Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) - Season 3

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • 12/22/89

    The Turtles are returning to New York, via the open road, when the Technodrome suddenly surfaces in front of them. The Turtles barely get out of its way in time, before Shredder begins firing lasers left and right.
    Now back to the of a planet, the Technodrome makes it's way to a nearby power relay station, with the Turtles in hot pursuit. April makes it back to New York and tries to warn everyone that Krang is on the warpath. The Turtles break into the Technodrome again, but the machine's powerful defenses are able to drive them back. Krang succeeds in stealing a satellite dish from the station, with plans to use it to open the dimensional portal and slip Earth into Dimension X. Once there, the awaiting war fleet on the other side will destroy it. Despite all efforts, the Turtles fail to prevent the villains from making it to the city. With little time left, Donatello hatches a plan, the TMNT "borrow" a missile launcher from a military vehicle, and take it under the sewers. Leonardo and Michaelangelo keep Shredder busy in a final battle, while this is going on.
    Eventually, the TMNT trick an enraged and embarrassed Shredder to take the Technodrome over a sewer drain, where Donatello fires the missile attached to the launcher. It rockets out of the sewers and propels the Technodrome upwards into the already-opened portal, back into Dimension X -- and straight into the path of the awaiting war fleet. The fleet mistake the Technodrome for Earth, and open fire upon it. The Technodrome eventually crash lands on a nearby asteroid with no power, and no way out of Dimension X.

  • 12/21/89

    Now successfully re-energized, The Technodrome begins moving towards the surface. Krang sends for a Minimizer from Dimension X. With it, he can shrink anyone and anything that stands in his path. He immediately uses the device to shrink all of the nearby military bases, therefore making the planet defenseless, once he takes the Technodrome to "higher ground."
    The Turtles, knowing that they and the planet will be in hot water if Shredder and Krang take the machine to the surface, decide to break into the machine itself, and try to sabotage it. Under attack from Rocksteady, Bebop, and Krang, the Turtles realize that taking out the machine won't be an easy task. April, in the meantime, shows up to cover the mystery of the missing bases. Although she's at the right place, she's here at the wrong time. The Technodrome suddenly surfaces, and heads in the direction of the reporter.
    The Turtles, however, manage to gain control of the Minimizer, and with just seconds left before April becomes road kill. They are able to use it to shrink the Technodrome to the of a softball. Then, they restore the military bases to their proper The now miniaturized Technodrome falls back into the hole it came out of, where Krang and Shredder use their energy reserves to restore it to it's own full height. It's not over, yet.

  • The Big Rip-Off (1)
    Episode 45

    In a last ditch attempt to gain power for the Technodrome, Krang sends Rocksteady and Bebop to steal a newly created set of energy modules from a hi-tech science lab located at Fort Charles.
    But the bungling duo are halted by a super-computer, CY-CLOMPS, which is protecting the modules. Not one to be denied his spoils, Shredder re-programs CY-CLOMPS from the technodrome, and commands it to trap April (present at the lab to do a live broadcast) in an airtight vault!
    When the Turtles arrive at the scene, they find themselves locked in combat with various robots and defences activated by
    CY-CLOMPS to prevent them from reaching April. The Turtles eventually succeed however in pulling CY-CLOMP'S plug , and they rescue the reporter.
    However, whilst the turtles were locking horns with CY-CLOMPS at Fort Charles, Shredder was able to locate another lab, which contained a similar set of energy modules, and quickly acquired them. The Technodrome is re-energized, and now has enough power to rise to the surface!

  • Bye, Bye, Fly
    Episode 44

    A team of archaeologists stumble upon a temple of unknown origin and culture buried near the Turtles' lair. However, before they can investigate further, they are frightened off by Baxter Stockman, who explores the temple himself.
    The Turtles hear about the discovery courtesy of April, not wanting their security to be compromised, the TMNT decide to investigate themselves. Shredder also has an interest in the temple; it contains within it a rare energy crystal, which could potentially re-power the Technodrome!
    Baxter discovers the temple is actually a spacecraft with a sentient computer system at the helm, it is capable of accessing multiple dimensions, and Baxter plots a trap for Shredder and the Turtles. After The Turtles and Shredder meet up, Baxter springs his trap, using a Muta-Zoo Gun; he transforms Michelangelo into a gerbil and Shredder into a fly (how ironic).
    The TMNT are forced to team with Rocksteady and Bebop to battle and outwit Baxter. They succeed and they restore Michelangelo to normal.
    Muta-Zoo Gun, but refuse to transform Shredder back for a while as revenge for the many scoldings they have received at his hand.
    Baxter activates the spacecraft and attempts to travel to Dimension x, but Donatello was able to take out the geographic stabilizer, without it, the vessel falls apart completely, stranding Baxter in another dimension. and at the mercy of a colossal alien Spider. What a world!

  • Shredderville
    Episode 43

    In this special, "It's a Wonderful Life"-style story. The Turtles return to their lair, triumphant after another mission, but they are frustrated that they let Shredder slip away from them again.
    They feel like giving up, and wish they had never been born -- wishing that they never had to bear the burden of fighting crime. They go to sleep still thinking these thoughts.
    When they wake up, however, they find things have drastically changed. The lair is gone, Splinter doesn't exist, and New York is now known as "Shredderville". The Turtles soon realise -- to their horror that their wish has come true, and that they no longer exist!
    Exploring this strange, warped Earth, the Turtles discover their friends are either slaves (April and Irma), or anarchists (Zach)
    They also find out Shredder is a man tired of being the big cheese, and frustrated with the responsibility that comes with his position.
    Just when things couldn't get any worse, the Technodrome (now more of a broken-down relic than a war machine) is on the verge of exploding. If it goes boom, that can only spell doom! Can the green machine escape this nightmare?

