Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) - Season 4

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • 9/10/90
    The Technodrome is back in Dimension X, and Shredder and Krang are not the least bit happy about it! Determined to get even, the two villains send Rocksteady and Bebop to earth (using the Dimensional Portal.), the two stooge's task is to attach special trans-dimensional thrusters to the Channel Six Building, fearing a confrontation with the TMNT will scuttle his plan, Krang disguises Rocksteady and Bebop as humans, but this camouflage will only be temporary, if the two mutants can't complete their mission within the next few hours, the disguises will wear off. Krang also creates the Pretendicon, a cyborg in the guise of Splinter, to lure the Turtles into the Channel Six building, if all goes smoothly, then the Dimensional thrusters [once attached to the building] will send the TMNT and Channel Six on a one way ride into Dimension X! Meanwhile, the green machine, believing the Technodrome vanquished for good, plan a long unwinding vacation. Rocksteady and Bebop infiltrate Channel six in their human guises, they pose as Janitors, but they become so popular with the staff in the building, that they are quickly promoted to VP'S Producers in charge of programming! Whilst the first phase of Shredder and Krang's revenge scheme has gone pear-shaped, the pretendacon, as Splinter, begins the next phase by luring the TMNT to channel six. The fake Splinter's arrogant and rash behaviour leads The Turtles to think their master is ill. Shredder reminds Rocksteady and Bebop [soaking it up in their new positions] why they are at Channel six, and the two goofs attach the trans-dimensional thrusters to the structure, they also kidnap April when she stumbles onto their scheme. Just in the nick of time, the real splinter intervenes when he contacts his students (VIA radio) that April has been kidnapped. The TMNT quickly despatch the Pretendacon, and race to save April, and remove the trans-dimensional thrusters. With their new, cushy life-style (and their mission) now in ruins, Rocksteady and Bebop quickly return to the Technodrome v.i.a the Trans-dimensional Portal, leaving the Turtles with a realisation: no matter how far away they are, Shredder and Krang are still as dangerous, and still as driven to destroy the green machine and conquer the worldmoreless
  • 9/11/90
    Professor Willard W. Willard, one of Donatello's idols, invents a Molecular Intensifier to control the growth of living things. Krang hears about it and sends Shredder to steal it.

    While testing the Intensifier, the Professor accidentally zaps his pet monkey Jocko, who grows to 30 feet in height. He also zaps some roots which then grow enormous and begin to take over the city, turning it into a jungle.

    Jocko gets attracted to April and starts chasing after her. To stop Jocko, the Professor zaps Donatello, making him 30 feet tall as well. Jocko gets angry at Donatello and they start fighting. The Turtles realize they have to stop Jocko before he and Donatello destroy the city. They urge the Professor to come up with a formula to reverse the Intensifier's effects. The Turtles finally reverse the Intensifier's effects. They stop Shredder from getting the device and return the City back to normal.moreless
  • 9/12/90
    Michaelangelo, eager to go to a toy show, smuggles himself in as a Turtle toy. Wilbur Weazell, inventor of Tyler Toys, has reprogrammed Tyler Toy's newest toy, the "Tyranno-toy" to attack and destroy. This would ruin his employer and allow Weazell to take over the company.

    The Michaelangelo Toy is spotted by Mr. Tyler's son Kevin, and gets carried off to the Tyler estate for him. April, who is broadcasting from the show, sees Michaelangelo being taken away and quickly tells the other Turtles.

    The Turtles go to the show to see if they can find out where Michaelangelo is. They run into Weazell and discover what he is planning to do with the toys. Weazell activates the Tyranno-Toys and they attack the Turtles. While battling the terrible toys the turtles get caught in a net.

    Meanwhile, Michaelangelo and Kevin are at the Tyler estate trying to escape from Weazell's assistant. Weazell shows up at the estate and activiates more toys to deal with Michaelangelo and Kevin.

    The Turtles escape from the toy show and follow Weazell to the estate. Kevin and the Turtles battle with the toys and capture Weazell and his goons, stopping him from going through with his plan.moreless
  • Peking Turtle
    Episode 4
    In Dimension X, Krang watches on the viewscreen as April broadcasts from the opening of an exhibit of rare Chinese warrior statues, as well as the world's largest pearl. Krang thinks he can bring the statue to life and use the pearl to create a forcefield to bring the Technodrome back to Earth.

    Krang sends Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to the museum. They bring one of the warriors to life. Bebop and Rocksteady take it to the sewers to destory the Turtles. At the museum, Shredder brings to life the rest of the statues and orders them to find the Turtles and destroy them. Krang tells Shredder to order his statues to kidnap April and Vernon, luring the Turtles to the museum so the statues can destroy them.

    Bebop and Rocksteady lead the army of statues back to the museum with April and Vernon. The Turtles follow them to the museum hoping to rescue April and Vernon. The turtles realize that they won't be able to defeat the statues before Krang brings the Technodrome back to Earth. Instead, they destroy the forcefield and Shredder's controller, returning the warrior statues back to normal. Realizing that they no longer have an army to back them up, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady return to Dimension X before the Turtles can defeat them.moreless
  • Shredder's Mom
    Episode 5
    When they're rejected by the world leaders when they demand that Earth surrender to them, Krang and Shredder set up a massive orbiting mirror in Dimension X that causes the Earth to be engulfed in steaming heat. The heat causes the polar ice caps to start melting and also starts to evaporate all of the water on the planet.

    Shredder's mother, Miyoko, hears about her son's plan from her retired home for villains and decides to join him.

    The Turtles, with the help of General Yogure and a space shuttle, go to Dimension X to try and stop Krang and Shredder.

    After overcoming several obstacles in the Technodrome set by Miyoko, the Turtles finally make it to the control room. General Yogure distracts Miyoko, trapping her in one of her own traps. This gives the Turtles time to destroy the orbiting mirror. The Turtles and General Yogure manage to escape Dimension X just as the portal closes, bringing them safely back to Earth.

    Shredder, gets tired of his mother treating him like a baby and ships her back to the retirement home.moreless
  • 9/17/90
    With their planet under attack by General Tragg, Grizzla and Zenter, the Turtles' Neutrino friends decide to send their infant daughter Tribble to stay with the Turtles. No sooner do they send Tribble when Shredder appears and takes them captive.

    The Turtles soon discover that Tribble has psychokinetic powers. Running out of ways to take care of her, they ask April for help.

    Krang discovers that he can not conquer the Neutrinos as long as Tribble is free so he sends Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to find her.

    While April is taking care of Tribble she gets called into work and she realizes that she has to take Tribble to the station with her. Burne decides to have a baby contest held at the station due to Tribble's presence. Shredder hears the broadcast and decides to have Bebop and Rocksteady go there in disguise. The Turtles stop by the station to see how the contest is going and find Bebop and Rocksteady. With the help of Tribble's powers, the Turtles defeat Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady, sending them back to Dimension X.

    After escaping from the Technodrome, Zenter and Gizzla come for Tribble. They tell the Turtles that once the Neutrino people heard of their leaders' escape, they got rid of General Tragg.moreless
  • Turtlemaniac
    Episode 7
    When a series of burglaries occur, all of them involving thefts of Turtle memorabilia, the Turtles investigate. April's apartment gets broken into, but just as the burglar is driving away, she takes down the license plate number on the vehicle. The police give her an address and she and Irma go to investigate. They discover that Monroe Q. Flem, the manufacturer of rare gasses and a billionaire, is a collector of everything and anything having to do with the Turtles. When April and Irma go to the mansion, April goes in,leaving Irma in the van. As soon as she sets foot on the grounds, Flem captures her.

