile, stuck in the frozen tundra, Krang locates a highly concentrated energy source just outside the city that he believes will be sufficient enough to enable him to blow the entire planet off its axis, thus causing a shift in the Earth's proximity to the sun that would reverse the entire climate of the planet. While the polar ice caps would melt, thus freeing the Technodrome, it would also cause the city to be plunged into a new ice age, paralyzing it for Krang's conquest.

      With the aid of his Hyper Thruster, a contraption large enough to jolt the Earth off of its axis, Krang proposes to use the Foot soldiers to transport it to the planet's surface and assemble it while Shredder and Krang locate the mysterious energy source. While out on the streets, still searching for Leonardo, the Turtles discover a break-in at the Blow Hard bubble gum factory and decide to investigate. Inside, they learn that someone is stealing baseball cards and they decide that they owe it to the Youth of America to do something about it.

      Of course that someone turns out to be two someones, Bebop and Rocksteady. After kicking the Turtles' collective butts, they learn that one of the Turtles is missing and return to the Technodrome to inform Shredder. Using Krang's holographic cloaker, Shredder turns Bebop into a bogus Leonardo and sends him back to the planet's surface to distract and confuse the real Turtles who are desperately searching for the real Leonardo.

      While down in the sewers, the real Leonardo is traversing the underground tunnels with one of Donatello's tracking devices, searching for the source of the distress signal he received while the Turtles were at the video arcade, and heading outside the city. Back at the lair, Splinter suggests that they all hold hands and try to contact the spirit of Leonardo, but when they do, they receive a vision of three dinosaurs! Meanwhile, the bogus Leonardo (Bebop) is terrorizing the entire city!

      Over at the gravel pit at the edge of town, Krang and Shredder discover the source of the mysterious energy, an alien craft that burrowed its way up from the center of the Earth. Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello finally catch up with the bogus Leonardo just as the hologram is wearing off. Within minutes, Bebop and Rocksteady spill the beans telling the Turtles about Krang and Shredder's plan to rock the Earth off its axis and where they can be found. But when the Turtles arrive at the gravel pit, they encounter the same three dinosaurs from the vision they shared with Master Splinter back at the lair. Preparing to defend them, Leonardo arrives to introduce them to his new friends.

      It seems that Speega, the dinosaur leader, and his comrades are descendants of a group of dinosaurs that escaped extinction millions of years ago by escaping to the center of the Earth. The dino survivors have been on a mission to save endangered species every since. While on just such a mission they damaged their craft and sent out a distress signal that Leonardo picked up on Donatello's equipment. The rest is history. That is until they learn that Shredder and Krang have stolen the dinosaur's energy cells. Thanks to Bebop and Rocksteady, the Turtles know exactly where to find them. And with the help of Speega and his fellow dinosaurs, they successfully foil Krang's seemingly foolproof plan to conquer the earth.

    • Turtle Tracks
      Season 1 - Episode 1

      April O'Neil, an ace reporter for Channel 6, investigates recent break-ins, allegedly by Ninjas, which have resulted in the thefts of numerous technologies. However, a chance encounter with a gang of thieves soon leads her to a bigger story when she is saved from the criminals by four Ninja-trained, mutated Turtles.

      The Turtles take April back to their lair, and, after getting better acquainted, April learns they are good-hearted mutants. They decide to investigate the thefts together, and their efforts lead them into an encounter with the mysterious ninjas, The Foot Clan, and their leader, Shredder.

      Shredder manages to keep the Turtles from advancing to the Technodrome by flooding the building it is connected to.

    • The Old Switcheroo
      Season 3 - Episode 6

      Mr. Thompson orders April into his office to assign her a news story. It seems that the nightwatchman at Cybertech Laboratories spotted "some weird character hanging around" -- Mr. Thompson is convinced that he must be a friend of "April's Turtles." She assures him that he is not and heads off to Cybertech Lab with mini-cam in hand. Meanwhile, down in the Turtles' Lair, Donatello is displaying his new Super Pizza Maker. The other Turtles are impressed with its ability to make pizza in a matter of seconds, but when it is switched into high gear -- the machine overloads and explodes, causing loose parts to scatter across the room. One of these "loose screws" hits Leonardo, causing "just a bruise." Suddenly, April contacts them from Cybertech Labs, via the Turtle Com, to inform them that Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop are up to no good. While she waits for the Turtles to arrive (including Splinter, who is concerned about Leonardo's injury,) April begins to videotape Shredder and his "goons" from the rafters high above the floor. But she is spotted by Shredder, who sends Rocksteady and Bebop up after her.

    • Donatello's Duplicate
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Donatello decides to create a clone of himself so that he can spend more time on his inventions while his clone spends more time fixing things around the Lair. Donny tests his latest invention on a sewer rat and accidentally gets his hand in the way, causing the rat clone to talk just like Donatello.

      The talking rat is discovered by The Rat King and is convinced by a local hood, Pinky McFingers, that they could take over the world with Donatello's invention.

      Meanwhile, Donatello turns his cloning machine on himself and, thanks to an algebraic miscalculation, creates a clone that is 10 times smarter than he is. The Clone refuses to do the work that Donatello specifically created it for. Donatello decides to put him in his place until he discovers that his Clone is also 10 times more adept in ninja skills. The Clone defeats Donatello, ties him up, locks him in a closet, and then finds himself abducted by Pinky McFingers (who double-crosses The Rat King) when he goes out for a walk.

      The Clone convinces McFingers that he is not Donatello and builds a cloning device that replicates thousands of rats, causing The City to be infested with them. While the City is in a panic, McFingers and his crew loot the shops.

      Donatello is found by the three other Turtles and he tells them of his Clone. As they begin their search, the TMNT encounter the Rat King who is more than happy to help them find the Clone. The Rat King gives our heroes Pinky McFingers' address.

      At McFinger's Mansion, Donatello's Clone creates clones of Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo. Donatello tricks his Clone into revealing the cloning process. When he does, all Turtle clones, including Donatello's and the rat's disappear. Wacky.moreless
    • 11/27/93
      The Turtles once again must help Kerma defeat his foes on Shell-Ri-La. Meanwhile, Shredder and Krang implement their newest scheme to recharge the Technodrome.
    • Northern Lights Out
      Season 7 - Episode 12
      A descendant of the Viking raiders, Eric Red, seizes both April and Professor Swenson's map to the underground volcanos in Scandinavia. He plans to tap into the molten energy, melt the polar ice cap and flood the world's coastal cities, making them easy prey for his wanna-be Vikings. The Turtles battle Eric's "Hammer of Thor," fight a mechanical sea serpent and stop the guy before he blows up the volcanoes.moreless
    • Enter The Shredder
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      The Turtles, Splinter, and April decide to search for this "Technodrome." The Shredder kindaps Splinter in an attempt to lure the Turtles to his own cause. In order to rescue Splinter, the Turtles must enter the Shredder's mobile fortress, The Technodrome, and brave its dangerous weaponry. And even if they can do that, they must still confront The Shredder himself, who is armed not only with the nature of their origin, but also with his own mutated henchmen, Bebop and Rocksteady.moreless
    • Shredderville
      Season 3 - Episode 43

      In this special, "It's a Wonderful Life"-style story. The Turtles return to their lair, triumphant after another mission, but they are frustrated that they let Shredder slip away from them again.
      They feel like giving up, and wish they had never been born -- wishing that they never had to bear the burden of fighting crime. They go to sleep still thinking these thoughts.
      When they wake up, however, they find things have drastically changed. The lair is gone, Splinter doesn't exist, and New York is now known as "Shredderville". The Turtles soon realise -- to their horror that their wish has come true, and that they no longer exist!
      Exploring this strange, warped Earth, the Turtles discover their friends are either slaves (April and Irma), or anarchists (Zach)
      They also find out Shredder is a man tired of being the big cheese, and frustrated with the responsibility that comes with his position.
      Just when things couldn't get any worse, the Technodrome (now more of a broken-down relic than a war machine) is on the verge of exploding. If it goes boom, that can only spell doom! Can the green machine escape this nightmare?

    • Beyond the Donatello Nebula
      Season 4 - Episode 38
      Donatello has created a device to communicate with distant galaxies. While trying to communicate with the Turtle Nebula (a cloud of stars shaped like a turtle) Donatello accidentally brings a spaceship to Earth. The craft lands next to him, on the top of the Channel Six building. Out of the spaceship comes an alien lizard named Algernon. Algernon tells Donatello that his broadcast brought him to Earth and damaged his ship's drive. Algernon insists that Donatello now fix it.

      Meanwhile, the other Turtles are watching one of April's broadcasts on TV. She is doing a story on Hiram Grelch, a greedy businessman who is trying to take over all the TV stations in the area. In the middle of her broadcast, Grelch's hoods show up and kidnap April. Donatello and Algernon see this and rush to her aid, but the hoods get away and bring April to Grelch's penthouse. When Donatello and Algernon arrive at Grelch's penthouse they discover that he has a force field around it and they can't get in. The duo head back to Channel Six to get a laser cannon from Algernon's ship to blast through the force field. To their surprise, they discover that Grelch has stolen the spaceship.

      After April's disappearance on TV, the other Turtles set out to look for her. After having no luck, the lads decide to see if there is any news on April's disappearance on the television. The three TMNT are surprised to find Donatello on the air! Donny has come up with a plan to hopefully free April and get Algernon's ship back. He has Algernon change himself into a ferocious alien from the Turtle Nebula demanding his ship back. If it is not returned, the transmogrified alien will create interplanetary war! Using Grelch's force field against him, Donatello broadcasts an alien invasion movie through his view windows. The broadcasts makes it appear that Earth is being invaded and Grelch decides to surrender. While Grelch is panicking from the "so called invasion," Algernon and Donatello manage to get in under the force field and shut the power off to the building. The other Turtles arrive in the Turlte Blimp, battle Grelch and his thugs and free April.

      Donatello finally discovers that the only thing that will fix Algernon's ship is pizza. After taking some pizza from Michaelangelo, he waves good bye to the Turtles and returns home.moreless
    • 11/2/91
      Raphael's ego is bruised when the other Turtles refuse to take him seriously when he informs them that he is taking a correspondence class in the art of disguise, so he challenges his brothers to go to Central Park and pick him out of a crowd. If they can-- they all get free pizza. This is an offer that Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello cannot refuse.

      Raphael goes to the nearest Post Office, grabs a wanted poster, and makes up his face to appear as none other than Mad Dog McMutt and heads for the park. What Raphel does not know is that the real Mad Dog is taking a walk in the very same park and, after an encounter with a stray dog over a bone, is knocked unconscious and left hidden in the bushes.

      Meanwhile, April fears that her job is on the line and that she must find a news story by the end of the day or find a new job. When she sees Mad Dog McMutt strolling through the park she sees a golden opportunity. She convinces Irma to go with her as they attempt to follow McMutt.

      The other three Turtles, who have been following Raphael, enter the park, find the McMutt wanted poster and realize that Raphel is disguised as the notorious crime figure. But elsewhere in the park, McMutt's thugs encounter Raphael as McMutt and take him back to their hideout so they can commit the "caper of the century" with April and Irma following close behind.

      A few minutes later, the other three Turtles find the real McMutt who they believe to be Raphael -- only he has lost him memory and cannot remember who he is. The Turtles convince him that he is Raphael until he is attacked by the same stray dog, knocked down and regains his memory. McMutt pretends to be Raphael until he learns that the real Raphael is impersonating him and that his thugs believe that Raphael is McMutt.

      Meanwhile, April and Irma have been caught by McMutt's thugs when they break into McMutt's hideout. Raphael reveals his true identity to them but his ruse is soon discovered when the real McMutt shows up. April, Irma and Raphael are taken along for the ride when McMutt and his thugs "commit the crime of the century" which is literally stealing the Museum of Natural History -- it seems that McMutt has a thing for bones -- especially dinosaur bones. His plans go awry when Irma and April get peeved enough to take on McMutt himself. And thanks to April and her video camera, Burne Thompson renews her contract at Channel Six News.moreless
    • Cry H.A.V.O.C.! (1)
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      The TMNT get the drop on masked thieves hijacking a jewelry store, only to have themselves arrested for the crime! Before the turtles can be booked, they are rescued by two mutants: Amok and Overdrive. The jewelry heist isn't the only crime the turtles are being blamed for. People have been vanishing throughout the city, sparking off further anger at the green machine. This, however, doesn't stop the turtles from doing what they do best, and when they hear of a robbery at the historical museum, they race to prevent the goods from being taken.

      They are able to do so, but in the insuring battle Michelangelo is knocked off the museum roof. Another mutant rescues him, Raptor. Finally, the identity of the new mutants is revealed, Raptor, Amok, and Overdrive form part of a Hi-tech mutant mercenary squad called H.A.V.O.C, and they want the green machine to join their organization. The TMNT decide to check these guys out and visit H.A.V.O.C'S H.Q, where they are introduced to the big cheese, Titanaus. Titanaus offers the turtles sanctuary, free from human oppression, whilst Donatello and Raphael welcome this proposal with open arms; Leonardo and Michelangelo decide to investigate H.A.V.O.C further, unable to agree. The four brothers part ways.

      Leonardo and Michelangelo decide to check on the mysterious break-in at the science labs, Donatello and Raphael join Titanaus in staging an pro-mutant rally at the temporary Channel 6, there the two strays discover that H.A.V.O.C doesn't protect mutants, they devour them. After Leonardo and Michelangelo come to the same conclusions, the four reunite to take out H.A.V.O.C's plot to turn the whole citywide population into Mutants using a very classily-titled "Mutant generator" [this explains the lab break-ins]. The TMNT triumph, but Titanaus and his troop escape. So whilst the turtles have won this day, H.A.V.O.C still roams the streets!moreless
    • Donatello Trashes Slash
      Season 6 - Episode 11

      Donatello goes down to Channel Six News to give Vernon a piece of his mind after he had made disparaging comments about Turtles on live TV. On his way, Don runs into Slash, the evil turtle from Dimension X. This time Slash is smarter, stronger and has more technologically advanced weaponry... so he starts kicking Donatello's butt. For some reason, Slash intends to be the supreme turtle in this town. After dispatching Donatello, Slash sets off in search for the other three TMNT. But first he wants to go to Channel Six to get some equipment he will need to complete his "Trans-Frequency Fluxorator."

      After contacting Donatello on the TurtleCom and rescuing him from under a pile of steel girders, Raphael, Leonardo and Michaelangelo have a good laugh when they learn that this was Slash's doing. They remember him to be as thick as a brick and as dumb as mud. But the skeptical Turtles are finally convinced when they track Slash down at the Channel Six News Building and the nasty mutant turtle delightfully tells them the story of how he became the genius that he is now. It seems that while he was drifting through space he happened to crash land on an alien world inhabited by a race of hyper-intelligent beings. They took pity on his sub-par IQ and increased his intelligence beyond the wildest dream of mere mortals.

      From that moment on he was a turtle with a mission - to return to Earth and become the supreme turtle and "turtlize" the entire planet by using his Animalizer Ray and turning every human being into a turtle. To prove that he is "as serious as a heart attack" Slash demonstrates the Animalizer Ray on Vernon and Burne, and presto, they become turtles! After putting the Turtles "on ice" Slash climbs to the roof of Channel Six to prepare his entrance into the world domination. Before he can utilize the new Channel Six High Frequency antenna, the Turtles foil him. After a minor skirmish high above the city streets, Slash falls and is impacted into pavement. When the Turtles revive him, he is his old dumb self.

    • Name That Toon
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Krang interrupts all TV programs to announce that if Earth does not supply him with enough power for the Technodrome, he will vaporize one square mile of the City within the hour. Krang designed a Dematerializer using micro chips from an alien computer that Shredder found on a spaceship. While Rocksteady and Bebop are cleaning up the rest of the material from the spaceship, they discard an electronic keyboard, that is still connected to the alien computer, through the Earth portal. The keyboard ends up in a secondhand store in the city.

      Howie Hardy, an out-of-work composer, and Irma are shoppping around for a keyboard for him and come across the one in the second hand store that came from Dimenxion X. They decide to buy it.

      Meanwhile, the Turtles spot a portal opening from their portal activity detector. They think that this somehow connected with Krang's plan so they set out to investigate. They discover that the keyboard is the object that came through the portal, but they are too late because Irma and Howie have already left with it.

      Howie takes the keyboard home and starts practicing on it. Soon after playing it, the keyboard starts doing weird things. It plays on its own. April, Irma and Howie don't realize it, but the keyboard has somehow shut the Dematerializer off. Krang discovers what happened and sends Shredder to destroy the keyboard.

      April sends for Donatello to see if he can fix the keyboard. When the Turtles arrive, they discover that Howie has the keyboard they've been searching for. Shredder arrives with Bebop and Rocksteady at about the same time and they try to get the keyboard back. While all this is happening, Howie turns the Dematerializer back on. Now it starts counting down from where it left off before. The Turtles realize they need to hook up the keyboard to something that will magnify the sound in order to stop the Dematerilizer permanently. After fighting off Shredder and Bebop and Rocksteady, the Turtles take the keyboard to the Channel Six News Building, broadcast the music over the Channel Six transmitter, and shut down Krang's Dematerializer for good.moreless
    • Splinter No More
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Sensing Master Splinter's despair at his new life as a rat, the Turtles agree to use the small amount of mutagen that they have left to concoct a formula that will revert Splinter back into Yoshi. The experiment is a success and Yoshi decides to take a stroll, as a human, through the city.

      Meanwhile, April is reporting Public Service Announcements from the local library when spies Rocksteady and Bebop. She immediately contacts the Turtles, who are depressed by the possibility that Master Splinter/Yoshi may never return and jump at the chance to divert their attention.

      Besides, they suspect that Shredder must be nearby. The TMNT head straight for the Library, and sure enough, encounter Shredder and company, who of course, escape. However, they leave a clue behind. It seems that Shredder has stumbled onto a spell that will enable him to open a portal to any dimension he chooses.

      The Turtles find a reference to a temple in an old subway terminal somewhere under the city that acts as a nexus - a point where many dimensions intersect. Now, all they have to do is find it before Shredder does.moreless
    • Son of Return of the Fly II
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      The Turtles try to assist a scientist, Herman J. Melish, who is being chased down by two men trying to get their hands on an invention of his energy generator crystal. The crystal slips away and drops into the sewer.

      Baxter Stockman, marooned in some weird dimension with his alien computer, Z, manages to return to Earth and find the energy generator. This generator can turn energy into material objects. Z uses the generator to make himself a body. After this, Baxter and Z come up with a plan to get revenge on Shredder. They head for the Channel Six building, planning on taking it over. They anticipate that the Turtles will try to rescue April, and when they do, Baxter will capture them to use as bait to get Shredder. Their plan works just as they had hoped.

      Baxter captures the Turtles and Z sends out a message over the air telling Shredder to come and get the Turtles before Baxter beats him to it. Shredder, who is on Earth looking for a super computer that Krang has tracked to the Channel Six building hears Z's announcement and goes to get the Turtles. Just when Shredder thinks that he has finally got the Turtles, Leonardo gets free and the Turtles escape to rescue April.

      Shredder also heads to the Channel Six building and there he finds the super computer Z. Baxter follows him and soon after, they are having a tug of war with Z. Shredder wants him to bring him back to Dimension X and Baxter is trying to keep him from going. The Turtles walk in and are intrigued by the sight, just watch as they fight over Z. Herman Melish walks in looking for the Turtles and discovers what has happened to his invention. After seeing Shredder and Baxter fight over it, he pulls out a self-destruct remote. Leonardo grabs it from him and presses the button. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady manage to escape back to Dimension X before Z explodes. Baxter flies after Shredder with Z, who is now just a computer chip, but does not get through the portal in time and ends up being stranded in another weird dimension again.moreless
    • Shredder's New Sword
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      The Turtles and Splinter are visiting London's British Museum, and study a portrait of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table. In Dimension X, Krang is using a long-range scanner and discovers a rare metal buried in a ruined castle in England. The metal turns out to be King Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur. Shredder arrives in England and grabs the sword, which has the ability to raise ancient knights, and transform modern England into medieval England. When Shredder realizes its powers, he decides to forget Krang and rule England himself. The power of the sword stops the Turtles at every turn, and April and Irma are captured by the mutants, Shredder deciding to make April his queen.

      The final battle takes place at the ruined castle of Camelot, with the Turtles dueling with Shredder and the mutants in a medieval tournament. The spirits of Arthur and Guinevere rise and the Turtles defeat Shredder, returning Arthur's sword to him.moreless
    • The Wrath of Medusa
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      Believing that the Turtles are the only thing that stands between him and total domination of the planet, and unable to obtain him much needed Neutronium Ore, Dregg makes contact with an old ally: Medusa, a sinisterly beautiful alien. Dregg employees Medusa to eliminate the Turtles for him. So while Medusa lures the Turtles into a fight at the hydroelectric plant, Hi-Tech successfully leads the Technogangsters back to the Neutronium mine, where they are free to continue their work. Back at the plant, the mutant Carter nearly destroys the dam (which would have caused the loss of thousands of lives) and in the confusion, Medusa captures Leonardo. It seems that she intends to sell him and the other Turtles into slave labor in another part of the galaxy. Carter, now back to his normal self, blames himself for Leonardo's disappearance. He realizes he needs to spend more time training with Splinter to learn to control his mutation. The Turtles accept Medusa's "invitation" to meet her at the World Broadcast Tower to rescue Leonardo, only to find that they have been duped. During their battle the Turtles experience a full-blown mutation - which scares Medusa and she retreats. Meanwhile, Dregg volunteers to repair the crippled SkySat Space Station, which has been orbiting the Earth powerless. Little do the Earthlings know that he intends to install his Stasis Relay System to fulfill his destiny to become the supreme ruler of the world! Medusa steals Carter's Virtual Reality Projector and uses it to lure Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo onto her ship. But by using the homing device built into the Turtles' Turtlecoms, Carter is able to locate Medusa's ship and rescue them. He sends Medusa (via her onboard teleporter) to the other side of the galaxy and foils Dregg's master plan. Unfortunately, the Turtles are being blamed for the destruction of the SkySat Station and Dregg is still considered a hero.moreless
    • Attack of Big MACC
      Season 3 - Episode 12

      The Turtles are watching April's special report, live from the Army testing laboratory, on the first public display of a new "Super Laser," when suddenly, a bolt of lightning from an electrical storm overloads the Super Laser's computer, causing it to blast a hole into space and another dimension -- which enables a Robot to be transported into the laboratory. Thinking that it is some form of an alien monster the military tries to destroy it. The Robot is amused and fires a laser beam that melts their weapons. The same thing occurs when the scientists try to use their new Super Laser on their unknown visitor. After witnessing the above events, the Turtles are convinced that Shredder and Krang would love to get a hold of whatever that "thing" is.

    • Wrath of the Rat King
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      Believing that Shredder and Krang have taken over the Hall of Science, now that Berserko is out of commission, the Turtles set out to investigate, only to be repelled by Bebop and Rocksteady. April was able to capture the battle on tape, but she is afraid that it will not convince Burne of the Turtles' innocence.

      Meanwhile, Burne has created a hot line for callers to use should they spot those "evil" Turtles... the ones responsible for the destruction of the Channel Six News Building. Inside the Hall of Science, Shredder is fearful that the Turtles will eventually find a way into the building and must be stopped now, at any cost. Krang suggests that Shredder not worry with the equipment that Berserko left behind, as he believes that he will be able to restore communications with the Technodrome (which is still in Dimension X) and have it at their disposal once more. However, Shredder is not convinced and decides to seek out an old friend in the sewers, the Rat KIng.

      Meanwhile, Channel Six continues to run editorials denouncing the Turtles. Raphael is ready to storm down to the new Channel Six Station and "have a chat" with Vernon and Burne. When Donatello suggest that maybe Vernon is right -- maybe the more they try to help, the more they become the problem. The other Turtles cannot believe their ears! How can Donatello be saying this! But before they finish their debate, the Rat King breaks into the lair with laser guns blasting. Believing that he has dispatched the Turtles to the hereafter, the rodent liege seeks to obtain his reward from Shredder: a new strain of mutagen!

      Meanwhile, Krang has made contact with General Tragg aboard the Technodrome in Dimension X, and requests that his last and final unused weapon, the Shock Wave, be sent (via the Dimensional Portal) to Krang on Earth. Unfortunately, rather than being teleported to the Hall of Science it is sent into a busy intersection in the City, and now the police have taken custody of it. Krang sends Bebop and Rocksteady out to try and retrieve it, only for them to discover that it is at the Westmore Research Center. Over at the temporary Channel Six News Station, April is unable to convince Burne not to run his expose denouncing the Turtles and threatens to get her own story, proving the Turtles' innocence.

      April returns to the Hall of Science in time to see the Rat King enter. When she contacts the Turtles, they shrug it off and say there is nothing they can do. When Splinter hears this, he threatens to go take care of this menace himself. So, the TMNT join forces with their Sensei. Only when the heroes arrive at the Hall of Science, the last thing they expect to see was giant mutant rats!

      Krang used his new strain of mutagen on the Rat King's pet rats. The Turtles and Splinter retreat. Shredder, the Rat King, and his giant mutant rats head for the Westmore Research Center with April and her mini-cam in pursuit. The Turtles get Shredder's retro-mutagen ray and they blast the giant mutant rats, which succeeds in cutting them down to size. Afterwards, the TMNT capture the Rat King and destroy Krang's Shockwave.moreless
    • Burne's Blues
      Season 3 - Episode 7

      In the middle of a summer heat wave, the Turtles cool down by having pizza at Plink's, home to the world famous chef: Wolfgang Plink. Suddenly, three Punks storm into the restaurant and try to hold the place up. Only they did not count on the Turtles, who disptach them with ease.
      Back at Channel Six News, April, Vernon, Irma, and Mr. Thompson finish watching a tape of April's broadcast. Mr. Thompson is upset because there was no footage of the Turtles. April tries to explain that she promised not to include it in her report. Mr. Thompson is furious. In his day, he goes on to explain, a good reporter let nothing stand in his way of getting the news. Vernon chimes in by suggesting that if Mr. Thompson were not so old and fat, he would be out on the streets now searching for the Turtles. The insulted Mr. Thompson thinks that this is a great idea and volunteers Vernon to go with him, leaving April to cover a story on why the air conditioners all over the city are on the blink.

    • Attack of the 50 Foot Irma
      Season 3 - Episode 3

      While preparing for Irma's birthday party, Michelangelo realizes he has forgotten to invite the guest of honor. He contacts April, who is in the midst of interviewing Professor Von Ziflin about the discovery of a meteorite that "just crashed in the area." The professor claims that this is a very unusual meteorite with a core composed of an extremely rare isotope known as "Exaporon." The Turtles turn on their TV to watch their favorite journalist as she interviews the professor. Suddenly a noxious gas fills the room and someone steals the meteorite. Before the thief can escape, he stops in front of the news camera, revealing himself to be Shredder.
      Then, Krang uses the exaporon to build an enlarging device, and he accidently shoots Irma with it. She grows extra large and nearly turns the city into a junkyard, and the Turtles have to reclaim the remaining Exaporon isotope to reverse the process.

    • Donatello's Degree
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      Donatello gets an invitation to accept his degree personally from Professor Sopho at Sopho University. The only problem is that the invitation is addressed to a Miss Donna Tello. Donatello asks Irma to go in his place while he accompanies her in a hidden trunk. While Irma gets a tour of the University, Donatello decides to have a look around the college. He discovers that Professor Sopho has built a device to speed up the Earth's rotation. Sopho is plannig on using the machine to fling everything from the Earth's surface into space. The Professor's body guards catch Don-san snooping around, but, he manages to get away.

