Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 2 Episode 13

Return of the Technodrome

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1988 on CBS

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  • Another one of my most favorite episodes.

    THis is one of my most favorite episodes and I had seen this one many times. I had this one memorized well when there was a time I hadn\'t seen this episode in over 10 years. This is very action packed and has very good background music for mood of scenes. In this its a slow news day and april is told to make news. KRang has had it with shredder\'s failures and decides to bring the technodrome to earth himself. When the techndorome is in dimension X it is dark and red. krang was a different color this episode. The turtles go to stop shredder and the fight is good. I loved it how krang reacted when the technodrome\'s portal closed, but was able to reopen it. I loved how the technodrome was surrounded by hundreds of the bad guys and Krang wanted to destroy them himself.
    but the technodrome ran out of power. I liked the sarcastic dialoge to shredder and krang like shredder saying he likes krang\'s plan and krang asked if he had any choice. Krang appears on the tvs and tells the city he will cause another earthquake if they do not leave (He plans to leave the city as their base of operations). The turtles are aware and find the trail the technodrome left. the battle was great between splinter and shredder and the turtles and bebop, rocksteady and the foot. The turtles rewire everythinga nd the technodrome sinks to the earth\'s core in lava and krang yelled shredder this is all your fault I\'ll get you for this. I thought this was the end of the bad guys when the technodrome sank into the lava and I also thought it was the end as shredder was dangling by his cape over a broken bridge above a pit in the technodrome. It looked like it was the series finale.
  • Perfect!!!!!!

    So Splinter is leaving for a journey, and Krang has had enough with Shredder, and is going to come back to Earth... and zaps all of the power at Niagara Falls with it! The Turtles have to fight Bebop, Rocksteady, Foot and Rock Soldiers, and the Technodrome itself to drive it to the Earth's Core.
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