Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 2 Episode 1

Return of the Shredder

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1988 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Leonardo says "Shredder, if you dare touch a whisker on his head," the Turtles eyes looked like they were drawn like the Turtles in the original comics.

    • When Donatello says "Shredder? But that's impossible; we saw him stuck in Dimension X", his teeth were red.

    • The Slash-for-Cash Dojo lives up to its name, low on operating funds. it's rundown with dead light bulbs and cracked plaster. The only things that seem to be in good shape, in most of the shots, are the mats. (This could possibly have something to do the increased regulations, put on the show during its second season.)

    • Based on the uniforms its students are wearing, the Slash-for-Cash Dojo clearly teaches karate, not Ninjitsu, the marital art that ninjas practice. In spite of this, the Shredder is able to instruct them and improve their skills in karate, and turn them into the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang. (It appears that the writers of this episode, did not know that these were two different martial arts.)

    • When this episode was released on VHS the title screen showing the episode name was removed.

    • This episode had many edits in the UK airings in the 1990's. The gang was re-named to "The Crooked Turtle Gang" and scenes of nunchaku were trimmed.

    • The Technodrome is now sitting on a vast stretch of rocky landscape, but in the last episode, it was floating in a dimensional limbo.

    • The letters on the Turtles' belts are white instead of grey.

    • At one point while the turtles are eating their pizzas, Leo is coloured as Raph.

    • Right when the TMNT see the footage of the "Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang," Raphael's color changes from red to blue like Leonardo's.

  • Quotes

    • Robber: Okay lady, put all your money in a bag.
      Cashier: Will that be paper or plastic?

    • Krang: Until you prove yourself, you will not get one shred of help from me.

    • Irma: April! Thank heavens you're back! There's a terrible emergency.
      April: What is it, Irma?
      Irma(holds up hand, points to finger): I chipped one of my nails, and I'm all out of this color polish.
      April: Please, Irma, I've got a problem.
      Irma: You've got a problem? What if some hunky guy calls me for a date?

    • (Leo and Mike rummaging through food on shelves)
      Leonardo: Come on, Michaelangelo, think healthy for a change. You had peanut butter and jelly on your pizza last night.
      Michaelangelo: No way, bud! I had chocolate chips and caramel fudge.

    • (Rocksteady and Bepop attempt to follow Shrdder through the portal to earth, but Krang cuts them off.)
      Rocksteady: Hey, why'd you do that?
      Krang: Because I like seeing both people AND animals suffer, and you my friends are both. (Laughs)

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