      Meanwhile, Michaelangelo's fish, Maxwell, escapes and jumps into the sewer. Raphael, Leonardo and Michaelangelo jump in after the fleeing fish. The Turtles end up following Max all the way to Bottomless Lake. There, they see April with Vernon doing a story on the Lake. Mr. Thompson contacts April and tells her to head over to Sopho University so she can tape an announcement being made to the world by Professor Sopho.

      Back at the University, Donatello tries to warn Irma about Sopho's plans, but she does not believe him. He runs into the body guards again but this time he's not able to escape. At the graduation ceremony, Irma discovers that the Professor's plans are exactly as Donny described, and she runs away from the whacked Prof. She finds Donatello tied up, but is not able to free him. The Professor starts to follow through with his plan and the Earth starts rotating rapidly, changing it from night to day to night.

      Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo go in the University to find Donatello. Using one of Irma's hair pins, they are able to stop the magnetometer from spinning. Michaelangelo ends up catching Maxwell and Professor Sopho and his body guards get arrested and locked up.moreless
    • The Ice Creature Cometh
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      While the Turtles do battle with a refrigerator that has not been defrosted lately, Rocksteady and Bebop decide that they want to be the "top mutants" at the Technodrome and throw out a vat of mutagen onto the frozen tundra, creating a giant Ice Creature.

      The Ice Creature goes wild and starts to destroy the Technodrome. The Shredder fires a series of missiles at the Ice Creature and one embeds itself into the Ice Creature's hand.

      Bebop "pulls a thorn from the lion's paw" and the Ice Creature follows Bebop's orders. Shredder suggests that Bebop order the Ice Creature to dislodge the Technodrome-- when that fails he decides that Bebop should take his new friend to The City and retrieve a new thermo explosive device being developed at a nearby Defense Base.

      Rocksteady, Bebop and the Ice Creature arrive in The City and are greeted by the waiting Turtles. However, they are no match for the creature that Bebop calls "Frosty".

      While Rocksteady and Bebop take a break (they are busy building snowmen of The Shredder and Krang and then knocking them down) from searching for the thermo explosives, "Frosty" turns all the buldings into blocks of ice -- including the Channel Six News Building where April, Irma, Vernon and Burne are busy preparing for the five o'clock news.

      The Shredder arrives just as Rocksteady and Bebop locate the thermo explosives. They load them into the Transport Module and head back to the Technodrome, leaving a very lonely and angry Ice Creature behind.

      The Turtles lure the Ice Creature over to a nearby rocket ship and ignite it. The Rocket ship is launched into the startosphere where the Ice Creature riding it like a runaway horse.

      Meanwhile, The Shredder is successful in his effort to dislodge the Technodrome with the thermo explosives. But no sooner is it free from the Artic's frozen grasp, then the rocket ship crashes into the tundra, and the Ice Creature, now melting from the intense heat of the rocket ship, blocks the way of the Technodrome.

      The Ice Creature melts and then freezes, thereby making the Technodrome a prisoner once again.moreless
    • Michaelangelo Meets Bugman
      Season 4 - Episode 31
      Michaelangelo avidly reads a comic book which features his favorite superhero, Bugman, a half man, half insect fighter who battles for truth and justice. While reading one of the comic books, Mikey hears a cry for help in the sewer. To his surprise, Michaelangelo rescues Brick Bradley (Bugman in his human state). One of his enemies, Electrozapper, tied him with chains made of Leestanite, which affects Bugman as Kryptonite harms Superman. After hearing what happened to Bugman, Michaelangelo decides to go with him to fight Electrozapper. He leaves a note for the other Turtles telling them where he has gone.

      When the Turtles find Michaelangelo's note, they begin to laugh, thinking that it's one of his practical jokes.

      Bugman takes Michaelangelo to a power plant where Electrozapper is hiding out. When they arrive, they find April walking around investigating the plant. They locate one of Electrozapper's antennas and destroy it. Electrozapper comes out to see what happened to his antenna and is greeted by Bugman and Michaelangelo. After a long battle, Bugman and Michaelangelo get captured by Electrozapper. The villain brings them to his hideout and hooks them up to one of his machines. The 'zapper plans on draining our heroes energy and transferring it to himself.

      At the lair, the Turtles begin to wonder if maybe Michaelangelo was serious about going with Bugman. They decide to go out looking for him. They arrive at the power plant in time to rescue April from a fire.

      In the hideout, Michaelangelo manages to get free and also frees Bugman. The other Turtles arrive at the hideout in time to help Michaelangelo and Bugman defeat Electrozapper. Electrozapper gets arrested and Bugman flies off into the sunset.moreless
    • 10/8/88
      While practicing their martial arts in Central Park, the Turtles witness an alien spaceship crash into a small pond. The Turtles dive in and rescue the pilot, and he warns them that they must find the "Three Fragments of the Eye of Zarnov" - three peices of his space ship. The alien tells the Turtles that when the three pieces are joined together, they will bestow power unknown to any earthling.

      He gives them a Crystal Converger to help them locate the "Three Fragments" before they fall into the wrong hands. And then he vaporizes. But not before Shredder has overheard and seen all of the above. Shredder, once again, contacts Krang for reinforcements, but Krang reminds him that he will get no help from the Foot Soldiers until he can deliver the Turtles on a platter before him.moreless
    • Sky Turtles
      Season 3 - Episode 5

      Krang and Shredders' scheming has The Turtles and New York afloat in confusion: Literately!
      Shredder is using a new anti-gravity magnet to throw everyone in the city into the sky, and keep them there, with noone, not even the TMNT, earthbound any more, Shredder and his hoods can do as they please, and using state-of-the-art anti-gravity boots to stay grounded. Krang informs Shredder of the instability of the magnet, and warns him not to overload it, but he is all but ignored by his partner.
      The Turtles soon learn of Shredder's scheme, and, after managing to acquire a pair of gravity boots, are able to fend off the invading foot soldiers. Donatello notices that the birds are still flying, since they aren't bound by the laws of gravity, the magnet's power doesn't affect them, Donatello suggests to his bros that they head for the Turtle Blimp.
      Angered by the Turtle's defiance, Shredder vows that if he can't own the city, he'll destroy it, by thrusting it completely off the planet!
      Travelling to the surface, Shredder amplifies the magnet's power, and soon every building in New York is sent skyward, the TMNT are barley able to avoid the kamikaze skyscrapers. After rescuing April and Irma from taking off with the channel six building, Donatello figures out how to prevent the magnet from destroying New York, he uses channel six's main satellite dish to bounce the magnet's energy transmissions right back to it's source.
      But at the same time this is attempted, Krang decides to take manners into his own hand and turns up the juice even further, the result of both the turtle's reversal of the energy flow and krang's increase of the flow results in the anti-gravity magnet being pulled out of the ground and ejected into space itself, but in route to outer orbit, the magnet knocks into the turtle blimp and causes Raphael to drop the satellite, it smashes to pieces on the ground below.
      Gravity returns to normal, and New York's structures and citizens, quickly fall back to earth, the Turtles confront Shredder, but the villain escapes in a transport module.
      Donatello repairs the satellite dish, and April congratulates him with a kiss, now who's feeling like he's afloat on cloud nine?

    • Beneath These Streets
      Season 3 - Episode 1

      Beneath the city streets, deep in the bowels of the sewer system, Splinter is less than pleased with the Turtles when he encounters them lounging around the "TV Room," rather than practicing their daily katas (martial arts/ninja exercises.) The Turtles lamely suggest that with Shredder out of the way (it seems he and Krang were sent to the Earth's core in a previous episode), they deserve a vacation. Splinter suggests that they have no proof that Shredder and Krang are "vanquished" and that there is still plenty of other crime/criminals to be fought.
      Meanwhile, miles below the Earth's surface, rests the Technodrome. Inside, Shredder "whines" to Krang about when they will take the Technodrome to the surface. Krang tells Shredder that they are low on power and that certain essential equipment (i.e. the Protein Silicon Brain Computer) has been damaged, thanks to Shredder's incompetence. But Krang reassures him that they can be repaired but it will require a trip to the surface to obtain the necessary parts.

    • Enter: Mutagen Man
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      The Turtles, courtesy of Donatello, sneak into a launch base to see preparations for a rocket to lift off to Venus. The escape when seen. Meanwhile, Shredder and Krang plot to use a Bindex-3 to mix a batch of mutagen, using the rocket, to turn everyone into mutants. Bebop and Rocksteady don't get it from ACE Scientific, so a delivery man named Seymour wonders in and asks if the warehouse is a flower shop. Bebop and Rocksteady blast him off into the mutagen tank, and he is mutated into a creature that can turn into other people-- but for only a short time. Shredder tricks him into getting the Bindex-3.

      After a goose chase, he gets it from Channel 6 after dodging April, Irma, and the Turtles. He then must try to silence April by tying her to the rail system over the East River and leave her to let the gears grind her to death. The Turtles bearly save her. She leads them to the warehouse where Shredder betrays Seymour and makes a run for it. The Turtles meet up with Seymour and plot to get the Bindex-3 from Shredder.

      At the launch base, Seymour turns into Rocksteady and lures Krang away from where he and Shredder are pumping mutagen into the fuel tank. After taking out Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady, the Turtles tell Seymour to change to Krang. As Krang, Seymour tricks Shredder into draining the mutagen into the Central Waste Disposal Disintegrator. The rocket is ready for lift off. Shredder and his goons make a break for it and Donatello uses the Bindex-3 to repair Seymour's image... but Seymour chooses a better look this time.moreless
    • Artless
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Two snobbish art-collecting aliens arrive in Florence and begin stealing great works of art, while the Turtles and April are there. The citizens blame the Turtles for the theft, and after being defeated in their efforts to stop the aliens, the TMNT must escape an angry mob.

      The Turtles again run into the aliens, who are ecstatic when they learn their names are Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael -- and decide to take these great artists back to their planet!

      April broadcasts from the Roman Coliseum, trying to lure the aliens into draining their ship's energy by beaming up the gigantic structure. The Turtles get free, and with Splinter's help convince the aliens that the artworks they stole are counterfeits. Disgusted, the aliens return the works and head for home.moreless
    • Return of the Technodrome
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Krang, sick of Shredder's constant failings, makes a shocking resolve to return the Technodrome to earth. To accomplish this impossible feat, Krang sends Shredder an energy-converter from Dimension x, and instructs the villain to take over the hydroelectric station at Niagara Falls.

      There, Shredder must attach the device to the power relays, that way Krang can create a portal big enough to send the Technodrome through. Meanwhile, Splinter takes a much-needed meditation period, just as the turtles get word of Shredder's attack on Niagara Falls. They race to prevent the villain from succeeding, but after a long battle with the returning foot soildiers, they fail. The giant portal is created, and the Technodrome returns to earth!

      With the machine running low on power, Krang and Shredder take the Technodrome underground, from there, they create a series of earthquakes, hoping to reduce all the earth's city's to the ground, unless they are made the planet's sole sovereigns. Splinter, sensing impending doom, reunites with his students in time for the final batte.

      Together with April, the green machine penetrate the Technodrome, after a gripping battle with the foot soldiers, Donatello manages to turn the power of the Earthquake device against its makers, the Turtle's barly manage to escape as the quakes send the Technodrome spiralling downwards, it's destination: the centre of the earth!

      After this victory, the Turtles take some some scorching well-earned pizza as their just reward. Cowabunga, the villains are defeated. Or ARE they...?moreless
    • Doomquest
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      Once again, Dregg broadcasts his message to the citizens of Earth about the evil mutant Turtles and, once again, the Turtles are ticked off. In fact, the TMNT are so ticked off that they mutate on the spot and, in broad daylight, attack a squad of TechnoGangsters, scaring the local citizenry. This of course confirms the citizens' worst fears about the Turtles as promoted by Dregg. Back at the lair, after the fight scene and the escape scene, the Turtles complain about their inability to control their mutations. Splinter suggests that it is because they are unable to control their "deepest rage" and that they may have to "sacrifice more than they can possibly imagine" in order to finally defeat Dregg. Meanwhile in outer space onboard the Dreggnaught, an ALIEN SCOUT delivers the Vortex Crystal(which has the power to warp space itself) to Dregg. The alien crimelord is pleased, for with the power of this crystal, he will be able to bring his entire armada (which has been scattered across the galaxies) together and lay siege to planet Earth -- that is until the Alien Scout informs him that there is another who seeks the Vortex Crystal - DOOMQUEST! Dregg realizes that he must act quickly and perpetrates one last deception upon the Earthlings. But during the ceremony where Dregg "gifts" the Vortex Crystal to the Mayor as a source of unlimited clean energy, the sky darkens - Doomquest and his partner-in-crime, DRACONUS, have arrived and attempt to take possession of the Crystal. Fortunately, the Turtles have been spying on the proceedings and manage to get to it first. So while Doomquest captures Dregg, Draconus (aboard his Hover-Chariot) searches the City for the Crystal. April goes off to find a new mini-cam (hers was destroyed in the fire fight), the the Turtles and Carter attempt to analyze the "rock". Unfortunately for the Turtles, it doesn't take long for Draconus to track them down and take possession of the Crystal. However, the one thing they were able to learn about it was that they were unable to mutate in its presence. Back at Doomquest's Ship, the Crystal is activated and within minutes, "Dimensional Rifts" are opening up all over the City and releasing ALIEN MONSTERS. It seems that Doomquest's "quest" is to release his world (DARKREALM) which has been imprisoned in another dimension for centuries. The TMNT decide that they must get that Crystal and close all the vortexes before it is too late for the Earth as well as themselves. It seems that their mutations are causing them to turn on each other, which is very counterproductive. The Turtles arrive just as Dregg and Hi-Tech have escaped from their imprisonment and a battle royale ensues - everybody wants the Vortex Crystal. Carter manages to get it first with the help of the Turtles (who are willing to sacrifice the possibility of killing each other when they lose possession of the Crystal). The vortexes are closed and Doomquest is sucked back into the Darkrealm. That still leaves Dregg to contend with, but he is finally "outgunned" and decides to leave Earth for good. Meanwhile, April was able to get everything on video tape, broadcast it across the City and convince the humans that the TMNT are the real heroes.moreless
    • Leonardo Cuts Loose
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      A series of baffling crimes are being committed by "brawny burglars" with thick Austrian/Schwarzeneggian accents and the Turtles are on the case. But so is Casey Jones and that could mean nothing but trouble for the Turtles. It seems that Casey Jones is just too much of a gung ho vigilate for the Turtles taste.

      However, the Turtles are no match for the "muscle-bound miscreants." They decide that they will have to fight fire with fire -- by "pumping up." With that no sooner said, then April calls them on their Turtle Com to tell them a crate was delivered to them at Channel Six -- it is a weight lifting machine from Wally Airhead. The same Wally Airhead who owns the gym around town and is the employer of the "pumped-up" creeps who whipped their butts.

      Back at the lair, Leonardo refuses to participate. He believes that honing his ninja skills will enable him to defeat their enemies. He leaves the Lair, leaving the remaining three Turtles to "just do it."

      Suddenly, the weight-lifting machine imprisons them and becomes mobile - delivering them to none other than Wally Airhead himself.

      When Leonardo returns, he discovers that his brothers and the weight lifting machine are gone. Splinter suggests that he recruit Casey Jones in his effort to locate his missing brothers. Leonardo reluctantly complies.

      Back at Wally Airhead's "House of Pecs," Wally is surprised to see only three Turtles rather than four. It seems that Wally is not just a weight lifter but a scientist as well -- he has built a machine that emanates a ray that he calls "Strongium 90." This machine provides Wally and his men with their strength. And it also seems that he wants to capture the "essence" of the Turtles" strength, bottle it and mass market it.

      After Leonardo contacts Casey Jones, he convinces him to join Wally's gym in an effort to find his missing brothers. With that done, Casey and the Turtles discover that Wally and his men are buillding "The Block Buster" a gigantic boxing glove that Wally plans to use to execute the "crime of the century."

      Meanwhile, Donatello has rewired the Strongium 90 machine so that Wally and his men will think that they are "pumped up" enough to commit their crime.

      Wally takes his "block buster" out into the streets and makes his demands: either the City give him $500 million dollars in cash or he will demolish every building in the city, starting with the Supreme Court.

      However, Donatello's plan kicks in and Wally and his men revert back to the wimps they really are, allowing Casey and the Turtles to kick their butts with the greatest of ease.moreless
    • The Starchild
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      While rummaging through the local junkyard for parts that might be useful to Donatello's penchant for building whacky inventions, the Turtles witness the crash landing of an alien spacecraft. After a debate as to whether or not they should investigate, they go inside and encounter an alien kid named Quarx.

      Meanwhile, in another part of the junkyard, another alien spacecraft descends. Drako, a star trooper, emerges and reports to his employer that he has located the Starchild. His employer tells him that the "fleet" will be in position in two hours and to "handle the situation" until then.

      Back at Quarx's spacecraft, the Turtles try to learn why the little alien kid is all alone, but Quarx would rather play than talk. And while he begins to play in the garbage, Drako arrives on the scene blasting away.

      The Turtles successfully, but only temporarily, restrain him long enough for Drako to tell them that the Starchild is the "most dangerous being" in the universe.

      Back at the lair, the Turtles discover that Quarx possesses telekinetic powers as he demonstrates them, first with Michaelangelo's Bugman toys, and then with Splinter's collection of ninja weapons - the ones with sharp blades.

      This action does not sit well with the Turtles and they try to impart some parental authority, which of course only serves to bother the little alien, who insists that all the wants to do is play. He then runs off telling the Turtles that he does not have to listen to them - they are not his fathers.

      While the Turtles try to track Quarx down, as he wreaks havoc all over town, Splinter decides to pay a visit to his spacecraft in hopes of learning more about the celestial traveler.

      Meanwhile, Drako has returned with reinforcements, determined to "nail that Starchild." After being thwarted once again, Drako implores with the Turtles that they must let him "find the Starchild or their whole planet could be obliterated." But still the Turtles refuse.

      Moments before the end of act two, Donatello announces the prescence of thousands of alien spacecraft orbiting the glove. Drako's employer leads this armada and he demands that the Turtles turn over the Starchild within thirty minutes or they will destroy Earth. And once again the Turtle refuse.

      Drako explains to the Turtles that they wish no harm to the Turtles or their planet, but that the Starchild is very dangerous and that he has destroyed many worlds in the last two centuries. The survivors of these worlds have banded together to hunt the Starchild down to prevent him from destroying another innocent civilizations.

      The Turtles are confused. How can the Starchild still be a kid after two centuries. Drako explains that the Starchild is very powerful and can be whatever it wants to be.

      Back at Quarx's spacecraft, Splinter locates a video journal recorded by Quarx's father, Merrick. Merrick's journal details a civil war on his planet and the powers that he bestowed upon his son to end the war. However, Merrick's planet was destroyed before Quarx could learn about his father's gift to him and has "refused" to grow up without his father's permission.

      Meanwhile, Drako has decided that not only does he want Quarx, but more importantly, he wants Quarx's power so that he can rule the Universe. He will not let the Turtles prevent him from having it.

      After a failed attempt to take possession of Quarx and his power, the Starchild gets really angry and is about to use his power to destroy everything around him - that is until he hears his "father's" voice.

      Using his ninjitsu mind powers, and a clever disguise, to "transform" himself into Merrick, Splinter tells Quarx, in a fatherly way to grow up and use his power to end war and create peace among the galaxies. And lo and behold, Quarx evolves into an adult, repairs all the damage he has caused on Earth and promises to make amends throughout the galaxy.moreless
    • Michaelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Michaelangelo awakes in the middle of the night from a bad dream. Unable to remember what it was about, Splinter assists him through hypnotism. Mikey vividly recalls the day that he and his brothers fell into the sewer and landed in the green ooze but he also sees a small lizard crawling through the contaminant and then something picks up the lizard and carries it away. That is all the Michaelangelo can remember. Splinter advises the Turtles to go back to sleep as he returns to his own bed chamber.

      Unable to sleep, Michaelangelo ventures down into the sewers, trying to locate the tunnel from his dreams. No sooner does he find it, then a burglar alarm sounds from above the streets and he "beats feet."

      Up on the street, Michaelangelo encounters three punks running away from the Second City Bank with bags of money. He tries to stop them, but is less than successful. On his way back through the sewers, Mikey is run down by one of the bank robbers riding a skateboard. Michaleangelo chases the bandit into a dead-end, only to discover that the punk is a mutant known as Mondo Gecko. Something about Mondo is very familiar to Michaelangelo. But before the puzzled Turtle can decipher it all, Mondo Gecko strings him up like fresh meat and leaves him hanging while he makes his escape.

      An embarrased Michaelangelo manages to untie himself and proceeds to follow the mutated lizard. Mondo Gecko's skateboard tracks lead him to an abandoned warehouse where Michaelangelo overhears Mondo Gecko and the other two punks, Basher and Sluggo. The robbers are getting their crime orders to hijack an Army truck carrying a top secret explosive from a voice identified only as Mr. X.

      Michaelangelo attempts to stop Gecko but once again finds himself in another embarrasing situation. Mikey is once again captured. Basher and Sluggo want to feed him to the sharks but Mondo Gecko decides that they should take him to Mr. X and let him decide what to do with him.

      Afther the hijacking, Michaelangelo attempts to contact the other Turtles via his TurtleCom, but before he can give his exact location, Basher destroys it. Immediately afterwards, April contacts the Turtles with news of the same hijacking.

      At Mr. X's hideout, Mondo Gecko goes inside to deliver the top secret explosive and instructs Basher and Sluggo to watch the truck and the Turtle. They do -- only they watch it go over a 1,000 foot cliff. Mondo Gecko returns in time to save Michaelangelo's life but, he doesn't know why.

      Mondo delivers him to Mr. X who has just finished blackmailing the Army for the return of the top secret explosive -- if they do not deliver $5 billion in seven minutes he will set off the bomb.

      Michaelangelo realizes that Mr. X was the guy in his dreams. Mr. X realizing that Michaelangelo knows too much, orders Mondo Gecko to "finish him off." When Mr. X leaves the room, Michaelangelo fools Mondo Gecko with Splinter's pendant and hypnotizes him. Mondo tells his life story of how he remembers being in a dark sewer with some turtles crawling around in some green ooze and how some guy picked him up and took him back to his place where he taught him everything he knows about being a criminal.

      Michaelangelo has heard enough. He snaps Mondo Gecko out of his trance and tells him that he is not bad -- that Mr. X made him that way. Mikey goes on to tell Mondo that they came from the same sewers and that they were born to be "best buds", not enemies.

      Mr. X re-enters the room to discover Michaelango still alive. He now orders Basher and Sluggo to finish the job. Mondo Gecko protects Michaelangelo and causes the two incompetent punks to knock the top secret explosive off of the desk, which activatea the timer.

      As Mr. X is about to do the job himself, the other three Turtles arrive and save the day. Mondo Gecko ends his life of crime and moves into the sewers where he becomes "neighbors" to the Turtles and Master Splinter.moreless
    • Return of the Shredder
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Just when the Turtles believe themselves rid of Shredder, tin-grin is able to persuade Krang to return him to earth. But, as an excuse to see Shredder suffer for his incompetence on earth last time, Krang strips his ally of all weapons and footsoldiers; He's on his own this time! Using the trans-dimensional portal to return, Shredder quickly reunites with Baxter Stockman, and recruits a local ninja school to disguise themselves as the half-shelled heroes so as to keep them busy long enough for him to kidnap Splinter. Whilst the turtles fight their impostors to clear their names, Splinter is captured by Baxter's new ratcatcher machine and placed in a deadly trap by Shredder. The green machine succeed in taking out the Faux turtles and, following clues, are lured to Shredder's lair, after a decisive battle with Baxter's Rat-catcher, the ninjas are able to rescue splinter, but shredder and his scientist sidekick escape to fight another day..moreless
    • Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero
      Season 3 - Episode 23

      A self-appointed vigilante, wearing a hockey mask and named Casey Jones, is striking fear in the hearts of the city's criminals. However, the legal system feels that this same vigilante is violating the civil rights of said criminals, therefore, the Police, who believe that the Turtles are responsible, issue an All Points Bulletin. Mr. Thompson calls April at her apartment at five in the morning to assign her the story -- she accepts, but only to prove the Turtles' innocence. The Turtles have also had their own run-in with the vigilante and, realizing how easy it will be for people to confuse him with them, elect to try and stop him. Meanwhile, Krang has developed an army of tiny mechanical insects designed to infiltrate the city's machinery, thereby having access to control it.

    • 9/22/90
      Zach sees Rocksteady and Bebop arrive through a portal, but because of a Turtle Com malfunction, he cannot notify the Turtles. He follows the two mutants, who steal an Anxietron Ray for Krang and Shredder. It has the power to make people frightened of anything. While testing out the ray, Bebop and Rocksteady start thinking that they could rule the world with this ray gun. They zap Krang and Shredder with the ray, turning them into cowering fools.

      Zach keeps trying to call the Turtles and finally reaches them. He tells them that Bebop and Rocksteady are heading to City Hall and are planning to take the city over. The Turtles rush to City Hall to stop Bebop and Rocksteady, but they end up getting zapped by the ray also. Very scared, the Turtles escape from City Hall and return to the lair. Splinter tries to help them with his Ninjitsu mind control, but fails. With the Turtles out of commission, Splinter decides that it is up to him and Zach to stop Bebop and Rocksteady and recover the ray.

      Meanwhile, April is shooting a story on a new Gorgonzola movie, and Bebop and Rocksteady arrive and scare everyone away. When they start playing with the controls for the Gorgonzola monster, April threatens to call the Turtles. They find this amusing and throw her inside the robot.

      Splinter and Zach find Bebop and Rocksteady, and Splinter tries to steal the ray from them. He fails and gets captured. Zach realizes that it is up to him now to get the Anxietron Ray back. He manages to steal it from Bebop and Rocksteady and turn the Turtles back to normal, and they resuce April and Splinter.

      Back in Dimension X, Krang and Shredder manage to find an antidote for the effects of the Anxietron Ray. Furious at Bebop and Rocksteady, Shredder goes to Earth and retrieves them before the Turtles can capture them.moreless
    • Attack of the Neutrinos
      Season 7 - Episode 20
      While the Turtles try to recover a high-tech device that can level buildings in the wrong hands, the Neutrinos are captured by Shredder and Krang. They hypnotize them into fighting machines so they can destroy the Turtles once and for all.
    • The Mean Machines (3)
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      After the batteries died in the alien crystal converger, Donatello, using spared circuits from the space ship, builds a tracking device to help locate the second fragment of the Eye of Zarnov. On the streets, the tracking device picks up the signal and leads the Turtles to a branch of a bank where a hold-up has just occurred.

      The Turtles thwart the would-be bank robbers, while Shredder and Baxter Stockman, who had followed the Turtles, locate the second fragment and return to Shredder's secret hideout.

      Shredder immediately contacts Krang and tells him of his recent acquisition and of his belief that if he were to hook up the second fragment to a computer, it will give them unlimited power. Krang is doubtful of Shredder's ability to succeed.moreless
    • Donatello's Badd Time
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      While road testing the Turtle Van with his latest inventions, Donatello encounters a family of hillbillies known as the Badd Family. The Badds are the notorious crime family from the back woods.

      The Badd's family pick-up truck has "given up the ghost", so Donatello, acting as a good samaritan, stops and offers his assistance. The Badds lock the helpful Turtle in the engine compartment of the truck and then steal the Turtle Van and have fun with the many "contraptions" that Donatello has installed in/on it.