  • 12/15/89

    While searching for a device to transform crude oil into liquid hydrogen, which he needs to run the Technodrome, Krang accidentally brings Mr. Ogg from Dimension Z to Earth. Mr. Ogg has the power to transform anything into anything he wishes. While Mr. Ogg is in the Technodrome he discovers Shredder's quarters. Shredder has a collection of antique vases. Ogg has a taste for old porcelain and eats all of Shredder's collection. By the time Shredder finds him it is too late. Ogg wants to know where he can get more porcelain and that gives Krang an idea on how to get the Turtles back and get his formula for the oil. He tells Ogg that he would go get more porcelain for him, but they have been cast out by the Turtles. They are doomed to stay underground. Ogg feels bad for them and says he'll get whoever it is that did that to them. Krang tells Ogg that if he can get a formula to trasnform oil into liquid hyrogren, Krang will tell him where he can get all the procelain he has ever wanted and he will also tell Ogg where the Turtles are so Ogg can do them in. Ogg agrees to do it.

  • The Grybyx
    Episode 41

    An affectionate, cuddly creature from another world shows up on Earth, with the ability to move objects by mental power. It turns out to be an escaped pet of the Neutrinos. The Neutrinos - Dask, Kala and Zak are in search of Kala's pet Grybyx. As it turns out, the small and cuddly creature can turn into a humongous monster. This transformation occurs when it gets fed pizza, and soon enough the gigantic Grybyx-creature threatens the Turtles and the city. Of course, Shredder and Krang want the Grybyx, but they end up getting more than they bargained for. After transforming back into its old self, the Neutrinos return the once-again cuddly little creature to their dimension.

  • The Gang's All Here
    Episode 41

    Shredder tries to trick the Turtles into eating cookies made with anti-mutagen. The mutagen is supposed to change the Turtles into human weaklings so Shredder can destroy them. Donatello discovers what the cookies are made of and throws them away warning the Turtles that the mutagen is unstable.
    Michelangelo wanting to be a human, tries one of the cookies and it mutates him into a teenager. As a human, he meets with April who is working undercover in a gang. This gang, lead by Lugnut, happens to be the one that Rocksteady and Bebop used to belong to. Bebop and Rocksteady ask them to steal electronic parts from an abandoned tanker for the Technodrome. Michelangelo is having problems with the mutagen being unstable. He keeps changing from human to Turtle at the most inopportune times. April sees him at one of those times and discovers who he really is.

  • The Missing Map
    Episode 40

    Zach and Walt visit the Turtles, and Walt becomes jealous of Zach's adventure with the Turtles. His jealousy causes him to steal a document pouch from the Turtles that includes a map to the lair and documents that prove that Shredder conducted a conspiracy to have Splinter expelled from the Foot Clan.
    The Turtles must stop Shredder and Krang from getting the pouch and save Zach and Walt at the same time.

  • The Great Boldini
    Episode 38

    The Turtles, Zach and his friend Caitlin visit the Museum where a magician, the Great Boldini, intends to make a valuable emerald disappear. Everything seems to be going well until the lights come back on. The audience sees Boldini tied up, gagged and the emerald is missing. He insists he has nothing to do with it. Everyone at the museum is searched. During the search, the Turtles are revealed and arrested. Zach and Caitlin follow Boldini thinking that he is acting suspicious. They discover that he's working with Don Turtelli and that he did indeed steal the emerald. The Turtles escape and break back into the museum searching for Zach and Caitlin. Down in the basement of the museum the Rat King discovers Boldini, Don and the kids. The kids manage to escape from Boldini along with the emerald but are shortly captured again. They manage to hide the emerald before they are recaptured. Meanwhile, the Rat King decides to work with Boldini and Don in getting the emerald back.

  • 12/8/89

    Rocksteady and Bebop, on Shredder's orders, kidnap Irma, who pleads with them to wait until tomorrow -- it seems that she has a date with a handsome weatherman from Channel Six News. As soon as April discovers Irma has been abducted, she contacts the Turtles. At his secret hideout, the Shredder activates his "Turtle Terminator" to replicate itself to look just like Irma. He then sends the Irma/Turtle Terminator out on its mission -- to destroy all turtles. Irma/Turtle Terminator returns to Channel Six News and professes that nothing has happened to her nor has she seen Rocksteady and Bebop. April reports to the Turtles that Irma is back and that everything is fine but the Turtles are doubtful. They continue to investigate. However, when Irma/Turtle Terminator overhears Burne Thompson refer to his girlfriend as a "turtle dove" she fires a laser blast out of her eyes, melting the telephone. April realizes that something is wrong. She calls the Turtles to find Irma and find out just what the Turtle Terminator really is for.

