Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 7 Episode 22

Revenge of the Fly

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1993 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Thanks to Vernon's irresponsible journalism, the Turtles find it necessary to stand guard at the Genetic Research Lab. The TMNT are protecting the Genetic Essences of numerous insects, as developed by a local research scientist - essences that were designed to create insects for specific purposes. Meanwhile, in an attempt to open the portal to Dimension X, Krang opens the portal "to the place where he put Baxter Stockman." And naturally, Baxter Stockman/The Fly comes "buzzing" out crying "I'm free! I'm free!" and takes control of the Technodrome. Baxter is determined to make Shredder and Krang pay for turning him into a hideously deformed mutant and to get his revenge on everybody in the whole wide world. With the aid of Baxter's alien computer buddy, he learns about the dangerous genetic substances as reported by Vernon only moments earlier. Baxter is hell-bent on "acquiring" these "dangerous genetic substances" to enact his revenge. Back at the Genetic Research Lab, the Turtles, bored to tears, are called away to rescue April atop a burning building. No sooner do they leave, than Baxter Stockman/The Fly arrives and does the dirty deed. While Baxter Stockman/The Fly flies over the City looking for something to mix Krang's mutagen with the "genetic essences of insects", he spies a fireman dousing the flames of the EMF Building, the site of April's recent rescue by the Turtles, with a Super-Slosher 2000. Baxter is convinced that this is just what the doctor ordered and is proven right when he turns the "fearless firemen" into giant "fear inducing Termites". Baxter Stockman/The Fly's next target is the local carnival. Within minutes every human in the place has become an insect - an insect with a voracious appetite. So naturally, when the Turtles arrive on the scene, they have no idea that they are beating innocent victims - that is until the alien computer (left behind when Baxter flew off to "transform" his next set of victims, spills the beans that Baxter is at Channel Six). But when April and the Turtles arrive, they discover that they are too late. Irma has been turned into a moth, Vernon has been turned into a spider, Burne has been turned into a bee, and the interior walls of Channel Six are now honey-combed. After a series of misadventures, the Turtles capture Baxter Stockman/The Fly. But in the process, the converted Super Slosher 2000 is broken and now the only way to turn all of Baxter's victims back into humans (including April, who is now a wasp) is to borrow Shredder's Retro-Mutagen ray, which he coincidentally had just repaired at the beginning of the first act. After another series of misadventures down in the Technodrome, the Turtles destroy the alien computer, send Baxter back to the place he came from, obtain Shredder's Retro-Mutagen Ray gun and return back to the City where they turn everyone back to normal - or normal as they ever were, and destroy Shredder's device.moreless

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  • Baxter Stockman's Final Revenge...

    We haven't heard from Stockman since "The Landlord of the Flies" and he comes back and steals Shredder's RetroMutagen Ray (which highly resembles the Muta-Zoo Ray in Season 3's Bye Bye Fly) and starts turning everyone into mutant insects. Can you shout out "Jeff Goldblum!!" But still, it's freakin' awesome to see Vernon as a mutant spider, and when Stockman mutated April into a mutant mayfly, or whatever that was, I was shocked! Then Stockman flies into the web, and Vernon almost eats him. Lol! Then, that computer thing Stockman has almosts destroys the turtles in the Technodrome. Who does his voice? It sounds familiar... Anyhow, the best part is at the very end when Vernon sees the fly and goes, "Suddenly, I feel terribly hungry!" And Raphael's response is, "No comment."moreless
Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon


Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke


Pat Fraley

Pat Fraley

Krang/Burne Thompson/Baxter Stockman

Peter Renaday

Peter Renaday

Vernon Fenwick

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen


Townsend Coleman

Townsend Coleman


Pat Fraley

Pat Fraley


Guest Star

Pat Fraley

Pat Fraley

Baxter Stockman

Recurring Role

Townsend Coleman

Townsend Coleman

Shredder (1993 Alternate)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Vernon: Me? A giant spider? Please. (sees a fly go by) You know... suddenly... I'm very.. hungry! (chases fly)
      Raphel: (to audience) No comment.

    • Leonardo: Buzz off, Burne, you're not going to sting anybody!
      Burne: (points stinger at Turtles) I'm the boss, and I can sting whoever I want!
      Raphael: Woah. He's got a point there.
      (A powerful blast of wind blows Leonardo and Michelangelo down. Irma, now a moth, flies by.)
      April: It's Irma!
      Raphael: Anybody got a mothball?

    • (Turtles drive past carnival)
      Donatello: (sees mutant insects) What are they?
      Leonardo: I don't know, but I have a feeling Baxter's involved.
      Donatello: (as the Turtles get out of the van) We got to stop them before they stop spreading out.
      (Raphael jumps and kicks the mutant insects)
      Raphael: Does it bug you when I do this?
      Michelangelo: (spins grappling hook) Come down and jam, you creepy crawlyzoid! (snags mutant scorpion and throws him into the dirt)
      (Donatello discovers alien computer on a trash can, left behind from Baxter)
      Donatello: You! What are you doing here?!
      Computer: (face disappears off of screen) I'm sorry. This program has been terminated.
      Donatello: Don't give me that, you bag of volts! (starts pushing buttons) How would you like fifty megs of random data dumped into your logic circuits?
      Computer: No! Please stop. You see, it's like this. Baxter got some of Krang's mutagen.
      Raphael: (two mutant praying mantises grab him) Oh, man! What I wouldn't give for a can of insect repellent right now! (Leonardo cuts a Ferris Wheel from its cables, and it crushes the mantises, and Raphael is freed.)
      Michelangelo: These bugheads are winning!
      Raphael: At this rate, we're all going to end up as insect chow!
      Donatello: (Got the alien computer to spill the beans) Yeah, and I got worse news. The fly's at Channel 6!
      April: He could be mutating Irma and the others!
      Leonardo: We have to stop him!
      Raphael: (Points at the advancing mutant insects) Fine, 'cause we can't stop them!
      (The Turtles and April drive to Channel 6.)

    • (Vernon, as a Spider, is about to kill Baxter Stockman)
      Raphael: Sorry, Vernon. That's not how we get rid of villains on that show.

    • Donatello: If that ray hits us, forget about the Teenage Mutant Ninja, we'll just be plain turtles.

    • Baxter: And now, here's the latest news for all of you who are turned into mutant insects. For those of you who aren't insects yet, don't worry, you'll be soon! Consider the many advantages of being a giant, mutant insect. No more worrying about your picnic being ruined by us...

    • Vernon: How nic-c-ce of you to s-s-stick around for dinner!
      Raphael: I've gotta tell you, that is the most nauseating proposition I've ever heard.

  • NOTES (7)

    • This is the third and final time April is turned into a mutant.

    • Shredder's RetroMutagen Ray is the Muta-Zoo Ray that was seized from Baxter in Bye Bye, Fly.

    • This episode is released onto DVD as part of the Raphael Slice of season 7.

    • Splinter does not appear in this episode.

    • Krang and Shredder now use Amphibious Modules, aquatic versions of the traditional Transport Modules.

    • Final appearance of Baxter Stockman/The Fly.

    • Evidently, the events of this episode follow on from "Son of Return of the Fly," beginning with Baxter and Z in limbo together, as was the case at the end of "Son of...". But Baxter appeared in between these two episodes, in "Landlord of the Flies." Z was nowhere to be seen, and there was no explanation of how Baxter escaped limbo. He was cast back into limbo at the end of "Landlord," however, so perhaps he had left Z behind, and then met up with him again on his return, setting up this episode.


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