      Back at the Turtles' lair, Donatello is afraid to tell the other Turtles about the theft of the Turtle Van. Don-san pretends to be working on the vehicle while he is actually working on the hillbilly's truck. Meanwhile, the other Turtles are desperate for the use of the van so that they can aid in the capture of the "Heisitng Hillbillies".

      Meanwhile, April and Irma, who are investigating the Badd Family themselves, do an interview with Dr. Kepple at the Kepple Research Laboratory. Dr. Kepple tells the reporters about his invention the "Powersizer", a device that can provide more energy than the Sun. However, Kepple reveals that the machine could be very destructive if it should fall into the wrong hands. And what powers The Powersizer? A giant diamond of course!

      And guess who was watching April and Irma's newscast while driving the Turtle Van? You guessed it -- the Badd Family, who arrive just in time to steal the diamond and the Powersizer while April and Irma are doing their live report.

      Meanwhile, Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael are walking the city streets in search of the Badd Family. The 3 mutants are grumbling about Donatello's strange behavior when they are almost run down by the Turtle Van.

      After April informs them of the theft of the diamond by the Badd family in the Turtle Van, the remaining three Turtles are convinced that Donatello is in "cahoots" with the Badd Family. April also warns them that if the Badd Family turns on The Powersizer without calibrating it correctly, it will drain the city of all its power, causing an overload that will make the City go BOOM!

      And of course, the Badds do turn it on when they try to dislodge the diamond from The Powersizer and the City's power begins to drain. The Badds see this as a plus as it will enable them to rob banks without burglar alrams being set off.

      Finally, Donatello tracks the Turtle Van and falls victim to his own inventions as he follows the Badd Family all over the City. Fortunately, he came prepared -- he rigged the Badd's pick up truck with some inventions that couteract the ones he invented for the Turtles' van.

      In the end, Donatello and the other Turtles apprehend the Badds and the Powersizer is turned off before the city is destroyed.moreless
    • Leonardo, The Renaissance Turtle
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      The City Mayor announces an end to crime when he introduces Professor Mindbender and his latest invention: LEX, a robotic police officer. In no time, LEX rids the streets of crime. So much so, that the Turtles decide to take a vacation and leave The City, all save for Leonardo who fears that there may be some things that LEX can not handle.

      Now with all the major criminals behind bars, Professor Mindbender makes some adjustments to LEX so that he can now pursue small time petty criminals. And his first arrest is of Leonardo and April for jaywalking. However, when LEX is called away for another arrest, April and Leonardo take flight and become wanted fugitives. Back at the Turtles' Lair, Leonardo unsuccessfully attempts to contact the other Turtles. But he finds a piece of Donatello's equipment that gives him an idea: find REX-1, their old friend the robotic cop. However, REX-1 is malfunctioning and can not remember who he is. Thanks to April's old news reports, REX-1 is back up to speed. And just in time -- because LEX has arrived to arrest them all. REX-1 attempts to protect his old friends but LEX zap him with a ray that deprograms and reprograms REX-1 to follow his orders. REX-1 attacks Leonardo and April who barely make good their escape.

      Meanwhile, the other Turtles, after getting Leonardo's message, return to The City to find Professor Mindbender in charge and the populace in a panic. By the time they find Leonardo and April, everything is under control -- it seems that LEX turned on his inventor when he arrested Professor Mindbender for having scuffed shoes.moreless
    • Four Turtles and a Baby
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      With their planet under attack by General Tragg, Grizzla and Zenter, the Turtles' Neutrino friends decide to send their infant daughter Tribble to stay with the Turtles. No sooner do they send Tribble when Shredder appears and takes them captive.

      The Turtles soon discover that Tribble has psychokinetic powers. Running out of ways to take care of her, they ask April for help.

      Krang discovers that he can not conquer the Neutrinos as long as Tribble is free so he sends Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to find her.

      While April is taking care of Tribble she gets called into work and she realizes that she has to take Tribble to the station with her. Burne decides to have a baby contest held at the station due to Tribble's presence. Shredder hears the broadcast and decides to have Bebop and Rocksteady go there in disguise. The Turtles stop by the station to see how the contest is going and find Bebop and Rocksteady. With the help of Tribble's powers, the Turtles defeat Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady, sending them back to Dimension X.

      After escaping from the Technodrome, Zenter and Gizzla come for Tribble. They tell the Turtles that once the Neutrino people heard of their leaders' escape, they got rid of General Tragg.moreless
    • Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter!
      Season 7 - Episode 24
      After an unsuccessful attempt at capturing Razar and Tokka, the Turtles return to the lair to see the eccentric billionaire, A. J. Howard, spouting his ideology and his hatred for mutants across the airwaves. He ends his missive by introducing Dirk Savage, a mutant hunter, and announcing an 800 number for viewers to call in their mutant sightings and order their "Down with Mutants" bracelets. Dirk Savage's first victims are Napolean Bonafrog and Ghengis Frog, the Turtles' buddies from the Everglades, and the hapless victims of bad vacation planning. Back at the lair, Splinter suggests that while Dirk Savage is their greatest enemy, he may well be their greatest ally. It is up to the Turtles to demonstrate that not all mutants are evil.

      After Leonardo and Michaelangelo are captured by Dirk Savage, Donatello and Raphael are contacted by April and Irma. It seems that A.J. Howard at one time owned a Genetics Lab and disappeared for one year after it was abruptly shut down. What does it mean? The Turtles are about to find out. Donatello and Raphael contact Mondo Gecko and convince him to act as a decoy, and allow himself to be captured by Dirk Savage. Mondo Gecko does not hesitate to agree, as Donatello plans a homing device on him and sends him out on the street. Sure enough no sooner has Dirk captured Toka, then he captures Mondo Gecko, and drops them off at A.J. Howard's secret hideout, where Howard reveals that he does not want to destroy the mutants...he wants them to serve as his troops. Unbeknownst to Dirk Savage, A.J. Howard is a mutant himself. Now he wants to take over the human race.

      Donatello reflects back on Splinter's earlier comment and devises a way to be captured by Dirk Savage, where they are able to convince the mutant hunter that they are the good guys, by saving his life against Razar. Meanwhile, April and Irma, while snooping around the secret new A.J. Howard building discover its real purpose: converting humans into mutants. After being contacted by April, Donatello, Raphael and Dirk Savage rush across town to stop Howard's fiendish plot and rescue all of their mutant friends.moreless
    • Bye, Bye, Fly
      Season 3 - Episode 44

      A team of archaeologists stumble upon a temple of unknown origin and culture buried near the Turtles' lair. However, before they can investigate further, they are frightened off by Baxter Stockman, who explores the temple himself.
      The Turtles hear about the discovery courtesy of April, not wanting their security to be compromised, the TMNT decide to investigate themselves. Shredder also has an interest in the temple; it contains within it a rare energy crystal, which could potentially re-power the Technodrome!
      Baxter discovers the temple is actually a spacecraft with a sentient computer system at the helm, it is capable of accessing multiple dimensions, and Baxter plots a trap for Shredder and the Turtles. After The Turtles and Shredder meet up, Baxter springs his trap, using a Muta-Zoo Gun; he transforms Michelangelo into a gerbil and Shredder into a fly (how ironic).
      The TMNT are forced to team with Rocksteady and Bebop to battle and outwit Baxter. They succeed and they restore Michelangelo to normal.
      Muta-Zoo Gun, but refuse to transform Shredder back for a while as revenge for the many scoldings they have received at his hand.
      Baxter activates the spacecraft and attempts to travel to Dimension x, but Donatello was able to take out the geographic stabilizer, without it, the vessel falls apart completely, stranding Baxter in another dimension. and at the mercy of a colossal alien Spider. What a world!

    • Shredder's Mom
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      When they're rejected by the world leaders when they demand that Earth surrender to them, Krang and Shredder set up a massive orbiting mirror in Dimension X that causes the Earth to be engulfed in steaming heat. The heat causes the polar ice caps to start melting and also starts to evaporate all of the water on the planet.

      Shredder's mother, Miyoko, hears about her son's plan from her retired home for villains and decides to join him.

      The Turtles, with the help of General Yogure and a space shuttle, go to Dimension X to try and stop Krang and Shredder.

      After overcoming several obstacles in the Technodrome set by Miyoko, the Turtles finally make it to the control room. General Yogure distracts Miyoko, trapping her in one of her own traps. This gives the Turtles time to destroy the orbiting mirror. The Turtles and General Yogure manage to escape Dimension X just as the portal closes, bringing them safely back to Earth.

      Shredder, gets tired of his mother treating him like a baby and ships her back to the retirement home.moreless
    • Turtlemaniac
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      When a series of burglaries occur, all of them involving thefts of Turtle memorabilia, the Turtles investigate. April's apartment gets broken into, but just as the burglar is driving away, she takes down the license plate number on the vehicle. The police give her an address and she and Irma go to investigate. They discover that Monroe Q. Flem, the manufacturer of rare gasses and a billionaire, is a collector of everything and anything having to do with the Turtles. When April and Irma go to the mansion, April goes in,leaving Irma in the van. As soon as she sets foot on the grounds, Flem captures her.

      Meanwhile, the Turtles get worried when they can't contact April so they go to her apartment. The place is deserted when they get there. After looking around, they discover an address which they assume is the one April got from the license plate. They search for April, thinking that she might be in danger. When they arrive at the mansion, they get captured by Flem when he sprays them with stun gas. When they come to, they discover that Flem wants to dip them in wax for his wax display at the mansion. The Turtles try to free April, but they get sprayed with a freezing gas.

      Outside the mansion, Irma realizes that April is not coming back, so she goes in to resuce her. She finds the Turtles frozen and helpless. By turning up the temperature, she revives the Turtles. The heat in the mansion melts Flem's wax statues leaving just metallic robots which he programs to attack the Turtles. They fight off Flem and his Waxmation Warriors and resuce April. Flem gets arrested and all the Turtle merchandise gets returned to the owners.moreless
    • The Lost Queen of Atlantis
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      As April, Irma and Vernon visit Athens, April receives a present of a strange necklace. She begins to go into trances, during which she acts like an imperious queen! Just then, Shredder along with Rocksteady and Bebop, who have been persuaded by Krang to search for a valuable energy source, arrive and find that the necklace is the power source that they need!

      The Turtles, who are in Greece sightseeing, arrive along with the members of a local Atlantis cult. A three way battle for possession of the necklace ensues. The cultists are also after April, whom the wannabe-Atlanteans see as the reincarnation of their lost queen.

      The Turtles rescue April and then set off to track down the origin of the medallion, leaving her behind. The TMNT and Shredder arrive in time to see April being crowned queen by the Atlantean worshippers.

      A cross-country pursuit leads to the shores of the Aegean, where April uses the powers of the medallion to bid Atlantis to rise from the sea -- which it does!

      Just in time, Donatello smashes the medallion, and Atlantis sinks again beneath the waves.moreless
    • Once Upon a Time Machine (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      Hokum Hare discovers that Shredder has a "time train" to travel to the future, where he can become crimelord of a crime-free era. The Turtles and Hokum grab a ride on the train, arrive in the future to find the elder versions of the Turtles, now retired! Shredder plans to kick older Turtle butt, and the younger Turtles try to whip their older selves into shape before the big confrontation.moreless
    • Green with Jealousy
      Season 3 - Episode 21

      Krang sets his sights on a powerful nuclear-powered submarine, believing it's fuel will be more than enough to re-power the technodrome, and this time, he's going to deal with the Turtles himself, through something they could never hope to resist. LOVE.
      Creating a love potion, Krang tells Shredder to lace the potion on the next pizza the Turtles chow down on. Upon consuming the pizza, The TMNT will fall madly in love with the first woman that comes into eye contact with them.
      They'll be so busy fighting each other over that woman, that the villians will be able to take all the fuel they require. Following the green machine to a local pizza eatery, Shredder accomplishes this task.
      All the Turtles tuck in, except for Donatello, who is driving the Turtle Van at this time, The potion is as good as Krang predicted, as the three turtles infected with the love potion all fall in love with Irma, who, unfourtunatly, turns out to be Irma. The only hope now is for Donatello to come up with an antidote in time, but will love conquer all in the end?
      And if it does, who will stop the villains from conquering all?

    • The New Mutation
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      After yet another battle with DREGG'S TECHNOGANSTERS, the TMNT return to their lair with Carter. Dregg now has the law on his side. The TMNT narrowly escaped being arrested. Carter and the Turtles are fed up. They are tired of Dregg's ability to fool the humans into believing that he is their savior! After challenging Dregg to a final showdown, they find themselves on the losing end. Only this time, their new mutations have been captured on film and now the world believes the SuperTurtles to be evil horrible monsters. Unbeknownst to anyone the SLORR was released from its incubator and now it is missing. So, while Carter works on his Wrist Ray, the Turtles journeyed to the mountain site of Dregg's new base of operations: The Citadel. No sooner than the Turtles arrive, then they are attacked and mutate into their Super-Turtle forms. Dregg sends the REPLICON, a robotic warrior after them. They keep mutating and demutating during their fight. Every time they destroy the Replicon, it "replicates" itself in multiples. Meanwhile, April contacts Carter about the Giant Slug Creature (The Slorr) that is attacking the Northside mall. Carter discovers that whatever piece of metal the Slorr ingests, becomes part of it's physical make-up. Carter tries out his wrist ray and it works to stop the Slorr. The Slorr then flies away. Later, Carter and the Turtles team up and overload the Citadel generators with the X-fire fuel, in hopes that it will blow itself up - which it does and successfully reverse the Slorr's growth pattern back to its original slug-like form.moreless
    • 11/3/90
      J. Gordon Hungerdunger, a Texas millionaire, is holding a "best super-hero" contest. The winner of the contest will receive the humongous Malaprop Diamond. No one is aware of it, but Hungerdunger is using the contest as a diversion so that he can put a zombie-making chemical into the city's water supply. The malevolent millionaire figures that if he can get the citizens under his control, he can easily take over the city.

      Krang sees April's news report about the contest and gets an idea on how he can use the diamond to get out of Dimension X. He could use the diamond to focus a heat ray powerful enough to cut the Technodrome loose from the asteroid. Shredder decides to make super-heroes out of Bebop and Rocksteady so that they will win the diamond.

      The Turtles discover from April and Irma what is happening to the city. They all cannot figure out why Hungerdunger would hold a contest like that.

      The Turtles spot Bebop and Rocksteady (now calling themselves Rhino-Man and Mighty Hog) and can't believe their eyes when they see the so called "super-heroes" stop a robbery.

      After Hungerdunger's men deposit the chemical into the water, he decides that it's time to end the contest. Hungerdunger brings Rhino-Man and the Mighty Hog to his mansion so that they can collect the diamond.

      Meanwhile, while the Turtles are at the Channel Six building they discover what Hungerdunger is up to. They noticed that April, Irma and Vernon turned zombie-like and started saying Hungerdunger's name after they drank water. The Turtles rush to the mansion to see if they can find an antidote before the whole city is turned into zombies. They get there just as Hungerdunger is trying to serve water to Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady. The TMNT stop Hungerdunger and get the antidote and put it into the city's water, turning everybody back to normal. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady manage to get away with the diamond, but discover that it is a fake when they try to use it.

    • Return of the Turtleoid
      Season 6 - Episode 6

      The TMNT are convinced that every time April covers the unveiling of some new invention, Shredder always happens to see the same televised report and shows up to try and steal it. This time, the Turtles think they can cut Shredder off at the pass by scurrying over to the Top Notch Scientific Corporation and standing guard over the SONIC DISINTEGRATOR - a device that can turn metal into powder.

      Big Louie and his henchmen break into the lab. Big Louie escapes leaving his henchmen behind to spill the beans. It seems that he had seen April's newscast and decided that the Sonic Disintegrator was just the right tool for robbing banks. Meanwhile, across town, a UFO streaks across the sky and crashes. As innocent bystanders look on, a Killer Robot, known as Destructor X, emerges...

      When the Turtles hear about the robbery they set out to investigate, convinced that Shredder and Krang are behind it. While searching they come upon Kerma, the Turtleoid from Shell-Ri-La. It seems that the Turtleoid has another "small problem," Destructor X. After getting their butts kicked, Kerma and the Turtles are able to escape when they discover that bright light interferes with Destructor X's sensor functions.

      Hiding out at Channel Six, Kerma explains that Destructor X is a law enforcement drone, programmed to hunt down criminals. Due to a clerical error, Destructor X is hunting for Kerma rather than the space villain known as Nerma. Big Louie learns that the Turtles are at Channel Six. But no sooner does he arrive, than so does Destructor X. During the course of the battle, Big Louie discovers Kerma's portable gold making machine, decides that it is worth more than the Sonic Disintegrator and leaves with it.

      Meanwhile, the Turtles are running out of light to keep Destructor X away so they leave also. Halfway to who-knows-where, Kerma explains his new "small problem" and the Turtles decide to take Kerma to April's apartment. After enlisting Splinter to help watch after Kerma, Donatello and Michaelangelo head for the Top Notch Scientific Corporation to "borrow" the Sonic Disintegrator, believing that it is the only thing that will stop Destructor X, while Leonardo and Raphael hunt down Big Louie and retrieve Kerma's portable gold making machine.

      As soon as the four Turtles arrive in April's apartment Destructor X shows up as well. Splinter and April do everything that they can to protect Kerma. When things start to look hopeless, the Turtles arrive and use the Sonic Disintegrator, turning Destructor X into metal powder. The TMNT are then able to revive Kerma with the reflected light of his gold. Kerma once again thanks the Turtles for helping him out with his "small problem", boards his rocket ship and heads back to Shell-Ri-La.

    • Venice on the Half Shell
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Krang decides to use a Hydrofluxer device to threaten to flood Venice, holding it for ransom. The Turtles, in Venice, run into Shredder as he's portaled into a Venetian sewer. There's a battle, and Shredder escapes. The Turtles run into April and Irma, who are covering the Venice Regatta. Meanwhile, Krang sends down Bebop and Rocksteady with instructions for assembly of the Hydrofluxer, which he's sending in pieces. When the two mutants arrive, they run into April and Irma and terrorize them. When the Turtles come to the rescue, Rocksteady and Bebop escape, but drop the Hydrofluxer instructions. Donatello figures out from them what Shredder and Krang have planned, and the Turtles intercept Krang's transmission of the most vital piece of the Hydrofluxer.

      When an impatient Shredder turns on the device, it goes out-of control, and brings all sorts of stone gargoyles to life. The Turtles rescue Irma and April from a stone griffon, but the Hydrofluxer is also causing a huge tidal wave to form which threatens to flood the city.

      Shredder grabs April, holding her in exchange for the missing Hydrofluxer part. Donatello gives it to him - but when Shredder turns it on, the tidal wave subsides, the monsters return to their stone selves, and Venice is saved! Donatello modified the part to reverse the Hydrofluxer's effects.moreless
    • Donatello Makes Time
      Donatello Makes Time
      Season 4 - Episode 27
      Professor Lloyd Cycloyd, a crazy scientist who escaped from an instituition, accidentally discovers the Turtles' lair. He sees Donatello testing out one of his new inventions, a time stopper. This device can freeze anything in its tracks, making time stop for them, but not around them.

      The Professor thinks he can use this mechanism and sneaks in and steals it. When the Turtles go after him, the mad doctor zaps them with the machine, freezing them in mid air. He then sets out on a crime spree using Donatello's invention.

      Back at the lair, the Turtles are still frozen when Splinter walks in on them. As he is trying to figure out what he is going to do, they recover. At first, the Turtles don't realize what has happend to them, but it all starts coming back soon enough.

      With April's help, Donatello finds out where the Professor lives and heads out to retrieve his time stopper. The Professor sees Donatello coming. When Don enters the house, the Professor zaps him with the time stopper. Once Donatello comes to, he finds himself suspended over a vat of acid. Cycloyd has Donatello rigged to a door so that when the other Turtles come to rescue him, he will be dropped in the acid!

      The other Turtles do come to rescue Donatello and use the door that has been rigged by the psycho Cycloyd. Fortunately, the Professor leaves the time stopper near the door, allowing Leonardo to use it on Donatello just as he is falling into the acid. This freezes Don-san in mid air and allows the other Turtles to rescue him. Afterwards, the TMNT find the Professor and bring him to the police.

      After careful consideration, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Leonardo think it is best if Donatello gets rid of his invention. Before Donatello can answer, Raphael drops it, breaking it into little pieces.moreless
    • Dregg of the Earth
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      We open this story with Hi-Tech leading a group of Techogangsters on a break-in at a Government Lab. The object of their quest? A Proton Accerlerator, but the Turtles and Carter are there waiting for them, and after a fight scene Hi-Tech and the TechnoGangsters escape with their booty. The Turtles are ticked off at Carter because, once again, he didn't play like a team member. Carter is angered by their criticism and takes off on his motorcycle. Back at the lair, while Leonardo is unable to locate the Dreggnaught with their tracking equipment, Donatello continues to express concern about the results of his testing of the unstable mutagen. Suddenly, April contacts them to let them know that Dregg has landed on Earth and is preparing a press conference. The Turtles rush to meet April at the Park, where they hear Dregg announce his friendly intentions and offers the world his MOLECULAR CONVERTER, a device that will rid the world of pollution. To the Turtles' utter surprise, Dregg is a welcomed hero! All that Dregg asks for in return is a base of operations, so that he can put his advanced technology to use for the good the planet. The City is more than happy to provide him with a new skyscraper, now known as the Dregg Tower. The Turtles can't believe that this is happening! Somehow some way, they have to prove to the world that Dregg is evil. But they are unable to get inside his new building and dig up any dirt. Meanwhile, Carter, wanting desperately to prove his worth to the Turtles, makes a bogus deal with Dregg to deliver the Turtles to him. Dregg readily accepts. Only Carter neglects to inform the Turtles of this deal, and they most definitely feel betrayed when they are captured by Hi-Tech and his TechnoGangsters and delivered to the Dreggnaught. And to make matters worse, while the Turtles are strapped to steel slabs in Dregg's Power Chamber and are busily trying to free themselves - something happens. They momentarily and uncontrollably begin to mutate. But before the Turtles can dwell on the preview of their future, Carter arrives to rescue them. After Carter convinces the TMNT that this was all part of his plan to get the Turtles inside the Dregg Tower (seeing as how they couldn't by themselves), they embark on their mission to shut down Dregg. But during the middle of the climactic third act fight, Carter mutates, only this time the Turtles are able to witness it and April gets it all on tape. With Dregg temporarily defeated once again, the Turtles and Carter return to the lair. Unfortunately April lost her mini-cam holding the taped proof of Dregg's real intentions, but thanks to their commonality, the Turtles and Carter are finally a team.moreless
    • Enter: Krakus (3)
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      While surveying the military base where the Flux Transformer is being housed, knowing that it can warp time and space, the Turtles ponder as to what Titanus would want with it. Suddenly, they notice assorted military personnel loading it onto a truck and leaving the base. The Turtles need to know where it is going in order to prevent Titanus from getting his hands on it, so April elects to follow it while the Turtles opt to rid the streets of the H.A.V.O.C. mutants. That is until Krakus, a cop from the future, arrives and thinking that the Turtles are in league with Titanus, shakes them down for information.

      Meanwhile, April continues to track the Flux Transformer as it is off-loaded from the military Truck onto a train, and then in the "middle of nowhere", it is air-lifted onto a helicopter. After April contacts them with the bad news, the TMNT decide to break into the Government Computer Center and access the files pertaining to the Flux Transformer -- maybe they will learn where it has been taken. Unfortunately, they set off the alarms and before they can make good their escape, Krakus reappears and attempts to arrest them. The Turtles get the upper hand and force Krakus to explain to them who he is.

      It seems that Krakus is from the year 2066 and he is pursuing Titanus, who is also from the future where he almost took over the world with his mutants. But he escaped into the past and is now attempting to recreate his future here in the Turtles' present. Suddenly, April arrives with her mini-cam and video tapes the battle between Krakus and the Turtles -- until Krakus, who is stunned to meet her, reveals that in the future she saves his father's life and if it wasn't for her, he would not be alive. After convincing Krakus that the Turtles are the good guys, Krakus apologizes and together they go after Titanus, with Krakus keeping a protective eye on April.

      Back at H.A.V.O.C. Headquarters, Titanus learns the location of the Flux Transformer and sends a squad of mutants to retrieve it, but panics when he learns that Krakus is here in the present. So Titanus dispatches another squad of mutants to take care of the "TimeCop" - resulting in the destruction of Krakus' weapons and the "time machine" and also the kidnapping of April.

      By the time the Turtles and Krakus reunite and storm the H.A.V.O.C. headquarters, Titanus is gone. In his place he left a pre-recorded message outlining his plans for both the Flux Transformer and for April O'Neil. With no weapons, no time machine and no way back home, Krakus has Donatello use Titanus' Mutation Generator to transform him into a giant mutant so that he can save April. She must live to save his father, so that he may be born. After successfully rescuing April, the mutated Krakus and the Turtles stop Titanus from bringing more mutants through his TimeGate into the present, send Titanus back to the prehistoric past, and send Krakus (now reverted back to normal form thanks to a "Duration Timer" on the Mutation Generator) back to the future.moreless
    • Too Hot to Handle
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Donatello tells the other three Turtles that based on his calculations, the Earth has changed its orbit and is heading for the Sun. Mikey, Leo and Raph think that Don has been working too hard and force him to watch a movie with them. But when that movie turns out to be The Day the Earth Collided with the Sun, Donatello goes ballistic and says that he has to find a way to save the planet.

      Meanwhile, Vernon's genius nephew, Foster, is in town for his junior high school's science fair. Vernon tries to impress the boy at Channel Six News, but like everyone else in Vernon's universe, Foster sees through him like a sheet of glass. Back at the lair, despite the fact that the termperataure is rising, no one believes Donatello when he tells them "that the sky is falling." Over at Channel Six, Vernon makes one last vain attempt to impress his nephew by pleading with April to ask the Turtles if they would meet Foster at the National Junior High Schol Science Fair Competition. The TMNT reluctantly agree and arrive to witness Foster's invention, the Solar Magnet.

      Donatello was right! The Earth is orbiting closer to the sun and Foster is responsible! Foster says that he plans to leave it on until after he wins first prize. Donatello destroys Foster's invention. Not to worry though, Foster is a genius and he is able to put it back together in time for the competition. Meanwhile, some how or another, the evil scientist, Professor Philo Sofo, learns of Foster's Solar Magnet and steals it prior to Foster's unveiling, to put his, as he says, "evil plan into action." Of course, everyone assumes that Donatello is responsible but he professes his innocence. In fact, he wishes that he had stolen it, because if it should fall into the wrong hands it could mean "the end of the world."