    Meanwhile, the Turtles get worried when they can't contact April so they go to her apartment. The place is deserted when they get there. After looking around, they discover an address which they assume is the one April got from the license plate. They search for April, thinking that she might be in danger. When they arrive at the mansion, they get captured by Flem when he sprays them with stun gas. When they come to, they discover that Flem wants to dip them in wax for his wax display at the mansion. The Turtles try to free April, but they get sprayed with a freezing gas.

    Outside the mansion, Irma realizes that April is not coming back, so she goes in to resuce her. She finds the Turtles frozen and helpless. By turning up the temperature, she revives the Turtles. The heat in the mansion melts Flem's wax statues leaving just metallic robots which he programs to attack the Turtles. They fight off Flem and his Waxmation Warriors and resuce April. Flem gets arrested and all the Turtle merchandise gets returned to the owners.moreless
  • Rondo in New York
    Episode 8
    Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady are in town to steal a rare new mutagen created by Oswald Dren, a grad student. Some mutagen is accidentally spilled onto a reel of movie film and monsters and a movie hero named Rondo come to life! The real Rondo is a wimp, and the Turtles try to help him confront the now-living monsters that stalk the street and the movie theater where the Monster Movie Marathon took place. With the turtles' help, Shredder and the mutants fail to steal the mutagen.moreless
  • 9/20/90
    Earth is experiencing some kind of atmospheric disturbance which allows the Turtles to view TV shows from other worlds. They are tuning into a wrestling match from Planet of the Turtles, where the Flying Turtlenecker Brothers defeat smaller opponents.

    Dimension X is experiencing the same type of disturbance, which allows Krang to watch the same show. On a commercial break, Krang sees Rupert, a turtle pitchman, selling a Personal Energy Projector. Krang thinks he can use this projector to draw energy from Earth to power the Technodrome. He sends Shredder to the Planet of the Turtles to retrieve the projector. Shredder gets chased by Rupert and the Turtlenecker Brothers back through the portal to Dimension X as he tries to steal the projector. With the Turtlenecker Brothers stuck in Dimension X, Krang convinces them to go and capture the Turtles. He sends them to the sewers through a dimensional portal and they capture the Turtles, bringing them back to the Technodrome. April happens to be with the Turtles and radios Splinter as soon as they disappear. Splinter gets there just in time and he and April enter the portal just before it closes.

    In the Technodrome, Krang has set up the projector and drained almost all of the energy from Earth. The Turtles realize they have to come up with a way to stop Krang. Splinter and April rescue them and they split up. Donatello and Rupert are sent to the Planet of the Turtles to look for Dr. Turtlestein, the inventor of the projector, to see if he knows of a way to stop it. Splinter, April, and the rest of the Turtles stay in the Technodrome to try and stop Krang. Donatello and Rupert come back just in time with a portable transporter and reverse the effects of the projector, sending the energy back to Earth. Dr. Turtlestein uses the transporter to send the Turtles, Splinter and April back to Earth.moreless
  • Name That Toon
    Episode 10
    Krang interrupts all TV programs to announce that if Earth does not supply him with enough power for the Technodrome, he will vaporize one square mile of the City within the hour. Krang designed a Dematerializer using micro chips from an alien computer that Shredder found on a spaceship. While Rocksteady and Bebop are cleaning up the rest of the material from the spaceship, they discard an electronic keyboard, that is still connected to the alien computer, through the Earth portal. The keyboard ends up in a secondhand store in the city.

    Howie Hardy, an out-of-work composer, and Irma are shoppping around for a keyboard for him and come across the one in the second hand store that came from Dimenxion X. They decide to buy it.

    Meanwhile, the Turtles spot a portal opening from their portal activity detector. They think that this somehow connected with Krang's plan so they set out to investigate. They discover that the keyboard is the object that came through the portal, but they are too late because Irma and Howie have already left with it.

    Howie takes the keyboard home and starts practicing on it. Soon after playing it, the keyboard starts doing weird things. It plays on its own. April, Irma and Howie don't realize it, but the keyboard has somehow shut the Dematerializer off. Krang discovers what happened and sends Shredder to destroy the keyboard.

    April sends for Donatello to see if he can fix the keyboard. When the Turtles arrive, they discover that Howie has the keyboard they've been searching for. Shredder arrives with Bebop and Rocksteady at about the same time and they try to get the keyboard back. While all this is happening, Howie turns the Dematerializer back on. Now it starts counting down from where it left off before. The Turtles realize they need to hook up the keyboard to something that will magnify the sound in order to stop the Dematerilizer permanently. After fighting off Shredder and Bebop and Rocksteady, the Turtles take the keyboard to the Channel Six News Building, broadcast the music over the Channel Six transmitter, and shut down Krang's Dematerializer for good.moreless
  • 9/28/90
    There seems to be a "phantom" haunting the Floxy Theater that April is doing a story on. With the help of Howie and his brainy friend Eric, the Turtles uncover a mysterious organ that Krang wants Shredder to drain for an energy source. But as the Turtles investigate more, it seems that the Phantom isn't too far away or who he seems to be...moreless
  • Superhero for a Day
    Episode 12
    Gadgetman, yesterday's superhero, decides to rescue the public from danger and evil once again. While the Turtles are on their way to stop Shredder from draining power plants (which is part of Krang's plan to free the Technodrome from the asteroid), they meet up with Gadgetman. Krang gets Shredder to forge a false alliance with Gadgetman to try to destroy the Turtles. When the Turtles arrive to the third and final power plant to stop Shredder, Gadgetman's allegiance will be the weapon to see who is victorious.moreless
  • Back to the Egg
    Episode 13
    Krang invents an age reversing serum that turns any creature into a younger version of itself. He decides to send Captain Kroolik and Grillox, a mutant circus performer from Dimension X, to track the Turtles down and squirt them. Shredder is also sent to go with the Captain. Once they have captured the Turtles, Captain Kroolik intends on putting them in his circus as performers and that will give Krang the opportunity to take over the city.

    The Turtles are tracked to a pizza place where Kroolik only gets a chance to squirt two of the Turtles' pizza with the serum. Michaelangelo and Leonardo eat those two pizzas turning them into little Turtles. Not knowing what the cause was for the shrinking, Donatello and Raphael take them and head back to the lair. On their way, they run into the Captain and Shredder who are waiting to capture them. The Turtles manage to escape and continue to the lair. Donatello and Raphael figure that Krang and Shredder are behind what happened to Michaelangelo and Leonardo and head back to the pizza place to find pieces of the original pizzas. While those two are away, Michaelanglo and Leonardo wander off and end up at the Channel Six building with April. She radios Donatello and tells him that Michaelangelo and Leonardo are with her. Donatello asks April if they can stay with her while he and Raphael try to come up with an antidote. In order to keep them occupied while she works, April brings them into one of the studios that is taping a kids show and puts them in the audience.

    While searching the city for the Turtles, Captain Kroolik sees Michaelangelo and Leonardo on TV while passing a store. They immediately head for the Channel Six building hoping to capture the toddlers at last. They arrive at Channel Six and manage to capture April, Michaelangelo and Leonardo.

    Donatello and Raphael come up with an antidote and put it on pizzas to bring to Michaelangelo and Leonardo. They arrive at the news building to find that Kroolik and Shredder are waiting for them. Donatello tosses the pizzas to Michaelangelo and Leonardo turning them back to their normal size. With the odds stacked up against them, Kroolik and Shredder flee through a portal back to Dimension X.moreless
  • 9/16/91
    In Krang's latest scheme, Rocksteady and Bebop, dressed as Easter bunnies, are blasting people with a Docilizer Ray and turning them into timid, rabbit-like people. If the ray works, Krang plans oninstalling it in a microwave transmitting dish and zapping the entire City with it. Krang sends them to the Channel Six News Building where they are planning to have an Easter egg hunt.

