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  • Okay, but the original's better

    This tmnt show ruins everything in the original series but I suppose it's okay
  • Completely disrespects the source material

    Ok the completely changed it and only turtles III and that Michale Bay abortion have disrespected the source material more. First of all, the comic was for adults, ok. So it had things like moral ambiguity. Hamato Yoshi kills the Shredder's older brother Oroku Nagi because Oroku Nagi beat up his woman. Oroku Saki hunts Hamato Yoshi down and avenges his brother. Yoshi's pet rat splinter mimick's Yoshi from his cage and learns ninjitsu. He leaves and becomes a stray rat after Yoshi is slain. Splinter is NOT Hamato Yoshi. The 2003 version respected the source but you know adult things like avenging your woman aren't in the 2003 series, but that's fine with me. Oh lets, see. Baxter Stockman is Doctor Baxter Stockman in the comic and the 2003 series. He's smart, crazy, a genius and oh he's black. He's not some whiney crybaby. The turtles in this series are basically stupid surfers instead. I understand Mikey is the surfer in the new series but they do it right. He's actually funny but none of the turtles are distinguishable. Let's see Shredder is completely incompetent. I am jealous of the kids who got the 2003 series. I watched this series (1987) and read the comics and I was like WTF? It was like when those whiney p#*@( tried to censor Mortal Kombat.
  • I Want to remember it better

    Various ep (96)
  • The classic turtles were the best!

    In japan,a ninja master named hamato yoshi is banished to new york because of a huge misunderstanding.With no money,he is forced to live in the sewers of new york where his only friends were the sewer rats.One day,a boy carrying 4 pet turtles in a glass bowl dropped the bowl and his turtles landed in the sewers with yoshi.Yoshi lived peacefully with his turtles and rats until a mutagen fell down the drain.The mutagen transformed the yoshi into a rat and his 4 turtles human-like.Yoshi took on a new name,splinter.Splinter taught the turtles the art of ninjitsu and named each of them.Together,the turtles battle their arch-enemy,the shredder.This show was great!This teenage mutant ninja turtles show was truly the best!
  • Grew up watching

    Really good.
  • Cowabunga! Funny and cool, nuff said!

    Alright, everyone says that the 2003 Turtles are awesome, but way before they were created, these Turtles were kings of New York City! I do admit that although this series is somehow childish in certain aspects, and it does not follow exactly what happened in the comics, it was still one of the greatest series ever produced. Not only it went on for nine seasons (although the ninth season was pretty much a waste of time), but it also paved the way for other series of the Turtles, including the 2003 remake. It also had great supporting characters, like Irma, Vernon, not mention Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady, just name a few. Got to love also the way they did Baxter Stockman, Leatherhead and the Rat King. The voice cast was also one of the best I've heard. All in all, it deserves a very big 10!
  • How I compare this classic version to the new.

    I really think it might be the time period that you were born into. My younger cousin (born over a decade after me) loves the newer version, but I prefer this classic one.

    This was one of my fave shows as a kid. The animation was superb (the newer animation is not too bad, but I loved the 80s look!), it had a classic theme tune (I think more original than the new one), I prefer the original voice actors (the 80s cast was superb), I enjoyed the original's humour (as a kid that is - looking back, some of the puns used are kind of bad today) and in this version the turtles also seemed more down to earth.

    I guess if you grow up accustomed to a show and many years later they change the formula, the reason why you liked that show in the first place may also be the same thing that they have changed.

    Personally, the 80s and 90s were my time period.

    However, now as an adult, the 80s version does seem rather goofy, you can spot erroneous mistakes in the animation and the show also looks like it was especially made for 8 year olds - perhaps that is why people are taking a shine to the newer version. Back when I was a kid though, I thought this show was one of the best things ever. Maybe as an adult I'm just not into cartoons as much as when I was a kid. I can see why my younger cousin prefers the newer version, but personally and like I said, I still have the heart of an 80s / early 90s kid.