  • 12/7/89

    Leatherhead has come to the city searching for the Turtles. While crawling through the sewers he encounters the Rat King who charges him with trespassing. Leatherhead unsuccessfully defends his right to go where he pleases and The Rat King takes him prisoner. Meanwhile, Splinter instructs the Turtles to practice their ninja jskills against cardboard cut-outs of Krang, Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop. But Michaelangelo would rather fight the real thing -- until then he would rather catch some rays and pizza.
    Over at Channel Six News, Burne Thompson assigns April to cover a story of the hijacking of a truckload of rat poison. Along with Irma and Vernon, April discovers clues that lead her to believe that The Rat King is responsible for the hijhacking. As they follow a trail that they hope will lead them to The Rat King's lair, Irma and Vernon are caputed by The Rat King, who plans to use them as test subjects for his ultimate plan to "rule the world", while April escapes only to be captured by Leatherhead, who had successfully escaped from The Rat King's lair.

  • 12/6/89

    While the Turtles are suffering from "Turtle Pox," a disease that affects only mutant Turtles, Krang has developed a robotic turtle that he calls Metalhead in an effort to destroy the Ninja Ts. But first, in order to program the robot, Krang needs a "Brainalyzer" scan of the Turtles. Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop travel up to the surface and force the Turtles out of hiding by breaking into various business establishments throughout the City. Sure enough, the Turtles arrive at the scene of the crime, allowing Shredder to zap them with the Brainalyzer and making good their escape. The Turtles are confused but relieved to be back at home in their beds.

  • Usagi Come Home
    Episode 34

    In an effort to rid himself of the Turtles, The Shredder with the help of Rocksteady and Bebop kidnap Obento, caretaker of the Far East Animal Society, and blackmail Usagi Yojimbo into destroying the Turtles. Usagi refuses to take the lives of four in exchange for one because it is dishonorable. The Shredder challenges Usagi to a sword fight -- if Usagi loses he must serve The Shredder. Naturally, the only way that The Shredder can win is if he cheats -- which he does. Usagi is honor bound and sets out after the Turtles.
    Back at the Lair, Donatello is unsuccessful at finding Usagi Yojimbo's dimension on his Pan-Dimensional Portal - he needs Usagi's help. The Turtles don their disguises and venture out of the sewers -- along the way, they encounter Usagi who reluctantly attacks the Turtles. Needless to say, the Turtles are very confused. Usagi retreats to a shopping mall and the Turtles give chase, believing that Usagi is being forced to attack the Turtles. After they subdue him, they head for the Far East Society in an effort to talk with Obento about Usagi's strange behavior.

  • 12/4/89

    April's Aunt Agatha (Aggie) Marbles, a woman crime solver not unlike Agatha Christie's Miss Marples, pays her a visit at Channel Six News and suggests that she would like to meet the Turtles. Meanwhile, Michaelengelo and Leonardo encounter two crooks, Bruce and Rodney, who are stealing kimonos from all over town -- including Master Splinter's favorite kimono which had been sent out to the Quick Kimono Cleaners. The Turtles team up with Aunt Aggie to solve this mysterious caper and to retrieve Master Splinter's kimono.
    April and Vernon, following a bogus tip, were kidnapped by the Big Boss, Don Tortelli, who is the mastermind behind the theft of the kimonos. Don Tortelli thinks that April knows something about the stolen kimonos and tortures her and Vernon with a feather in order to make them talk.
    Meanwhile, having had little success finding the crooks, Aunt Aggie concocts a scheme to bring the crooks to them. Donatello dresses up like the infamous Cal Worthington of Southern Caliifornia Auto dealership fame and makes a bogus commercial advertising himself a "Kimono Kal" owner of the famous "House of Used Kimonos." Don Tortelli sends Rodney and Bruce to steal the kimonos, but what they end up stealing, of course, is a crate of Turtles who are delivered to Don Tortelli's penthouse.

  • Usagi Yojimbo
    Episode 32

    Thanks to a run-in with General Traag from Dimension X, the Turtles discover that Krang is experimenting with his "Dimensional Portal" again. Donatello decides to contact the Nutrinos in an effort to discover what Krang is up to. Donatello's "Pan-Dimensional Portal" is knocked "off track" by Krang's machine and instead of Dimension X, the Turtles make contact with an alternate Earth, in 16th century Japan, where animals are the dominant species -- not humans. Suddenly, a samurai rabbit named Usagi Yojimbo is "sucked" through the portal and into the Turtles' Lair. After a short battle, Usagi admits defeat and begs to learn their ninja secrets.

  • 11/30/89

    It's a very special day for Michaelangelo... only his brothers seem to have forgotten all about it.
    Unknown to Mikey, the other Turtles are only pretending that they have no idea it's his birthday, in order to launch a surprise party on him later.
    As the day progresses, and Michaelangelo gets more and more irritated and upset, Leonardo begins to feel as if he, Raphael, and Donatello are stretching the joke just a little too far. But his concerns are ignored by the others, who believe Michaelangelo's present state will make his surprise party even better.
    Michaelangelo, depressed and frustrated, surprises them all before they can surprise him�by running away!
    Before they can go after him, the remaining TMNT hear reports of Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop, embarking on a rampage through New York.
    Splinter volunteers to locate Michaelangelo, whilst the remaining Turtles do battle with "Tin-Grin".
    Shredder has armed himself, however, with an offshoot of the same mutagen, that once transformed the Turtles from tiny babies to their present martial-arts kicking state.
    He tries to use it on the green machine during their battle, but the Turtles are too fast for him. and his force retreats. On his way though, he bumps into Michaelangelo. Subduing the turtle, Shredder straps him to a device that begins pouring out the mutagen!
    Will Michaelangelo spend his birthday (and the rest of his life) looking like he did on the actual day he was born?

