Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 4 Episode 1

Plan Six from Outer Space

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1990 on CBS

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  • The season 4 premiere marks the beggining of the series finest season...

    Plan 6 from Outer Space is a great episode although it doesn't live up to the 3 previous episodes. I liked that they referenced Dimension Z from the Mr. Ogg episode. I liked the Dimension Z parts and the fact that, for the most part Bebop and Rocksteady were the main villains. I liked there holo images they used but I did not like the idea of the pretendocon. It seemed to much like many robots Shredder and Krang made such as the turtle terminator. It was just to cliche for me. However this episode is still an excellent season opener and better than an average episode.