Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 8 Episode 1

Get Shredder!

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 1994 on CBS

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  • Perfect in every way.

    This is what TMNT should be like. Not the silly earlier episodes. Shredder blowing up the Channel Six building was great. Also we get to see the original creator of the Technodrome, new background music and April isn't wearing her yellow jumpsuit anymore. Also Shredder's voice is completely diffrent. That is good because it makes him sound more sinister and scary. Also the sky is diffrent color. It is red hence the red sky and the story is darker and less campy than the earlier seasons. This is why I like the Red Sky episodes better than the earlier seasons.
  • good way to start the refreshing of the series

    good way to start, but the humor was less though but there was sarcasm. I liked how the turtles thought it was easier to catch the bad guys without their technodrome. I did not like shredder's new voice that much.

    I liked how jim cummings voiced drakus / berserko and how he created the technodrome and was comparing his annihalator to it. but the fight was the annilator was short

    It is shocking to see that shredder actually blew up channel 6 and the turtles thought april and her crew were dead, but splinter saved them at the last minute

    burne blaimed the turtles for destruction and he said every time shredder causes trouble its because of them and vows to make everyone think they are a menace. but he could see that they saved the city and stopped berserko. I loved how shredder comments on bluffing. how did krang get his bubble walker when the last time we saw him before this he was in his android body.