  • 11/29/89

    While Raphael is reliving the past, via the Turtles' photo album, their Frog friends in the Florida Swamps (Napolean Bonafrog, Genghis Frog, Atilla and Rasputin) are being terrorized by a mutant alligator known as Leatherhead, who makes them his slaves. They decide to call the Turtles for help.
    Meanwhile, Krang's scanner picks up Leatherhead's activities and he sends Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop to the same Florida Swamp to retrieve the mutant alligator and use him to help defeat the Turtles.
    But no sooner do the Turtles and April arrive when they are captured by Leatherhead. The Frogs turn the tables and help the Turtles capture Leatherhead.
    Shredder and company arrive in the Florida Swamp and stumble upon the Turtles and April, the Frogs and Leatherhead. They decide to track them for awhile before charging in and attacking. Sure enough he finds his golden opppportunity when he rescues Leatherhead from the quicksand that the Turtles, the Frogs, and Leatherhead have fallen into.

  • Blast from the Past
    Episode 29

    Krang and Shredder are going stir crazy. They have been defeated once too often by the Turtles, so Shredder has decided to do something about it. He takes Rocksteady and Bebop up to the Earth's surface and to the Asian-American Cultural Center where the burial urn of an ancient noble warrior and founder of the Foot Clan, ShibanoSama, is on display.
    Meanwhile, April is doing a live broadcast from the same Asian-American Cultural Center. Splinter suggests that he and the Turtles should hurry there at once for fear that Shredder may be on his way. But they are too late. Shredder knocks the Turtles out with a ninja smoke bomb and releases the spirit of ShibanoSama. Shredder requests that the Warrior Spirit teach Rocksteady and Bebop the secret ways of the ninja and make them invincible. Shibano Sama replies that only the true leader of the Foot Clan can make such a request.
    Then, the Turtles try to confront Shredder and tell Shibano Sama that Splinter is the true leader. But Shredder has thrown a gas grenade at them, and Splinter has amnesia. The Turtles must rejuvenate his memory while Raphael holds off Shredder and Shibano Sama.

  • Beware the Lotus
    Episode 28

    Krang hires a female Ninja, Lotus, to replace Shredder. It seems that Lotus has agreed to help Krang locate the Turtles in exchange for 100 pounds of gold. To prove her worthiness, and Shredder's unworthiness, Lotus defeats him with her Ninja skills. Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop leave the Technodrome with their tails between their legs vowing that Krang will someday beg to have them back. Meanwhile, Burne assigns April and Vernon to do a special story on romance. At the Olaf Perfume Factory, April interviews a Monsieur Olaf, who reveals that he has a "Scent Analyzer" that can "sniff out" any fragrance. But, while protected by three armed guards, is suddenly stolen by Lotus and in its place, she leaves a lotus flower. A short time later, Lotus visits Aqua Land, and steals from Dr. Gilman, a marine biologist, his complete file on his study of genetic codes of turtles. Once again she leaves a lotus flower in its place. April shows the Turtles a lotus blossom that was found at the crime scene. Leonardo falls in love with Lotus.

  • 11/24/89

    Shredder orders Rocksteady and Bebop to place the Mesmerizer atop the Channel Six News Building Tower. The Mesmerizer is designed to turn all humans into zombies. It has no effect on mutants. But a bolt of lightning causes the device to fall from the Tower and crash through the roof of the Channel Six News Room. Rocksteady and Bebop activate the Mesmerizer and watch April, Irma, Vernon, Berne and the Anchorman become instant zombies, waiting to do their bidding. Suddenly, the Turtles protect them. The Turtles succeed in this, but not as they had hoped for. During the scuffle the Mesmerizer is broken. The Channel Six News Crew returns to normal and Rocksteady and Bebop escape with the broken Mesmerizer and the Turtles on their heels. Shredder now plots to return to the surface and implement to use the Mesmerizer himself to conquer the world.

  • Pizza By the Shred
    Episode 26

    Michelangelo is depressed because he has no money to buy a "Belly Board" when he sees a TV advertisement of a new pizza parlor called Weird Pizza. He figures that he can get a job there and, after a few nights delivering pizzas, he will have enough money to buy his board. What he doesn't realize is that Shredder owns the Weird Pizza parlor and his scheme is to capture the Turtles when they order a really weird pizza.
    Michaelangelo, disguised as an ugly human, is hired for the delivery boy position when he tells Shredder that he has a car. What he has, is the Nutrinos' Star Cruiser, which he "borrows" while Donatello is working on it. What Mikey doesn't know is that there are no air brakes. Unfortunately, for him, he discovers this during his deliveries.