      Suddenly, the image of Professor Philo Sofo appears on the television screen and announces his evil plan. It seems that while he is safe inside his underground bunker, the rest of the world is about to become toast. Afterwards, when there is no one left alive, he will become the undisputed ruler of the planet. With few clues to go on, and only twelve hours before the "end of the world as we know it," the Turtles race over to Sofo University. Along the way, they pick up Vernon and Foster. The Turtles thank Foster for having a change of heart by agreeing to help them dismantle the Solar Magnet, but Foster informs them that he is merely along to meet his hero - Professor Sofo. When they arrive at Sofo University -- it is deserted and apparently has been for some time. Before they leave, they find an important clue that leads them back to the city and under the Central City Park. With only minutes to spare, the Turtles, along with Foster, foil Professor Sofo's evil plan, and destroy the Solar Magnet.moreless
    • Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp
      Season 3 - Episode 30

      While Raphael is reliving the past, via the Turtles' photo album, their Frog friends in the Florida Swamps (Napolean Bonafrog, Genghis Frog, Atilla and Rasputin) are being terrorized by a mutant alligator known as Leatherhead, who makes them his slaves. They decide to call the Turtles for help.
      Meanwhile, Krang's scanner picks up Leatherhead's activities and he sends Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop to the same Florida Swamp to retrieve the mutant alligator and use him to help defeat the Turtles.
      But no sooner do the Turtles and April arrive when they are captured by Leatherhead. The Frogs turn the tables and help the Turtles capture Leatherhead.
      Shredder and company arrive in the Florida Swamp and stumble upon the Turtles and April, the Frogs and Leatherhead. They decide to track them for awhile before charging in and attacking. Sure enough he finds his golden opppportunity when he rescues Leatherhead from the quicksand that the Turtles, the Frogs, and Leatherhead have fallen into.

    • State of Shock
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      After defeating a mysterious group of ninjas at the Emeryville Power Station, the Turtles decode part of a map that they were able to liberate from the would-be thieves. Unfortunately, the only words they can make out are: "EMERYVILLE" and "GREEN POWER". Meanwhile, Vernon at Channel Six News continues to report that it is those "wretched" Turtles who are responsible for all the ninja crime occurring throughout the City.

      The Turtles rush into action. But before they can make it out of the sewers, they are attacked by Colonel Wesley Knight of the U.S. Armed Forces and his elite group of soldiers, a special unit created to hunt down the TMNT. However, the Turtles escape, proving to be more than Colonel Knight had expected. As they make their getaway, the TMNT see the name: DARK WATER stenciled on Colonel Knight's hi-tech equipment.

      April tells the Turtles that Dark Water is a top secret organization, training top commandos and creating super hi-tech military equipment. The TMNT ask her to continue checking them out while they pursue the mysterious ninjas who have just broken into the Green Power building. The Turtles follow the ninjas to an abandoned aircraft hangar and spy the ninjas leader, a character known as Megavolt. The TMNT realize that he is too powerful to be defeated and decide to try a new strategy, they waltz into his lair and volunteer to join his ranks. He accepts their enlistment.

      The Turtles and MegaVolt's ninjas break into the D W Furniture store. It seems that in the back room is an unguarded hi-tech lab holding a highly concentrated form of energy. The Turtles do not like what they are doing but they realize that this is the best way to learn what MegaVolt is up to. When they exit the building the are confronted, not only by Colonel Knight and his troops but by April and her mini-cam. April has captured it all on tape, the Turtles are criminals!

      Back in MegaVolt's secret hideout, he reveals that his name is Alex Winter. He uses the highly concentrated form of energy and transforms himself into a giant electrified robotic insect and heads into the City. The Turtles have just been arrested by Colonel Knight. They try to convince him that they are innocent and that Alex Winter/MegaVolt is the guilty party. A soldier tells them that Alex Winter was a hero and the greatest agent Dark Water has ever had. Meanwhile, April gets a hold of some secret documents and manages to convince the Colonel of the Turtles innocence. Together, they defeat MegaVolt.moreless
    • Invasion of the Punk Frogs
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Shredder's latest scheme is to acquire more mutagen and create more mutants. But due to an ion storm in Dimension X interfering with the dimensional portal, Krang is forced to transport the mutagen canister "blind-folded" , it lands in a Florida swamp rather than the Big Apple. Shredder heads south to recover the canister and discovers four mutant frogs.

      He realizes their potential and makes plans to return to New York City with them. Meanwhile, April notifies the Turtles of the discovery of four frog monsters, but before they can also head to Florida, they must take care of Rocksteady and Bebop, who are causing problems during Shredder's absence.moreless
    • Mr. Nice Guy
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      It's sweeps week and Burne assigns April a story reporting on the increase in urban crime. The only problem is that urban crime is decreasing...or so she thought until she had her Channel Six van stolen right from under her nose! Meanwhile, ever the grump and even more so on his birthday, Raphael accidentally blasts himself with one of Donatello's many inventions while ironing his laundry. Whatever this device is, it has turned the usual foul-mooded Raphael into a charming, friendly, always-willing-to-lend-a-hand Turtle.

      The other guys are confused by Raphael's sudden change of attitude, but are reluctant to look a gift horse in the mouth. Over at the Crosstown bank, the stolen Channel Six News van crashes through the front doors, and Max, a typical cartoon punk and his partner in crime, Iggy, make an early withdrawal.

      As chance would have it, the Turtles are out on a pizza run and happen to be near the Crosstown Bank as it is being robbed, and while Leonardo, Donatello, and Michaelangelo are trying to thwart the bank robbers, Raphael is actually helping them! After a series of misadventures during the apprehension of the bank robbers, the other three Turtles agree that perhaps Raphael needs to see a psychiatrist. So the TMNT send the good-natured Raph off to the Von Shrink Institute of Mental Health, where Dr. Otto Von Shrink himself personally treats him.

      Dr. Von Shrink regresses Raphael back to the time he first became "Mr. Nice Guy". Dr. Von Shrink learns of Donatello's Personality Alterator. The quack realizes that he could make millions from Don's gadget and also get revenge on the psychiatric community, so he asks the ever obliging Raphael to bring it to him.

      Back at the lair, Donatello accidentally discovers why Raphael is all smiles, but as he shares this bit of news with Leonardo and Michaelangelo, Raphael exits the lair with the Personality Alterator. Later that night, after a series of rash crimes are committed all over the city. All of the eyewitnesses described the perpetrators as "nice guys", so the Turtles realize that someone is using the Personality Alterator for nefarious gains. It does not take them long to put Raphael, the Personality Alterator, and Dr. Von Shrink together before they hustle over to the Von Shrink Institute of Mental health where they are immediately trapped in Dr. Von Shrink's Phobia Chamber, a place where they must battle their worst nightmares!

      Unable to convince Raphael that Dr. Von Shrink really is a bad guy, Donatello is able to use his Bo to throw the switch on the Personality Alterator from "very nice" to "very nasty" and we witness Raphael being zapped again. Now that he is back to his old self, he stops being Mr. Nice Guy. Raphael turns the Personality Alterator ray on Dr. Von Shrink, who immediately becomes a mild mannered therapist.moreless
    • Sleuth on the Loose
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      While the Turtles are watching their favorite TV show, Sleuth on the Loose, which stars April's Aunt Agatha, April interrupts the broadcast with a special bulletin about a break-in at Dynamic Science Labs. The Turtles rush over there and agree to guard the remaining objects, which have not been stolen - yet. But somehow, while the Turtles were just outside the room that housed these objects another one disappeared - yet no one had entered the room from outside and the surveillance cameras picked up no one from inside the room. They seemed to have literally disappeared.

      The Turtles agree that maybe they should take the one remaining object back to their lair, where no one knows where it is. Dr. Webb, director of the Dynamic Science Labs, reluctantly agrees, warning them that if it should fall into the thief's hands he could construct something of unspeakable horror. But while the other Turtles are out "beating the bushes" looking for clues, Michaelangelo is responsible for guarding the object. Suddenly the TV set picture scrambles and a light beam emanates from the set, enveloping the object and sucking it back into the TV set.

      When the other three Turtles return, Michaelangelo has to explain that it is gone and to make matters worse, April contacts them and tells them that she has discovered that all the stolen objects put together could make a doomsday device but without the one piece that the Turtles are guarding it is worthless. Without trying to panic, the Turtles try to solve the disappearance in the same way their favorite TV detective, Aunt Agatha, would. Donatello deduces that the thieves used a Molecular Disintegrator beam to teleport the objects across the airwaves. Donatello builds a device that will transport them along the same signal to whoever it was that stole the objects. Only it does not work. In fact, it had the exact opposite result and transported Aunt Agatha from Sleuth on the Loose television show into the Turtles' lair. After explaining the premise of this week's episode, Miss Agatha agrees to lend her services.

      Meanwhile, Professor Von Volt, the man responsible for the thefts from Dynamic Science Labs, is aware that someone is trying to home in on his Molecular Disintegrator beam and tracks the energy surge back to the Turtles' lair. He decides to send his two henchmen, Knuckles and Garth to take care of the interlopers. But along the way, they see Miss Agatha and Raphael enter the Public Library. Being the big fans that they are, they delay their mission in an effort to get Miss Agatha's autograph only to discover that she is already onto their boss. While Miss Agatha and Raphael head over to Channel Six to see April, Knuckles and Garth return back to Professor Von Volt's lab to warn him.

      Using her keen detective skills, Miss Agatha is able to lead the Turtles to Professor Von Volt's hide-out, only to find themselves battling a Destroyer Robot and a Octo-creature just prior to Professor Von Volt activating the Doomsday Device. When it looks like it's curtains for everyone, Miss Agatha pulls a nail from her purse and deactivates the "death machine".moreless
    • Invasion of the Krangazoids
      Season 7 - Episode 25
      Krang wants competent help to carry out his plans. Shredder is too busy getting revenge on the Turtles, and Bebop and Rocksteady "couldn't steal a free sample," so Krang clones himself six times. He orders the clones, who are very reluctant to follow Krang, to steal industrial equipment all over the city. The Krangazoids grow new bodies, and make a volcano under the city.

      Shredder, meanwhile, put a teleporting device and trapped Leonardo and April. The other three Turtles save them first, and Donatello uses Shredder's own weapon against him to teleport the Krangazoids to the Technodrome, where Krang tricks them into the Dimensional Limbo.moreless
    • Funny, They Shrunk Michaelangelo
      Season 4 - Episode 25
      While Michaelangelo is testing out a sailboard in the sewers, he accidentally gets swept out into the city harbor. At the same time, a captain named Talbot Breech is testing his miniaturizing ray on a ship. His plan is to shrink all the naval ships and put them in bottles for his collection in order to get even with those who turned him down for the Naval Academy.

      The ray gun accidentally shrinks Michaelangelo and he winds up in a bottle along with the other ships in the captain's lab. Breech's cat, Claude, knocks Michaelangelo off the shelf, breaking the bottle and freeing him. He does not realize how small he really is until he comes nose to nose with Claude. Michaelangelo manages to outwit Calude and run away from a huge rat.

      Meanwhile, in the harbor, April and Vernon are covering a story on one of the Navy's aircraft carrier. While April is in the middle of her story, the carrier begins to shrink and disappears right on TV. Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo happen to be watching April's broadcast and see her disappear. Not knowing where Michaelangelo is, they set out to help April without him.

      In the Captain's lab, Michaelangelo finds April and Vernon, who are now shrunk in size like him. April helps Michaelangelo escape in one of the tiny aircrafts. He manages to find the other Turtles on the dock and thye follow him to the Captain's lab.

      At the lab, the Turtles get attacked by Breech's robots, but they are no match for the Turtles. April, Vernon and Michaelangelo get zapped by the ray, turning them back to normal size. The ray also hits all of Breech's boat collection, turning them back to normal size and ruining his lab.moreless
    • Leatherhead Meets the Rat King
      Season 3 - Episode 36

      Leatherhead has come to the city searching for the Turtles. While crawling through the sewers he encounters the Rat King who charges him with trespassing. Leatherhead unsuccessfully defends his right to go where he pleases and The Rat King takes him prisoner. Meanwhile, Splinter instructs the Turtles to practice their ninja jskills against cardboard cut-outs of Krang, Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop. But Michaelangelo would rather fight the real thing -- until then he would rather catch some rays and pizza.
      Over at Channel Six News, Burne Thompson assigns April to cover a story of the hijacking of a truckload of rat poison. Along with Irma and Vernon, April discovers clues that lead her to believe that The Rat King is responsible for the hijhacking. As they follow a trail that they hope will lead them to The Rat King's lair, Irma and Vernon are caputed by The Rat King, who plans to use them as test subjects for his ultimate plan to "rule the world", while April escapes only to be captured by Leatherhead, who had successfully escaped from The Rat King's lair.

    • Raphael Versus the Volcano
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      Thanks to a malfunction in Donatello's "Healthometer," an invention designed to diagnose one's health, Raphael is convinced that he is not long for this world. Raph decides to make the world a better place with what little time he has left.

      Meanwhile, Burne Thompson has assigned Vernon to cover the eruption of a volcano on the Island of Poppalua and April to cover the dedication of a new species of lily at the local Flower Society Club. Raphael, disguised in a Musketeer costume and calling himself "The Green Defender", risks his life by stopping crime all over the City. The "terminal" terrapin even rescues a cat off of a ledge of a high-rise apartment building.

      Back at the Turtles' Lair, Donatello repairs the "Healthometer" and searches for Raphael to tell him that he is okay and that the invention was broken, only to discover Raph's farewell note. The Turtles join April and scour The City for Raphael/The Green Defender.

      Meanwhile, a Professor Wilhelm Vanilli is angry that LaVerne Forsythe, president of the Flower Society Club, has named the recently discovered species (discovered by Professor Vanilli himself) of lily after herself. Vanilli vows to kill every living plant on the planet for revenge by dropping a canister of the toxic chemical into the volcano on the Island of Poppalua.

      When Raphael sees the live broadcast of Professor Vanilli's threat, he takes the Turtle Blimp and heads for the island of Poppalua. The other Turtles team up with April as she is assigned to cover the story as well. They arrive in the Channel Six News Helicopter just in time to see Raphael leap into the volcano. With the help of the other Turtles, Raphael/The Green Defender saves the world's vegetation.moreless
    • The Making of Metalhead
      Season 3 - Episode 35

      While the Turtles are suffering from "Turtle Pox," a disease that affects only mutant Turtles, Krang has developed a robotic turtle that he calls Metalhead in an effort to destroy the Ninja Ts. But first, in order to program the robot, Krang needs a "Brainalyzer" scan of the Turtles. Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop travel up to the surface and force the Turtles out of hiding by breaking into various business establishments throughout the City. Sure enough, the Turtles arrive at the scene of the crime, allowing Shredder to zap them with the Brainalyzer and making good their escape. The Turtles are confused but relieved to be back at home in their beds.

    • The Big Cufflink Caper!
      Season 4 - Episode 34
      The Turtles, bored at the lack of action, decide to investigate when they hear that cufflinks are being stolen around the city. The lads find out that some of Big Louie's gang are responsible for it. The TMNT decide to dress up as hoods to see if they can find out from Big Louie what's going on. Big Louie falls for the Turtles' ruse and tells them that the reason they are stealing all the cufflinks is that they are looking for the Cufflinks of Cathay. A "certain someone" is willing to pay lots of money for it. The Turtles don't know it yet, but Shredder is the "certain someone" who wants the cufflinks. Apparently an ancient Chinese explosive is hidden in one of the cufflinks. Shredder plans on using it to blow the Technodrome free of its lava bed.

      The investigation leads them to the house of Pietro Calzoni, who has the biggest collection of cufflinks around. The Turtles think that if anyone has the Cufflink of Cathay, it would be him.

      April and Irma, who are doing an investigation of their own, come up with the same idea as the Turtles. They all happen to end up at Pietro's house at the same time. The Turtles tell April and Irma to wait outside while they go in to get the cufflinks. Just as the Turtles get their hands on the cufflinks, Big Louie and his gang show up, followed by Shredder. The TMNT grab the cufflinks and escape to a pizza parlor to figure out what they are going to do with the explosive jewelery. While the Turtles are making plans at the parlor, a bottle is thrown through the window. A note inside the bottle tells the Turtles to meet Shredder and Big Louie at the taffy factory if they ever want to see April and Irma again.

      When the Half-shelled heroes get there, Donatello throws one of the cufflinks into a vat of taffy. While Bebop and Rocksteady search for the cufflink, the Turtles fight off Shredder, Big Louie and his gang and rescue April and Irma. Bebop and Rocksteady finally find the cufflink and escape with Shredder to Dimension X. Krang does not think that the Turtles would be stupid enough to give them the cufflink with the explosive in it, so he has Shredder throw it out. Well, Krang was wrong! They did get the explosive one, but it being so old, it was not as powerful as they had expected. Krang and Shredder are disappointed once again.moreless
    • Unidentified Flying Leonardo
      Season 4 - Episode 41
      UFO sightings at an upstate farm town known as "High Falls", cause April to investigate, Splinter foresees danger clouding April's visit and sends Leonardo to chaperone her.

      Arriving at High Falls, April runs into the local reporter, Scoop Oliver, a sceptic who does not believe in the recent weird occurrences at the farm town. But whilst April has made her arrived into town with little incident, with Leonardo it's a whole different story, upon entering town, an alien spacecraft greets Leonardo!

      Desperately trying to evade the U.F.O, The TMNT leader bumps into a town local, who mistakes HIM for an alien!

      Soon enough, a manhunt (or Turtlehunt, whichever you'd prefer to call it), is initiated with Leonardo as the subject. When April learns of this, she tries to clam down the angry mob, but she only gets through to the town member who started the whole mess in the first place: Billy Jim Bob.

      Realizing her efforts aren't making any headway with the townsfolk, April contacts Leonardo to warn him that he's High Fall's most wanted. Both of them agree to meet and find a way out of their situation, but before they can reunite, April is abducted by the U.F.O!

      On board the alien craft, April discovers that the truth isn't out there: it's here..or, to better describe it, the truth is the U.F.O is actually a hi-tech helicopter, part of a scheme devised by it's pilot, Dr. Davens, to scare the townspeople away so he can use his new Virgo-ray, (a device which can increase the size of food crops), to plunder the farm town's crop supply.

      After giving the supply a dose of the Virgo-Ray, Daven can then sell the economy sized crops to the highest bidder!

      Leonardo, realizing April is missing, searches for her, but runs into the angry villagers, and the heated pursuit begins again. But help soon arrives in the form of Billy Jim Bob, having listened to April and wishing to see a REAL alien, decides to help out the TMNT leader, and rescues him from the townspeople.

      Back at the Lair, Splinter has a nightmare about Leonardo; he sends the other turtles to higher Falls to ensure he and April are safe. Meanwhile,, Leonardo and Billy Jim Bob track down the "U.F.O." at Dr. Daven's farm lair, where they both learn of Daven's plot.

      The other Turtles arrive in High Falls just in time, re-united, the TMNT conjure up quite a storm to lay waste to Daven's harvest of ill deeds. Having revealed the true culprit behind the alien sightings, the TMNT are applauded by the now grateful townspeople...moreless
    • Enter: The Fly
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Shredder attempts to use the world trade centre in an experiment, but the failure of Baxter's essential new device, plus the interference of those heroes in a half shell, prevent the villain's plot from succeeding. Frustrated at Baxter's latest failure, Shredder contacts Krang in Dimension X and demands that Rocksteady and Bebop be sent to aid him. Krang informs shredder that an exchange must be made to enable the portal to open properly, Shredder has the perfect candidate to take Rocksteady and Bepop's place: BAXTER! So, with a quick gesture (litteraly, Shredder actually throws Baxter into the portal), the transfer is made, and Shredder gets his old henchmen back. Baxter's fate, sadly, is not so pleasant, Krang immediately orders his execution, and he is sent to the disintergration chamber. A tiny Fly is his sole company inside the chamber as the device is activated. But fate has other ideas for the scientest. Instead of being demoleculerised, Baxter is instead fused with the fly hovering over his head, and he becomes a hyrbird of man and Insect and one consumed with vengeance! Escaping Dimension X, "Baxter Fly" locates Shredder, but the villain tricks the hybrid scientest into working for him again. Baxter uses two electrodes to create a device that will send the turtles to a random alternate dimension once they go in range of it. The trap is set further when shredder gives April a dose of a poisonous flower, a Dooku Plant. This lures the peeved off green machine to a scrap yard, where the electrodes have been firmly concealed. Soon enough, the turtles are right where Shredder wants them when splinter, driving the turtle van, gatecrashes the scene. In the battle that follows, Baxter accidentally fly's near the now- active electrodes, and is immediatly sucked into another dimension. (Bye bye fly, heh heh), Shredder and his henchmen flee. Finally, Splinter is able to cure April of the Dooku plant's poison.moreless
    • Usagi Come Home
      Season 3 - Episode 34

      In an effort to rid himself of the Turtles, The Shredder with the help of Rocksteady and Bebop kidnap Obento, caretaker of the Far East Animal Society, and blackmail Usagi Yojimbo into destroying the Turtles. Usagi refuses to take the lives of four in exchange for one because it is dishonorable. The Shredder challenges Usagi to a sword fight -- if Usagi loses he must serve The Shredder. Naturally, the only way that The Shredder can win is if he cheats -- which he does. Usagi is honor bound and sets out after the Turtles.
      Back at the Lair, Donatello is unsuccessful at finding Usagi Yojimbo's dimension on his Pan-Dimensional Portal - he needs Usagi's help. The Turtles don their disguises and venture out of the sewers -- along the way, they encounter Usagi who reluctantly attacks the Turtles. Needless to say, the Turtles are very confused. Usagi retreats to a shopping mall and the Turtles give chase, believing that Usagi is being forced to attack the Turtles. After they subdue him, they head for the Far East Society in an effort to talk with Obento about Usagi's strange behavior.

    • Enter the Rat King
      Season 3 - Episode 9

      After an unpleasant encounter with a rat, Mr. Thompson assigns April to research the growing rat infestation. April heads for the sewers and after turning up nothing returns to Channel Six News to meet her deadline. However, she and Irma are forced to return to work on foot after all four tires of the Channel Six News van have been chewed by rats. Suddenly, they are being pursued by an army of rats and escape on a passing city bus. Back at Channel Six News, in the middle of April's editorial, the lights go out. When they come back on April is gone. The Turtles, who were watching April on television in their secret lair, spring into action to locate their missing friend.

    • April Gets in Dutch
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      The Turtles and April are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. April is covering the showing of the world-famed Duchess Diamond. Krang wants the diamond, a flawless stone, to focus the rays on his Laser Dimension Blade, which will cut through the dimensions and bring the Technodrome to Earth. Krang sends Shredder and the mutants to retrieve it, but they're foiled by a low-rent diamond thief, Spats Sparkle. There's a smelly battle at a cheese warehouse and a climactic chase at an abandoned windmill.moreless
    • Ring of Fire
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      The Turtles are in Lisbon, Portugal, enjoying the sights. Krang sends Shredder and the mutants there to set up a special lens that will focus the sun's rays to create a devastating heat ray.

      The Turtles rescue April and Irma from Shredder, Vernon gets mixed up in a bull fight, and finally destroy the lens just as it's about to wreck the city.moreless
    • Raphael Drives 'Em Wild
      Season 4 - Episode 37
      On his way home from getting pizza, Raphael and a cab driver accidentally get exposed to rays from a Personality Transmogrifier. This device switches the minds of the two parties that get zapped by it. When the device goes off, Raphael's mind gets switched with the cab driver's.

      The Transmogrifier was accidentally left in the cab by Little Huey, one of Mr. Big's thugs. Mr. Big had Little Huey steal the device so he could use it on the Premier of Vadeem and Little Huey. Once their minds are switched, he is going to have the Premier sign over the valuable oil leases to him.

      When Mr. Big finds out that Little Huey lost the Transmogrifier, they both set out to find it.

      Meanwhile, the other Turtles are startled when a cab driver shows up with their pizzas insisting that he's Raphael. Since the man seems to know a lot about the Turtles, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo decide to have him stay for a while. While all of them are watching the news, they discover that a Transmogrifier was stolen from the Meridian Vine Instititue. The professor on the TV says that once this device has been activated, it will become unstable and blow up. Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello now realize what has happened to Raphael. The four set out to the Institute to find the blue prints for the Transmogrifier so that Donatello can deactivate it.

      Mr. Big and Little Huey find the cab that Huey was in. They get in and discover that the device is still there. Now that they have it back, the hoods tell the driver to take them to Pier 53. This is where the Premier will be.

      While April is on her way to interview the Premier, she spots Raphael driving the cab that Mr. Big and Little Huey are in. April tries to talk to him, but the driver thinks she's nuts when she call him Raphael. Sensing that there is something wrong, Ms. O'Neil contacts the Turtles. The Turtles tell her that they're on their way and ask her to follow the cab. The cab arrives at Pier 53 and Mr. Big and Little Huey kidnap the Premier. The mobsters then tell the driver to take them to Mr. Big's hideout.

      Now the chase begins. April is still following the cab and informs the Turtles of their whereabouts. The Turtles decide to take a route to try to cut them off. They all come together unexpectedly at an intersection and the taxi and the Turtle Van collide. The impact crushes the Transmogrifier, causing it to go off. Seconds later, Raphael and the cab driver are returned to themselves.

      Mr. Big and Little Huey get arrested. April ends up getting her interview with the Premier, the cab driver gets a medal for saving the Premier and the Turtles return home with the real Raphael.moreless
    • Polly Wanna Pizza
      Season 6 - Episode 14

      Michaelangelo returns from his sojourn to the pet shop with a monkey named Clyde, much to the chagrin of the other Turtles. After only a few minutes with the undisciplined pet Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael demand that it be returned to the pet shop. Meanwhile, Burne Thompson has assigned April an interview with the notorious Mugsy McGuffin, a mob boss responsible for the theft of the Galuby Ruby. It seems that Mugsy is being paroled after 15 years in prison and Burne thinks that because April will be the first woman he will lay his eyes on in all this time, he will give up the location of the stolen jewel. Unbeknownst to both April and Burne, Vernon plans to scoop April out of her story by arriving at the State Prison first.

      On the other side of town, while Mugsy's henchman, Boris, prepares for Mugsy's homecoming, he accidentally spills black paint on Mugsy's pet parrot and quickly delivers it to Ralph's Rent a pet for quick cleaning. And of course as luck would have it, Michaelangelo, unable to get a refund for the chimp, exchanges it for a parrot. And as luck would have it, Ralph now has two identical parrots and is not sure which one he sold to Michaelangelo and which one he returned to Boris. No sooner does Mugsy arrive home, he discovers that his parrot is not his parrot! How does he know? Because he had hidden the key to a vault, where he had stashed the Galuby Ruby around Polly's neck, inside his tuft of feathers. And now the key is gone.

      Meanwhile, Michaelangelo arrives back at the lair with the real Polly, now known as "Ditto". The other Turtles assume that Ditto will be safe and not cause the kind of damage that Clyde had. Of course, they soon learn that they were mistaken. Back across town, Mugsy learns that someone with a "green face" has the real Polly and that the Bering Arms Hotel, site of the locked vault with the stolen Galuby Ruby is about to be demolished. Mugsy has to find that key.

      But again, as luck would have it, the Turtles have found the key and Donatello uses his Key Analyzer Spectroscope to determine what the key is for. Desperate to find the key, Mugsy contacts April and offers her an exclusive interview at his secret hideout. Vernon overhears her conversation and races to the location in an effort to, once again, beat April out of her story. Only Mugsy uses April and the media to find Polly by pretending to be heartbroken over his disappearance.

      However, Burne Thompson is none too happy about April's use of the airwaves and sends her over to the Bering Arms Hotel to cover the demolition. Michaelangelo once again returns his beloved pet to Ralph's Rent-a-Pet, and the other Turtles learn the identity of the key and the identity of Polly. They rush to Ralph's to prevent Michaelangelo form returning Polly only to learn that he is trapped at the Bering Arms Hotel. But, after the usual third act shenanigans, the Turtles have only enough time to rescue Michaelangelo before the building blows, causing the sky to rain ruby confetti as Mugsy is hauled away to jail.