    I give this version a 10 (one of the main reasons being just for childhood memories alone). However, if today I was to see it for the first time, my rating could probably be slightly lower (but don't call me Judas).
  • Great! Though not as good as the new series.

    This series may be quite a getaway but when it's time to revisit the present, you have to be watching the new series. For example:
    Pros: 1) The voice cast! You can't beat Cam Clarke, Rob Paulson (my favorite VA ever), Townsend Coleman, Barry Gordon, and James Avery! 2) Some pretty good storylines and fight scenes. 3) Perfect humor.
    Cons: 1) Weak villains. 2) TONS of animation errors that unfortunately a 2 year old can point out. 3) Dialogue becomes too kiddy at some points. 4) Direction and writing, in quite a lot of episodes, are quite off. 5) Not the real Ninja Turtles.

    Put simply, this is a classic! I even continue to buy the DVDs. Still, this has nothing on the new series! This guy seinfeld121 says that Bebop and Rocksteady (quite a bunch of losers) can beat the tower of power known as Hun in the new series. The guy's clearly delusional and shouldn't be taken seriously! Also, the new Shredder can kill the old one in less than 20 seconds!
  • Heroes in a half shell! Turtle Power!! This cartoon rules!!!

    My 10th review after the flat-out worst show of all time on Nick, "Mr. Meaty". This cartoon is superb and classic! Nothing beats the Original 1987 TMNT! This is so much better then that dumb 4Kids 2003's TMNT!!!!! Leonardo and Michealangleo are my Favorites!!!
    This is an Perfect classic for any old school cartoon fan!
    Now the grade..... Ah-ha! this show is Truely gonna get an A++!!!!!!!!! Now here the results:

    Voice-acting: A++ 9.5/10.0 The voice-acting is truely outstanding and very fun to watch!

    Animation: A++ 9.8/10.0 The Animation is increbile! It looked like it's country of orgin was from japan. (It might maybe be it!)

    Dialouge: A+ 9.4/10.0 The Dialouge's Funny, Entertaining and Oringal! This cartoon STILL rules!!

    Grapihcs: A++ 9.8/10.0 Perfectly matches with the Animation, at it's own rate,

    Sound: A++ 10.0/10.0 The music's AWESOME!!! so are the sound effects, and the Theme song! Lasting Appeal: A++ 10.0/10.0 You can be Obesseed with one of the greatest cartoons of all time and THIS is maybe it.

    Overall: A++ 9.3/10.0 This cartoon is a amazing timeless classic. trust me, If you never saw this, you'll love it! (Not the crummy 4Kids 2003 version.)
  • This was my favorite show from my childhood. Its better than the current series.

    This series was better than the current one. I know its not like the comics at all, but it was still great. Its later seasons were not at all up to par, but the first 5-6 seasons were awesome. The best season was undoubtably the best season. People say this series was terrible, but had it not been for this one, the current one wouldn't exist. People would have long forgotten about the turtles if there hadn't been this series. Also this was the one that created the Red, Blue, Purple, and Orange colored headbands. In the comics, they were all red. I like this series waaaaay more than the current and my mind will never change.
  • A good piece of entertainment, but only if some discernment is followed.

    When this was on back then, I wanted so badly to watch this but was prohibited because I was told it was violent (ha!). I finally got my chance to watch some of it at age 9. I regret and don't regret getting into it. For once it is fun, but with a few reservations. First of all it is talky and not enough action (although some parts mock the true philosophy ninjas are to adhere to (according to "essence of ninjistu"): the first priority of the ninja is to win without fighting (I encourage you to do some research on ninja, can't stress that enough). Second, there are some ethnic stereotypes (Bebop both in human and warthog forms, and the Italian chef) that border on racism. And finally, eating nothing but pizza is close-mindedness when we have to broaden our minds to the world's foods. Still here? Good, you allowed me to vent. On the plus side, the action is decent, and there is good voice acting. On the whole I give it an 8 for what it is rather than what it isn't.
  • The Turtles rock the show doesn't.