    April watches Bebop and Rocksteady test the gun and calls the Turtles for help just before she gets zapped. To stop them, the Turtles must search out a Cyranium Crystal in the Fairy Tale Dimension. Leonardo and Raphael arrive there, and run into Hokum Hare (the rabbit of the "Tortoise and the Hare," who thinks they are the turtles who always beat him), who insists on following them. Outwitting the Giant (from "Jack and the Beanstalk"), Hokum, Leonardo and Raphael grab the crystal and climb down the Beanstalk, just as Jack chops it down. Leonardo, Raphael and Hokum make it back to Earth and, with Donatello and Michaelangelo, stop Shredder and Krang from broadcasting the Docilizer Ray all over the Earth. Hokum gets to stand in as the Easter Bunny for the Channel Six Easter Egg Hunt.moreless
  • 9/17/91
    Hokum Hare discovers that Shredder has a "time train" to travel to the future, where he can become crimelord of a crime-free era. The Turtles and Hokum grab a ride on the train, arrive in the future to find the elder versions of the Turtles, now retired! Shredder plans to kick older Turtle butt, and the younger Turtles try to whip their older selves into shape before the big confrontation.moreless
  • 9/8/90
    Shredder sends out a message from Dimension X to the Turtles telling them to meet him at the Southside Dump so that he can kick their shells in. When the Green Team gets there, Shredder plans on using a dimensional teleporter to transport them back to the Technodrome. April and Vernon hear Shredder's proposition over the air and decide to go there to get the scoop. The teleporter only manages to get Michaelangelo and Raphael, but it also takes April, Irma and Vernon as well.

    After arriving in Dimension X, Michaelangelo, Raphael, April, Irma and Vernon manage to escape from the Technodrome, asking each other where they are going to go. Immediately after that, the Neutrinos show up to help them.

    Back on Earth, Donatello and Leonardo try to get their trans-dimensional portal running so that they can bring the gang home. In order to accomplish this, they have to sneak in the Channel Six Building and borrow a used transformer.

    In Dimension X, Michaelangelo and Raphael discover from the Neutrinos that the only portal is in the Technodrome. With their help, they break back into the Technodrome looking for the portal. Vernon, who is competing with April on the best news story, steals April's camera and leaves the Technodrome looking for a bigger story. Michaelangelo and Raphael contact Donatello and Leonardo informing them that they are ready to go home. They don't realize that Vernon has left until April tells them. Donatello tells them to hurry and find him because he does not know how long the portal will stay open.

    While all this is happening, somewhere else in the Technodrome, Krang has discovered that the Technodrome is stuck in a dormant volcano. If they can set off enough explosives, it just might be enough to get the Technodrome moving back to Earth.

    Michaelangelo, Raphael, April, Irma and the Neutrinos go out to find Vernon. They resuce him before he gets beat up by mutants and head back to the Technodrome. The gang spot the explosives near the Technodrome that Krang set and they rearrange them, hoping to ruin Krang's plan.

    Donatello transports them back to Earth just before the explosives go off and just before the portal on Earth closes.

    In Dimension X, the volcano erupts, but due to the Turtles, it does not work out the way Krang had hoped. Instead, it just surrounds the lower part of the Technodrome leaving it stuck deeper into the volcano.moreless
  • Donatello's Degree
    Episode 17
    Donatello gets an invitation to accept his degree personally from Professor Sopho at Sopho University. The only problem is that the invitation is addressed to a Miss Donna Tello. Donatello asks Irma to go in his place while he accompanies her in a hidden trunk. While Irma gets a tour of the University, Donatello decides to have a look around the college. He discovers that Professor Sopho has built a device to speed up the Earth's rotation. Sopho is plannig on using the machine to fling everything from the Earth's surface into space. The Professor's body guards catch Don-san snooping around, but, he manages to get away.

    Meanwhile, Michaelangelo's fish, Maxwell, escapes and jumps into the sewer. Raphael, Leonardo and Michaelangelo jump in after the fleeing fish. The Turtles end up following Max all the way to Bottomless Lake. There, they see April with Vernon doing a story on the Lake. Mr. Thompson contacts April and tells her to head over to Sopho University so she can tape an announcement being made to the world by Professor Sopho.

    Back at the University, Donatello tries to warn Irma about Sopho's plans, but she does not believe him. He runs into the body guards again but this time he's not able to escape. At the graduation ceremony, Irma discovers that the Professor's plans are exactly as Donny described, and she runs away from the whacked Prof. She finds Donatello tied up, but is not able to free him. The Professor starts to follow through with his plan and the Earth starts rotating rapidly, changing it from night to day to night.

    Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo go in the University to find Donatello. Using one of Irma's hair pins, they are able to stop the magnetometer from spinning. Michaelangelo ends up catching Maxwell and Professor Sopho and his body guards get arrested and locked up.moreless
  • 9/15/90
    The Turtles try to assist a scientist, Herman J. Melish, who is being chased down by two men trying to get their hands on an invention of his energy generator crystal. The crystal slips away and drops into the sewer.

    Baxter Stockman, marooned in some weird dimension with his alien computer, Z, manages to return to Earth and find the energy generator. This generator can turn energy into material objects. Z uses the generator to make himself a body. After this, Baxter and Z come up with a plan to get revenge on Shredder. They head for the Channel Six building, planning on taking it over. They anticipate that the Turtles will try to rescue April, and when they do, Baxter will capture them to use as bait to get Shredder. Their plan works just as they had hoped.

    Baxter captures the Turtles and Z sends out a message over the air telling Shredder to come and get the Turtles before Baxter beats him to it. Shredder, who is on Earth looking for a super computer that Krang has tracked to the Channel Six building hears Z's announcement and goes to get the Turtles. Just when Shredder thinks that he has finally got the Turtles, Leonardo gets free and the Turtles escape to rescue April.

    Shredder also heads to the Channel Six building and there he finds the super computer Z. Baxter follows him and soon after, they are having a tug of war with Z. Shredder wants him to bring him back to Dimension X and Baxter is trying to keep him from going. The Turtles walk in and are intrigued by the sight, just watch as they fight over Z. Herman Melish walks in looking for the Turtles and discovers what has happened to his invention. After seeing Shredder and Baxter fight over it, he pulls out a self-destruct remote. Leonardo grabs it from him and presses the button. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady manage to escape back to Dimension X before Z explodes. Baxter flies after Shredder with Z, who is now just a computer chip, but does not get through the portal in time and ends up being stranded in another weird dimension again.moreless
  • 9/15/90
    Raphael sees a comedian myseriously disappear while doing a show at the House of Ha Ha. Just then, April calls to ask him to go check out the disapperance of the comedian at the club. Raphael goes to investigate and is put in the spotlight when the club's owner mistakes him for a comedian wearing a costume.

    Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo are watching Raphael on TV and see him suddenly disappear. They decide to go to the House of Ha Ha to see if they can find out what happened to Raphael.

    Meanwhile, Raphael finds himself at Pinky Mcfingers house along with the other comedians. Once he has Raphael strapped down, McFingers tells him of his brilliant plan. Barney Stockman, Baxter Stockman's brother, has invented a gag-a-magnifier for McFingers. This machine increases the comedy power of jokes. They are going to hook up the funniest comedian to it and transmit the joke waves all over the city, making everyone hysterically helpless. This will enable McFingers and his two goons to go out and loot the city. Being the funniest comedian, Raphael is forced to start telling his jokes.

    Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo track the source of the "laugh wave" to McFinger's mansion and rescue Raphael and the other comedians. Raphael turns the gag-a-magnifier against the villains making them helpless to escape. April arrives with the police and they arrest McFingers, his goons and Barney Stockman.moreless
  • Zach sees Rocksteady and Bebop arrive through a portal, but because of a Turtle Com malfunction, he cannot notify the Turtles. He follows the two mutants, who steal an Anxietron Ray for Krang and Shredder. It has the power to make people frightened of anything. While testing out the ray, Bebop and Rocksteady start thinking that they could rule the world with this ray gun. They zap Krang and Shredder with the ray, turning them into cowering fools.

    Zach keeps trying to call the Turtles and finally reaches them. He tells them that Bebop and Rocksteady are heading to City Hall and are planning to take the city over. The Turtles rush to City Hall to stop Bebop and Rocksteady, but they end up getting zapped by the ray also. Very scared, the Turtles escape from City Hall and return to the lair. Splinter tries to help them with his Ninjitsu mind control, but fails. With the Turtles out of commission, Splinter decides that it is up to him and Zach to stop Bebop and Rocksteady and recover the ray.

    Meanwhile, April is shooting a story on a new Gorgonzola movie, and Bebop and Rocksteady arrive and scare everyone away. When they start playing with the controls for the Gorgonzola monster, April threatens to call the Turtles. They find this amusing and throw her inside the robot.

    Splinter and Zach find Bebop and Rocksteady, and Splinter tries to steal the ray from them. He fails and gets captured. Zach realizes that it is up to him now to get the Anxietron Ray back. He manages to steal it from Bebop and Rocksteady and turn the Turtles back to normal, and they resuce April and Splinter.

    Back in Dimension X, Krang and Shredder manage to find an antidote for the effects of the Anxietron Ray. Furious at Bebop and Rocksteady, Shredder goes to Earth and retrieves them before the Turtles can capture them.moreless
  • 9/22/90
    Raphael wins a ticket to a costume party on MacDonald Crump's yacht and decides to go disguised as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. April and Vernon are also attending the party for the TV station.

    As Raphael boards the yacht, a woman in what appears to be a female mutant costume shows up, grabs his arm and pretends to be his date. Raphael discovers that the women's name is Mona Lisa and she is a mutant just like him. He gets suspicious of her when she tells him that a pirate named Captain Filch is going to hijack Crump's yacht and hold it and its passengers for ransom.

    Soon after, the yacht is hit by a force field, stopping it in the middle of the ocean. Raphael begins to believe Mona Lisa when he sees Captain Filch and his anemone guards board the yacht. The two mutants, along with April and Vernon hide away from the Captain. While in hiding, Mona Lisa tells them how she was transformed into a mutant by Filch. She swore to get revenge on the Captain for what he did to her and that's what led her to the yacht.

    Raphael and April decide to help Mona Lisa in her quest. While trying to radio for help, April gets captured by Filch's guards. Filch makes her go on the air demanding money for the passengers on the yacht or he will drown them all.

    Donatello, Michaelangelo and Leonardo see April on TV and go in search of the yacht. They get there just as Filch is forcing April to walk the plank. With the help of Mona Lisa, the Turtles blow up Captain Filch's submarine and capture him. Later, Mona Lisa surprises the Turtles by showing up at the lair with pizzas for them.moreless
  • Krang and Shredder are working on some super mutagen which they plan on using to create an army of super mutants that will take over the world. Bebop and Rocksteady decide to try the mutagen out on Bebop's pet turtle. The mutagen turns him into an evil Mutant Ninja Turtle, named Slash. When Slash starts destroying the place, Bebop and Rocksteady send him to Earth.

    Fenton Q. Hackenbush, a developer for Donald J. Lofty, has a plan to do away with the sewer system and build condominiums. The Turtles find out what Fenton is planning and try to stop him. They phone April and make arrangements to meet and talk about Fenton's plans.

    Meanwhile, Slash is looking for the palm tree from his water bowl on Earth, which is where Bebop and Rocksteady have told him it is. While looking for it, he meets Hackenbush. Hackenbush tricks him by saying he will show him where there are lots of palm trees if Slash will do something for him. Hackenbush tells him that he has to smash the Freedom Bell and everything else along his way. Hackenbush hopes that by having Slash do this, it will make the Turtles look guilty and get them arrested. This will get them out of the way so he can proceed with his plan for the sewers.

    The Turtles find out from April that Slash is planning to smash the Freedom Bell. When they find him, they discover that they are no match for him. Even though he kicks their butt, they do manage to save the bell from being smashed.

    Back in Dimension X, Krang and Shredder find out what Bebop and Rocksteady have done with the mutagen and are very angry. They send Bebop and Rocksteady to Earth to get Slash back.

    Slash finds out that Hackenbush double crossed him and decides to get revenge on the city. He boards a rocket filled with garbage and threatens to crash into the city. The Turtles manage to steal the Techno Wing from Bebop and Rocksteady and use it to stop Slash from going through with his plan. Krang and Shredder open a portal for Slash's rocket to enter Dimension X, but Slash just flies by, dumping all the trash in the Technodrome.

    After the Turtles tell Mr. Lofty what Hackenbush was planning to do, Mr. Lofty fires him and tells the Turtles not to worry about losing their home.moreless
  • 9/29/90
    Splinter goes away and leaves Leonardo in charge. After a while, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo get tired of being bossed around by Leo and decide to try one of Don's inventions on their hapless leader. The 3 scheming TMNT zap Leonardo with a "Personality Modifying Ray", turning him into a wise cracking jokester. It doesn't take long for the new Leonardo to annoy the Turtles once again.

    Meanwhile on the surface, the City is being destroyed by a criminal musician named G. Cleff. Cleff is using an ultrasonic sound system to shatter concrete and steel so that his goons can rob the buildings.

    April finds the Turtles and informs them of what is happening. Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo go searching for Leonardo to tell him, but discover that he has left the lair to go have fun. When they finally find him, he tells them he is too busy having fun to help them. Now the other 3 TMNT have no alternative but to try and stop G. Cleff without Leonardo's help. G. Cleff gets the best of them and they head back to the lair to think of another plan.

    Shortly after, Splinter returns and Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo fill him in on what has happened. With the Sensei's help, the Turtles get Leo back to his normal state and the four of them are able to stop G. Cleff from causing any more damage to the City.moreless
  • 10/13/90
    While the Rat King searches for food in the sewers, he comes across a canister of mutagen. Thinking that it is nothing, he throws it away and continues to search for food.

    Rat King soon comes across Bebop and Rocksteady, who were accidentally transported to the sewers by Shredder. They are on Earth to meet two thieves that stole explosives for them. Shredder tells them that while they are in the sewer, they can search for a canister of mutagen that was lost there. The Rat King hears all this and realizes that the canister he threw away was the one with the mutagen in it. He figures he could use the mutagen to make human size rats that will help them get food.

    While searching for subjects, he comes across Irma and Vernon, who are in the sewer working on a story. He captures them and using the mutagen, turns them into rats. Using his flute to put them under his power, he orders them to go to the surface and bring back food.

    Meanwhile, April gets worried when Irma and Vernon don't show up at the office. She asks the Turtles to help her look for them. The Turtles and April find Irma and Vernon's tracks and realize that the Rat King has probably captured them. The Turtles send April back to Cahnnel Six to see if maybe they have returned. In the sewer, the Turtles come across the Rat King. They discover that he has indeed captured Irma and Vernon and they now are rats and are working for him.

    While searching for food for the Rat King, Irma and Vernon transform back to themselves. (The Rat King does not know it, but, the mutagen is unstable.) Not having any recollection of what happened, they return to Channel Six.

    After searching the sewer for the mutagen and not finding it, Bebop and Rocksteady go to the surface to meet the thieves. They discover that the thieves are trying to double cross them and Bebop and Rocksteady decide to follow them.