  • 11/22/89

    All over the city, high ranking corporate executives are being kidnapped by men in business suits, but the Turtles don't get involved until they learn that one of these corporations is the world's largest suppliers of pizza. The Turtles charge into action by staking the T.I.H.C. (The Incredibly Huge Corporation) which has yet to be "hit." They do not wait long in vain. Within moments, a black limousine pulls up in front of the TIHC Headquarters and from within it disembark four men in suits carrying laser rifles. The Turtles try to stop them, but are thwarted by their laser blasts. However, one of the Turtles was able to recover a briefcase belonging to one of the businessmen. When opened, it reveals documents with the name Octopus, Inc.
    The Turtles recruit Casey Jones to infiltrate the Headquarters of Octopus, Inc. so that they will have a better understanding of what they are up against, but while staking out the TIBD (The Itty Bitty Corporation) and waiting to hear from Casey, another black limousine pulls up and unloads men in suits with laser guns. The Turtles try to stop them. Donatello throws water on the businessmen causing them to snap out of their trances and tell the Turtles that they were kidnapped by Octopus, Inc. and brainwashed to commit crimes. The Turtles rush back to Octopus, Inc., rescue Casey and storm the President's office only to encounter Shredder, who has them tied up and thrown into a broom closet with the real president of Octopus, Inc. -- Octavious Ogilvy, to await the "Grand Arising" -- the rising of the Technodrome in the old Octopus Stadium. The Turtles must interrupt this "Grand Arising."

  • Mutagen Monster
    Episode 24

    In an attempt to hijack two separate trains carrying the ingredients need to make mutagen, Rocksteady and Bebop cause their head-on collision, resulting in the spillage of both chemicals in the city's train yard. While April reports live from the scene, the Turtles arrive to warn her of the danger -- but it's too late. Two bulls in a nearby stockyard have drunk from water contaminated by the chemical spill, causing them to mutate into one giant three-legged, multi-horned and very angry bull!
    The Turtles chase the giant bull throughout the train yard only to discover that Shredder wants the beast as well. But suddenly, the giant bull becomes two giant bulls and chases Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop back into their transport module and they disappear underground. Now the two giant bulls have April trapped between them as she continues to videotape this ground-breaking story. The Turtles save her moments before the giant bulls would have smashed her between them. The resulting collision cause the two giant bulls to revert back to one giant bull and it heads off for the city.

  • 11/20/89

    A self-appointed vigilante, wearing a hockey mask and named Casey Jones, is striking fear in the hearts of the city's criminals. However, the legal system feels that this same vigilante is violating the civil rights of said criminals, therefore, the Police, who believe that the Turtles are responsible, issue an All Points Bulletin. Mr. Thompson calls April at her apartment at five in the morning to assign her the story -- she accepts, but only to prove the Turtles' innocence. The Turtles have also had their own run-in with the vigilante and, realizing how easy it will be for people to confuse him with them, elect to try and stop him. Meanwhile, Krang has developed an army of tiny mechanical insects designed to infiltrate the city's machinery, thereby having access to control it.

  • Return of the Fly
    Episode 22

    Noticing that the Technodrome's ballast tanks are low, Krang decides to take the Technodrome closer to the surface so that it can siphon off water from an underground reservoir. Meanwhile, Donatello has built a device that will track the Technodrome's movements. No sooner is he done, then the Technodrome is on the move. Observing the action of both the Turtles and Shredder and company is none other than Baxter Stockman, who has recently returned to the current dimension and is desperate to enact his revenge on both Shredder and the Turtles. The Turtles, along with April, arrive at the underground water tank before Shredder, and while they prepare for him, April is kidnapped by Baxter Stockman.

  • Green with Jealousy
    Episode 21

    Krang sets his sights on a powerful nuclear-powered submarine, believing it's fuel will be more than enough to re-power the technodrome, and this time, he's going to deal with the Turtles himself, through something they could never hope to resist. LOVE.
    Creating a love potion, Krang tells Shredder to lace the potion on the next pizza the Turtles chow down on. Upon consuming the pizza, The TMNT will fall madly in love with the first woman that comes into eye contact with them.
    They'll be so busy fighting each other over that woman, that the villians will be able to take all the fuel they require. Following the green machine to a local pizza eatery, Shredder accomplishes this task.
    All the Turtles tuck in, except for Donatello, who is driving the Turtle Van at this time, The potion is as good as Krang predicted, as the three turtles infected with the love potion all fall in love with Irma, who, unfourtunatly, turns out to be Irma. The only hope now is for Donatello to come up with an antidote in time, but will love conquer all in the end?
    And if it does, who will stop the villains from conquering all?

  • Camera Bugged
    Episode 20

    After demonstrating poor skills in their daily katas, the Turtles convince Splinter that they need a vacation -- he agrees, if they can agree where to spend it. Meanwhile, an Alien Tourist/Polarisoid arrives on Earth taking photos of everything -- and everything he takes a photo of disappears right into his camera, to be viewed by family and friends back home on Polaris. Calls are flooding into Channel Six News -- even City Hall is missing and April sets out to get an exclusive. At the Technodrome, Shredder and Krang realize that if they could get hold of the Polarisoid's camera they could rid themselves of the Turtles once and for all.

  • 11/14/89

    The Turtles throw April a surprise party to celebrate her first anniversary as a reporter at Channel Six News, but April is not feeling very celebratory -- it seems that Burne Thompson has suggested that she will not be celebrating her second anniversary if she does not find a story soon. Donatello and Irma rush out to get a special pizza in an effort to lift her spirits.
    Meanwhile, Krang and Shredder send Rocksteady and Bebop up to the Earth's surface to locate "a new source of energy generated by the Nuclean Fission Reactor at the University." But the mutants think that Shredder is sending them "fishing" and when they finally learn their mistake, a bright ray of light, coming from out of the sky, zaps Rocksteady and he disappears.