    i have never really watched this show at all. I have a computer game of it which i think is alright but i dont really get the point of it. I love the actual turtels themselves which gets them a score of 2.5 already, but for the show i dont really think its that brilliant. If they redone the show and maybe made some changes then i'd think about liking it more. Overall my favourite part of Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles has to be the turtles names. They are so cool. But for now this show isnt a favourite of mine.
  • i loved this show as a kid.

    i loved this show as a kid. I couldn't get enough of tmnt. i was they had it out on DVD and i would go buy it and watch it again. This show was like the first show i really followed. It had everything i want, action and humor. They should show reruns on like the cartoon network, i know i would watch.

    i loved this show as a kid. I couldn't get enough of tmnt. i was they had it out on DVD and i would go buy it and watch it again. This show was like the first show i really followed. It had everything i want, action and humor. They should show reruns on like the cartoon network, i know i would watch.
  • As Michaelangelo would say "Tubuloso!"

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one of the best cartoons of the 80s. My favorite ninja turtle is Michaelangelo. Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael are great, too. This show is about four turtles who fall in the sewers and have been affected with mutagen, which turns into humanoid pizza-loving turtles, and must defeat Shredder and his foot clan. The first three TMNT videos I got were Case of the Killer Pizzas (my favorite), Attack of the Big Macc, and The Turtles' Awesome Easter. This cartoon is totally radical! Disreguard the 2003 remake, THIS is the real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga dudes!
  • A classic cartoon that entertained me as a child and still does as an adult.

    "Cowabunga" became my favorite word when i was a child all thanks to Michelangelo. This cartoon was my favorite of all time and still entertains me as an adult. I laugh and cant believe how cheesy it was at times and some of the dialogue is terrible but I don't mind it. The villains were classic as well, between shredder, rocksteady, and beebop, it was always an interesting battle. If only the new series were as good as this one but alas this is a classic that will leave an impression until the day I die. Everyone should love this show especially if they watched it when they were young.
  • The show follows a band of crime fighting teenage mutant ninja turtles, Donatello Michelangelo Raffaele and Leonardo who are lead by their sensei and father splinter

    This is one of my personal favorite shows of all time. It is amazing!

    The show is exactly as the title implies, a band of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles living in new york city go around fighting crime, specifically against the major protagonist, the evil Shredder who leads the foot, or a band of evil ninjas. The main characters are Leonardo, the leader, Donatello, the brains, Michelangelo, the clown and goofball, and Raffaele the bad tempered fighter. Their father is a martial arts teacher who was mutated from the same chemicals that the others were, he is turned into Splinter a rat.
  • Theis show is about four mutant turtles trained by a rat who studied under ninja. NOw they save the world from the evil shreeder and his mtant monsters.

    I really enjoy this show when i was a kid, my favorite charcter order is Leo, Mikey,Raph, and the Donney. I enjoy the old ones better then the newer tennage mutant ninja turtles. i grew up with thius show and this was my first action animated tv show. I reccomed that everyone should watch this show cause it will make u feel like a kid agian. I just wish that they put this show back on tv and they should make a chanel that has all great old cartoons so people can watch them agian. I really love this show and watch it again.
  • Best cartoon of the 80s without question, and possible the best cartoon if all time.

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were possibly the most influential part of the 1980's cartoon world. The episodes were well thought out and included many great story lines. The show features an unbelievable amount of comedy, basically in every other line of each and every episode. This show served as an essential part of many people's lives growing up in the 80s. It's great to hear that they continue to release new DVD sets on the classic show, featuring the four greatest turtles in all of history. Raph, Mikey, Leo, and Donny are unforgettable characters, known by nearly everybody who has ever watched television. Along with action figures, movies, and other promotions, the ninja turtles provide large amounts of memories amongst its fans. I would say this show generated the most spin offs I've ever seen from one source. So many shows branched off the ideas of the ninja turtles, but the original, as always, is always the best.
  • The show that was worth getting up for and watch in the morning when i was a kid.