    The Rat King goes to Channel Six after Irma and Vernon fail to return with food. Using his flute, they transform back into rats and capture April. While out searching for food, Vernon overhears where there is a lot of cheese and informs his master about it. Leaving April in his lair, the Rat King, Irma and Vernon head to the airport.

    The Turtles rescue April and rush to the airport to stop the Rat King and rescue his companions. At the airport there is a big mix-up. Bebop and Rocksteady followed the two thieves there. The thieves put the explosives in the cheese crates and the cheese in the explosives crate. The Rat King, Irma and Vernon go there to look for the cheese crates and the Turtles are there to rescue Irma and Vernon. With Splinter's help, the Turtles and April manage to rescue Irma and Vernon. The thieves get away empty handed. Bebop and Rocksteady get transported back to Dimension X with the explosives in a plane. They of course don't know how to fly a plane, so they bail out before it crashes, along with all of the explosives.moreless
  • 10/13/90
    While Michaelangelo is testing out a sailboard in the sewers, he accidentally gets swept out into the city harbor. At the same time, a captain named Talbot Breech is testing his miniaturizing ray on a ship. His plan is to shrink all the naval ships and put them in bottles for his collection in order to get even with those who turned him down for the Naval Academy.

    The ray gun accidentally shrinks Michaelangelo and he winds up in a bottle along with the other ships in the captain's lab. Breech's cat, Claude, knocks Michaelangelo off the shelf, breaking the bottle and freeing him. He does not realize how small he really is until he comes nose to nose with Claude. Michaelangelo manages to outwit Calude and run away from a huge rat.

    Meanwhile, in the harbor, April and Vernon are covering a story on one of the Navy's aircraft carrier. While April is in the middle of her story, the carrier begins to shrink and disappears right on TV. Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo happen to be watching April's broadcast and see her disappear. Not knowing where Michaelangelo is, they set out to help April without him.

    In the Captain's lab, Michaelangelo finds April and Vernon, who are now shrunk in size like him. April helps Michaelangelo escape in one of the tiny aircrafts. He manages to find the other Turtles on the dock and thye follow him to the Captain's lab.

    At the lab, the Turtles get attacked by Breech's robots, but they are no match for the Turtles. April, Vernon and Michaelangelo get zapped by the ray, turning them back to normal size. The ray also hits all of Breech's boat collection, turning them back to normal size and ruining his lab.moreless
  • The Big Zipp Attack
    Episode 26
    As Krang is about to send Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to Earth to find a rare metal, Rigidium, to repair the Technodrome, a meteorite lands containing a large egg. The egg hatches, revealing a Zipp, a cute little creature that begins to eat the Technodrome. Krang sends the Zipp to Earth hoping to distract the Turtles while Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady locate some Rigidium.

    The Turtles find the Zipp in the sewer and bring it back to their lair. Soon, the Zipp begins eating everything in sight and they discover that when it eats copper it doubles. The Turtles are soon faced with a small army of Zipps munching on the city.

    Meanwhile, Shredder has tracked down some Rigidium, which happens to be the central core of the Lofty Tower. April and Irma are there doing a story on its grand opening when Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady show up.

    While the Turtles are following the Zipps around they discover that the Zipps like chocolate. When they consume it, two Zipps turn into one. Also, while Michaelangelo is in the museum, he sees a Zipp disappear while inside a mineral case. The Turtles discover that the mineral happens to be Rigidium, one of the rarest metals on Earth.

    Using an oversized chocolate bar from a chocolate factory, the Turtles lure all the Zipps into it. When they finally finish the bar, all the Zipps come together making one big giant Zipp. After the big transformation of the Zipp, the Turtles try to figure out just where they are going to find enough Rigidium for him. Just at that time, Irma radios them from Lofty Tower telling them that Shredder is holding them hostage. He is trying to cut down a piece of Rigidium from the top of the tower. The Turtles and Zipp quickly rush there to stop Shredder before he has a chance to bring the Rigidium back to Dimension X. The Turtles give the rare metal to the Zipp and it shrinks back to its normal size. The little Zipp follows Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady back to Dimension X, leaving Earth peaceful once again.moreless
  • Donatello Makes Time
    Professor Lloyd Cycloyd, a crazy scientist who escaped from an instituition, accidentally discovers the Turtles' lair. He sees Donatello testing out one of his new inventions, a time stopper. This device can freeze anything in its tracks, making time stop for them, but not around them.

    The Professor thinks he can use this mechanism and sneaks in and steals it. When the Turtles go after him, the mad doctor zaps them with the machine, freezing them in mid air. He then sets out on a crime spree using Donatello's invention.

    Back at the lair, the Turtles are still frozen when Splinter walks in on them. As he is trying to figure out what he is going to do, they recover. At first, the Turtles don't realize what has happend to them, but it all starts coming back soon enough.

    With April's help, Donatello finds out where the Professor lives and heads out to retrieve his time stopper. The Professor sees Donatello coming. When Don enters the house, the Professor zaps him with the time stopper. Once Donatello comes to, he finds himself suspended over a vat of acid. Cycloyd has Donatello rigged to a door so that when the other Turtles come to rescue him, he will be dropped in the acid!

    The other Turtles do come to rescue Donatello and use the door that has been rigged by the psycho Cycloyd. Fortunately, the Professor leaves the time stopper near the door, allowing Leonardo to use it on Donatello just as he is falling into the acid. This freezes Don-san in mid air and allows the other Turtles to rescue him. Afterwards, the TMNT find the Professor and bring him to the police.

    After careful consideration, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Leonardo think it is best if Donatello gets rid of his invention. Before Donatello can answer, Raphael drops it, breaking it into little pieces.moreless
  • 10/27/90
    While on their way to a movie, the Turtles rescue the Urn of Chakahachi from two thieves. The thieves pry off a pearl from the Urn before the Turtles get their hands on it. The owner of the Urn asks the Turtles if they would be able to guard it until he can get a security system installed in his store. The Turtles agree and bring the Urn to their lair.

    Meanwhile, Shredder is watching the news and sees April's broadcast about the Urn. He wants the Urn because he thinks that he can use its great powers for his benefit. Shredder, disguising himself as the ghost of Chakahachi, appears to Lotus Bloosom (a friend of the Turtles) and tells her that she is a descendent of the Chakahachi clan. He also tells her that the Urn belongs to the clan and that the Turtles have stolen it. Being part of the clan it is her duty to retrieve it and return it to its rightful owner. She goes out to find the Turtles and the Urn. When Lotus meets up with the TMNT, Leonardo tells her that they are just guarding the Urn and offers to bring her to the lair to show her. When they get there, Splinter tells Lotus that she is not a descendent of the Chakahachi clan. Splinter tells them that Chakahachi's spirit is in the Urn. Legend has it that he is searching for his kidnapped wife and his spirit will not rest until he has found her. The Turtles get spooked by this story and decide that it is time to return the Urn to its owner taking Lotus Blossom with them.

    On their way, they meet up with Bebop and Rocksteady who are on Earth to retrieve the Urn. Bebop and Rocksteady get their hands on the Urn, but they drop it, releasing Chakahachi. The missing pearl allowed him to search the world inside the Urn for his wife. Now that the pearl is missing, the spirit starts to turn the city into a replica of ancient Tokyo to look for her. Leonardo and Lotus Blossom set out to find the missing pearl while the others stay back to fight off ghostly samurais that Chakahachi has created.

    Leonardo and Lotus Blossom find the pearl and return it to Chakahachi. When Chakahachi sees Lotus Blossom, he recognizes the spirit of his lost wife within her. The spirit departs Lotus and wife and husband return to the Urn to live happily ever after. Once the ghosts make their departure, the city begins to return to its normal state.moreless
  • Rebel Without a Fin
    Episode 29
    Another mad scientist, Dr. Polidorius, creates a half-man half-fish named Ray. The Doctor has Ray plant explosives in certain parts of the sewer so that he can sink the city beneath the ocean. Ray is just one of the first fish-men that Polidorius plans on creating for his underwater city.