    • The Ninja Sword of Nowhere
      Season 3 - Episode 13

      Krang's computers detect an alien metal on the surface of the Earth, so naturally, Krang sends Shredder, along with an Alien Metal Detector, to the surface to find it. Meanwhile, the Turtles realize that it is National Sensei Appreciation day and they must go out and buy Splinter a present. Later, at the pawn shop, the Turtles, dressed in their trench coats and fedoras, purchase an old ninja sword. As they leave, Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop arrive, via their Transport Module, at a Laundromat across the street. Krang's Alien Metal Detector begins "sounding," indicating that what they seek can be found in the pawn shop -- but when they arrive, the signal weakens. Shredder is convinced that the "Four Men" who left the shop before they arrive, possess the "Alien Metal." When the pawn shop proprietor tells him that they purchased a sword -- Shredder is even more convinced.

    • Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers
      Season 3 - Episode 19

      The Turtles throw April a surprise party to celebrate her first anniversary as a reporter at Channel Six News, but April is not feeling very celebratory -- it seems that Burne Thompson has suggested that she will not be celebrating her second anniversary if she does not find a story soon. Donatello and Irma rush out to get a special pizza in an effort to lift her spirits.
      Meanwhile, Krang and Shredder send Rocksteady and Bebop up to the Earth's surface to locate "a new source of energy generated by the Nuclean Fission Reactor at the University." But the mutants think that Shredder is sending them "fishing" and when they finally learn their mistake, a bright ray of light, coming from out of the sky, zaps Rocksteady and he disappears.

    • The Dimension X Story
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      Shredder sends out a message from Dimension X to the Turtles telling them to meet him at the Southside Dump so that he can kick their shells in. When the Green Team gets there, Shredder plans on using a dimensional teleporter to transport them back to the Technodrome. April and Vernon hear Shredder's proposition over the air and decide to go there to get the scoop. The teleporter only manages to get Michaelangelo and Raphael, but it also takes April, Irma and Vernon as well.

      After arriving in Dimension X, Michaelangelo, Raphael, April, Irma and Vernon manage to escape from the Technodrome, asking each other where they are going to go. Immediately after that, the Neutrinos show up to help them.

      Back on Earth, Donatello and Leonardo try to get their trans-dimensional portal running so that they can bring the gang home. In order to accomplish this, they have to sneak in the Channel Six Building and borrow a used transformer.

      In Dimension X, Michaelangelo and Raphael discover from the Neutrinos that the only portal is in the Technodrome. With their help, they break back into the Technodrome looking for the portal. Vernon, who is competing with April on the best news story, steals April's camera and leaves the Technodrome looking for a bigger story. Michaelangelo and Raphael contact Donatello and Leonardo informing them that they are ready to go home. They don't realize that Vernon has left until April tells them. Donatello tells them to hurry and find him because he does not know how long the portal will stay open.

      While all this is happening, somewhere else in the Technodrome, Krang has discovered that the Technodrome is stuck in a dormant volcano. If they can set off enough explosives, it just might be enough to get the Technodrome moving back to Earth.

      Michaelangelo, Raphael, April, Irma and the Neutrinos go out to find Vernon. They resuce him before he gets beat up by mutants and head back to the Technodrome. The gang spot the explosives near the Technodrome that Krang set and they rearrange them, hoping to ruin Krang's plan.

      Donatello transports them back to Earth just before the explosives go off and just before the portal on Earth closes.

      In Dimension X, the volcano erupts, but due to the Turtles, it does not work out the way Krang had hoped. Instead, it just surrounds the lower part of the Technodrome leaving it stuck deeper into the volcano.moreless
    • Turtles on the Orient Express
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      April is covering the revival of the luxury train the Orient Express. Shredder is on the train with Rocksteady and Bebop carrying the Supercharger, a device to accelerate the train to superspeed, sending it out over the Bosphorus and crashing into the Middle East oil fields, destroying them. The Turtles board the train and send the Supercharger flying with Shredder aboard.moreless
    • Take Me to Your Leader
      Season 3 - Episode 15

      After awaking from a nightmare in which he failed himself and his comrades in a battle against Shredder, Leonardo feels that he is unfit as a leader and, donning civilian clothes, decides to leave the Lair and the Turtles. Meanwhile, Shredder and Krang have left the Technodrome and are on the top floor of the Mile High Tower, executing Shredder's new scheme for world domination. This time out, he has created a Solar Siphon and by aiming it at the sun, he can effectively drain the sun's "power/energy" and store it in compact batteries while the Earth slowly goes into a deep freeze. Everyone will be too cold to resist him.

    • Peking Turtle
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      In Dimension X, Krang watches on the viewscreen as April broadcasts from the opening of an exhibit of rare Chinese warrior statues, as well as the world's largest pearl. Krang thinks he can bring the statue to life and use the pearl to create a forcefield to bring the Technodrome back to Earth.

      Krang sends Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to the museum. They bring one of the warriors to life. Bebop and Rocksteady take it to the sewers to destory the Turtles. At the museum, Shredder brings to life the rest of the statues and orders them to find the Turtles and destroy them. Krang tells Shredder to order his statues to kidnap April and Vernon, luring the Turtles to the museum so the statues can destroy them.

      Bebop and Rocksteady lead the army of statues back to the museum with April and Vernon. The Turtles follow them to the museum hoping to rescue April and Vernon. The turtles realize that they won't be able to defeat the statues before Krang brings the Technodrome back to Earth. Instead, they destroy the forcefield and Shredder's controller, returning the warrior statues back to normal. Realizing that they no longer have an army to back them up, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady return to Dimension X before the Turtles can defeat them.moreless
    • The Big Zipp Attack
      Season 4 - Episode 26
      As Krang is about to send Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to Earth to find a rare metal, Rigidium, to repair the Technodrome, a meteorite lands containing a large egg. The egg hatches, revealing a Zipp, a cute little creature that begins to eat the Technodrome. Krang sends the Zipp to Earth hoping to distract the Turtles while Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady locate some Rigidium.

      The Turtles find the Zipp in the sewer and bring it back to their lair. Soon, the Zipp begins eating everything in sight and they discover that when it eats copper it doubles. The Turtles are soon faced with a small army of Zipps munching on the city.

      Meanwhile, Shredder has tracked down some Rigidium, which happens to be the central core of the Lofty Tower. April and Irma are there doing a story on its grand opening when Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady show up.

      While the Turtles are following the Zipps around they discover that the Zipps like chocolate. When they consume it, two Zipps turn into one. Also, while Michaelangelo is in the museum, he sees a Zipp disappear while inside a mineral case. The Turtles discover that the mineral happens to be Rigidium, one of the rarest metals on Earth.

      Using an oversized chocolate bar from a chocolate factory, the Turtles lure all the Zipps into it. When they finally finish the bar, all the Zipps come together making one big giant Zipp. After the big transformation of the Zipp, the Turtles try to figure out just where they are going to find enough Rigidium for him. Just at that time, Irma radios them from Lofty Tower telling them that Shredder is holding them hostage. He is trying to cut down a piece of Rigidium from the top of the tower. The Turtles and Zipp quickly rush there to stop Shredder before he has a chance to bring the Rigidium back to Dimension X. The Turtles give the rare metal to the Zipp and it shrinks back to its normal size. The little Zipp follows Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady back to Dimension X, leaving Earth peaceful once again.moreless
    • Split-Second
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      Carter, April and the Turtles investigate a break-in at the Antique Timepiece Museum. Convinced that Dregg is responsible, but not sure why, the Turtles discover a clue on a wall display of two rows of clocks. Above the top row are the letters "LT," and above the bottom row are the letters "LL". Donatello deduces that they are "Longitude" and "Latitude" and, after adding up the numbers on the clocks and checking a map, he announced the location - the NorthWest Steel Mill. The heroes decide to investigate to see if it is one of Dregg's traps. But it is not Dregg, instead they find a costume character named CHRONOS - Master of Time and King of the Clocktower. Chronos escapes but threatens the Turtles that he is planning on committing two crimes and challenges them to stop him. Something about this guy seems familiar, so the Turtles separate into two teams to prevent both of Chronos crimes. April sets out to learn his identity. Back at the lair, the Intruder Alarm sounds and Splinter unexpectedly finds himself at the mercy of Chronos. Later, the Turtles and Carter reunite to compare notes. Only they happen to meet below the City Hall Clocktower which reminds them of a past adventure which leads them to the identity of Chronos. It seems his real name is Winston Fripp, and he was apprehended by the Turtles after he had robbed the City Treasurey. Apparently, the Turtles tied him up and left him in the Clocktower for the police. The clanking of the gears and the knelling of the bells drove him insane and he has vowed revenge against the Turtles ever since. But Fripp/Chronos does not know about Carter or the Turtles new mutations, so Carter is able to learn the location of Master Splinter and rescue him. Later, Dregg, who had supplied Chronos with his arsenal, pretends to have been responsible for the capture of Chronos and vows to continue protection the City from all criminals and the mutant Turtles!moreless
    • Plan Six from Outer Space
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      The Technodrome is back in Dimension X, and Shredder and Krang are not the least bit happy about it! Determined to get even, the two villains send Rocksteady and Bebop to earth (using the Dimensional Portal.), the two stooge's task is to attach special trans-dimensional thrusters to the Channel Six Building, fearing a confrontation with the TMNT will scuttle his plan, Krang disguises Rocksteady and Bebop as humans, but this camouflage will only be temporary, if the two mutants can't complete their mission within the next few hours, the disguises will wear off. Krang also creates the Pretendicon, a cyborg in the guise of Splinter, to lure the Turtles into the Channel Six building, if all goes smoothly, then the Dimensional thrusters [once attached to the building] will send the TMNT and Channel Six on a one way ride into Dimension X! Meanwhile, the green machine, believing the Technodrome vanquished for good, plan a long unwinding vacation. Rocksteady and Bebop infiltrate Channel six in their human guises, they pose as Janitors, but they become so popular with the staff in the building, that they are quickly promoted to VP'S Producers in charge of programming! Whilst the first phase of Shredder and Krang's revenge scheme has gone pear-shaped, the pretendacon, as Splinter, begins the next phase by luring the TMNT to channel six. The fake Splinter's arrogant and rash behaviour leads The Turtles to think their master is ill. Shredder reminds Rocksteady and Bebop [soaking it up in their new positions] why they are at Channel six, and the two goofs attach the trans-dimensional thrusters to the structure, they also kidnap April when she stumbles onto their scheme. Just in the nick of time, the real splinter intervenes when he contacts his students (VIA radio) that April has been kidnapped. The TMNT quickly despatch the Pretendacon, and race to save April, and remove the trans-dimensional thrusters. With their new, cushy life-style (and their mission) now in ruins, Rocksteady and Bebop quickly return to the Technodrome v.i.a the Trans-dimensional Portal, leaving the Turtles with a realisation: no matter how far away they are, Shredder and Krang are still as dangerous, and still as driven to destroy the green machine and conquer the worldmoreless
    • Sword of Yurikawa
      Season 6 - Episode 5

      We open our story with April reporting from the Japanese Embassy about their latest historical artifact exhibit -- the Sword of Yurikawa. But this is not just any sword -- this sword was once owned by Splinter's ninja master. Apparently, the katana has amazing and powerful attributes. Splinter fears that if it were to fall in to the wrong hands, dire consequences would ensue. He orders the Turtles to go to the museum to guard the sword.

      Meanwhile, Krang's crazy scheme this week is to blow up the Tri-State Bridge just as a convoy of trucks carrying a "rare form of toxic waste" passes overhead. The toxic waste will spill into the harbor and upon contact with the sludge at the bottom of the river, create a race of MUD MUTANTS. Then, Krang will use his Mindbender Ray to make the Mud Mutants obey his every command.

      Meanwhile, Shredder learns about the ancient Sword of Yurikawa, now on exhibit at the Japanese Embassy, leaves the Technodrome and heads for the surface. He believes that if he possessed that sword there would be no need to blow up the bridge.

      But Shredder is not the only one in this story who covets the Sword of Yurikawa. It seems that Lafayette Le Drone, an international weapons fancier, wants to add the sword to his collection. Prior to the end of the first act, the Sword of Yurikawa is stolen by an "unknown" masked ninja and replaced with a bogus one which in turn is stolen by another masked ninja- attired Lafeyette Le Drone and replaced with a bogus one -- which in turn is stolen by masked ninja-attired Shredder and not replaced at all.

      By the time that the Turtles arrive to guard the sword, after making a detour for a pizza respite, the sword is gone. Embarrassed by their sense of priorities, they vow to find the stoen sword rather than return to the lair and inform Splinter of their failure. But before the TMNT can begin their search, they are confronted by masked Ninja #1 and his flaming sword, and are summarily defeated.

      Back at the Technodrome, Shredder learns that he does not possess the Sword of Yurikawa and returns to the surface to find it. Krang is concerned that there is little time left to rig the bridge with explosives, but Shredder assures him that the sword will be more effective.

      Thanks to the security camera video, the Turtles learn of Le Drone's identity and set out for his mansion in an effort to reclaim the sword. Unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady. After a minor tangle with Le Drone, the Turtles realize that he does not have the "real" sword of Yurikawa and, once again, set out in search of it.

      No sooner do they leave, than Shredder arrives and convinces Le Drone that it would be in his best interest to join forces with the nasty ninja. Shredder promises that once he uses it for his own purposes, Le Drone can add it to to his collection. And no sooner do the Turtles take possession of the real Sword of Yurikawa (thanks to the original Masked Ninja who stole it from the Japanese Embassy) than Shredder is able to liberate it from them.

      At the Tri-State Bridge, with the Turtles trussed up in ropes and hanging from a suspension cable, Shredder awaits the convoy of trucks hauling the "rare form of toxic waste" and boasting about his new found destructive powers.

      But Shred-head's boasting is cut short, when in his attempt to use the power of the sword, it turns on him. Suddenly, the Masked Ninja arrives, frees the Turtles, and reveals himself to be none other than Splinter. Foiled again, Shredder retreats and the convoy safely passes over the bridge.

    • Elementary, My Dear Turtle
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      While visiting London, the Turtles are transported back to the nineteenth century, where they team up Sherlock Holmes to fight Professor Moriarty, who is trying to change the future to one where he rules.
    • Pizza By the Shred
      Season 3 - Episode 26

      Michelangelo is depressed because he has no money to buy a "Belly Board" when he sees a TV advertisement of a new pizza parlor called Weird Pizza. He figures that he can get a job there and, after a few nights delivering pizzas, he will have enough money to buy his board. What he doesn't realize is that Shredder owns the Weird Pizza parlor and his scheme is to capture the Turtles when they order a really weird pizza.
      Michaelangelo, disguised as an ugly human, is hired for the delivery boy position when he tells Shredder that he has a car. What he has, is the Nutrinos' Star Cruiser, which he "borrows" while Donatello is working on it. What Mikey doesn't know is that there are no air brakes. Unfortunately, for him, he discovers this during his deliveries.

    • Carter, the Enforcer
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      Dregg announces to the world his latest project to benefit mankind - the STAR SHIELD. And once again, the Turtles can not believe the gullibility of the humans and have decided to take a new attitude - the heck with 'em! However, Splinter convinces the TMNT that it is their duty to fight evil, even when the whole world is against them. With that said, Carter and the Turtles team up with April to "get the goods" on Dregg. At the location of the Star Shield construction site, our heroes are amazed by the sight of this "cross between a flying saucer and a battleship". Convinced that no good can come from this, April successfully videotapes Dregg and Hi-Tech discussing the real purpose behind the Star Shield - to attack the people of Earth! But before April, Carter, and the Turtles can escape with the incriminating evidence, they are caught. After an obligatory fight scene, they narrowly escape. The Turtles return to the lair, while Carter escorts April to a local news station, where she hopes to convince the News Director to air the footage. Naturally, the News Director is a pro-Dregg supporter and believes the video tape to be a hoax. Meanwhile, Carter has been abducted by a team of TechnoGangsters and taken away. Back at the lair, April reports on her meeting with the News Director and is surprised to learn that Carter is not with the Turtles. Temporarily setting aside their concern for their friend, they decide to "pirate" the broadcast themselves. But before they can accomplish this, Carter arrives with ray guns blasting and destroys the tape. Meanwhile, two other characters, LANDOR and MERRIK, arrive from out of nowhere and help the Turtles defend themselves against Carter and the TechnoGangsters. But when the firefight is over, Carter, the TechnoGangsters, Landor, and Merrik are gone. The Turtles send April out to learn what she can about Landor and Merrik, while they are left to make heads or tails out of what just happened! They don't have to wait long, after Carter and TechnoGangsters return to finish the job, Landor and Merrik, who have been trying to convince the Turtles that they are from the future and that they are trying to protect them, have no choice but to -- go "BACK TO THE FUTURE". In the future, the Turtles discover that Dregg won, and that Carter is the local ENFORCER. But something is unsettling - Carter does not appear to be any older than he was in the past and also appears to have the strength of his mutant form without mutating. Soon, they discover that Carter is not Carter, but a robotic droid, and that he never did betray them. They must return to their own time before this bleak future really does come to pass. The Turtles arrive just in time to join forces with the real Carter, destroy the bogus Carter, and prevent Dregg's Star Shield from becoming operational. Later, April takes them to meet Landor and Merrik, two small children playing in the park.moreless
    • Poor Little Rich Turtle
      Season 4 - Episode 32
      Krang has come up with yet another brilliant plan to free the Technodrome. The evil alien sends Bebop and Rocksteady to kidnap Buffy Shellhammer, 15 year-old CEO of Shellhammer Chemicals. Buffy has the secret formula for a super rocket fuel which Krang needs to get the Technodrome moving again.

      Michaelangelo falls heads over heels for Buffy when he sees her on TV with April. He convinces the Turtles to go to her mansion so he can get a glimpse of her. The TMNT get there just as Bebop and Rocksteady arrive. The Turtles fight them off and rescue Buffy. Our heroes decide to bring the millionairess to April's apartment until they can figure out why it is that Shredder wants her so badly.

      Bebop and Rocksteady follow the Turtles to April's apartment and grab Buffy, bringing her to the Technodrome. In the Technodrome, Shredder tries to force the formula out of Buffy, but fails. He shrinks her and tells her that she will stay that way until she gives him what he wants.

      Back on Earth, the Turtles find out from April why Krang and Shredder want Buffy. They realize she is in great danger, but they have no way of helping her because their trans-dimensional portal is not working.

      Buffy finds a way to reach the Turtles from the Technodrome and transports them to Dimension X. Shredder gets one last attempt to get the formula from Buffy by threatening to get rid of the Turtles. She gives in and tells him the formula. The Turtles change Buffy back to her size and all five of them return to Earth. Krang tries the formula that Buffy gave Shredder and finds out that she gave him a formula for making fireworks and not the rocket fuel.moreless
    • 11/2/89

      After April reports live, from the Malicurian Embassy, of the Malicurian Emporer's decision to sell mining rights to the vast deposit of Lydiam 90 that was recently discovered in his country, she prepares herself for the big party that is being held at the Embassy later that night. Irma, however, persuades her to trade in her news journalist "uniform" for a fancy party gown so that she might attract an eligible bachelor. Meanwhile, far below the Earth's surface, Shredder complains to Krang that the Technodrome is falling apart and that they need more power to properly maintain life support systems. Krang suggests that a small piece of Lydium 90 would supply more than enough power to bring the Technodrome back up to speed.

    • Splinter Vanishes
      Season 4 - Episode 36
      Returning from another mission, the TMNT are shocked to discover their mentor has left the lair, leaving behind only a video taped message. Playing the message, the TMNT are informed by their mentor that he has taught them all he knows, and it is time for him to leave them, and for the green machine to grasp their own destinies and go their OWN separate ways.

      The Turtles decide to take this final advice and to split up.. Michaelangelo lands a job as a TV cook, Donatello works in a fix-it shop, Leonardo works at a Fitness Centre, and Raphael sacrifices his self-respect to entertain kids at birthday parties. Back in the sewers, his rodent majesty, the Rat King, decides to take advantage of the Turtle's separation and teams up with his one-time enemy, Leatherhead, to cause some mischief. The two rouges scheme to create an army of Robo Rats and Android Alligators to aid in this endeavour, even though the Turtles have disbanded.

      Leatherhead still can't resist the urge to hunt down each of the green machine and extract vengeance on them. Rat King seems to agree, and the two quickly ambush and capture most of the TMNT, all except Leonardo.

      Leatherhead intercepts the Turtle leader, and the two fight to the finish. During the struggle Leonardo falls down a sewage drain, Leatherhead presumes him dead.

      Whilst looking for Michaelangelo, April stumbles onto the Rat King and Leatherhead's agenda, tailing leatherhead [no pun intended], April arrives at the lair where the remaining Turtles are being held hostage.

      She is suddenly discovered, but before she can also be corralled by Rat King and Leatherhead, she is quickly rescued by none other than Splinter.

      A very much alive Leonardo shows up and quickly frees his brothers, they launch into battle against the shocked villains, after a confrontation with the Android Alligators and Robo Rats. The Turtles force their enemies into retreat. Splinter reveals that his departure was just a ruse to lure Rat King and Leatherhead out of hiding (whilst meditating, he had "sensed" that the two were up to something).

    • Landlord of the Flies
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      The city is in the throes of a garbage strike and an infestation of flies to boot. Bebop and Rocksteady go to a warehouse to steal equipment, they run into Baxter Stockman, who now has the ability to control flies. He forces Bebop and Rocksteady to bring him back to the Technodrome, where he and Shredder do not get along. Krang then tells him that he has a machine that could undo mutations if Baxter puts the city into submission in Krang's name. Baxter goes for it.
      Meanwhile, the Turtles run across Baxter on the Tri-State Bridge. They follow him to a power plant, where he blows up the generator. This leaves the city without Electricity. April finds the turtle lost in the sudden darkness By using April's chopper, the Turtles confronts Baxter at a new baseball stadium. Shredder shows up soon afterwards. Up in the stands, Vernon walks out of the main room only to be startled by a swarm of flies. By stumbling into the stadium's pipe organ, vernon changes the game. The flies go crazy at the sound of music filling the stadium which helps the turtles break free. The turtles pummel shredder and company with baseballs until they run back into the module. Donatello then arrives to zap Baxter into another dimension, and the flies are now free & the garbage & fly crisis that paralyzed the city is over.moreless
    • Michaelangelo, the Sacred Turtle
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      While the other Turtles go off to the local Planetarium to see O'Malley's comet, Michaelangelo goes off to the Natural History Museum with April O'Neil for the unveiling of the mummy of Ahmed Turt-el. At the front door, April and Michaelangelo are warned of the ancient curse by an Egyptologist, Sir Percival and his man servant Casbah. April and Michaelangelo pay them no mind and enter the Museum. No sooner is the sarcophogus opened, when the lights go out. The ghost of Osiris is revealed and a precious ruby, the Turtle's Eye, is stolen from the tomb -- along with April.

      While Michaelangelo unsuccessfully tries to contact the other Turtles, April is delivered to Sir Percival's home, which is a replica of the Sphinx on the site of the old World's Fair. Here Percival details his plan to harness the power of O'Malley's Coment with the Turtle's Eye Ruby. He plans to use the gem as a ray magnifier, which he will use to "rule the world" and make April his queen.

      Back at the Museum, Michaelangelo is accused of being the thief until his true Turtle identity is revealed. The people think that Mikey is the spirit of Ahmed Turt-el, the sacred Turtle. All bow before him.

      Meanwhile, the other Turtles get wind of the theft, the disappearance of April and the curse of Ahmed Turt-el. They rush over to the Museum only to learn, thanks to Donatello's ability to read hieroglyphics, that there is no "curse of Ahmed Turtle -- only the "purse of Ahmed Turt-el. The TMNT decide to track down this so-called Egyptologist.

      Back at the Museum, Michaelangelo dons the clothes of Ahmed Turt-el and leads his followers to Sir Percival's Sphinx only to find themselves trapped in a chamber with closing walls. They escape with only moments to spare and team up with the other Turtles who have come to April's rescue. Meanwhile, inside the Sphinx, Sir Percival has locked his ray onto O'Malley's comet. What Sir Percival does not know is that the Turtle's Eye will not give him incredible power but will only cause the comet to crash to Earth.

      While Raphael, Michaelangelo and his followers do battle with Casbah and other followers of Sir Percival, Donatello and Leonardo escape and rush to the Planetarium via the Turtle Blimp. At the Planetarium, Donatello and Leonardo divert the path of the Comet, thereby saving the world from certain destruction.moreless
    • Shreeka's Revenge
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      While April is showing off the site of the new Channel Six news building, The Turtles realize that they have forgotten April's birthday. Meanwhile, the Technodrome is under some kind of attack. Bebop and Rocksteady go out to investigate, and they are abducted into a stranger alien craft owned and operated by Shreeka. Shreeka is an alien with an attitude and a vendetta against Krang. It seems that she and Krang used to be partners until he double-crossed her. She has spent eons tracking him down and now she has finally found him.

      What she wants, besides Krang's brain on a stick, is her most potent weapon, her Power Pack Energy Ring. Krang lies and tells her that he has given it to April. While Shreeka heads for the City, Krang gives Shredder the Ring and tells him to deliver it to April ASAP. Shredder is reluctant. Shred-head believes that a ring this powerful should be put to better use. Krang assures him that the ring is virtually useless - most of the power has drained out, but it will make the perfect "pawn" in their desire to be rid of the Turtles. Krang surmises that once Shreeka goes after April, the Turtles will come to her rescue and die for their efforts and destroy Shreeka in the process.

      While Irma buys a surprise birthday cake for April and the Turtles window shop at Spiffany's Jewelry Shop, Shredder arrives in town. The nasty ninja gift wraps Shreeka's ring and has it delivered to Channel Six News with a card from the Turtles. Only Shredder is still not convinced that the ring is not worth having and decides that he will stick around and reclaim the jewelry after the Turtles and Shreeka annihilate each other.

      But moments later, the Turtles have thier first run-in wiht Shreeka. After an Interglactic Scan Search, the TMNT discover that Shreeka is an interplanetary outlaw wanted in thirteen different galaxies for crimes too unspeakable to speak of -- and that she is after April. The Turtles run all over town in search of April but they are always two steps behind her and one stop behind Shreeka. In the final battle scene, Shreeka destroys the new Channel Six Building (still under construction) and ultimately her precious Power Pack Energy Ring. The Turtles rescue April and back at the lair, celebrate her birthday with a large birthday pizza - complete with candles.moreless
    • Menace Maestro, Please
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      There seems to be a "phantom" haunting the Floxy Theater that April is doing a story on. With the help of Howie and his brainy friend Eric, the Turtles uncover a mysterious organ that Krang wants Shredder to drain for an energy source. But as the Turtles investigate more, it seems that the Phantom isn't too far away or who he seems to be...moreless
    • Farewell, Lotus Blossom
      Season 4 - Episode 28
      While on their way to a movie, the Turtles rescue the Urn of Chakahachi from two thieves. The thieves pry off a pearl from the Urn before the Turtles get their hands on it. The owner of the Urn asks the Turtles if they would be able to guard it until he can get a security system installed in his store. The Turtles agree and bring the Urn to their lair.

      Meanwhile, Shredder is watching the news and sees April's broadcast about the Urn. He wants the Urn because he thinks that he can use its great powers for his benefit. Shredder, disguising himself as the ghost of Chakahachi, appears to Lotus Bloosom (a friend of the Turtles) and tells her that she is a descendent of the Chakahachi clan. He also tells her that the Urn belongs to the clan and that the Turtles have stolen it. Being part of the clan it is her duty to retrieve it and return it to its rightful owner. She goes out to find the Turtles and the Urn. When Lotus meets up with the TMNT, Leonardo tells her that they are just guarding the Urn and offers to bring her to the lair to show her. When they get there, Splinter tells Lotus that she is not a descendent of the Chakahachi clan. Splinter tells them that Chakahachi's spirit is in the Urn. Legend has it that he is searching for his kidnapped wife and his spirit will not rest until he has found her. The Turtles get spooked by this story and decide that it is time to return the Urn to its owner taking Lotus Blossom with them.