  • Cowabunga Shredhead
    Episode 18

    Michaelangelo's pizza-craving appetite gets the better of him once again, driving him to empty his brother's entire supply!
    The other turtles, having tolerated all they can of thier brother's highly obsessive eating habits, use hypnosis to "persuade" Michaelangelo to do the unthinkable: CRAVE PIZZA NO MORE!
    Meanwhile, Shredder hatches a diabolical scheme using a new device, a holo-emiter capable of creating exact duplicates of anyone whose biological information is stored in the machine's database.
    The villain hopes to use this techhnique to control the world's prime movers and shakers--giving him undisputed mastery of the planet.
    To test the device, Shredder creates a copy of Michaelangelo, but during the experiment, Rocksteady and Bebop's usual incompetence manages to cause the device to malfunction.
    In the chaos that follows, a blast from the device hits Shredder , and the villain soon starts acting not quite himself...but more like Michaelangelo!
    When Shredder waltzes into their lair acting like thier bro, the confused Turtles decide to take advantage of his situation. Using the hypnosis techniques, the Turtles are able to switch their arch-foe between his Michaelangelo and Shredder personas through two key words: "Michaelangelo" will keep Shredder in his current persona, and the word "Shredder" will revert the villian back to his old, insidious self.
    The Turtles hope to learn about Shredder's plans this way, but how long will tin-grin be exclaiming "Cowabunga?"

  • 11/10/89

    April covers the launch of a new system developed by the city to help clean up the city's garbage problems faster than ever: An automated computer, programmed to retrieve all forms of waste material, controls several garbage pick-up trucks from it's control center, Shredder sees this computer as an ideal weapon to use against the turtles..
    Breaking into the lab where the computer is situated, the villian re-programs the c.p.u to capture TURTLES rather than retrieve litter...
    However, things go awry when all the trucks pick up are any non-mutant turtle they lay their eyes upon..including the last of a soon to be exstinct race of turtles, just about to give birth..
    Can the green machine save thier "distant cousins" from this terrapin-taker? Or will Shredder get what he orignally wanted after all?

  • 11/9/89

    At the local Mardi Gras parade, April, dressed as a 17th century noblewoman "right out of the Three Musketeers", suggests that the Turtles, who are walking the street "au natural", should be in costume and should also read Dumas' book. She just happens to have a copy on her and gives it to Leonardo, who reads it at the first opportunity, is enthralled by it and tries to convince the other Turtles of the striking similarities between themselves and the Three Musketeers.
    Meanwhile, down in the Technodrome, while watching April O'Neil's coverage of the Mardi Gras parade, Krang learns that the priceless Star of Brazil diamond, is, in fact, the long lost element of Impervium: a substance found only in Dimension X and was "sent" to earth as part of an experiment. Krang tells Shredder that with the Impervium once again in his possession he could create weapons unknown to the likes of man. Shredder wastes no time sending Rocksteady and Bebop up to the Earth's surface to steal the gem.

  • 11/8/89

    After awaking from a nightmare in which he failed himself and his comrades in a battle against Shredder, Leonardo feels that he is unfit as a leader and, donning civilian clothes, decides to leave the Lair and the Turtles. Meanwhile, Shredder and Krang have left the Technodrome and are on the top floor of the Mile High Tower, executing Shredder's new scheme for world domination. This time out, he has created a Solar Siphon and by aiming it at the sun, he can effectively drain the sun's "power/energy" and store it in compact batteries while the Earth slowly goes into a deep freeze. Everyone will be too cold to resist him.

  • 11/7/89

    Still searching for a way to destroy the Turtles, Krang develops a Super Pump that he intends to use to flood the sewers and flush out the "boys in green." After sending Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop to make the necessary preparations, Krang begins pumping water out of the ocean and pumping it into the sewers. Meanwhile, in the Turtles lair, Splinter and the Turtles are in the middle of a pizza repast when they are swept away by the sudden onslaught of water.
    But back down in the Technodrome, something has gone wrong. Krang's pump can not be shut off as more and more water is being sucked from the ocean and "dumped" into the sewer -- which is now overflowing into the streets. Soon, the entire city will be under water.

  • 11/6/89

    Krang's computers detect an alien metal on the surface of the Earth, so naturally, Krang sends Shredder, along with an Alien Metal Detector, to the surface to find it. Meanwhile, the Turtles realize that it is National Sensei Appreciation day and they must go out and buy Splinter a present. Later, at the pawn shop, the Turtles, dressed in their trench coats and fedoras, purchase an old ninja sword. As they leave, Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop arrive, via their Transport Module, at a Laundromat across the street. Krang's Alien Metal Detector begins "sounding," indicating that what they seek can be found in the pawn shop -- but when they arrive, the signal weakens. Shredder is convinced that the "Four Men" who left the shop before they arrive, possess the "Alien Metal." When the pawn shop proprietor tells him that they purchased a sword -- Shredder is even more convinced.