    April, who is covering another Donald J. Lofty building opening, thinks that she sees one of the Turtles peeking out of a sewer drain and goes down to see them. When she gets another look at the person there, she realizes that it's not the Turtles. While following it, she radios the TMNT to tell them what she saw. While April is talking to them, Ray captures her and brings her to the Doctor's lab. The Turtles rush to her aid when they realize she is in danger. By the time that they get to where she is supposed to be, April is gone. While searching for her, the Turtles meet Ray. A battle ensues, but Ray's arsenal of eel electricty and scorpion fish quills defeats our heroes.

    The Turtles finally find April in the Doctor's lab, but they end up getting captured and are unable to stop the Doc from turning her into a walking fish. The TMNT find out about the Doctor's plans for his underwater city. The lads manage to escape from their trap, but Dr. Polidorius gets away. The TMNT rush to disarm all the bombs, but they run out of time and one goes off. The explosive that they miss is under the Lofty condos. The Turtles track down Polidorius with the help of April's fish powers and make him change her back to a human again. Ray escapes into the sea before anybody can catch him and the Lofty condos are turned into an aquarium and underwater restaurant.moreless
  • J. Gordon Hungerdunger, a Texas millionaire, is holding a "best super-hero" contest. The winner of the contest will receive the humongous Malaprop Diamond. No one is aware of it, but Hungerdunger is using the contest as a diversion so that he can put a zombie-making chemical into the city's water supply. The malevolent millionaire figures that if he can get the citizens under his control, he can easily take over the city.

    Krang sees April's news report about the contest and gets an idea on how he can use the diamond to get out of Dimension X. He could use the diamond to focus a heat ray powerful enough to cut the Technodrome loose from the asteroid. Shredder decides to make super-heroes out of Bebop and Rocksteady so that they will win the diamond.

    The Turtles discover from April and Irma what is happening to the city. They all cannot figure out why Hungerdunger would hold a contest like that.

    The Turtles spot Bebop and Rocksteady (now calling themselves Rhino-Man and Mighty Hog) and can't believe their eyes when they see the so called "super-heroes" stop a robbery.

    After Hungerdunger's men deposit the chemical into the water, he decides that it's time to end the contest. Hungerdunger brings Rhino-Man and the Mighty Hog to his mansion so that they can collect the diamond.

    Meanwhile, while the Turtles are at the Channel Six building they discover what Hungerdunger is up to. They noticed that April, Irma and Vernon turned zombie-like and started saying Hungerdunger's name after they drank water. The Turtles rush to the mansion to see if they can find an antidote before the whole city is turned into zombies. They get there just as Hungerdunger is trying to serve water to Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady. The TMNT stop Hungerdunger and get the antidote and put it into the city's water, turning everybody back to normal. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady manage to get away with the diamond, but discover that it is a fake when they try to use it.

  • 11/3/90
    Michaelangelo avidly reads a comic book which features his favorite superhero, Bugman, a half man, half insect fighter who battles for truth and justice. While reading one of the comic books, Mikey hears a cry for help in the sewer. To his surprise, Michaelangelo rescues Brick Bradley (Bugman in his human state). One of his enemies, Electrozapper, tied him with chains made of Leestanite, which affects Bugman as Kryptonite harms Superman. After hearing what happened to Bugman, Michaelangelo decides to go with him to fight Electrozapper. He leaves a note for the other Turtles telling them where he has gone.

    When the Turtles find Michaelangelo's note, they begin to laugh, thinking that it's one of his practical jokes.

    Bugman takes Michaelangelo to a power plant where Electrozapper is hiding out. When they arrive, they find April walking around investigating the plant. They locate one of Electrozapper's antennas and destroy it. Electrozapper comes out to see what happened to his antenna and is greeted by Bugman and Michaelangelo. After a long battle, Bugman and Michaelangelo get captured by Electrozapper. The villain brings them to his hideout and hooks them up to one of his machines. The 'zapper plans on draining our heroes energy and transferring it to himself.

    At the lair, the Turtles begin to wonder if maybe Michaelangelo was serious about going with Bugman. They decide to go out looking for him. They arrive at the power plant in time to rescue April from a fire.

    In the hideout, Michaelangelo manages to get free and also frees Bugman. The other Turtles arrive at the hideout in time to help Michaelangelo and Bugman defeat Electrozapper. Electrozapper gets arrested and Bugman flies off into the sunset.moreless
  • 11/10/90
    Krang has come up with yet another brilliant plan to free the Technodrome. The evil alien sends Bebop and Rocksteady to kidnap Buffy Shellhammer, 15 year-old CEO of Shellhammer Chemicals. Buffy has the secret formula for a super rocket fuel which Krang needs to get the Technodrome moving again.

    Michaelangelo falls heads over heels for Buffy when he sees her on TV with April. He convinces the Turtles to go to her mansion so he can get a glimpse of her. The TMNT get there just as Bebop and Rocksteady arrive. The Turtles fight them off and rescue Buffy. Our heroes decide to bring the millionairess to April's apartment until they can figure out why it is that Shredder wants her so badly.

    Bebop and Rocksteady follow the Turtles to April's apartment and grab Buffy, bringing her to the Technodrome. In the Technodrome, Shredder tries to force the formula out of Buffy, but fails. He shrinks her and tells her that she will stay that way until she gives him what he wants.

    Back on Earth, the Turtles find out from April why Krang and Shredder want Buffy. They realize she is in great danger, but they have no way of helping her because their trans-dimensional portal is not working.

    Buffy finds a way to reach the Turtles from the Technodrome and transports them to Dimension X. Shredder gets one last attempt to get the formula from Buffy by threatening to get rid of the Turtles. She gives in and tells him the formula. The Turtles change Buffy back to her size and all five of them return to Earth. Krang tries the formula that Buffy gave Shredder and finds out that she gave him a formula for making fireworks and not the rocket fuel.moreless
  • 11/10/90
    The Turtles go along with Michaelangelo and his pet pigeon Pete to the zoo so that Dr. Goodfellow can check the bird out. After the examination, Michaelangelo sets off on his own while the other Turtles head home. Just as they are about to leave, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael get nabbed by robots created by Dr. Lesseau. The robots take the TMNT to an island near the zoo where Dr. Lesseau is awaiting their arrival. Dr. Lesseau is a scientist who is using his robots to steal animals from the zoo. He is experimenting on them to create a single animal with the best traits of all animals combined. The mad Doc wants the Turtles for their brains.

    Michaelangelo returns to the lair and finds the others missing. Splinter tells him that he had had a vision of an island while meditating and believes the other Turtles are in danger. Splinter sends MIchaelangelo to search for them even after he tells his master he has no idea where to start looking for them. When Michaelangelo arrives at the place where the Turtles were taken, he finds Pete waiting for him. Pete tells him what happened to the other Turtles. Just then Dr. Jane Goodfellow shows up. She is trying to find out who is taking the animals from the zoo. Michaelangelo tells her about the disappearance of the other Turtles and the three of them set off to find the Turtles and the missing animals from the zoo. Using the zoo's boat, they row out to an island that they think the Turtles are on.