      On their way, they meet up with Bebop and Rocksteady who are on Earth to retrieve the Urn. Bebop and Rocksteady get their hands on the Urn, but they drop it, releasing Chakahachi. The missing pearl allowed him to search the world inside the Urn for his wife. Now that the pearl is missing, the spirit starts to turn the city into a replica of ancient Tokyo to look for her. Leonardo and Lotus Blossom set out to find the missing pearl while the others stay back to fight off ghostly samurais that Chakahachi has created.

      Leonardo and Lotus Blossom find the pearl and return it to Chakahachi. When Chakahachi sees Lotus Blossom, he recognizes the spirit of his lost wife within her. The spirit departs Lotus and wife and husband return to the Urn to live happily ever after. Once the ghosts make their departure, the city begins to return to its normal state.moreless
    • A Turtle in Time (2)
      Season 10 - Episode 4
      The Turtles, Shredder and Krang's battles skills, powers, and memories are absorbed into Dregg, and he becomes a super-being. He detains his drained prisoners and prepares to initiate the final stage of his plan to conquer earth by using the matter transporters to project pieces of the very sun itself onto any city of his choosing, he will continue to do so until Earth conveys onto him the title of emperor.

      Splinter, meanwhile, is visited by time-travellers from the distant future, which has come to aid the TMNT, at the approval of Splinter, they travel back two years, and pluck a team of turtles from the past. But there is a price to pay for this deed, the past Turtles only have 24 hours before they must be sent back, or the turtle's present timeline will cease to exist.

      The past TMNT, together with Carter arrive on board the Dreggnaught, and after a fierce battle with Dregg's underlings, are able to rescue the present-day TMNT, but their skills and experience are still retained by Dregg. The Turtles use the transporters to return to earth, only to find Dregg's doomsday machines waiting for them when they arrive at the warehouse.

      Is there no future for the Past and Present Turtles?moreless
    • Teenagers From Dimension X
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      While cruising around Dimension X, the Neutrinos decide to "buzz" the Technodrome. However, when they fly by, they notice that a cargo bay door is open and can't resist the temptation. Inside, they tap into a transmission between Krang and Shredder on Earth. Through this transmission, the Neutrinos learn of Krang/Shredder's latest plan to destroy the Turtles. The Neutrinos decide that they can't sit idly by and watch, so they open their own portal and arrive on Earth to warn the Turtles. But before they can contact the Turtles, Shredder, who was warned by Krang of the Neutrinos presence on Earth and of their ability to open their own portal, sends Rocksteady and Bebop to "intercept" them and return them to his secret hide-out. The Turtles vainly try to follow, but crash their Turtle glider during the pursuit.moreless
    • Pirate Radio
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      Krang's attempt to create "Krang's Chasm," by splitting the Inter-Dimensional portal goes awry. But his hopes boudn when he discovers that everyone in The City listens to the "pirate" radio station WOOF. He figures that he can use the station to lure The City's populace into Krang's Chasm. Meanwhile, Michaelangelo has been ousted out of the Lair for listening to the head banging music of WOOF.

      Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop travel to the Earth's surface via a Transport Module in an effort to locate the radio station. They find it anchored at sea in an old abandoned freighter and then The Shredder, as the new DJ: The Sliver, tells all of WOOF's listeners to come to the station.

      The first one affected by The Shredder's command is Michaelangelo, who walks zombie-like toward the harbor. Irma, another WOOF fan, is next, followed by April who inadvertently hears Shredder's voice when her favorite radio station changes to WOOF. Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello rescue April but lose Michaelangelo and Irma as they, along with the rest of the city's population head out for the open sea and toward a vortex that will lead them into Krang's Chasm.

      Donatello is able to locate the source of Krang's Mind Control Signal and reverses the signal, causing a power drain which in turn causes the Mind Control Signal to go BOOM! Michaelangelo and Irma are rescued just moments before being sucked into the vortex while the rest of the City's population goes rushing after the Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop. Shredder assures Rocksteady and Bebop that they won't be forced to "walk the plank" but they end up being sucked into the vortex by none other than Krang, who is angry that Shredder failed once again.moreless
    • Michaelangelo Meets Bugman Again
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      Michaelangelo and the other Turtles go "topside" in an effort to find the latest issue of "The Adventures of Bugman", only to learn that the comic book has been canceled. Michaelangelo is devastated.

      Back at the lair, Michaelangelo, Splinter and the other Turtles find it curious that they have also not seen or heard from the real Bugman (aka Brick Bradley) since the last issue of Michaelangelo's favorite comic.

      Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the TMNT, they have been followed by a young man who writes down every move that they make. When their "intruder alert" alarm sounds, they discover their tailer in the bowels of the sewer making a map. As the Turtle team explains to youth the dangers of "lurking" around in the sewers, the ledge that they're standing on collapses sending the mutants hurtling down a shaft while the young man makes good his escape.

      Later, as the Turtles begin their search for Brick Bradley/Bugman, Michaelangelo is once again followed by the youth. Only this time, the young man finds that he needs Mikey's help when he is taken hostage by two would-be bank robbers. Michaelangelo is only able to learn the young man's name: Jerry Spiegel, before he disappears again.

      At Channel Six News, Irma runs a "computer check" on Jerry Spiegel and discovers that he was the writer/artist of "The Adventures of Bugman" comics. Michaelangelo gives Spiegel's editor, Julie Schmooze, a call to learn more about his "shadow."

      Mike discovers that "The Adventures of Bugman" was canceled because the real Bugman sued them. He now fears that Jerry Spiegel wants to write a comic book based on the Turtles and thereby revealing the location of their lair to the whole world -- including Krang and Shredder.

      Meanwhile, April interviews Professor Higgenbottoms at Designer Genes Research Laboratory where it is revealed that a special collection of termites has been stolen. What makes these termites so special is that they don't just eat wood -- they eat metal, concrete and plastic.

      Elsewhere, in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in the city, an egomaniac, who looks not unlike The Shredder, calling himself The Swatter, releases the mutant termites into the city. Their first stop: The Conspicuous Consumption Mall, where they devour shop after shop.

      The Turtles arrive just in time to save April who was doing a live report and to receive an ultimatum from The Swatter. He wants the Turtles to surrender to him or he will unleash the termites onto the rest of the City.

      Michaelangelo tracks down Brick Bradley's current address, the Happyville Meditation Center, to help the Turtles battle the mutant termites. Only Brick Bradley is finally "one with the universe" and nothing can make him mad, therefore he can no longer "turn into" Bugman.

      While Michaelangelo tries to get Brick Bradley upset, the other three Turtles do battle with The Swatter who catches them in flypaper and asks them twenty questions.

      Thanks to April, Michaelangelo is able to get Brick Bradley mad and he saves the City from The Swatter who turns out to be none other than Jerry Spiegel. It seems that Jerry was merely tyring to get close to the Turtles so he could do research for his latest comic book: "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

      When it is suggested that he do something original, he proudly boasts that he is a "writer" and that he has never had an original idea in his life. Rim shot.moreless
    • The Irish Jig is Up
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      Krang and Shredder decide to use Ireland as their base for the Technodrome. With a device called the Rainbow Trans-Charmer, the villains intend to turn harmless little creatures like sheep and rabbits into slavering beasts. The Turtles and Splinter, vacationing in Ireland, are attacked by the monster-sheep and track Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to the Dublin Zoo, where they are transforming the animals. April, who is also in Ireland, gets trapped by the now-fierce animals in the petting zoo, and is rescued by the Turtles. Krang decides to pull the castle (where the Turtles are staying) up through the Dimensional portal. But Michaelangelo gets hit by the transformer and turns into an Arnold Schwarzenegger of a turtle and defeats Shredder, using his great strength to pull the castle down to Earth, overloading Krang's portal generator.moreless
    • Convicts from Dimension X
      Season 7 - Episode 17
      Thanks to a malfunction in Donatello's InterDimensional Early Warning Detection Machine, a tear has occurred in the fabric of space and time, allowing two heinous criminals from Dimension X, Skarg and Dementor, to arrive in The City - Times Square. Unfortunately, both Irma and Vernon, who are working together on a story and just happened to be in the neighborhood, disappear as Skarg and Dementor arrive. It does not take long for Skarg and Dementor to realize that they could rule the world, but first they must recruit some more help from Dimension X .Back in the Dimension X Penitentiary, Vernon panics as he and Irma find themselves behind bars.

      Meanwhile, April investigates the disturbance in the InterDimensional rift and comes face to face with Skarg and Dementor. She successfully eludes them and runs into the Turtles, who in turn challenge the DimensionXers in vain. But before they "leave the scene of the crime", Skarg overhears Donatello talk about his InterDimensional portal IDP and realizes that this is exactly what they will need to bring over their troops. Later, at the Lair, Skarg and Dementor arrive unexpectedly, imprison the Turtles in a force field and activate Donatello's, "primitive by Dimension X standards", IDP. Within moments, the Dregma Brothers have arrived on planet Earth.

      After a McGuyver-esque escape, Donatello begins work on the IDP, preparing it to send the Dimension Xers back, while Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Raphael team up with April and dash over to the National Guard Armory where they deduce that the convicts from Dimension X might be heading. But before they can get there, they encounter Skarg, Dementor, and The Dregma Brothers in a modified flying tank, constructed from various military equipment liberated from the National Guard Armory.

      When they contact Donatello for help, he informs them that he is ready, but that they must lead the Dimension Xers to the exact same spot they entered our dimension -- if not Donatello's IDP could create the "mother of all vortexes". With little other choice, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Raphael run toward Times Square, with Skarg, Dementor, and the Dregma Brothers in hot pursuit. At the appointed place and time, the Dimension Xers are sucked back into Dimension X while Vernon and Irma are sucked out.moreless
    • Snakes Alive!
      Season 6 - Episode 13

      While practicing their martial arts, Leonardo tells Splinter that he is convinced that there is one combat maneuver he has yet to teach the Turtles. Splinter ponders this for a moment and then agrees to teach him the one technique for which there is no defense, the Viper Maneuver. However, despite being Splinter's most gifted pupil, the Viper Maneuver seems to be beyond Leonardo's ability. Splinter suggests that maybe there is some hidden fear that prevents him from accomplishing the maneuver. Leonardo is insulted and quickly defends his honor by stating that he is not afraid of anything! Splinter informs Leonardo that he will not be able to perform the Viper Maneuver until he confronts his deepest, darkest fear and overcomes it.

      Meanwhile, April O'Neil reports on a break-in at the city zoo's reptile house. It seems that someone made off with over six hundred species of snakes. Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo are very curious about this robbery while Leonardo seems to be visibly shaken by the mere mention of the word: snake.

      You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know what Leonardo's deepest darkest fear is. So, while prowling the streets looking for clues to the stolen snakes, the Turtles pass the Atlan-Tec Building and notice that all of the equipment inside is moving. Upon further investigation, they discover that the movement is being caused by hundred of snakes. Before they all slither away, the Turtles are able to catch one, slip a tracking device on it and follow it to whoever has programmed them to steal.

      Meanwhile the other Turtles are curious about Leonardo's strange behavior, but they have not made the connection to snakes. Across town, April and Vernon are cruising the streets, hot on the trail of the story when they come across Pinky McFingers and two of his henchmen breaking into a sporting goods store to steal scuba gear. Still on yet another side of town, the Turtles follow the snake with the tracking device onto the grounds of the old Botanical Gardens, which has been abandoned for years. There the TMNT are attacked by hundreds of snakes. Leonardo panics and is unable to help the other Turtles. Before crashing through some rotting floorboards, Leonardo finally announces his fear of snakes.

      When Leonardo regains consciousness, the snakes and the other Turtles are gone. Leonardo is in a quandary. He knows that he must save the other Turtles, but his first reaction is to run which he does... straight into April and Vernon's Channel Six News van, which had been following Pinky McFingers' limo to the Old Botanical Gardens.

      While April and Leonardo exchange stories as to why whey are both there, inside McFingers delivers the stolen diving gear to a hooded figure known as Cobrato. Cobrato informs Pinky that he and his men are to use it to place a thermal device, built with all the stolen electrical equipment, at the bottom of the East River. Cobrato goes on to tell them that he plans to activate the device causing the water to rise in temperature and create a tropical atmosphere for his loyal subjects the snakes.

      Leonardo, April and Vernon follow Pinky McFingers and his henchmen to the river, capture him and turn him over to the police. But not before the villains are able to place Cobrato's device at the bottom of the river. April does some research and learns that Cobrato is really Rudolph Cobrato, a herpetologist who disappeared after a tragic accident involving an experiment with snake venom. Meanwhile, convinced that his device is in place, Cobrato begins the activation process while Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael, convinced that Leonardo is too afraid of snakes to come back and rescue them, devise their own escape.

      All across the city, the temperature is rising, but still Leonardo is too afraid to go back and help his brothers, that is until three small children who worship the Turtles call him a chicken after he tells them that there is nothing he can do. Mustering up all of his courage, Leonardo successfully battles his way through the snakes, only to be confronted by the hooded Cobrato, who finally reveals himself to be a snake. Using the Viper Maneuver, Leonardo is able to defeat Cobrato, rescue the other Turtles, deactivate Cobrato's device and even cause an ungrateful Cobrato to revert back to his human form.

    • Phantom of the Sewers
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      After another night's performance of the robotic Willie Wombat at the Pizza Pan Theater, a mysterious figure, wearing a long black cape, black fedora, white face mask, and known only as the phantom, makes an appearance, terrifying alarmed patrons. An irate Rufus Higby, the owner, orders his henchmen to get him. When April reports from the scene, a very nervous Rufus Higby tells her that it was merely a publicity stunt. The Turtles that are watching April's report down in their lair think Higby's story is fishy and decide they should investigate. While the Turtles traverse the sewers and remark about how high the underground river seems to be, they encounter the Phantom and give chase, but ultimately lose him.

      Later, with the aid of a tracking device, the TMNT are able to locate the Phantom's lair. It appears that the Phantom has opened all the flood gates and is generating hydroelectric energy -- but to what end? After evading numerous traps rigged by the Phantom, the Turtles are able to successfully close the floodgates... but they still haven't found the Phantom. While investigating the area, the Turtles find an elevator under the foundation of a building that leads them up inside the theater, where they encounter Rufus Higby. He still denies the existence of the Phantom. The Turtles rush over to Channel Six. April has been busy reporting on the break-ins of over forty banks city wide. In each break in, someone or something literally ripped the vault doors off their hinges. The Turtles decide they should enter the investigation as well.

      Over at the Cityville Bank, one of the few banks that was not robbed the night before, the Turtles stand guard. But not for long, because they are about to encounter whatever was strong enough to rip through six inches of solid steel -- The Willie Wombat Pizza Pan Theater Robots!! April contacts the Turtles via the TurtleCom to inform them that Rufus Higby had a partner named Bogart Flywheel who invented and designed all the robots. After a fall out with Higby three months ago, Flywheel vanished without a trace. The Turtles are now convinced that The Phantom/Bogart Flywheel is behind all the bank robberies and head back into the sewers to find him.

      Once they encounter the Phantom, and hear a tale of woe, the mutant lads soon realize that he is not responsible for the robberies, but rather his ex-partner Rufus Higby is. After a battle, which destroys all of Bogart Flywheel's "children" and causes the theater to fall into the sewers below, the Phantom discovers that his face is not hideously disfigured after all and he can resume a normal life.moreless
    • Combat Land
      Season 7 - Episode 26
      There is a new amusement park in town and it is called Combat Land. So says the fliers that are being passed all over town inviting all comers to "test their skills against the greatest robot warrior in history and beyond" at tomorrow's grand opening. While covering the story of the grand opening of Combat Land, April, Irma and Vernon discover that there may be no grand opening until the robotic warriors have been fully tested. It seems that the park's owner, Horatio Stressbar, has been unable to find anyone with the combat skills to give his robotic warriors a thorough work out. April, concerned about getting her story on the air, offers the services of the Turtles. After being introduced to Horatio Stressbar and Denton Nulcet, the chief robotic engineer, the Turtles are informed that they will not be allowed to use their weapons in Combat Land. The Turtles reluctantly agree and are issued "safety" weapons to battle against the robotic warriors.

      The Turtles immediately decide to split up as they independently check out the Shogun Zone, the Medieval Zone, and the Future Zone. Meanwhile, Irma is sure that this whole set up is weird. Unable to convince April of her suspicions, Irma sets out with her mini-cam to find the real story. Sure enough, after being attacked with real weapons by robotic Samurais, robotic Knights and robotic cyber-warriors, the defenseless April, Leo, Don and Raph come to the same conclusion. Then, for no apparent reason, the robots stop attacking our heroes and begin a march into the City. Meanwhile, Michaelangelo, Irma and Vernon are missing. So, while Leonardo searches for Michaelangelo in the confines of the amusement park, Donatello and Raphael follow the robots into the City, while April investigates Horatio Stressbar's past.

      Along the way, Leo discovers Michaelangelo's robotic twin and is taken prisoner, while Donatello and Raphael have just discovered that the Combat Land robots are walking time bombs and they are all headed for the sewers. At the amusement park, Horatio Stressbar reveals that his plan to blow up the sewers is generated merely by greed. It seems that he is convinced the City will then have to pay him twenty million dollars to repair them. But it does not end there, Stressbar and Nulcet are also planing to destroy bridges, subways and buildings in order to acquire every major contract in the city. Over at Channel Six, April verifies what we have just learned when she contacts Donatello and Raphael and tells them about Stressbar's petitions for repairing the sewers. Donatello and Raphael return to Combat Land, after Donatello successfully jammed the radio signal messages being directed to Combat Land robots. Donny rescues Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Irma, and Vernon, and they destroy the computers that control the robot warriors.moreless
    • White Belt, Black Heart
      Season 7 - Episode 18
      While deep in meditation, Splinter is contacted telepathically by his sensei, Master Mogo-San who requests that Splinter meet him at Pier 17, where he will be arriving later that same day. Splinter dutifully agrees. Meanwhile, across town, the notorious Black Heart ninja gang, led by a young man named Yoku, has been robbing The City's banks and garnering the attention of Shredder and Krang, who want to put the Black Heart gang to work for them. At Pier 17, Mogo-San arrives and is surprised to find Hamato Yoshi is now a rat. Splinter promises to explain it all, but first he wants to know what brings his sensei to America. Mogo-San explains that he has arrived to pass on the sacred white belt of the Mogo clan to his grandson Yoku and that he needs Splinter help in locating him. This Yoku fellow was once a student of Splinter's and is the same Yoku who leads the infamous Black Heart gang. Splinter takes Mogo-San back to the sewer-lair and introduces him to the Turtles, who are most eager to accommodate him by helping Splinter search for Mogo-San's grandson. But alas, Mogo-san is very distressed to learn of the dishonor Yoku bears upon the family name. While covering the break-in of a jewelry warehouse by the Black Heart gang, April spies Shredder, assumes that he is a part of it and contacts the Turtles, via her TurtleCom, to inform them. But when she meets with the Turtles, they forbid her to come with them and refuse to tell her what is going on. Naturally, as a reporter, this gets her angry. She decides to follow the Turtles to see why they are being so secretive. Shredder finally catches up with Yoku and the Black Heart gang and immediately strikes a deal. Yoku and his boys are to break-in to a certain Government building and steal some top secret nuclear testing site maps. In exchange for this, they will receive an armory of Dimension X weapons. After a simple demonstration, Yoku agrees. No sooner have they shaken hands on this agreement when Splinter and the Turtles arrive. Shredder manages to escape, but Yoku is taken prisoner and delivered back to the lair, and to his grandfather. Mogo-San shares his disappintment with Yoku and asks Splinter to burn the sacred White Belt -- better for it to be consumed by flames than dishonered by Yoku. Splinter reluctantly agrees and after a moment, the lair fills with smoke, allowing Yoku to escape during the confusion. Unfortunately, he does not escape from April, who just happened to be driving by at the same time as Yoku emerges from a man hole cover. She follows him in her van, as he meets up with the other members of the Black Heart gang, only to be taken prisoner when they catch her snooping on them. The bad ninjas force her to become the driver of their get-a-way car in their theft of the Top Secret government maps. While Splinter accompanies Mogo-San back to Pier 1 to return home, the Turtles rescue April and capture the real leader of the Black Market gang, Mr. Crocker, the Mid-City bank president. It seems that Yoku is a secret government agent assigned to infiltrate the Black Heart gang in an effort to gather evidence against them and flush out their leader. The Turtles are able to deliver Yoku to Pier 17 before Mogo-San's boat departs so that he can tell his grandfather the truth. Mogo-San is indeed relieved to learn that Yoku is an honorable man, but saddened that he can no longer pass on the sacred White Belt. Splinter then reveals that he had never destroyed it. Splinter was never convinced that Yoku was anything less than honorable. Meanwhile, Shredder is stuck in the Gobi Desert when he learns that Top Secret government maps are phonies.moreless
    • H.A.V.O.C. in the Streets (2)
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      Titanus sends of couple of his H.A.V.O.C. mutants to bust into the Aerospace Plant and steal some much needed equipment. Only problem is that the Turtles were waiting for them. After a fight, the mutants "beat feet" and the Turtles are left scratching their heads wondering what the mutants were after. Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello also berate Michaelangelo - maybe if he hadn't been goofing off, the mutants might not have escaped.

      Back at H.A.V.O.C. headquarters, during our exposition scene, Titanus explains that he has finally located his missing FLUX TRANSFORMER, the one thing that will make the mutants "masters of time and space travel", at a heavily fortified military base. And the only way he can get it, is by building his SKY PLATFORM. And the only way he can build his SkyPlatform is by distracting the Turtles long enough so that his mutants can obtain the required parts.

      To this end, Titanus springs a CON from prison (thanks to the Turtles who put him there in the first place), turns the con into a mutant now known as SYNAPSE, a creature of pure energy, and sics him onto the Turtles. Back at the lair, Donatello logs onto his computer to investigate the Aerospace Plant to see if he can learn what the mutants might have been after, only to have Synapse come bursting out of his computer to attack the Turtles.

      With the Turtles busy being chased by Synapse, Titanus is able to successfully build his SkyPlatform. But once again, Michelangelo is "distracted", and his brother Turtles are left to deal with Synapse by themselves. Over at Channel Six, Synapse is terrorizing April, Vernon, Burne and the other employees as he systematically trashes the news station.

      While Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael pursue Synapse across town, Michelangelo returns to the scene of the original crime where he spies Titanus and company, building their SkyPlatform, and is caught in the "peeping-tom" act. After Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael finally defeat Synapse by sending him into outerspace where he will "ride the airwaves" for eternity, they unite with Michelangelo to stop Titanus and his mutants. On board the SkyPlatform, the Turtles engage the mutants into a firefight in the engine room, causing the massive ship to malfunction and crash, but not before Titanus and his fellow H.A.V.O.C. members escape aboard a shuttle.moreless
    • What's Michaelangelo Good For?
      Season 4 - Episode 33
      The Turtles go along with Michaelangelo and his pet pigeon Pete to the zoo so that Dr. Goodfellow can check the bird out. After the examination, Michaelangelo sets off on his own while the other Turtles head home. Just as they are about to leave, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael get nabbed by robots created by Dr. Lesseau. The robots take the TMNT to an island near the zoo where Dr. Lesseau is awaiting their arrival. Dr. Lesseau is a scientist who is using his robots to steal animals from the zoo. He is experimenting on them to create a single animal with the best traits of all animals combined. The mad Doc wants the Turtles for their brains.

      Michaelangelo returns to the lair and finds the others missing. Splinter tells him that he had had a vision of an island while meditating and believes the other Turtles are in danger. Splinter sends MIchaelangelo to search for them even after he tells his master he has no idea where to start looking for them. When Michaelangelo arrives at the place where the Turtles were taken, he finds Pete waiting for him. Pete tells him what happened to the other Turtles. Just then Dr. Jane Goodfellow shows up. She is trying to find out who is taking the animals from the zoo. Michaelangelo tells her about the disappearance of the other Turtles and the three of them set off to find the Turtles and the missing animals from the zoo. Using the zoo's boat, they row out to an island that they think the Turtles are on.

      Dodging all of Dr. Lesseau's booby traps, Michaelanglo, Pete and Dr. Goodfellow arrive at the island unharmed. They reach the doctor's lab before he has a chance to follow through with his experiment on the other Turtles. Dr. Lesseau sets his animals free and orders them to attack the Turtles, but the animals turn on the doctor and capture him. Donatello uses Dr. Lesseau's mutator laser to turn all the animals back to normal and return them to the zoo.moreless
    • Tower of Power
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      (synopsis credited to TMNT.COM)

      The Turtles and Splinter win a trip to Europe... but wind up riding in a crate with the Turtle Van. Once ashore they head for Paris. Meanwhile, Krang devises a giant electromagnet to pull the Technodrome free of its dinky Dimension X asteroid, using the Eiffel Tower in Paris as a giant antenna. In Paris, the Turtles and Splinter wind up touring the sewers... not their idea of a sightseeing tour. April, Vernon and Irma are also in Paris covering the Bastille Day celebrations, when Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop arrive, wire the Eiffel Tower and throw the switch -- instantly magnetizing it and pulling everything except the Technodrome into it! The Turtles rescue April and the others, then -- not knowing the cause of the magnetism -- continue their sightseeing.

      Meanwhile, Shredder again hits the power generator switch... and the Eiffel Tower begins to be pulled loose from its foundations toward the portal! Just in time, Donatello destroys the generator, and the Tower plunges back onto its foundations.moreless
    • 10/15/88
      While the Turtles and April O'Neil scour the city for the Second Fragment of the Eye of Zarnov, Shredder sheepishly reports to Krang that he has lost the First Fragment and needs Krang's help. Krang agrees and, with his hi-tech equipment, locates the Fragment just outside the city near where a traveling carnival show has pitched their tents.

      Meanwhile, the Crystal Converger has led the Turtles and April to the same carnival. But before they can locate the Fragment, it is found by two small boys. While April unsuccessfully tries to get them to part with it for three dollars, the Turtles are mistaken for performers and find themselves entertaining an appreciative audience.

      When April finds the Turtles they're in an effort to raise more money to purchase the Fragment, but by then Shredder stumbles upon the boys and simply steals it.moreless
    • Rondo in New York
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady are in town to steal a rare new mutagen created by Oswald Dren, a grad student. Some mutagen is accidentally spilled onto a reel of movie film and monsters and a movie hero named Rondo come to life! The real Rondo is a wimp, and the Turtles try to help him confront the now-living monsters that stalk the street and the movie theater where the Monster Movie Marathon took place. With the turtles' help, Shredder and the mutants fail to steal the mutagen.moreless
    • The Beginning of the End
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      Having recaptured the mutated Leonardo, the Turtles quickly restore him to normal using the vortex crystal technology. At first, it seems that the experiment has worked this time, but soon Leonardo's foot starts glowing, he still has the disease, and which means it's only a matter of time until he mutates once more...

      Dregg commands Mung to take control of a power plant so he can commandeer it's vast supply of plutonium. April, still itching to sink her teeth into a new story, investigates a chop-chop ring at work in the city. Leonardo completely mutates again, and the TMNT once again are thrown into a heated to coral their slightly-more-mutated-than-usual-leader, which takes them across the city and back. The TMNT'S pursuit of Leonardo is interrupted by Dregg, who captures him. Meanwhile, April's investigation of the chop-chop ring leads her right into the arms of dregg's soilders... AGAIN.

