Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 2 Episode 8

Invasion of the Punk Frogs

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1988 on CBS

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  • Series classic. Great storyline.

    Invasion of the Punk Frogs debuts four new characters. The four new additions are all frogs, which makes a get competition for the four turtles. I have always enjoyed episodes in which clones, or mirror images of the main characters are featured, but this episode does it in a unique manner, as the frogs arent exact copies of the turtles, but a ninja turtle fan could easily tell which frog matches up with which turtle. The frogs are packed with comedy such as the turtles, and this episode provides many laughs and entertainment. Although the frog names may not be rememberable, the plot of the episode is surely a classic amongst the series.
  • Twice the mutants...

    Okay, so Shredder needs some mutagen and wants to make his own mutants. Fair enough... but frogs? They are weird, because after a few hours they're not gonna be master ninjas, and they certainly weren't when they fight Leatherhead in Season 3. But enough about my opinions. Like the rest of Season 2, the episode was very dark, had a shrouded, unforeseen plotline, and ended with another pizza joke.
  • I love episodes like this. Two times the characters, what an idea for such a great show such as this.

    I like this episode very much. The frogs, which are almost like the turtles mirror images, are great characters to this series. Atila, Rasputin, Genghis and Napoleon are the new frog characters and they are very cleverly made. The turtles and the frogs team up like they have known each other for years. Both the turtles and the frogs make a great team. I hope I see more episodes in the future with these frogs. This is an excellent episode, and having these frogs in it was brilliant. The only bad part is the frogs had to leave at the end of the episode, and they don't like pizza! Maybe the turtles wouldn't get along so well with the turtles after all.