  • Attack of Big MACC
    Episode 12

    The Turtles are watching April's special report, live from the Army testing laboratory, on the first public display of a new "Super Laser," when suddenly, a bolt of lightning from an electrical storm overloads the Super Laser's computer, causing it to blast a hole into space and another dimension -- which enables a Robot to be transported into the laboratory. Thinking that it is some form of an alien monster the military tries to destroy it. The Robot is amused and fires a laser beam that melts their weapons. The same thing occurs when the scientists try to use their new Super Laser on their unknown visitor. After witnessing the above events, the Turtles are convinced that Shredder and Krang would love to get a hold of whatever that "thing" is.

  • 11/2/89

    After April reports live, from the Malicurian Embassy, of the Malicurian Emporer's decision to sell mining rights to the vast deposit of Lydiam 90 that was recently discovered in his country, she prepares herself for the big party that is being held at the Embassy later that night. Irma, however, persuades her to trade in her news journalist "uniform" for a fancy party gown so that she might attract an eligible bachelor. Meanwhile, far below the Earth's surface, Shredder complains to Krang that the Technodrome is falling apart and that they need more power to properly maintain life support systems. Krang suggests that a small piece of Lydium 90 would supply more than enough power to bring the Technodrome back up to speed.

  • Serpent Hunt
    Serpent Hunt
    Episode 10
  • 11/1/89

    The Turtles receive a blast from the past when Dinosaurs invade the Big Apple. The TMNT attempt to coral the beasts, and more or less succeed.
    Befriending a young diplodocus they dub "Dippy", the Turtles trace the invading dinos to their source, and they are shocked by what they find there: a "lost world", hidden deep beneath the earth's core, where the ferocious creatures of yesterday still thrive. The TMNT find out that the reason for the Dinosaur's continued preservation is the radiation sent off by a mystical energy crystal.
    Before the turtles can relax and explore this "new world", they find out Shredder and Krang are after the crystal, intending to use it in another diabolical scheme to re-power the Technodrome. The Turtles join forces with Dippy to stop the villains, they are able to drive Shredder back at first, but their actions provoke Krang to take a trip to the savage land himself.
    Upon arriving, he builds a hi-tech titanium plated battle fortress, from where he can harness the crystal's powerful energies and channel them into the Technodrome directly from this base. Shredder eventually manages to outwit the TMNT, and succeeds in obtaining the crystal.
    But things go awry when Shredder accidentally drops the crystal, damaging it, without the crystal, (the source of their life-energy), Dippy and his fellow dinos begin to slowly die.
    The TMNT attempt to penetrate Krang's fortress with Dippy's help, but his strength alone isn't enough, Just when the green machine think all is lost, Dippy calls on other dinosaurs to assist him, with their combined efforts, the dinos are able to break into Krang's fortress, and a fierce battle ensues...

  • Enter the Rat King
    Episode 9

    After an unpleasant encounter with a rat, Mr. Thompson assigns April to research the growing rat infestation. April heads for the sewers and after turning up nothing returns to Channel Six News to meet her deadline. However, she and Irma are forced to return to work on foot after all four tires of the Channel Six News van have been chewed by rats. Suddenly, they are being pursued by an army of rats and escape on a passing city bus. Back at Channel Six News, in the middle of April's editorial, the lights go out. When they come back on April is gone. The Turtles, who were watching April on television in their secret lair, spring into action to locate their missing friend.

  • The Fifth Turtle
    Episode 8

    Dressed in their human disguises, Donatello and Raphael venture out of their Turtle lair to buy supplies to make pizza. On their way back, via what they believe to be a shortcut, they are "intercepted" by a gang of young street Punks. Suddenly, a young boy wearing a Turtle costume, and who calls himself Zach: "Master Ninja Turtles and the Scourge of Evil Doers," drops in out of nowhere. As he prepares to defend Donatello and Raphael, he falls flat on his face, allowing the real Turtles to dispatch the punks with ease. Afterwards, Zach explains how he wants to help them fight crime -- but Raphael tells him that he is more of a menace than a crime fighter. The kid leaves in a huff, picking up Donatello's Turtle-Com -- which he had lost in the scuffle with the would-be attackers.

  • Burne's Blues
    Episode 7

    In the middle of a summer heat wave, the Turtles cool down by having pizza at Plink's, home to the world famous chef: Wolfgang Plink. Suddenly, three Punks storm into the restaurant and try to hold the place up. Only they did not count on the Turtles, who disptach them with ease.
    Back at Channel Six News, April, Vernon, Irma, and Mr. Thompson finish watching a tape of April's broadcast. Mr. Thompson is upset because there was no footage of the Turtles. April tries to explain that she promised not to include it in her report. Mr. Thompson is furious. In his day, he goes on to explain, a good reporter let nothing stand in his way of getting the news. Vernon chimes in by suggesting that if Mr. Thompson were not so old and fat, he would be out on the streets now searching for the Turtles. The insulted Mr. Thompson thinks that this is a great idea and volunteers Vernon to go with him, leaving April to cover a story on why the air conditioners all over the city are on the blink.