    When I was a little kid I use to love this show and I still love it today. I have seen all three movies and I like all three the same. I have not yet seen the new movie but I'm sure it is good since it had good reviews. It was only in theaters for a limited time. I also have episodes on DVD. I have vol. 1, 2, & 3. they are really good. the season 1 DVD has never before seen Episodes. If you are a huge fan of the old School Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you should see at least one of the three movies or get at least on of the cartoon DVD's if you see one in a Department store. I also have a couple of the really old comic books. the comic books are good too. It would be nice to see it on TV again. I dont have to wory about it too much since I have alot of old episodes on DVD.
  • Really hip ninja teens who don't give a slack? Heroes in a half-shell with awesomely radical turtle power? Wow. Cowabunga cool, dude!

    Painstakingly anticipating for a TMNT episode every Friday night a lifetime ago, I must admit that I grew up with The Turtles. They've never failed to bring that childish bliss upon me. Some might say that they're "so the 80's/90's", but well, what do you know? I love The Turtles. And if you'll ask me on whether I'll still watch them if I can go back time- Answer's "Yup!Not a doubt!" I'll even request for the TV network to show it 5x a week- even if it's replay. Hahaha! Fast Forward to Present from 2105: I still don't grow too old for them. And yes, Raph, the lean green fighting machines really came, saw and kicked some shell. More power to Leo, Don, Raph and to the party dude Mikey.
  • A very good show but largely Overrated.

    Back when I was a kid I loved this show just like everyone else at that age, It wasn't my favorite show but still I did like it alot.
    Now I honestly can't see what I enjoyed about it so much I mean don't get me wrong it isn't terrible or anything it is still fun to watch but for a show about Ninja's it didn't seem to have much action take place, the turtles themselves didn't look too good in my personal opinion but that was mainly the style of cartoons back in the late 80's/early 90's.
    Look I'm not bad mouthing it but I really do think that the show is overrated whilst it's 21st centuary counterpart is vastly underrated and to me is the better show.

    I still enjoy the show to this day but I'm gonna give it 6/10

  • Cowabunga! This show rocks.

    This show is awesome. It's like one of the best cartoons of the late 80s. It's based off the comics that were made in 1984. After this show premired, the Ninja Turtles became a huge craze during the late 80s and early 90s. It spawned in Action Figures, VHS releases, video games, and 3 live action movies that came out during the 90s. But then came the dark world sage which was when it was starting to go kind of downhill. But the dark world saga went on for the last 2 seasons which after that was when the show ended. But the part that really sucked was when Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation came along which lasted for only one season. You want to know what my opinion is on Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation? That'll be on my next review.
  • "I believe the correct word for this show Is... Cowabunga!" The idea of four crime fighting turtles which stand against evil along side there rat sensei and various allies in a town littered with crime to save the world from powerful enemies

    The series in which I remember enjoying as a kid and recently discovering later on in life is in being modest one of the best animated shows ever devised in history. The moment you lay eyes on any episode you instantly realise it unique humour and excitement. The great thing about this show is that new characters are introduced different from the comic for example Bebop and Rocksteady and Neutrinos yet they keep loyal to original character such as Spliter, Shredder and off course the four turtles. Every time I watched an episode of TMNT I really got pulled into the action and got involved with the likes Donatello (the smart brainy one), Leonardo (The strong serious leader), Raphael (The team's anti-social bad boy) and michelangelo(The easy-going, free-spirited one) which all team up to be one of the greatest team atmosphere any animated show had ever seen! I loved the idea of what seemed to be the endless battle between Shredder and Splinter, This ultimately involves the turtles and allies fighting Krang and allies which makes you feel that every episode counts that the turtles stop splinters accident enemy and reign good. With this rivalry between the two group it really does create some thrilling, gripping episodes with story lines that last 5-6 episodes for example trying to stop shredder rising the techno-drome or getting Shredders foot soldiers back from Dimension X it all leads to must-see, old-school fun with a wide range of characters and just enough wit and storyline to keep you hanging on begging for more. In conclusion I believe this show is at its best between series 3-6 and well... is hottest animated series since pepperoni pizza!
  • My Favorite cartoon when I was a kid!