    Dodging all of Dr. Lesseau's booby traps, Michaelanglo, Pete and Dr. Goodfellow arrive at the island unharmed. They reach the doctor's lab before he has a chance to follow through with his experiment on the other Turtles. Dr. Lesseau sets his animals free and orders them to attack the Turtles, but the animals turn on the doctor and capture him. Donatello uses Dr. Lesseau's mutator laser to turn all the animals back to normal and return them to the zoo.moreless
  • 9/14/90
    The Turtles, bored at the lack of action, decide to investigate when they hear that cufflinks are being stolen around the city. The lads find out that some of Big Louie's gang are responsible for it. The TMNT decide to dress up as hoods to see if they can find out from Big Louie what's going on. Big Louie falls for the Turtles' ruse and tells them that the reason they are stealing all the cufflinks is that they are looking for the Cufflinks of Cathay. A "certain someone" is willing to pay lots of money for it. The Turtles don't know it yet, but Shredder is the "certain someone" who wants the cufflinks. Apparently an ancient Chinese explosive is hidden in one of the cufflinks. Shredder plans on using it to blow the Technodrome free of its lava bed.

    The investigation leads them to the house of Pietro Calzoni, who has the biggest collection of cufflinks around. The Turtles think that if anyone has the Cufflink of Cathay, it would be him.

    April and Irma, who are doing an investigation of their own, come up with the same idea as the Turtles. They all happen to end up at Pietro's house at the same time. The Turtles tell April and Irma to wait outside while they go in to get the cufflinks. Just as the Turtles get their hands on the cufflinks, Big Louie and his gang show up, followed by Shredder. The TMNT grab the cufflinks and escape to a pizza parlor to figure out what they are going to do with the explosive jewelery. While the Turtles are making plans at the parlor, a bottle is thrown through the window. A note inside the bottle tells the Turtles to meet Shredder and Big Louie at the taffy factory if they ever want to see April and Irma again.

    When the Half-shelled heroes get there, Donatello throws one of the cufflinks into a vat of taffy. While Bebop and Rocksteady search for the cufflink, the Turtles fight off Shredder, Big Louie and his gang and rescue April and Irma. Bebop and Rocksteady finally find the cufflink and escape with Shredder to Dimension X. Krang does not think that the Turtles would be stupid enough to give them the cufflink with the explosive in it, so he has Shredder throw it out. Well, Krang was wrong! They did get the explosive one, but it being so old, it was not as powerful as they had expected. Krang and Shredder are disappointed once again.moreless
  • 11/17/90
    The Turtles sneak into an arcade in the middle of the night to play video games. Leonardo gets hooked on a game called "Tempestra's Revenge." One rainy night, Leon sneaks out to play the game. While Leonardo is playing the game, lightning strikes the arcade and Tempestra comes to life. Leonardo contacts the other Turtles and asks them for help. Tempestra overhears him calling for help and traps the other Turtles in their lair by flooding the sewers.

    April finds Leonardo trying to dodge falling things from the earthquake that Tempestra has started. The fearless reporter picks up the dazed Ninja Turtle and they both set out to find Tempestra. They follow her trail to a nuclear power plant where she has gone to recharge herself. Leonardo thinks he has an idea to get rid of Tempestra for good. He tries to egg her on by telling her he does not think she is all that powerful. Tempestra falls for the trick and proves her strength by creating three creatures to fight Leonardo.

    Meanwhile, in the Turtle lair, Donatello has created a machine to help the remaining TMNT escape the flooded sewer so that they can help Leonardo and April. Don, Mike and Raph make their escape and manage to track down April and Leo. The three TMNT arrive at the power plant just as Tempestra releases her creatures upon Leonardo. With all the Turtles reunited, they defeat Tempestras creatures with ease.

    Tempestra realizes that she has been tricked and tries to blow up the nuclear generator to get more power. Leonardo uses the computer chip from the video game against Tempestra to capture her once again.

    After this adventure, Leonardo decides to lay off video games for a while.moreless
  • Splinter Vanishes
    Episode 36
    Returning from another mission, the TMNT are shocked to discover their mentor has left the lair, leaving behind only a video taped message. Playing the message, the TMNT are informed by their mentor that he has taught them all he knows, and it is time for him to leave them, and for the green machine to grasp their own destinies and go their OWN separate ways.

    The Turtles decide to take this final advice and to split up.. Michaelangelo lands a job as a TV cook, Donatello works in a fix-it shop, Leonardo works at a Fitness Centre, and Raphael sacrifices his self-respect to entertain kids at birthday parties. Back in the sewers, his rodent majesty, the Rat King, decides to take advantage of the Turtle's separation and teams up with his one-time enemy, Leatherhead, to cause some mischief. The two rouges scheme to create an army of Robo Rats and Android Alligators to aid in this endeavour, even though the Turtles have disbanded.

    Leatherhead still can't resist the urge to hunt down each of the green machine and extract vengeance on them. Rat King seems to agree, and the two quickly ambush and capture most of the TMNT, all except Leonardo.

    Leatherhead intercepts the Turtle leader, and the two fight to the finish. During the struggle Leonardo falls down a sewage drain, Leatherhead presumes him dead.

    Whilst looking for Michaelangelo, April stumbles onto the Rat King and Leatherhead's agenda, tailing leatherhead [no pun intended], April arrives at the lair where the remaining Turtles are being held hostage.

    She is suddenly discovered, but before she can also be corralled by Rat King and Leatherhead, she is quickly rescued by none other than Splinter.

    A very much alive Leonardo shows up and quickly frees his brothers, they launch into battle against the shocked villains, after a confrontation with the Android Alligators and Robo Rats. The Turtles force their enemies into retreat. Splinter reveals that his departure was just a ruse to lure Rat King and Leatherhead out of hiding (whilst meditating, he had "sensed" that the two were up to something).

  • 11/24/90
    On his way home from getting pizza, Raphael and a cab driver accidentally get exposed to rays from a Personality Transmogrifier. This device switches the minds of the two parties that get zapped by it. When the device goes off, Raphael's mind gets switched with the cab driver's.

    The Transmogrifier was accidentally left in the cab by Little Huey, one of Mr. Big's thugs. Mr. Big had Little Huey steal the device so he could use it on the Premier of Vadeem and Little Huey. Once their minds are switched, he is going to have the Premier sign over the valuable oil leases to him.

    When Mr. Big finds out that Little Huey lost the Transmogrifier, they both set out to find it.

    Meanwhile, the other Turtles are startled when a cab driver shows up with their pizzas insisting that he's Raphael. Since the man seems to know a lot about the Turtles, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo decide to have him stay for a while. While all of them are watching the news, they discover that a Transmogrifier was stolen from the Meridian Vine Instititue. The professor on the TV says that once this device has been activated, it will become unstable and blow up. Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello now realize what has happened to Raphael. The four set out to the Institute to find the blue prints for the Transmogrifier so that Donatello can deactivate it.

    Mr. Big and Little Huey find the cab that Huey was in. They get in and discover that the device is still there. Now that they have it back, the hoods tell the driver to take them to Pier 53. This is where the Premier will be.

    While April is on her way to interview the Premier, she spots Raphael driving the cab that Mr. Big and Little Huey are in. April tries to talk to him, but the driver thinks she's nuts when she call him Raphael. Sensing that there is something wrong, Ms. O'Neil contacts the Turtles. The Turtles tell her that they're on their way and ask her to follow the cab. The cab arrives at Pier 53 and Mr. Big and Little Huey kidnap the Premier. The mobsters then tell the driver to take them to Mr. Big's hideout.

    Now the chase begins. April is still following the cab and informs the Turtles of their whereabouts. The Turtles decide to take a route to try to cut them off. They all come together unexpectedly at an intersection and the taxi and the Turtle Van collide. The impact crushes the Transmogrifier, causing it to go off. Seconds later, Raphael and the cab driver are returned to themselves.

    Mr. Big and Little Huey get arrested. April ends up getting her interview with the Premier, the cab driver gets a medal for saving the Premier and the Turtles return home with the real Raphael.moreless
  • 12/1/90
    Donatello has created a device to communicate with distant galaxies. While trying to communicate with the Turtle Nebula (a cloud of stars shaped like a turtle) Donatello accidentally brings a spaceship to Earth. The craft lands next to him, on the top of the Channel Six building. Out of the spaceship comes an alien lizard named Algernon. Algernon tells Donatello that his broadcast brought him to Earth and damaged his ship's drive. Algernon insists that Donatello now fix it.

