Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 4 Episode 28

Farewell, Lotus Blossom

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1990 on CBS
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Farewell, Lotus Blossom
While on their way to a movie, the Turtles rescue the Urn of Chakahachi from two thieves. The thieves pry off a pearl from the Urn before the Turtles get their hands on it. The owner of the Urn asks the Turtles if they would be able to guard it until he can get a security system installed in his store. The Turtles agree and bring the Urn to their lair.

Meanwhile, Shredder is watching the news and sees April's broadcast about the Urn. He wants the Urn because he thinks that he can use its great powers for his benefit. Shredder, disguising himself as the ghost of Chakahachi, appears to Lotus Bloosom (a friend of the Turtles) and tells her that she is a descendent of the Chakahachi clan. He also tells her that the Urn belongs to the clan and that the Turtles have stolen it. Being part of the clan it is her duty to retrieve it and return it to its rightful owner. She goes out to find the Turtles and the Urn. When Lotus meets up with the TMNT, Leonardo tells her that they are just guarding the Urn and offers to bring her to the lair to show her. When they get there, Splinter tells Lotus that she is not a descendent of the Chakahachi clan. Splinter tells them that Chakahachi's spirit is in the Urn. Legend has it that he is searching for his kidnapped wife and his spirit will not rest until he has found her. The Turtles get spooked by this story and decide that it is time to return the Urn to its owner taking Lotus Blossom with them.

On their way, they meet up with Bebop and Rocksteady who are on Earth to retrieve the Urn. Bebop and Rocksteady get their hands on the Urn, but they drop it, releasing Chakahachi. The missing pearl allowed him to search the world inside the Urn for his wife. Now that the pearl is missing, the spirit starts to turn the city into a replica of ancient Tokyo to look for her. Leonardo and Lotus Blossom set out to find the missing pearl while the others stay back to fight off ghostly samurais that Chakahachi has created.

Leonardo and Lotus Blossom find the pearl and return it to Chakahachi. When Chakahachi sees Lotus Blossom, he recognizes the spirit of his lost wife within her. The spirit departs Lotus and wife and husband return to the Urn to live happily ever after. Once the ghosts make their departure, the city begins to return to its normal state.moreless

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    Barry Gordon

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      • Lotus: I was born 400 years 400 years to late, I do not belong in this world, I belong in ancient Japan.
        Leonardo: Everyone is where they are for a reason, Lotus.
        Lotus: All my life I have wanted to belong, to find some place I fit in. But I am a ninja what use am I to the modern world?
        Raphael: hey, we're ninjas, too, remember?!
        Michaelangelo: You could always move in here with us.
        Lotus: Somehow I do not think I would be happy in the sewers.
        Splinter: If I may make a suggestion Lotus, If you look for happiness outside of yourself, you will never find it, happiness exist only within you.
        Michaelangelo: Whoo, dude.
        Raphael: And remember you never get incredibly wise advice like this on other cartoon shows.

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