Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 6 Episode 1

Rock Around the Block

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1992 on CBS

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  • Don has to figure out the concept of Woo Wei...

    I really liked Rock Around the Block. It was a good episode and i liked that Tragg featured a bigger role in this one. Also the technodrome finnally moves to another location, the ocean! I thought it was a visual treat to see the turtles sparring in the begining you don't see that to often and you got to see more of their training hall/dojo in this episode. And it was intersting to see Raphael and Michelangelo sparr and to see Michaelangelo, not just holding his own but winning the sparring match by throwing him into the wall, a contrast to how in a season three episode where Raphael beats Michaelangelo in sparring rather easily and tosses him. Also I liked the little bit of Leonardo and Donatello sparring because it showed Leonardo being cocky and besting Donatello rather effertlesly. It was to see something not come so easily to Donatello in this episode since he was having trouble mastering woo wei and couldn't quite get the concept of defeating your oppenent with their own force. It was amusing seeing him trying it out on Raphael and he throws the couch at him LOL And I loved the turtles going up against Tragg. He has got to be the most under used villan in the OT. He posed a legitimate threat to the turtles with his gravel monsters and gave the turtles a run for their money. It was nice seeing the turtles not being able to defeat the baddie of the day so easily, and seeing the bad guy cause some actual mayhem by having anything mineral attack people and causing destruction. It even had some good suspence with April almost going over a giant hole in the van trying not to make a move and a pencil rolls off the dash board to nock her over the edge. This episode gave Leonardo a chance to shine by being the one to come up with the idea how to defeat the gravel monsters and directing theaction instead of Donatello all the time. For once Donatello seemed pretty at lost on how to handle things and it was an intersting dynamic to see him like that. But Donatello proves himself by finnally figuring the art of woo wei and lets the bad guys destroy them selves. Although I was confused as to wghat the turtles where actually doing when they where sitting in a circle. A few close up shots of their faces made it seem like they where straining. So what does that mean? Where they actually trying to maipulate the technodrome with their minds or something and actually caused it to sink through the ice? The whole scene looked less like they where doing nothing and more like they where useing some shared mind control to stop the technodrome. In which case it sort of defeats the priniple of woo wei.