Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 5 Episode 4

Michaelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1991 on CBS

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  • After a sleepless night Mike meets a skate boarding hoodlem who rivals him in every way...But Michaelangelo is convinced he's know him from somewhere

    I think that MondoGeko is a great character with a pretty good back ground. I liked how his character was handled. But what really made this episode great was the chemistry between Michaelangelo and Mondo. These two are so alike but so diffrent, Michaelangello although a warrior/ninja master is pretty innocent and honorable and Mondo by comparison is sneaky and street smart, and how they where raised/trained on how to do things comes into stark contrast with each other. Their scenes where interesting and I enjoyed the slight rivalary that existed between them (although it really only lasted for one or two scenes). The Mondo vs. Michaelangelo dual was nice and you got to see an aggressive and competive side from Michaelangelo that is very rare, when he was trying to fight him. I thought the plot was pretty good and had some suspence in it, and I liked seeing Mondo's show of uncertainty of doing something bad when he really didn't have his heart into it. I also enjoyed how Michaelangelo hypnotised him and got him to tell him about his life, and how Michaelangelo was able to convince him to stop following that bad guy. It was cool because Michaelangelo finnally got the upper hand over Mondo but he used his advantage to help Mondo instead of taking him out. I liked how Mondo and Mike became best friends after this and wished they had shown them more and developed their friendship more. Since Mondo is the perfect best buddy for Michaelangelo.
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