    When I was a little kid I use to love this show and I still love it today. I have seen all three movies and I like all three the same. I have not yet seen the new movie but I'm sure it is good since it had good reviews. It was only in theaters for a limited time. I also have episodes on DVD. I have vol. 1, 2, & 3. they are really good. the season 1 DVD has never before seen Episodes. If you are a huge fan of the old School Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you should see at least one of the three movies or get at least on of the cartoon DVD's if you see one in a Department store. I also have a couple of the really old comic books. the comic books are good too. It would be nice to see it on TV again. I dont have to wory about it too much since I have alot of old episodes on DVD.
  • A group of four mutant turtles, lead by a human-rat, fight against evil.

    TMNT is EASILY my favorite action cartoon ever. The episodes are usually very good, and the turtles each have very cool and unique personalities. There's Leonardo and Raphael, the "leaders" of the turtles, Michelangelo, the less serious "slacker" turtle, and Donatello - the computer nerd who is really the heart and soul of the team if you think about it, and he is my favorite. Anyway, back to the show. What really amazes me is how the show stays so fresh for so many episodes when it's such a simple idea about every episode - get the bad guys. TMNT is awesome - even though the quality does sink in later seasons.
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  • a masterpiece of animation history.

    teenage mutant ninja turtles is defintly one of the best shows ever. Its appeal and popularity have been only surpassed by the simpsons. It has set ne standards for animated tv and will remain a timeless classic.

    The show itself is well thought of, adding bebop,rocksteady and krang into the mix was a fantastic idea. I don't care whatsoever if it is nothing like the comic. This version of the tmnt is the definite version, its appeal and flawless qualities. Supporting characters like Vernon, Irma and burne and well moulded into the show and other characters fit this mould wonderfully. Overall, a classic among classics.
  • How i love being a turtle.......fan

    I grew up watching the turtles as a kid,and even to this day i still love to watch them.If you have never seen the turtles before,it's about 4 turtles and there master.Who Get covered in ooze down the sewer,which then begins to make the evolve into the last creature they where in contact with.The master transforms into half man half rat.And the turtles transform into half man half turtle.They then decide to fight crime with the help of there friend april o'neil,who is one of there first people they help when fighting crime.But there is one man the mighty shreder and with the help of his foot soldiers he trys to cause havoc on the streets.The turtles has always been and always will be my favourite cartoon of all time.....man i love being a turtle.......fan.
    thanks moneyman1982
  • pretty godd show but...needs fine tuning in departemant of action

    zbilja dobra serija ali previse ide na nasmijavanje ljudi
    pretty good series but too much humor to little action
    if you want to have a good laugh then this show is great but if you want to wach more serious anime or what ever you should better watch TMNT from 2003 they are much better then this one.much more serious,more action less humor that why I love it but that still doesn't remove the fact that this series is awesome in comedy way
  • A Great Show

    What a blast this show was. I always loved watching the show. It was funny,cool and different. My favorite turtle was always Michaelangelo. He was the funniest one of all. I became a fan by watching the cartoon and then saw all the movies. Shredder was a cool villain always. Plus the foot ninjas. I liked most about was how it was different that four turtles help save the day. Also that they love pizza and they were ninja. Also the leader was rat and their best human freind was a reporter,April. In the end its a classic show and always loved it. One of my favorite childhood shows.
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