Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 7 Episode 21

Escape from the Planet of the Turtleloids

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1993 on CBS



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    • (Captain Dread returns)
      Raphael: Come back for seconds, eh?
      Captain Dread: No, we've come for the gold. Meet the Brute Force!
      (Red muscular aliens grab Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo.)
      Donatello: (Runs out of Kerma's lab.) Okay, I got the robots working!
      Raphael: What are you waiting for? Turn 'em on! (Donatello activates robots, and they grab the turtles!) Not us, you idiot! We're the good guys!
      Donatello: Maybe I overdid it.
      Michelangelo: (A robot and Brute Force member is using him in a game of tug-of-war.) Ah man, isn't that the understate of the century!
      (Commercial break.)
      Donatello: Maybe I made them too aggressive.
      Raphael: Aggressive?!! Try psychotic, pal!
      Captain Dread: The Turtles will be destroyed by their own robots. To the gold machine!
      Dirt Bag: We gotta get that gold machine.
      Captain Dread: There's plenty of gold here. All we have to do is take it.
      (Slashes building made of gold. Ground Chuck and Dirt Bag collect it.)
      Raphael: Donatello, shut these metal maniacs off!!
      Donatello: Alright, alright! (Presses button.)
      (The robots deactivate and drop the Turtles.)
      Leonardo: Can't you get those robots to attack the right people?
      Donatello: I'm already rewriting their programming. But there's one thing none of us have thought about.
      Michelangelo: Those creepazoids are tearing this place apart.
      Dontello: (Finishes reprogramming the robots.) Okay, but I don't think this is going to work. (Presses button.)
      (Robots stagger to the Brute Force, and pick them up off the ground. Brute Forcer rips an arm off of his robot attacker.)
      Raphael: What the heck?!!
      Donatello: That's what I was trying to tell you. You see, those robots are made of gold. And gold is a very soft medal.
      Raphael: As usual, we'll have to do it all by ourselves.
      Ground Chuck: (Shoots a robot and blows it up.) It's a golden roundup!
      Kerma: My beautiful robots! No! That's the last straw! (He jumps and kicks two Brute Forcers and knocks them to the ground, and he judo chops the other two.)
      Michelangelo: Maximum Turtle Power!
      (Brute Forcers run back to their ship)
      Raphael: Look at them run.

    • Shredder: (Using a laser to sharpen his sword) My supersword is nearly finished. A blade that can cut through anything. Even those turtles' miserable shells. Any variation in temperature will ruin it. Now for the most delicate part. (Sword breaks)
      AAAHHHHH! Krang! (Walks up to Krang) What the blazes is wrong with our power?!
      Bebop: (He and Rocksteady walk up) Yeah. The juice went out right in the middle of our game of Space Geeks.
      Rocksteady: Oh, and I was winning, too!
      Krang: The Technodrome is dangerously low on energy, so I am diverting all power to my lab.
      Bebop: Hey! Why should you hog all the volts?
      Krang: Because, unlike the rest of you meatheads, I am working on a way to repower the place. (Turns monitor on, and shows the sun.) There is a powerful solar storm occuring right now on the sun.
      Shredder: Who the devil cares?! We're at the bottom of the ocean!!
      Krang: Ah, but up in the city, there's a way to gather all of that power. The Colossus Building is made up of a rare alloy that soaks up energy like a sponge. With all of that power, we can repower the Technodrome.
      Shredder: And what will happen when those Turtles find out?
      Krang: (laughs) Did you honestly think that I would create such a brilliant plan without taking them into account? (presses buttons on panel)
      (Hunter Drones come out of closet)
      Hunter Drone: AWAITING TARGET DATA.
      Shredder: What the devil are they?
      Krang: Hunter Drones. I had them dropped-shipped from Dimension X. (Krang downloads data into the Hunter Drones)
      Shredder: (doubtfully) It's going to take more than a couple of robots to stop those Turtles.
      Krang: Au contraire. In a few hours, our turtle problem will finally be solved.

    • Kerma: (In response to the torture by Captain Death and his goons) Why are you doing this to me?
      Dirt Bag: Because we don't like you!!

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