      On board the Dreggnaught, Dregg informs the turtles, (who had stowed away on the vessel after Dregg captured their leader, only to be captured), informs the turtles that his new vortex crystal-powered generator, will take out the unstable mutated cells in Leonardo's DNA, giving Dregg unlimited access to study and harness the power of the disease to his own ends! After Dregg cures Leonardo with the generator, the Turtles are able to escape and battle Dregg's minions. They rescue April and Leonardo and flee the Dreggnaught, at the same time they prevent Dregg from using the cells to cause further havoc. As the TMNT celebrate the end of their mutation nightmare, their prowess is monitored by Dregg, who informs Mung that he permanently altered Leonardo's DNA structure, and soon he may just put such an alteration to his advantage...moreless
    • 10/5/91
      While Krang hires some local hoods to drill for anti-freeze (in an effort to free the Technodrome from the frozen Arctic), he sends Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop down to the Louisiana Swamps in search of the Mutagen Pool. Shredder's mission is to extract said mutagen with the Mutagen Shooter to use against the Turtles.

      Napoleon Bonafrog contacts the Turtles when he sees Shredder and crew patrolling the swamps and then inadvertently is blasted by the Mutagen Shooter when Rocksteady trips over a root, causing him to mutate into a mean giant frog. Shredder uses this to his advantage and returns to the City with his new "slave" in tow.

      In the sewers, Napoleon reluctantly leads Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop in the Turtles' lair. But before he is close enough, the mutagen wears off and he reverts back to his normal size and warns the Turtles off. Shredder zaps him again, causing him to mutate yet again. Shredder orders Napolean to destroy the Turtles. Giant Napoleon refuses and runs away.

      Meanwhile, Big Louie realizes that the diamond used to pay him off for his delivery of the anti-freeze is not the Star of Hoboken -- in fact, it is nothing more than glass. The mobster is angry and he wants the real diamond. Big L drives all over town searching for Shredder when he stumbles upon Napoleon (who he had "met" during the payoff and who has shrunken back down to his normal size), who he now holds for ransom until Shredder makes good on their deal.

      Back at Big Louie's hideout, with Shredder and the Turtles hot on their tail, Napoleon reverts back to his mutated size -- and once again he is very angry and refuses to obey the Shredder. But Shredder zaps him again with the Mutagen Shooter and once again, Napolean is under The Shredder's spell. They take Donatello prisoner and return to Shredder's secret hideout.

      Shredder is very upset that Krang's Mutagen Shooter is defective and forces Donatello to fix it or otherwise he will launch his heat-seeking missiles against the other three Turtles. Donatello agrees but ends up crossing the wires causing it to have no affect on him and reverting Napoleon back to his original size.

      The Shredder launches his heat-seeking missiles anyway, failing to realize that turtles and frogs are cold blooded. He barely escapes with his life.moreless
    • Turtle Trek
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Despite interference from the Turtles, Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady successfully install an energy transmitter inside the Power Relay Station and escape unharmed. Back at the lair, the Turtles argue as to whose fault it might be that Shredder and company got away again. Splinter suggests that they spend less time trying to get Shredder and more time doing good things, which confuses the Turtles.

      Meanwhile, over at the Hall of Science, Krang activates his new dimensional portal, thanks to Shredder's installation of the Energy Transmitter at the Power Relay Station, giving him access to Dimension X. After Donatello's equipment registers a power surge emanating from the Hall of Science, they set out to investigate, only to find the place empty and the Dimensional Portal turned on. The Turtles figure that Krang Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady have journeyed to Dimension X, but they're not sure why.

      Before they can think about it any more, they hear a voice crying for help. That voice belongs to an alien from Dimension X named Gargon. He claims that Krang had him abducted from Dimension X and used him to test a new experimental mutagen. Feeling sorry for Gargon, the Turtles free him and the alien agrees to help them find Shredder in Dimension X. But once they arrive there, it seems as if Gargon is leading them on a wild goose chase: going from planet to planet, being attacked by aliens and monsters, being dropped into a middle of a war and never finding Shredder and Krang.

      Eventually it's revealed that Gargon has actually led them into a trap. Shredder arrives in the Technodrome and rewards Gargon by using his Retro-Mutagen Cannon and transforms Gargon back to his normal self. Gargon apologizes to the Turtles and pleads for their forgiveness. But just as Shredder is about to transform the TMNT back into real Turtles so that he may be rid of them at last, Gargon saves them, allowing the Turtles to destroy the Technodrome's engines, and return to Earth through the Dimensional Portal, trapping Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady in Dimension X.moreless
    • The Grybyx
      Season 3 - Episode 41

      An affectionate, cuddly creature from another world shows up on Earth, with the ability to move objects by mental power. It turns out to be an escaped pet of the Neutrinos. The Neutrinos - Dask, Kala and Zak are in search of Kala's pet Grybyx. As it turns out, the small and cuddly creature can turn into a humongous monster. This transformation occurs when it gets fed pizza, and soon enough the gigantic Grybyx-creature threatens the Turtles and the city. Of course, Shredder and Krang want the Grybyx, but they end up getting more than they bargained for. After transforming back into its old self, the Neutrinos return the once-again cuddly little creature to their dimension.

    • The Fifth Turtle
      Season 3 - Episode 8

      Dressed in their human disguises, Donatello and Raphael venture out of their Turtle lair to buy supplies to make pizza. On their way back, via what they believe to be a shortcut, they are "intercepted" by a gang of young street Punks. Suddenly, a young boy wearing a Turtle costume, and who calls himself Zach: "Master Ninja Turtles and the Scourge of Evil Doers," drops in out of nowhere. As he prepares to defend Donatello and Raphael, he falls flat on his face, allowing the real Turtles to dispatch the punks with ease. Afterwards, Zach explains how he wants to help them fight crime -- but Raphael tells him that he is more of a menace than a crime fighter. The kid leaves in a huff, picking up Donatello's Turtle-Com -- which he had lost in the scuffle with the would-be attackers.

    • The Gang's All Here
      Season 3 - Episode 41

      Shredder tries to trick the Turtles into eating cookies made with anti-mutagen. The mutagen is supposed to change the Turtles into human weaklings so Shredder can destroy them. Donatello discovers what the cookies are made of and throws them away warning the Turtles that the mutagen is unstable.
      Michelangelo wanting to be a human, tries one of the cookies and it mutates him into a teenager. As a human, he meets with April who is working undercover in a gang. This gang, lead by Lugnut, happens to be the one that Rocksteady and Bebop used to belong to. Bebop and Rocksteady ask them to steal electronic parts from an abandoned tanker for the Technodrome. Michelangelo is having problems with the mutagen being unstable. He keeps changing from human to Turtle at the most inopportune times. April sees him at one of those times and discovers who he really is.

    • Mobster from Dimension X
      Season 10 - Episode 6
      The community gets a first look at the amazing Protein Computer, including the secretly-in-attendance Turtles. A brain link can easily grant one control of any piece of technology – making the possibilities endless. A need for action arises, however, as gangsters want to kidnap inventor Professor Alvin Huxley and steal the Protein Computer. Though the Turtles defeat them, the danger is far from over. As ordinary as the gangsters are, their boss – the interdimensional Globfather – sure isn't. He stands to collect a hefty reward from Dregg in exchange for Huxley's invention. He sends the gangsters out again to do the job right this time. Despite the Turtles' best efforts, they get Professor Huxley, but his son gets away and unknowingly with the Protein Computer. Both sides search for Ronnie, but the Globfather wins out. Now, the Turtles race to stop the Globfather and then Dregg from wreaking havoc on Earth. They succeed, but this victory may be short-lived in the long run.moreless
    • Usagi Yojimbo
      Season 3 - Episode 32

      Thanks to a run-in with General Traag from Dimension X, the Turtles discover that Krang is experimenting with his "Dimensional Portal" again. Donatello decides to contact the Nutrinos in an effort to discover what Krang is up to. Donatello's "Pan-Dimensional Portal" is knocked "off track" by Krang's machine and instead of Dimension X, the Turtles make contact with an alternate Earth, in 16th century Japan, where animals are the dominant species -- not humans. Suddenly, a samurai rabbit named Usagi Yojimbo is "sucked" through the portal and into the Turtles' Lair. After a short battle, Usagi admits defeat and begs to learn their ninja secrets.

    • The Four Musketurtles
      Season 3 - Episode 16

      At the local Mardi Gras parade, April, dressed as a 17th century noblewoman "right out of the Three Musketeers", suggests that the Turtles, who are walking the street "au natural", should be in costume and should also read Dumas' book. She just happens to have a copy on her and gives it to Leonardo, who reads it at the first opportunity, is enthralled by it and tries to convince the other Turtles of the striking similarities between themselves and the Three Musketeers.
      Meanwhile, down in the Technodrome, while watching April O'Neil's coverage of the Mardi Gras parade, Krang learns that the priceless Star of Brazil diamond, is, in fact, the long lost element of Impervium: a substance found only in Dimension X and was "sent" to earth as part of an experiment. Krang tells Shredder that with the Impervium once again in his possession he could create weapons unknown to the likes of man. Shredder wastes no time sending Rocksteady and Bebop up to the Earth's surface to steal the gem.

    • Return of the Fly
      Season 3 - Episode 22

      Noticing that the Technodrome's ballast tanks are low, Krang decides to take the Technodrome closer to the surface so that it can siphon off water from an underground reservoir. Meanwhile, Donatello has built a device that will track the Technodrome's movements. No sooner is he done, then the Technodrome is on the move. Observing the action of both the Turtles and Shredder and company is none other than Baxter Stockman, who has recently returned to the current dimension and is desperate to enact his revenge on both Shredder and the Turtles. The Turtles, along with April, arrive at the underground water tank before Shredder, and while they prepare for him, April is kidnapped by Baxter Stockman.

    • Cyber-Turtles
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      While investigating the theft of a rare telescope, the Astro-Viewer, the Turtles discover odd tracks leading away from the National Space Exploration Center. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Science, having installed the Astro-Viewer in a vain attempt to create a dimensional portal, Krang discovers an alien StarFighter flying closely past Earth. He is able to break into their transmission and learns that they have recently defeated their enemies and now have possession of the Firestar, which will make them the undisputed masters of the universe.

      Krang is excited by this piece of information. Until now, he had always thought that the Firestar was only a legend. It seems that the Firestar contains the power of a thousand suns. Krang believes it is his destiny to rule the cosmos, not just those creatures. Krang brings the alien StarFighter down with his lasers. Moments later, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady arrive, stun Commander Korak and his comrades of the Glaxxon Federation, steal the FireStar and head back to the Hall of Science.

      April and the Turtles race to the crash site only to be confronted by Commander Korak and his fellow Glaxxons, who think that they have taken the FireStar. After being captured, the Turtles try to explain that they only came to make sure that nobody was hurt and that they are friends. Commander Korak explains that the Glaxxons have no friends and orders them thrown into a cell.

      The Glaxxons set out in search of the FireStar and April contacts the one person she can always count on when the Turtles are in trouble: CASEY JONES!Shredder delivers the FireStar to a very excited Krang. The Glaxxons fear that someone is jamming their sensors, as they cannot locate the FireStar. They head for the City determined to destroy the world if they have to.

      The Turtles escape from their cell and steal four Cyber suits. They become the Cyber Turtles and follow the Glaxxons to the City. When they meet up a battle ensues. April and Casey sneak into the Hall of Science and steal back the FireStar. The Glaxxons surrender.moreless
    • The Day the Earth Disappeared
      Season 10 - Episode 7
      Dregg launches a vicious attack on New York City. Though again unable to defeat the Turtles, the harm is done. Worse, he and Mung embark on more dangerous ideas. With the newly modified Dreggnaut transporter, Earth can be sent into Dimension X. When the portal appears, the Turtles, Splinter and April quickly see what is going on. Time is not on their side, however. With April staying behind at the lair, the Turtles and Splinter quickly race into action. Unfortunately, a mix-up separates them. Only Splinter makes it to the Dreggnaut, while the Turtles find themselves in different, strange locations. Fighting against major odds, he also works to reunite his sons and get them to the Dreggnaut. He succeeds and the Turtles are soon facing Dregg again. The five turn Dregg's own plan against him and make it back home, while their foe is once again defeated.moreless
    • Zach and the Alien Invaders
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      Zach, the Turtles' young friend, and honorary fifth Turtle, is infatuated with comic books, especially "The Alien Invaders"... but the boy has "cried wolf" once too often as he seems to see aliens everywhere. Zach "retires" his Turtle costume when his parents enroll him in the Ten-Hut Military Academy where they hope he will learn some discipline and live in the real world.

      But after Zach arrives, he discovers that all his fellow cadets are zombies thanks to two aliens: Wingnut and Screwloose, who are disguised as Colonel Clout and Sergeant Rambo. Wingnut and Screwloose plan to conquer Earth using their "Mind Changer" on the young cadets. Zach calls the police when Wingnut and Screwloose unleash a Robotic Cockroach onto The City, but they do not believe him. The only ones who might believe him are the Turtles, but he is captured before he can convince them that he is telling the truth. It is not until the Robotic Cockroach starts attacking some construction workers downtown that Zach's alien invasion story is accepted as fact and not fiction.

      Michaelangelo and Donatello arrive at the Ten Hut Military Academy to rescue Zach only to find themselves in need of rescuing. At the last minute, when Zach, Michaelangelo and Donatello are strapped in the Mind Changer, Zach uses his Turtle-Com to overload the power of the "Mind Changer." Defeated, Wingnut and Screwloose "beat feet" and Zach is honored as a hero by the city.moreless
    • New York's Shiniest
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Shredder learns that the police have created a robotic cop and he plans to steal it and make clones. April gets a tip about the new experimental cop Rex-1 and breaks into the lab with her news camera for an exclusive story. When she activates the remote control device that commands Rex-1, she makes a friend for life.

      April leaves the lab only to be followed by Rex-1 who informs her that she is his controller and the he is designed to serve and protect her.

      April soon becomes weary of his protection, but Rex-1 soon becomes a vital asset when Shredder unleashes his army of robot cops on the city...moreless
    • The Showdown
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      At Carter's hideout, Michaelangelo and Carter hang out playing video games. However, today during a video game, the TV monitor goes screwy and Carter assumes that it's just a malfunction. Back at the lair, April contacts the other Turtles to inform them that all the TV stations in the City are jammed. Suddenly she is caught in the hypnotic effect of the spinning wheel pattern from her television set. Carter runs into his old rival JET McCABE. Jet is a teenager who's had a vendetta against Carter ever since Carter had him thrown out of a local martial arts club for cheating. Jet wants to settle the score but Carter can't take the time - the Turtles need him. Meanwhile, Dregg has contacted one of his minions SLEAZEBUG, who is presently recruiting able-bodied life forms all over the galaxy to participate in a martial arts tournament. If Sleazebug can get the TMNT for the tournament they will be transported clean across the galaxy and Dregg will not have them interefering with his plans. Sleazebug catches up with the team just as Carter is about to confront Jet McCabe. Sleazebug zaps them instantly to the site of the tournament but he fails to get Donatello and Raphael who tear off in pursuit. Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Carter and Jet find themselves in a holding cell on another planet. The martial arts tournament is at the compound of the sinister KARG. The rule here is "fight to the death". Carter and Jet must set aside their differences and, with the two Turtles, face a fearsome variety of alien combatants. Back on Earth, Donatello modifies the TechnoTracker based on his belief that Sleazebug's vehicle left a trail of particle traces. Don wants to follow the particle remains so that he and Raphael can obtain the teleporter and rescue Carter and the other Turtles. Meanwhile on the distant planet, a guard takes Leonardo and Michaelangelo to a teleporter in return for sparing his life. Jet elects to stay where he feels that he can be a champion. Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Carter arrive back on Earth in time to help Donatello and Raphael destroy Dregg's Mutation Machine and cause his latest base operations to blow sky high.moreless
    • The Maltese Hamster
      Season 3 - Episode 4

      It was a dark and rainy night. The Turtles, wearing their trench coats and fedoras investigate a reign of mob terror. Donatello, in his worst "Sam Spade" impersonation, narrates this pulp/film noir story of banks all over the city being "taken down by the mob." But, as Donatello tells the viewer, the mob is using sophisticated weaponry -- the kind that could be only supplied by Shredder. And what mobster would be "gutsy" enough to deal with Shredder?

    • Rebel Without a Fin
      Season 4 - Episode 29
      Another mad scientist, Dr. Polidorius, creates a half-man half-fish named Ray. The Doctor has Ray plant explosives in certain parts of the sewer so that he can sink the city beneath the ocean. Ray is just one of the first fish-men that Polidorius plans on creating for his underwater city.

      April, who is covering another Donald J. Lofty building opening, thinks that she sees one of the Turtles peeking out of a sewer drain and goes down to see them. When she gets another look at the person there, she realizes that it's not the Turtles. While following it, she radios the TMNT to tell them what she saw. While April is talking to them, Ray captures her and brings her to the Doctor's lab. The Turtles rush to her aid when they realize she is in danger. By the time that they get to where she is supposed to be, April is gone. While searching for her, the Turtles meet Ray. A battle ensues, but Ray's arsenal of eel electricty and scorpion fish quills defeats our heroes.

      The Turtles finally find April in the Doctor's lab, but they end up getting captured and are unable to stop the Doc from turning her into a walking fish. The TMNT find out about the Doctor's plans for his underwater city. The lads manage to escape from their trap, but Dr. Polidorius gets away. The TMNT rush to disarm all the bombs, but they run out of time and one goes off. The explosive that they miss is under the Lofty condos. The Turtles track down Polidorius with the help of April's fish powers and make him change her back to a human again. Ray escapes into the sea before anybody can catch him and the Lofty condos are turned into an aquarium and underwater restaurant.moreless
    • Divide and Conquer
      Season 10 - Episode 8
      Dregg makes a proposition to any warrior that they will be showered with wealth and power if they can last 90 seconds against the Turtles. The Turtles seem to be a match for the aliens fueled by Dregg's motivation that keep appearing in their dimension.

      Dregg, now clearly insane, has tricked the alien warriors and absorbs all of their strength. He is now able to overpower the Turtles. Donatello has an idea to use the portal to recover Krang's old android body. This will be the Turtles' only weapon to shut down the maniacal alien once and for all.moreless
    • Rust Never Sleeps
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      In the Technodrome, Krang works on an oxidizer rocket with enough power to blast the Technodrome to Earth. But something goes wrong, and instead of thrust, the device grows rust! Shredder berates Krang for yet another failed idea, but Krang sees this as a tool of conquest, by threatening to rust all metal on the Earth unless the citizens surrender.

      Meanwhile, the Turtles are in Paris with Splinter, who is showing them the sights via the sewer system. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady arrive in Paris with the device, which they charge with Paris' electrical power system. April arrives to cover the story of mysterious power failures in the City of Lights, and gets captured by Shredder. The Turtles head for the rescue as Rocksteady and Bebop blast everything in sight with their rust encruster. They stop the rusting as the Eiffel Tower itself begins to collapse from rust. The Turtles rescue April and just in time, Donatello reverses the rust encruster and saves the Eiffel Tower.moreless
    • Raphael Knocks 'Em Dead
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Raphael sees a comedian myseriously disappear while doing a show at the House of Ha Ha. Just then, April calls to ask him to go check out the disapperance of the comedian at the club. Raphael goes to investigate and is put in the spotlight when the club's owner mistakes him for a comedian wearing a costume.

      Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo are watching Raphael on TV and see him suddenly disappear. They decide to go to the House of Ha Ha to see if they can find out what happened to Raphael.

      Meanwhile, Raphael finds himself at Pinky Mcfingers house along with the other comedians. Once he has Raphael strapped down, McFingers tells him of his brilliant plan. Barney Stockman, Baxter Stockman's brother, has invented a gag-a-magnifier for McFingers. This machine increases the comedy power of jokes. They are going to hook up the funniest comedian to it and transmit the joke waves all over the city, making everyone hysterically helpless. This will enable McFingers and his two goons to go out and loot the city. Being the funniest comedian, Raphael is forced to start telling his jokes.

      Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo track the source of the "laugh wave" to McFinger's mansion and rescue Raphael and the other comedians. Raphael turns the gag-a-magnifier against the villains making them helpless to escape. April arrives with the police and they arrest McFingers, his goons and Barney Stockman.moreless
    • Super Irma
      Season 6 - Episode 3

      While the Turtles are busy trying to decide what costumes to wear to this year's Channel Six Halloween party, April and Irma are doing a story on the "reverse polarity magnet" at Magno-Dyne Labs. While at the Labs, Irma falls into some "goop" that the good Professor Chumley describes as harmless. Nonetheless, she feels ill and goes straight home.

      Meanwhile, inside the Technodrome on the Arctic Ocean floor, Krang and Shredder watch April's broadcast and decide that the "reverse polarity magnet" device is just what they need to rule the world.

      Later that night, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady break into Magno-Dyne Labs and attempt to steal the Professor's invention. As fate would have it, Irma is walking by in her Halloween costume, which looks like Wonder Woman's in design. As she passes by, Irma is accidentally "zapped" by the magnet device when Bebop accidentally turns it on.

      When Shredder and company try to "take care" of Irma, they find themselves being "taken care of," as Irma inadvertently displays super powers.

      Later, on the way home from the party, Irma tries to convince both the Turtles and April of her new found powers. No one believes her, until April and Irma separate from the Turtles and are confronted by two muggers in a dark alley.

      April and the Turtles become believers as they witness Irma's spectacular super powers. But Irma is now out of control. She sees herself as the new crime fighter in town and is determined to right all wrongs. Fortunately, Donatello planted a tracking device on her before she fled from the alley in pursuit of evil-doers everywhere.

      So our intrepid heroes follow Irma around town, all night long, saving herself from herself, that is until the inevitable happens -- Irma finds herself trapped inside a Transport Module, with Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady and the "reverse polarity magnet machine," headed for the Technodrome.

      The Turtles learn that Irma's super powers will wear off in five minutes. Meanwhile, Krang tests the "reverse polarity magnet" machine on a battleship, doing target practice on a mothball fleet in the harbor, by lifting it out of the ocean and flying it across the city skyline.

      With the flip of a switch, the Turtle Van becomes a Turtle Sub and the TMNT race to the Technodrome, rescue Irma, and gently put the battleship down on a busy thoroughfare.

      Donatello then rewires the controls to turn the "reverse polarity magnet" machine into a regular magnet machine -- which means the mothball fleet will be pulled down under water and drawn toward the Technodrome, destroying it.

    • 20,000 Leaks Under the City
      Season 3 - Episode 14

      Still searching for a way to destroy the Turtles, Krang develops a Super Pump that he intends to use to flood the sewers and flush out the "boys in green." After sending Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop to make the necessary preparations, Krang begins pumping water out of the ocean and pumping it into the sewers. Meanwhile, in the Turtles lair, Splinter and the Turtles are in the middle of a pizza repast when they are swept away by the sudden onslaught of water.
      But back down in the Technodrome, something has gone wrong. Krang's pump can not be shut off as more and more water is being sucked from the ocean and "dumped" into the sewer -- which is now overflowing into the streets. Soon, the entire city will be under water.

    • Welcome Back, Polarisoids
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Krang sends the Polarisoids an invitation to visit Earth, only the Polarisoids think that the "invite" is from the Turtles. It seems that Krang wants to get a hold of the Polarisoids' camera -- the one that literally captures its subjects within the camera. Krang has retained one of the Polarisoids "home movies" and adapted it so that when it is played in the Polarisoids' camera, it will unleash all the terrorizing aliens that the Polarisoids have "videotaped" on their vacations across the galaxies. Krang believes that these vicious aliens will keep the Turtles busy so that he can take control of The City.

      When the Polarisoids locate the surprised Turtles, they have no choice but to invite them back to their lair. On the way, Shredder arrives and steals the Polarisoids camera. He inserts Krang's "tampered" tape and unleashes an alien monster which, true to form, attacks the Turtles. Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop cause havoc throughout The City when they unleash more and more alien monsters with the Polarisods' camera. And while this is happening, Krang's computer is breaking into computer systems all over the City and taking control.

      The City's populace is in a state of panic as The Turtles "put out every little fire that erupts." It looks like Krang will be victorious when Shredder plays back some footage that Frip shot on a planet with no gravity -- everything starts floating away -- including the Turtles. But when Shredder has the camera inadvertently knocked out of his hands, Frip retrieves it and turns it off. While everything comes crashng back to Earth, Donatello successfully inserts a "bug" into Krang's computer, thus destroying it and Krang's hope of dominance.moreless
    • Were-Rats from Channel 6
      Season 4 - Episode 24
      While the Rat King searches for food in the sewers, he comes across a canister of mutagen. Thinking that it is nothing, he throws it away and continues to search for food.

      Rat King soon comes across Bebop and Rocksteady, who were accidentally transported to the sewers by Shredder. They are on Earth to meet two thieves that stole explosives for them. Shredder tells them that while they are in the sewer, they can search for a canister of mutagen that was lost there. The Rat King hears all this and realizes that the canister he threw away was the one with the mutagen in it. He figures he could use the mutagen to make human size rats that will help them get food.

      While searching for subjects, he comes across Irma and Vernon, who are in the sewer working on a story. He captures them and using the mutagen, turns them into rats. Using his flute to put them under his power, he orders them to go to the surface and bring back food.

      Meanwhile, April gets worried when Irma and Vernon don't show up at the office. She asks the Turtles to help her look for them. The Turtles and April find Irma and Vernon's tracks and realize that the Rat King has probably captured them. The Turtles send April back to Cahnnel Six to see if maybe they have returned. In the sewer, the Turtles come across the Rat King. They discover that he has indeed captured Irma and Vernon and they now are rats and are working for him.

      While searching for food for the Rat King, Irma and Vernon transform back to themselves. (The Rat King does not know it, but, the mutagen is unstable.) Not having any recollection of what happened, they return to Channel Six.

      After searching the sewer for the mutagen and not finding it, Bebop and Rocksteady go to the surface to meet the thieves. They discover that the thieves are trying to double cross them and Bebop and Rocksteady decide to follow them.

      The Rat King goes to Channel Six after Irma and Vernon fail to return with food. Using his flute, they transform back into rats and capture April. While out searching for food, Vernon overhears where there is a lot of cheese and informs his master about it. Leaving April in his lair, the Rat King, Irma and Vernon head to the airport.

