Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 5 Episode 7

Michaelangelo Meets Bugman Again

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1991 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Michaelangelo and the other Turtles go "topside" in an effort to find the latest issue of "The Adventures of Bugman", only to learn that the comic book has been canceled. Michaelangelo is devastated.

Back at the lair, Michaelangelo, Splinter and the other Turtles find it curious that they have also not seen or heard from the real Bugman (aka Brick Bradley) since the last issue of Michaelangelo's favorite comic.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the TMNT, they have been followed by a young man who writes down every move that they make. When their "intruder alert" alarm sounds, they discover their tailer in the bowels of the sewer making a map. As the Turtle team explains to youth the dangers of "lurking" around in the sewers, the ledge that they're standing on collapses sending the mutants hurtling down a shaft while the young man makes good his escape.

Later, as the Turtles begin their search for Brick Bradley/Bugman, Michaelangelo is once again followed by the youth. Only this time, the young man finds that he needs Mikey's help when he is taken hostage by two would-be bank robbers. Michaelangelo is only able to learn the young man's name: Jerry Spiegel, before he disappears again.

At Channel Six News, Irma runs a "computer check" on Jerry Spiegel and discovers that he was the writer/artist of "The Adventures of Bugman" comics. Michaelangelo gives Spiegel's editor, Julie Schmooze, a call to learn more about his "shadow."

Mike discovers that "The Adventures of Bugman" was canceled because the real Bugman sued them. He now fears that Jerry Spiegel wants to write a comic book based on the Turtles and thereby revealing the location of their lair to the whole world -- including Krang and Shredder.

Meanwhile, April interviews Professor Higgenbottoms at Designer Genes Research Laboratory where it is revealed that a special collection of termites has been stolen. What makes these termites so special is that they don't just eat wood -- they eat metal, concrete and plastic.

Elsewhere, in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in the city, an egomaniac, who looks not unlike The Shredder, calling himself The Swatter, releases the mutant termites into the city. Their first stop: The Conspicuous Consumption Mall, where they devour shop after shop.

The Turtles arrive just in time to save April who was doing a live report and to receive an ultimatum from The Swatter. He wants the Turtles to surrender to him or he will unleash the termites onto the rest of the City.

Michaelangelo tracks down Brick Bradley's current address, the Happyville Meditation Center, to help the Turtles battle the mutant termites. Only Brick Bradley is finally "one with the universe" and nothing can make him mad, therefore he can no longer "turn into" Bugman.

While Michaelangelo tries to get Brick Bradley upset, the other three Turtles do battle with The Swatter who catches them in flypaper and asks them twenty questions.

Thanks to April, Michaelangelo is able to get Brick Bradley mad and he saves the City from The Swatter who turns out to be none other than Jerry Spiegel. It seems that Jerry was merely tyring to get close to the Turtles so he could do research for his latest comic book: "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

When it is suggested that he do something original, he proudly boasts that he is a "writer" and that he has never had an original idea in his life. Rim shot.moreless

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  • The turtles are being stalked, are their lives going to end up in a comic book?

    I liked "Michaelangelo Meets Bugman again" episode. Personally I thought it was better than the first episoide with Bugman. This episode made alot more sence and had a better more urgent deleima in the plot than the first one. I like how this episide tried to make the events of the first bugman episide make better sence as to why exactly all of Bugmans secrets and idenity was public knowlege in a comic book series; which offered a more dire threat to the turtles if the same comic book guy where to get ahold of all their secrets and the loction of their home, where to be exposed in a comic book. A pretty legitamite threat to the turtles to have the same thing that happened to Bugman happen to them because of comic book guy. The whole taking over the city with metal eating termites was a bit ordinary for a tmnt episode but I liked the siitations it built up because of it. And the fact that Bugman was trying to handle his anger and be this peacful zen master, and Michaelangelo's frustration in trying to get him pissed off. A very good Michaelangelo centric episode which was much better than the first time he met Bugman.moreless
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