Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 6 Episode 6

Return of the Turtleoid

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1992 on CBS

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  • Kerma is back with another "small problem" a ruthless killing machine is after him and he needs the turtles help!

    I really liked Return of the Turtleoid I loved seeing Kerma again. He is such a cute lovable little character. This was another episode that took place mostly at night which I like seeing in the old toon. This whole episode was filled with little gems and had pretty good suspence. The evil robot that was after Kerma was convincingly threatening and violent and added good urgency to the story of trying to figure out a way to destroy it. And this robot was bad. It had a pretty creepy design and you get a chilling feeling of what this ruthless killing machine could do to such gentle, defensless creature like Kerma and what horriable death he would have if it gets him. And even though as the viewer you might feel a little annoyed with kerma for not dealing with the situation himself and dragging the turtles into his "little problem" after seeing what menace he is about against and how weak and frail he is you undestand his need for help and the concern. This episode was a good balance of entertainment and grit with some pretty memerable momets that I really enjoyed. Like the constant mentioning of Shredder being behind everything, you expect him to show up but he doesn't, to the amusing way Kerma is finnally reintroduced by every time he tries to get one of the turtles attention each of them brushes him off saying "not now___" thinking he is one the turtles LOL. I liked how this episode was set up, the fight scene when they are in Kermas space ship was cool and I liked how they found it the robots weakness is bright lights when Michaelangelo shinned a flashlight into it's eyes. And then as if matters wheren't already worse Kerma loses his gold machine which cause him to get sick making him lose conscienceness. But I think this episodes best part was Splinter and April teaming up together to protect Kerma from the robot. These two actually make a pretty good team together and it's nice when they take a more active role in the show. The whole sequance of them trying to hold the robot off was great. I love the chemistry Splinter and April have and the dynamic they both share of being limited in what they can do with one being slightly crippled and one being unable to fight but being able to compensate for each others weaknesses. All around great episode!
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