      The Turtles rescue April and rush to the airport to stop the Rat King and rescue his companions. At the airport there is a big mix-up. Bebop and Rocksteady followed the two thieves there. The thieves put the explosives in the cheese crates and the cheese in the explosives crate. The Rat King, Irma and Vernon go there to look for the cheese crates and the Turtles are there to rescue Irma and Vernon. With Splinter's help, the Turtles and April manage to rescue Irma and Vernon. The thieves get away empty handed. Bebop and Rocksteady get transported back to Dimension X with the explosives in a plane. They of course don't know how to fly a plane, so they bail out before it crashes, along with all of the explosives.moreless
    • The Unknown Ninja
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      While watching video tapes of old battles, Raphael sees a mystery person spying on them. While the Turtles investigate, an alien warlord named Dregg sends his TechnoGansters to steal all of the gold supplies on Earth. The Turtles find them attacking the Federal Reserve Building and are outmatched, until the mystery person arrives. But he proves to be a handicap and the TechnoGansters escape. Back at the Lair, Donatello surprisingly announces that the mutagen is unstable and will cause unknown effects on them. They then find the mystery person in the sewers and he reveals himself to be Carter and in search of Splinter, who agrees to make Carter a student. Meanwhile at the Copcor Building, April sees the unveiling of the new robotic law enforcement: the Intimidators. But Dregg has them causing trouble and the Turtles race to the scene. Carter decides to go help, unknowingly spilling mutagen on himself. Dregg himself and the TechnoGansters join in the fight too, but they find it hard to beat the determined Turtles. Dregg traps Carter in a metal hold to keep the Turtles at bay, while he returns to the Federal Reserve. Suddenly, the mutagen makes Carter a giant metallic-skinned ninja and he breaks free. In the end, the Turtles defeat Dregg thanks to this "new mutant", unaware he's actually Carter.moreless
    • Camera Bugged
      Season 3 - Episode 20

      After demonstrating poor skills in their daily katas, the Turtles convince Splinter that they need a vacation -- he agrees, if they can agree where to spend it. Meanwhile, an Alien Tourist/Polarisoid arrives on Earth taking photos of everything -- and everything he takes a photo of disappears right into his camera, to be viewed by family and friends back home on Polaris. Calls are flooding into Channel Six News -- even City Hall is missing and April sets out to get an exclusive. At the Technodrome, Shredder and Krang realize that if they could get hold of the Polarisoid's camera they could rid themselves of the Turtles once and for all.

    • Turtles on Trial
      Season 3 - Episode 2

      Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael are enjoying an episode of professional wrestling when Michelangelo enters the room and turns the channel to "ON TRIAL" hosted by Clayton Kellerman, a Morton Downey-like rabble rouser who suggests that a clear and present danger is lurking in the sewers: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles are aghast and can't understand why people would hate them. April has her make-up department make human masks so the Turtles could move more freely in the streets.
      Meanwhile, Shredder is sweating from the heat, as Krang "chews him out" for his failure to retrieve the necessary components to repair the refrigeration units. Shredder has had enough and suggests that Krang go up on the Earth's surface and get what he needs and eliminate the Turtles himself. Krang considers this a good idea.

    • Mister Ogg Goes to Town
      Season 3 - Episode 42

      While searching for a device to transform crude oil into liquid hydrogen, which he needs to run the Technodrome, Krang accidentally brings Mr. Ogg from Dimension Z to Earth. Mr. Ogg has the power to transform anything into anything he wishes. While Mr. Ogg is in the Technodrome he discovers Shredder's quarters. Shredder has a collection of antique vases. Ogg has a taste for old porcelain and eats all of Shredder's collection. By the time Shredder finds him it is too late. Ogg wants to know where he can get more porcelain and that gives Krang an idea on how to get the Turtles back and get his formula for the oil. He tells Ogg that he would go get more porcelain for him, but they have been cast out by the Turtles. They are doomed to stay underground. Ogg feels bad for them and says he'll get whoever it is that did that to them. Krang tells Ogg that if he can get a formula to trasnform oil into liquid hyrogren, Krang will tell him where he can get all the procelain he has ever wanted and he will also tell Ogg where the Turtles are so Ogg can do them in. Ogg agrees to do it.

    • Michaelangelo Toys Around
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Michaelangelo, eager to go to a toy show, smuggles himself in as a Turtle toy. Wilbur Weazell, inventor of Tyler Toys, has reprogrammed Tyler Toy's newest toy, the "Tyranno-toy" to attack and destroy. This would ruin his employer and allow Weazell to take over the company.

      The Michaelangelo Toy is spotted by Mr. Tyler's son Kevin, and gets carried off to the Tyler estate for him. April, who is broadcasting from the show, sees Michaelangelo being taken away and quickly tells the other Turtles.

      The Turtles go to the show to see if they can find out where Michaelangelo is. They run into Weazell and discover what he is planning to do with the toys. Weazell activates the Tyranno-Toys and they attack the Turtles. While battling the terrible toys the turtles get caught in a net.

      Meanwhile, Michaelangelo and Kevin are at the Tyler estate trying to escape from Weazell's assistant. Weazell shows up at the estate and activiates more toys to deal with Michaelangelo and Kevin.

      The Turtles escape from the toy show and follow Weazell to the estate. Kevin and the Turtles battle with the toys and capture Weazell and his goons, stopping him from going through with his plan.moreless
    • Revenge of the Fly
      Season 7 - Episode 22
      Thanks to Vernon's irresponsible journalism, the Turtles find it necessary to stand guard at the Genetic Research Lab. The TMNT are protecting the Genetic Essences of numerous insects, as developed by a local research scientist - essences that were designed to create insects for specific purposes. Meanwhile, in an attempt to open the portal to Dimension X, Krang opens the portal "to the place where he put Baxter Stockman." And naturally, Baxter Stockman/The Fly comes "buzzing" out crying "I'm free! I'm free!" and takes control of the Technodrome. Baxter is determined to make Shredder and Krang pay for turning him into a hideously deformed mutant and to get his revenge on everybody in the whole wide world. With the aid of Baxter's alien computer buddy, he learns about the dangerous genetic substances as reported by Vernon only moments earlier. Baxter is hell-bent on "acquiring" these "dangerous genetic substances" to enact his revenge. Back at the Genetic Research Lab, the Turtles, bored to tears, are called away to rescue April atop a burning building. No sooner do they leave, than Baxter Stockman/The Fly arrives and does the dirty deed. While Baxter Stockman/The Fly flies over the City looking for something to mix Krang's mutagen with the "genetic essences of insects", he spies a fireman dousing the flames of the EMF Building, the site of April's recent rescue by the Turtles, with a Super-Slosher 2000. Baxter is convinced that this is just what the doctor ordered and is proven right when he turns the "fearless firemen" into giant "fear inducing Termites". Baxter Stockman/The Fly's next target is the local carnival. Within minutes every human in the place has become an insect - an insect with a voracious appetite. So naturally, when the Turtles arrive on the scene, they have no idea that they are beating innocent victims - that is until the alien computer (left behind when Baxter flew off to "transform" his next set of victims, spills the beans that Baxter is at Channel Six). But when April and the Turtles arrive, they discover that they are too late. Irma has been turned into a moth, Vernon has been turned into a spider, Burne has been turned into a bee, and the interior walls of Channel Six are now honey-combed. After a series of misadventures, the Turtles capture Baxter Stockman/The Fly. But in the process, the converted Super Slosher 2000 is broken and now the only way to turn all of Baxter's victims back into humans (including April, who is now a wasp) is to borrow Shredder's Retro-Mutagen ray, which he coincidentally had just repaired at the beginning of the first act. After another series of misadventures down in the Technodrome, the Turtles destroy the alien computer, send Baxter back to the place he came from, obtain Shredder's Retro-Mutagen Ray gun and return back to the City where they turn everyone back to normal - or normal as they ever were, and destroy Shredder's device.moreless
    • Adventures in Turtle-Sitting
      Season 6 - Episode 4

      While Splinter is away on meditative satori, Donatello sets his sights on solving world hunger. He invents the "Food Revivafiver", a device designed to reverse the aging process of food.

      However, Michaelangelo accidentally zaps the other Turtles with the device and Donatello fears that it may have devastating effects on them. Meanwhile, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady break into a government weather station to steal balloons and helium. Shredder returns to the Technodrome while Bebop and Rocksteady load their Transport Module with their booty.

      Back at the Turtles' lair, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo are shrinking down to Turtle Babies. When April contacts the Turtles about the break in at the Government Weather Station, the three baby Turtles can't wait to get there and punch Shredder in the nose. They all climb on one skateboard and race across town with a frustrated Michaelangelo in pursuit. However, when they arrive, Shredder, as stated earlier, is already gone and Michaelangelo and the three Turtle Babies prove to be no match for Bebop and Rocksteady. Later, while April continues on her story and Michaelangelo returns to the lair to search through Donatello's notes for an antidote, Irma is left to baby sit Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael.

      Meanwhile down in the Technodrome, Krang reveals this episode's scheme. It seems that the villain plans to use the helium-filled weather balloons to support a man-made bogus island, a place where Krang intends to lure the city's top criminals with a bogus treasure map. When they all gather on the island, Krang will release the tether that secures the island to the Technodrome, and all of his competition will float off in to space.

      Only once again, Krang's plans are foiled, as April is reassigned. Burne sends her out to the mysterious tropical island where the leading underworld figures have been spotted.

      Michaelangelo decides to go with her, and to the surprise of both of them, so do the three baby Turtles. During a skirmish, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael escape into the ocean, where, lo and behold, the salt water transforms them back into their natural states. They are now ready to go back and kick butt. Shredder and company retreat back to the Techndrome and April contacts the police to pick up the city's crime lords.

    • Nightmare in the Lair
      Season 6 - Episode 9

      Down in the sewers, while Michaelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael are watching yet another cheesy sci-fi film, Donatello is busy building his latest invention, the Dream-O-Vision, a device designed to turn your "imagination" into a three-dimensional hologram. After a couple of test runs it appears to malfunction when a Freddy Kreuger-esque character, Creepy Eddie, appears and announces that he is taking control of the dreams. Donatello shuts down the Dream-O-Vision helmet and decides that it is too dangerous and puts it away until he can figure out what is wrong.

      Meanwhile, over at Channel Six News, Milton Frobish the Third, a nerd and son of the owner of Channel Six News, has been welcomed to the News Team and assigned to work with April. Thus begins a series of misadventures for poor Milton the nebbish, thanks to Vernon's constant "sucking up." Back at the lair, Michaelangelo against Donatello's orders, elects to test out the Dream-O-Vision. Everything is fine until he is attacked by the Squid Monster That Ate Hoboken. Unable to return to the real world, Creepy Eddie informs Michaelangelo that he has been waiting for someone from Michaelangelo's universe to pass through. All he needs is one more person to make a two-for-one exchange.

      Concerned about Michaelangelo's reluctance to join them for pizza, Leonardo returns to the lair, only to be sucked into a whirlwind and transported into Nightmareland. Moments later, Creepy Eddie arrives in Reality. While Michaelangelo and Leonardo do battle with creatures from Mikey's imagination, Donatello, Raphael and Splinter do battle with Creepy Eddie. Finally, April saves the say when she arrives at the lair and finding the lights turned off, turns them on -- blowing a fuse in the process. This causes the Dream-O-Vision machine to shut itself off, causing Michaelangelo and Leonardo to return to Reality and Creepy Eddie to return to Nightmareland.

    • Krangenstein Lives!
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Down in the sewers, while the other three Turtles are busy practicing their ninja arts training, Michaelangelo is busy playing computer video games, meanwhile, under the Arctic Ocean, while Bebop and Rocksteady are also busy playing video games, Krang is tuning up his Robotic Body. And while no one is looking, Bebop and Rocksteady inadvertently destroy an important computer chip and surreptitiously replace it with one from a hand-held computer video game player. When Krang's Robotic Body goes on-line -- havoc ensues! Krang's Robotic Body "thinks" it is playing a video game. It escapes into a Transport Module and arrives in the Turtles home town -- followed by Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady in pursuit.

      However, upon arrival, Shredder falls down a big hole, knocks himself out, and temporarily loses his memory, Krang's Robotic Body is on the loose, destroying everything it its path in its quest to win the "game."

      Later, thanks to Bebop and Rocksteady's "loose lips," the Turtles learn the truth about Krang's Robotic Body and track it down. The Shredder, still uncertain of who he is, takes a job with Barney Mushnik, proprietor of The Big Bang -- a fireworks company. Shred-head, not knowing exactly why, decides to build a bomb and then uses it to hold the city for ransom. Vernon Fenwick, in one of his vain attempts to beat April out of her story, arrives on the scene with camera in hand and accidentally causes Shredder to fall down the City Hall steps -- thus causing Shredder to regain his memory and quickly assume his old Turtle-hating persona.

      After doing battle with Krang's Robotic Body, which changes size in the blink of an eye, Michaelangelo wires his video game player to the robot, takes control and saves the City.moreless
    • Mutagen Monster
      Season 3 - Episode 24

      In an attempt to hijack two separate trains carrying the ingredients need to make mutagen, Rocksteady and Bebop cause their head-on collision, resulting in the spillage of both chemicals in the city's train yard. While April reports live from the scene, the Turtles arrive to warn her of the danger -- but it's too late. Two bulls in a nearby stockyard have drunk from water contaminated by the chemical spill, causing them to mutate into one giant three-legged, multi-horned and very angry bull!
      The Turtles chase the giant bull throughout the train yard only to discover that Shredder wants the beast as well. But suddenly, the giant bull becomes two giant bulls and chases Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop back into their transport module and they disappear underground. Now the two giant bulls have April trapped between them as she continues to videotape this ground-breaking story. The Turtles save her moments before the giant bulls would have smashed her between them. The resulting collision cause the two giant bulls to revert back to one giant bull and it heads off for the city.

    • The Turtle Terminator
      Season 3 - Episode 37

      Rocksteady and Bebop, on Shredder's orders, kidnap Irma, who pleads with them to wait until tomorrow -- it seems that she has a date with a handsome weatherman from Channel Six News. As soon as April discovers Irma has been abducted, she contacts the Turtles. At his secret hideout, the Shredder activates his "Turtle Terminator" to replicate itself to look just like Irma. He then sends the Irma/Turtle Terminator out on its mission -- to destroy all turtles. Irma/Turtle Terminator returns to Channel Six News and professes that nothing has happened to her nor has she seen Rocksteady and Bebop. April reports to the Turtles that Irma is back and that everything is fine but the Turtles are doubtful. They continue to investigate. However, when Irma/Turtle Terminator overhears Burne Thompson refer to his girlfriend as a "turtle dove" she fires a laser blast out of her eyes, melting the telephone. April realizes that something is wrong. She calls the Turtles to find Irma and find out just what the Turtle Terminator really is for.

    • The Catwoman From Channel Six
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      While experimenting with a Matter Transporter in his secret hideout, Shredder sends Rocksteady and Bebop to a nearby garbage dump. Through a series of mishaps, Rocksteady and Bebop find themselves in the sewers and in the Turtles' Lair. After subduing them, but before interrogating them, Shredder "recalls" them to his secret hide-out. The Turtles watch Rocksteady and Bebop vanish into thin air. The Turtles contact April O'Neil and lure her with the promise of a great news story, but when she arrives she discovers that they need a new TV to replace the one that Rocksteady and Bebop destroyed during their encounter. It seems the "boys in green" are addicted to sci-fi movies and were in the middle of a marathon when Rocksteady and Bebop dropped in.moreless
    • Leonardo Versus Tempestra
      Season 4 - Episode 35
      The Turtles sneak into an arcade in the middle of the night to play video games. Leonardo gets hooked on a game called "Tempestra's Revenge." One rainy night, Leon sneaks out to play the game. While Leonardo is playing the game, lightning strikes the arcade and Tempestra comes to life. Leonardo contacts the other Turtles and asks them for help. Tempestra overhears him calling for help and traps the other Turtles in their lair by flooding the sewers.

      April finds Leonardo trying to dodge falling things from the earthquake that Tempestra has started. The fearless reporter picks up the dazed Ninja Turtle and they both set out to find Tempestra. They follow her trail to a nuclear power plant where she has gone to recharge herself. Leonardo thinks he has an idea to get rid of Tempestra for good. He tries to egg her on by telling her he does not think she is all that powerful. Tempestra falls for the trick and proves her strength by creating three creatures to fight Leonardo.

      Meanwhile, in the Turtle lair, Donatello has created a machine to help the remaining TMNT escape the flooded sewer so that they can help Leonardo and April. Don, Mike and Raph make their escape and manage to track down April and Leo. The three TMNT arrive at the power plant just as Tempestra releases her creatures upon Leonardo. With all the Turtles reunited, they defeat Tempestras creatures with ease.

      Tempestra realizes that she has been tricked and tries to blow up the nuclear generator to get more power. Leonardo uses the computer chip from the video game against Tempestra to capture her once again.

      After this adventure, Leonardo decides to lay off video games for a while.moreless
    • Turtles of the Jungle
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Professor Willard W. Willard, one of Donatello's idols, invents a Molecular Intensifier to control the growth of living things. Krang hears about it and sends Shredder to steal it.

      While testing the Intensifier, the Professor accidentally zaps his pet monkey Jocko, who grows to 30 feet in height. He also zaps some roots which then grow enormous and begin to take over the city, turning it into a jungle.

      Jocko gets attracted to April and starts chasing after her. To stop Jocko, the Professor zaps Donatello, making him 30 feet tall as well. Jocko gets angry at Donatello and they start fighting. The Turtles realize they have to stop Jocko before he and Donatello destroy the city. They urge the Professor to come up with a formula to reverse the Intensifier's effects. The Turtles finally reverse the Intensifier's effects. They stop Shredder from getting the device and return the City back to normal.moreless
    • Rock Around the Block
      Season 6 - Episode 1

      Krang summons General Tragg from the Dimension X to keep the Turtles busy (with a Rockolizer - a device that "vitalizes" anything made of mineral - i.e. turns inanimate rocks into animate rocks) while Shredder places a remote control transmitter upon a rocket ship preparing to launch a satellite with a new Super Laser. It is Krang's intention to steal the Super Laser and uses] it to free the Technodrome from its arctic prison.

      While rushing across town to cover a report of "rocks going wacko", April gets trapped in her van, almost falling into an enormous crater left by a boulder which exploded out of the earth. The Turtles rescue her. Fortunately, April had contacted the Turtles before heading off to the Central City Park - site of the "wacko rocks."

      Meanwhile, Shredder arrives at the launch site and prepares to attach Krang's remote control device onto the Super Laser. Back across town, the Turtles and April come across General Tragg and realize that Krang and Shredder must be up to no good again. While the Turtles attempt to do battle with General Tragg, April borrows the Turtle Van and heads back to Channel Six for more video tape to capture the "story of the year." But General Tragg tires quickly of the Turtles' feeble attempts to capture him and, using his Rockolizer, creates a Giant Rock Monster and sends it chasing after the Turtle Van - thinking they are still inside.

      The Turtles arrive at the Channel Six building and lure the Giant Rock Monster away to a nearby construction site before it can destroy the building with April inside. Meanwhile, Krang is getting anxious as liftoff time is fast approaching and Bebop and Rocksteady have still not attached the remote control device to the Super Laser.

      Back at the construction site, the Turtles defeat the Giant Rock Monster, only to have General Tragg create six more new ones from the remains of the original Giant Rock Monster. However, with typical Turtle ingenuity, these Rock Monsters are destroyed, as well as General Tragg's Rockolizer.

      Before the Turtles can capture him, Krang returns General Tragg back to Dimension X. As the Turtles start to celebrate their victory, April comes rushing into the scene to tell them that there is more trouble with the Super Laser that just was launched. Somehow, she got wind of Shredder and Krang's scheme.

      The Turtles race to the launch site but are too late. Krang has control of the Super Laser and is able to free the Technodrome from its icy prison. Unfortunately for the bad guys, Bebop and Rocksteady, while arguing over a Captain Cow comic book, disrupt the Super Laser remote control equipment, causing the Super Laser to cut a hole in the ice, causing the Technodrome to fall through and plunge to icy cold depths of the Arctic Ocean.

    • Get Shredder!
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      The TMNT pick up reports of a break-in, and the perpetrators match the descriptions of Shredder, Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady.

      Krang tells Shredder that the site of the 1964 World's Fair would make an adequate hideout, the pavilion showcasing the Hall of Science may still contain equipment ideal for use in taking over the world. At the sight of the break-In, the TMNT follow the trail left behind by the villains and arrive at the world's fair just as their enemies gain control of the Hall of Science, but before they get accustomed to it, they are fired upon by the Hall's current resident, Berzerko!

      Shredder manages to escape, but the Turtles capture Krang. When berzerko hears the dimension x dictator's name mentioned, he commands his Cyber drones to relive Krang of his captors. Berzerko reveals himself to be Drakus, creator of the Technodrome. Having been betrayed by Krang, Drakus now has revenge on his mind. And he has plans for the evil Brain.

      Shredder, in an effort to get Krang back, arms the Channel Six building with an explosive device and threatens to destroy the building, least the turtles hand over their prisoner. The TMNT have no choice, they are able rescue Krang and hand him over to Shredder, who blows the channel six building up anyway. Luckily Splinter was able to rescue most of the people inside (including April and Erma) in time as part of a plan hatched by the TMNT earlier, in case anything went wrong. Suddenly, Drakus, as Berserko, attacks with his Annihilator device, will the TMNT be able to save New York?moreless
    • Muckman Messes Up
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      Shredder and the mutants look for Compound X-7, which will undo the Turtles' mutation. They are unable to find it, but Bebop and Rocksteady accidently throw it out the window and it contaminates two garbagemen into mutants known as Muckman and Joe Eyeball. The Turtles are caught by the news during the fight, and they have a hard time being cleared. Meanwhile, Shredder pretends allies with Muckman and Joe Eyeball to do away with the Turtles. Muckman's mutation weakens the Turtles, and while they are vulnerable, Shredder kidnaps Splinter. April and Irma get Muckman to turn against Shredder, and after Donatello develops and antidote to make them immune to Muckman, they go to the Artic via the Portable Portal Generator to rescue Splinter.moreless
    • A Real Snow Job
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      The Turtles are vacationing in the Alps, as Splinter goes off to a nearby mountain to meditate. April is in an Alpine village with Irma when she notices the ice and snow melting, unusual for this time of year. We soon learn that Krang has sent Shredder to the village with a Zoetropic wave device to melt the worlds' ice, flooding the coastal cities and making Earth easy prey.

      When April discovers this, Shredder sends Rocksteady and Bebop to kidnap her. She is able to leave a clue for the Turtles to find before she is captured. Irma's new boyfriend, handsome Gustav, helps the Turtles -- until he turns out to be a robot of Shredder's, sent to stop the Turtles from locating Shredder's mountaintop hideout.

      The Turtles arrive and stop Shredder just as the gigantic glacier is about to crush the town. Donatello manages to reverse the temperature drop, and things return to normal.moreless
    • Shredder Triumphant!
      Season 7 - Episode 27
      Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop arrive at the Asian Arts Exhibit and proceed to loot it, The Turtles head out to stop them despite a grave warning from splinter that there will be dire consequences if they try to stop the villains. Arriving at the exhibit, the turtles take care of Shredder and his aides quite easily. Then they discover they were set up! Whilst Shredder was keeping the TMNT occupied with a faux heist on the arts exhibit, Krang and the foot soldiers had pulled a raid of their own, stealing precious regenerative power cells from the space administration centre. Krang uses the cells to empower the Technodrome, and the machine emerges from the sea to terrorize the city, and the world, once again! The turtles break into the Technodrome; only to be captured by Shredder and sent into Dimension X. they've been set up again. As Krang takes control of, well, everything, the Turtles run afoul of a space pirate called Weazel, who trades them to the slave pits of serot, ruled over by the malevolent Vorx. There, the turtles befriend Weazel's brother, Zwerk. Together they discover that vorx has a dimensional portal in his possession, and they lead a revolt against him to obtain it. They fail, and are sentenced to death at the claws of the great Chargg, Weazel, having a change of heart, saves the turtles and his brother. The Turtles finally manage to trick Shredder into releasing them from Dimension X, once back in the game, the Turtles defeat their foe, Donatello activates the trans-dimensional communicator and The Technodrome is pulled into Dimension X. The Turtles save the day again!moreless
    • Turtles, Turtles Everywhere
      Season 3 - Episode 17

      April covers the launch of a new system developed by the city to help clean up the city's garbage problems faster than ever: An automated computer, programmed to retrieve all forms of waste material, controls several garbage pick-up trucks from it's control center, Shredder sees this computer as an ideal weapon to use against the turtles..
      Breaking into the lab where the computer is situated, the villian re-programs the c.p.u to capture TURTLES rather than retrieve litter...
      However, things go awry when all the trucks pick up are any non-mutant turtle they lay their eyes upon..including the last of a soon to be exstinct race of turtles, just about to give birth..
      Can the green machine save thier "distant cousins" from this terrapin-taker? Or will Shredder get what he orignally wanted after all?

    • The Big Bug Blunder
      Season 4 - Episode 39
      Krang is working on duplicating the original mutagen when Bebop and Rocksteady come in and screw it up. A fly lands in the mutagen and it increases in size. Not being able to control it, Bebop and Rocksteady send the giant insect to Earth. After seeing what the mutagen does to the fly, Krang and Shredder decide to use it to create large insects to take over the world.

      Genghis Frog (a friend of the Turtles) decides to go to the city and see his buddies. Upon getting there, he spots the huge fly and starts chasing it. Meanwhile, the Turtles are watching TV and they see April's report about the massive fly. The TMNT go to check it out and end up rescuing Genghis from the huge bug.

      In Dimension X, Krang and Shredder use the mutagen on three bugs and send them to Earth to keep the Turtles busy while they move ahead with their plan. Their scheme is to find an anthill and use the mutagen on the ants.

      The city is going nuts with the giant insects running amok and destroying it. A mud wasp is building a nest on the Channel Six building and a giant scorpion attacks the Turtles and Genghis. Just as our heroes manage to trap the scorpion, April radios the Turtles asking for help. The TMNT rescue April from the mud wasp nest and soon after, the wasp attacks them.

      Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady arrive on Earth and locate their anthill. Shredder accidentally spills some mutagen on an ant and it turns on them. The villains manage to get away from the gigantic ant and then they return to the anthill.

      The Turtles, April and Genghis manage to herd all the insects together, but they can't figure out what to do with them until they spot Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady. Our heroes lure the bugs in Shredder's direction. When Shredder sees the huge insects heading for him, he realizes he does not have time to go through with his plan and quickly tells Krang to open the portal.

      Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady get through the portal, but do not close it in time. They suddenly find themselves in the Technodrome with all the insects that they had originally sent to Earth. Once again the Turtles have turned their nemesis' plan against them.moreless
    • The Return of Dregg
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      The Turtles are working on once and for all ridding themeselves of thier mutations, Donatello makes use of a Virtual Reality Programm to test out the effects of a potential cure he has created using the Vortex Crystals. On his homeworld, Dregg schemes to return to Earth, his chief scientist, Mung presents the micro-bots capable of creating advanced machinery in seconds rather than days or months, as well as track down the Vortex Crystals presently being used on earth.

      Back on earth, Donatello tries out his cure on both himself and the rest of the TMNT for real. It works, well, at least on MOST of the green machine, one of the micro-bots Dregg sent to Earth to find the vortex crystals, has located the source at the lair. Unseen, it steals one of the crystals just as Leonardo receives treatment for his own mutation. The experiment goes without a hitch, and Leonardo seems fine until later, when he suddenly mutates and goes on a rampage across New York.

      April, Investigating a recent power outage at the Hydroelectric dam, stumbles onto Dregg (having arrived on Earth VIA his ship the Dreggnaught) and discovers he is using the Microbots to create a dimensional transporter, she contacts the Turtles, but she is caught by Dregg. After a dramatic chase, The TMNT are able to capture Leonardo, and they set out to rescue April, in the ensuing battle, the Turtles are tricked and captured by Dregg.

      Before the TMNT can be used as guinea pigs in Dregg's dimesional transporter, the mutated Leonardo bursts out of the Turtle Van and tears the place apart. Dregg and Mungg escape in the Transporter before it explodes, and the TMNT escape the factory as it collapses completly, but although April, and the day, has been saved, Leonardo is still mutated, and Dregg is still at large...

    • Into Dimension X!
      Into Dimension X!
      Season 2 - Episode 24
    • Serpent Hunt
      Serpent Hunt
      Season 3 - Episode 10
    • Plight
      Season 10 - Episode 9