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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 4 Episode 23

Leonardo Lightens Up

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1990 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Leonardo Lightens Up
Splinter goes away and leaves Leonardo in charge. After a while, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo get tired of being bossed around by Leo and decide to try one of Don's inventions on their hapless leader. The 3 scheming TMNT zap Leonardo with a "Personality Modifying Ray", turning him into a wise cracking jokester. It doesn't take long for the new Leonardo to annoy the Turtles once again.

Meanwhile on the surface, the City is being destroyed by a criminal musician named G. Cleff. Cleff is using an ultrasonic sound system to shatter concrete and steel so that his goons can rob the buildings.

April finds the Turtles and informs them of what is happening. Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo go searching for Leonardo to tell him, but discover that he has left the lair to go have fun. When they finally find him, he tells them he is too busy having fun to help them. Now the other 3 TMNT have no alternative but to try and stop G. Cleff without Leonardo's help. G. Cleff gets the best of them and they head back to the lair to think of another plan.

Shortly after, Splinter returns and Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo fill him in on what has happened. With the Sensei's help, the Turtles get Leo back to his normal state and the four of them are able to stop G. Cleff from causing any more damage to the City.moreless

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  • Leonardo gives his brothers what they want

    Not this best episode in the world but very insightful on Leonardo's character if one bothers to look. I think this episode under scored Leonardo's deep psychological frustations of always having to be the responciable one and the one to keep the other turtles in check. On some level it must really make him feel alienated from his brothers to be put in this postion. Its like he never catches a break, he has to be leader in battle sitautions and big brother in domestic situations. He can never been on eqaul footing with the other turtles because he has to keep them in line. And they think he is up-tight because of that.

    I think deep down Leonardo wants to be able to be care free and have fun and be able to relate with his peers, and let someone else do the leading and be responicable. Also I have a feeling on a subconscience level Leoanrdo was pulling all those pranks on the guys to get even with them for being able to be more care free than he can. Over -all nice episde but not the best, since I thought him as a surfer turtle was annoying as hell, and it's execution could have been better. this could have been a great character delving episode if it wherebn't so silly and with a cliche villan.moreless
  • The Lighter Side of Things

    This I felt was one of the funniest episodes of all. It was both hilarious and rather disarming seeing my favorate character Leonardo act out of character. It all starts of with the other turtles as usual tired of Leonardo's serious attitude. Only this time Leo has crossed the line with them so they shoot Leo with a altering personality ray. This of course brings out a more lighter side to him, almost similar to Michaelaglo's persona only ten times fold. This is of course not a good think to all of the turtles. From being a total goof off and worse playing one too many practical jokes on the others like an exploding turkey. They thought Leonardo gave them grief when he was serious, but they get even more grief when he's not serious. Ironic isn't it.moreless
Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon


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Cam Clarke


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Peter Renaday

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