    Meanwhile, the other Turtles are watching one of April's broadcasts on TV. She is doing a story on Hiram Grelch, a greedy businessman who is trying to take over all the TV stations in the area. In the middle of her broadcast, Grelch's hoods show up and kidnap April. Donatello and Algernon see this and rush to her aid, but the hoods get away and bring April to Grelch's penthouse. When Donatello and Algernon arrive at Grelch's penthouse they discover that he has a force field around it and they can't get in. The duo head back to Channel Six to get a laser cannon from Algernon's ship to blast through the force field. To their surprise, they discover that Grelch has stolen the spaceship.

    After April's disappearance on TV, the other Turtles set out to look for her. After having no luck, the lads decide to see if there is any news on April's disappearance on the television. The three TMNT are surprised to find Donatello on the air! Donny has come up with a plan to hopefully free April and get Algernon's ship back. He has Algernon change himself into a ferocious alien from the Turtle Nebula demanding his ship back. If it is not returned, the transmogrified alien will create interplanetary war! Using Grelch's force field against him, Donatello broadcasts an alien invasion movie through his view windows. The broadcasts makes it appear that Earth is being invaded and Grelch decides to surrender. While Grelch is panicking from the "so called invasion," Algernon and Donatello manage to get in under the force field and shut the power off to the building. The other Turtles arrive in the Turlte Blimp, battle Grelch and his thugs and free April.

    Donatello finally discovers that the only thing that will fix Algernon's ship is pizza. After taking some pizza from Michaelangelo, he waves good bye to the Turtles and returns home.moreless
  • The Big Bug Blunder
    Episode 39
    Krang is working on duplicating the original mutagen when Bebop and Rocksteady come in and screw it up. A fly lands in the mutagen and it increases in size. Not being able to control it, Bebop and Rocksteady send the giant insect to Earth. After seeing what the mutagen does to the fly, Krang and Shredder decide to use it to create large insects to take over the world.

    Genghis Frog (a friend of the Turtles) decides to go to the city and see his buddies. Upon getting there, he spots the huge fly and starts chasing it. Meanwhile, the Turtles are watching TV and they see April's report about the massive fly. The TMNT go to check it out and end up rescuing Genghis from the huge bug.

    In Dimension X, Krang and Shredder use the mutagen on three bugs and send them to Earth to keep the Turtles busy while they move ahead with their plan. Their scheme is to find an anthill and use the mutagen on the ants.

    The city is going nuts with the giant insects running amok and destroying it. A mud wasp is building a nest on the Channel Six building and a giant scorpion attacks the Turtles and Genghis. Just as our heroes manage to trap the scorpion, April radios the Turtles asking for help. The TMNT rescue April from the mud wasp nest and soon after, the wasp attacks them.

    Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady arrive on Earth and locate their anthill. Shredder accidentally spills some mutagen on an ant and it turns on them. The villains manage to get away from the gigantic ant and then they return to the anthill.

    The Turtles, April and Genghis manage to herd all the insects together, but they can't figure out what to do with them until they spot Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady. Our heroes lure the bugs in Shredder's direction. When Shredder sees the huge insects heading for him, he realizes he does not have time to go through with his plan and quickly tells Krang to open the portal.

    Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady get through the portal, but do not close it in time. They suddenly find themselves in the Technodrome with all the insects that they had originally sent to Earth. Once again the Turtles have turned their nemesis' plan against them.moreless
  • 12/8/90
    After Bebop and Rocksteady blow another assignment, Shredder fires them and decides to replace them with an intelligent Foot Soldier named Alpha One. A computer interruption caused by Bebop and Rocksteady causes the main computer to malfunction while Krang is programming Alpha One. The end result is Alpha One comes out more intelligent than Krang and Shredder put together. Alpha One decides he does not want to work for Krang and Shredder, so he sends them out into Dimension X space in a life pod. Alpha One starts to do the same with Bebop and Rocksteady but they tell him where he can find a wave modulator. Thinking that this will be helpful if he wants to rule the world, A 1 decides to keep Bebop and Rocksteady with him. His plan is to transport all the humans to Dimension X so he and his robots will have control of the Earth.

    The Turtles are looking for the wave modulator in the sewer. Just as they find it, Alpha One shows up with his soldiers, Bebop and Rocksteady. The Turtles try to stop him from taking the modulator, but fail. Alpha One returns to Dimension X, but leaves Bebop and Rocksteady in the sewer. Bebop and Rocksteady and the Turtles decide to work together to try and stop Alpha One.

    When the Turtles go to the surface, they discover that Alpha One is on Earth with a Dimensional Displacement Device which he is using to transport all organic life to Dimension X.

    Meanwhile, back in Dimension X, Krang and Shredder manage to find their way back to the Technodrome. When they get there, they discover all the people that Alpha One has transported. They immediately start transporting all of them back to Earth. Alpha One sees the people coming back through the portal and gets distracted because he doesn't know what's happening. This distraction allows the Turtles to take the wave modulator out of the Dimensional Displacement Device. The Turtles turn the device against Alpha One transporting him to an unknown dimension. The Turtles then use the Device to transport Bebop and Rocksteady back to Dimension X where they belong.moreless
  • 12/8/90
    UFO sightings at an upstate farm town known as "High Falls", cause April to investigate, Splinter foresees danger clouding April's visit and sends Leonardo to chaperone her.

    Arriving at High Falls, April runs into the local reporter, Scoop Oliver, a sceptic who does not believe in the recent weird occurrences at the farm town. But whilst April has made her arrived into town with little incident, with Leonardo it's a whole different story, upon entering town, an alien spacecraft greets Leonardo!

    Desperately trying to evade the U.F.O, The TMNT leader bumps into a town local, who mistakes HIM for an alien!

    Soon enough, a manhunt (or Turtlehunt, whichever you'd prefer to call it), is initiated with Leonardo as the subject. When April learns of this, she tries to clam down the angry mob, but she only gets through to the town member who started the whole mess in the first place: Billy Jim Bob.

    Realizing her efforts aren't making any headway with the townsfolk, April contacts Leonardo to warn him that he's High Fall's most wanted. Both of them agree to meet and find a way out of their situation, but before they can reunite, April is abducted by the U.F.O!

    On board the alien craft, April discovers that the truth isn't out there: it's here..or, to better describe it, the truth is the U.F.O is actually a hi-tech helicopter, part of a scheme devised by it's pilot, Dr. Davens, to scare the townspeople away so he can use his new Virgo-ray, (a device which can increase the size of food crops), to plunder the farm town's crop supply.

    After giving the supply a dose of the Virgo-Ray, Daven can then sell the economy sized crops to the highest bidder!

    Leonardo, realizing April is missing, searches for her, but runs into the angry villagers, and the heated pursuit begins again. But help soon arrives in the form of Billy Jim Bob, having listened to April and wishing to see a REAL alien, decides to help out the TMNT leader, and rescues him from the townspeople.

    Back at the Lair, Splinter has a nightmare about Leonardo; he sends the other turtles to higher Falls to ensure he and April are safe. Meanwhile,, Leonardo and Billy Jim Bob track down the "U.F.O." at Dr. Daven's farm lair, where they both learn of Daven's plot.

    The other Turtles arrive in High Falls just in time, re-united, the TMNT conjure up quite a storm to lay waste to Daven's harvest of ill deeds. Having revealed the true culprit behind the alien sightings, the TMNT are applauded by the now grateful townspeople...moreless