  • The Old Switcheroo
    Episode 6

    Mr. Thompson orders April into his office to assign her a news story. It seems that the nightwatchman at Cybertech Laboratories spotted "some weird character hanging around" -- Mr. Thompson is convinced that he must be a friend of "April's Turtles." She assures him that he is not and heads off to Cybertech Lab with mini-cam in hand. Meanwhile, down in the Turtles' Lair, Donatello is displaying his new Super Pizza Maker. The other Turtles are impressed with its ability to make pizza in a matter of seconds, but when it is switched into high gear -- the machine overloads and explodes, causing loose parts to scatter across the room. One of these "loose screws" hits Leonardo, causing "just a bruise." Suddenly, April contacts them from Cybertech Labs, via the Turtle Com, to inform them that Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop are up to no good. While she waits for the Turtles to arrive (including Splinter, who is concerned about Leonardo's injury,) April begins to videotape Shredder and his "goons" from the rafters high above the floor. But she is spotted by Shredder, who sends Rocksteady and Bebop up after her.

  • Sky Turtles
    Episode 5

    Krang and Shredders' scheming has The Turtles and New York afloat in confusion: Literately!
    Shredder is using a new anti-gravity magnet to throw everyone in the city into the sky, and keep them there, with noone, not even the TMNT, earthbound any more, Shredder and his hoods can do as they please, and using state-of-the-art anti-gravity boots to stay grounded. Krang informs Shredder of the instability of the magnet, and warns him not to overload it, but he is all but ignored by his partner.
    The Turtles soon learn of Shredder's scheme, and, after managing to acquire a pair of gravity boots, are able to fend off the invading foot soldiers. Donatello notices that the birds are still flying, since they aren't bound by the laws of gravity, the magnet's power doesn't affect them, Donatello suggests to his bros that they head for the Turtle Blimp.
    Angered by the Turtle's defiance, Shredder vows that if he can't own the city, he'll destroy it, by thrusting it completely off the planet!
    Travelling to the surface, Shredder amplifies the magnet's power, and soon every building in New York is sent skyward, the TMNT are barley able to avoid the kamikaze skyscrapers. After rescuing April and Irma from taking off with the channel six building, Donatello figures out how to prevent the magnet from destroying New York, he uses channel six's main satellite dish to bounce the magnet's energy transmissions right back to it's source.
    But at the same time this is attempted, Krang decides to take manners into his own hand and turns up the juice even further, the result of both the turtle's reversal of the energy flow and krang's increase of the flow results in the anti-gravity magnet being pulled out of the ground and ejected into space itself, but in route to outer orbit, the magnet knocks into the turtle blimp and causes Raphael to drop the satellite, it smashes to pieces on the ground below.
    Gravity returns to normal, and New York's structures and citizens, quickly fall back to earth, the Turtles confront Shredder, but the villain escapes in a transport module.
    Donatello repairs the satellite dish, and April congratulates him with a kiss, now who's feeling like he's afloat on cloud nine?

  • 10/24/89

    It was a dark and rainy night. The Turtles, wearing their trench coats and fedoras investigate a reign of mob terror. Donatello, in his worst "Sam Spade" impersonation, narrates this pulp/film noir story of banks all over the city being "taken down by the mob." But, as Donatello tells the viewer, the mob is using sophisticated weaponry -- the kind that could be only supplied by Shredder. And what mobster would be "gutsy" enough to deal with Shredder?

  • 10/23/89

    While preparing for Irma's birthday party, Michelangelo realizes he has forgotten to invite the guest of honor. He contacts April, who is in the midst of interviewing Professor Von Ziflin about the discovery of a meteorite that "just crashed in the area." The professor claims that this is a very unusual meteorite with a core composed of an extremely rare isotope known as "Exaporon." The Turtles turn on their TV to watch their favorite journalist as she interviews the professor. Suddenly a noxious gas fills the room and someone steals the meteorite. Before the thief can escape, he stops in front of the news camera, revealing himself to be Shredder.
    Then, Krang uses the exaporon to build an enlarging device, and he accidently shoots Irma with it. She grows extra large and nearly turns the city into a junkyard, and the Turtles have to reclaim the remaining Exaporon isotope to reverse the process.

  • Turtles on Trial
    Episode 2

    Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael are enjoying an episode of professional wrestling when Michelangelo enters the room and turns the channel to "ON TRIAL" hosted by Clayton Kellerman, a Morton Downey-like rabble rouser who suggests that a clear and present danger is lurking in the sewers: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles are aghast and can't understand why people would hate them. April has her make-up department make human masks so the Turtles could move more freely in the streets.
    Meanwhile, Shredder is sweating from the heat, as Krang "chews him out" for his failure to retrieve the necessary components to repair the refrigeration units. Shredder has had enough and suggests that Krang go up on the Earth's surface and get what he needs and eliminate the Turtles himself. Krang considers this a good idea.

  • 10/19/89

    Beneath the city streets, deep in the bowels of the sewer system, Splinter is less than pleased with the Turtles when he encounters them lounging around the "TV Room," rather than practicing their daily katas (martial arts/ninja exercises.) The Turtles lamely suggest that with Shredder out of the way (it seems he and Krang were sent to the Earth's core in a previous episode), they deserve a vacation. Splinter suggests that they have no proof that Shredder and Krang are "vanquished" and that there is still plenty of other crime/criminals to be fought.
    Meanwhile, miles below the Earth's surface, rests the Technodrome. Inside, Shredder "whines" to Krang about when they will take the Technodrome to the surface. Krang tells Shredder that they are low on power and that certain essential equipment (i.e. the Protein Silicon Brain Computer) has been damaged, thanks to Shredder's incompetence. But Krang reassures him that they can be repaired but it will require a trip to the surface to obtain the necessary parts.

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