Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 2 Episode 1

Return of the Shredder

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1988 on CBS

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  • Good Episode.

    Good Episode. What I really relate this one to is one time I was having a seizure, back in '96 or so (basically a visual epileptic, where my vision would black out and I saw patterns and other weird stuff. It was not brought on by the show, since I am not photosensitive, they're under control now). My mom video taped it because she wanted some footage of one of my seizures. Unbeknown to me, (until I saw the playback), I passed gas during the seizure!. You can hear me groaning, along with the part where Shredder enters the dojo, then *FRAAP!*
  • Baxter's second appearance on the show.

    This is my review for the TMNT episode "Return Of The Shredder". It is an episode that I remember seeing on TV and video when I was a kid. It is about the Turtles relaxing after defeating Shredder and Krang by sending them and the Technodrome into Dimension X, where Krang is from. But then, Krang decides to teleport Shredder back to Earth, only without any weapons or henchmen at his side. Shredder decides to free Baxter Stockman from the asylum that he was kept after being defeated in the first episode he appeared in so that Shredder can use his assistance. Shredder also decides to train a bunch of students at a karate dojo to pose as a criminal group called "The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang" and get the real Ninja Turtles in trouble. While the Turtles go out to deal with Shredder, Baxter captures Splinter with a new rat-catching machine he invents. To make a long description short, the Turtles defeat Shredder, save Splinter, and deal with the imposter Turtles on the same episode. A memorable classic.
  • Shredder Returns!!! What will Season 2 hold??

    Leonardo and Michelangelo take out some thugs in a grocery store, come back to the lair, and Shredder is sure that Shredder is back. Well, he is!!! And he wants revenge!! So he recruits some random dojo guy "Slash for Cash Dojo," to be exact, and brings up the "Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang" to ruin their reps. Well, guess what! It didn't work!! And Baxter came back with his "Rat-catching machine" which the Turtles trashed. Baxter is a wuss! He fainted, and Shredder took him and fled. Krang will not give him any help until he destroys the turtles.
  • What a great episode.

    This is one of my favorite Ninja Turtle episodes. I loved the plot of this episode, and it was good to see Bebop and Rocksteady back in the show. I noticed a few mistakes in coloring in this episode, and I found that amazing. This is a great way to start off a second season.