Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 26

Pizza By the Shred

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1989 on CBS

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  • Michaelangelo needs some extra money so he gets a job behind his brothers back, but who is his new boss?

    I really thought this episode was really funny and I've been waiting for you to make a review of it ever since I saw it on dvd. I think the part that made me laugh the most was when Shredder was admonishing Bebop and Rocksteady for not stealing a decent car to make the delveries, and Rocksteady and Bebop say that next time they'll tryto steal vehicle that isn't a police car. ROLF Oh God, for some reason that had me in stitches! I can just picture the reaction Shredder must have had when they pulled up in a police car. That must have been a huge WTF moment. I can see it now. Shredder talking on his com link to Krang telling him that every thing is set to go as soon as Bebop and Rocksteady come back with a dilvery car, and then in the next second you hear the whirring of sirens and Bebop and Rocksteady turn into the alley with the siren lights flashing. What made this episode interesting was it was shown from a diffrent perspective of the activity of New York life. In most episodes all the focus is on the turtles and people and their lives are in the back ground. I don't know I thought it was pretty cool seeing Michaelangelo going into peoples apartments and seeing some very day to day mundane life occurring. It kind of serves a contrast to the turtles not so average life. Actually I wish that the whole Michelangelo delivering pizzas had been extented a bit longer, it would have severed to as more comedy, especially if Michelangelo had walked into a fueding couple LOL. And example of this that I liked was the scene where Michaelangelo is stuck in rush hour traffic and there is a trucker in the back ground who has this pissed off look on his face and leans out his window to shake his fist at the traffic. I love detail like that! But I think my favorite part was the one where Michaelangelo goes to that party and the mean looking punker comes to the door and pays for the pizza. Jeez, the guy had such an attitude! He didn't say one word to Mike and he slams the money into Michaelangelo's hand.
  • funny episode

    this was a WIERD episode. Shredder opening a pizza parlor so that when they order a pizza he will find them. It was very funny when the Rat king stole April's pizza and he also says smooth or crunch. it was funny of how shredder found rat king instead. their confrontation was too, short but funny, but entertaining nonetheless. IT was funny of how rat king says my rats will make short work of my foot soilders, where ever they are and notices they are gone as the turtles had dispatched them. it was funny when rat king yelled give me back my pizza when shredder threw the pizza in Leo's face and leo yelled he was pizza faced. I am surprised that Mikey did not recognize shredder's blade slicing the pizza, but he said where have I seen those eyes. the ending was too rushed I think, but it was not bad. I liked how they used the nutreons star car.