Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) - Season 5

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • 11/16/91
    While the other Turtles go off to the local Planetarium to see O'Malley's comet, Michaelangelo goes off to the Natural History Museum with April O'Neil for the unveiling of the mummy of Ahmed Turt-el. At the front door, April and Michaelangelo are warned of the ancient curse by an Egyptologist, Sir Percival and his man servant Casbah. April and Michaelangelo pay them no mind and enter the Museum. No sooner is the sarcophogus opened, when the lights go out. The ghost of Osiris is revealed and a precious ruby, the Turtle's Eye, is stolen from the tomb -- along with April.

    While Michaelangelo unsuccessfully tries to contact the other Turtles, April is delivered to Sir Percival's home, which is a replica of the Sphinx on the site of the old World's Fair. Here Percival details his plan to harness the power of O'Malley's Coment with the Turtle's Eye Ruby. He plans to use the gem as a ray magnifier, which he will use to "rule the world" and make April his queen.

    Back at the Museum, Michaelangelo is accused of being the thief until his true Turtle identity is revealed. The people think that Mikey is the spirit of Ahmed Turt-el, the sacred Turtle. All bow before him.

    Meanwhile, the other Turtles get wind of the theft, the disappearance of April and the curse of Ahmed Turt-el. They rush over to the Museum only to learn, thanks to Donatello's ability to read hieroglyphics, that there is no "curse of Ahmed Turtle -- only the "purse of Ahmed Turt-el. The TMNT decide to track down this so-called Egyptologist.

    Back at the Museum, Michaelangelo dons the clothes of Ahmed Turt-el and leads his followers to Sir Percival's Sphinx only to find themselves trapped in a chamber with closing walls. They escape with only moments to spare and team up with the other Turtles who have come to April's rescue. Meanwhile, inside the Sphinx, Sir Percival has locked his ray onto O'Malley's comet. What Sir Percival does not know is that the Turtle's Eye will not give him incredible power but will only cause the comet to crash to Earth.

    While Raphael, Michaelangelo and his followers do battle with Casbah and other followers of Sir Percival, Donatello and Leonardo escape and rush to the Planetarium via the Turtle Blimp. At the Planetarium, Donatello and Leonardo divert the path of the Comet, thereby saving the world from certain destruction.moreless
  • The Foot Walks Again!
  • 11/16/91
    Krang sends the Polarisoids an invitation to visit Earth, only the Polarisoids think that the "invite" is from the Turtles. It seems that Krang wants to get a hold of the Polarisoids' camera -- the one that literally captures its subjects within the camera. Krang has retained one of the Polarisoids "home movies" and adapted it so that when it is played in the Polarisoids' camera, it will unleash all the terrorizing aliens that the Polarisoids have "videotaped" on their vacations across the galaxies. Krang believes that these vicious aliens will keep the Turtles busy so that he can take control of The City.

    When the Polarisoids locate the surprised Turtles, they have no choice but to invite them back to their lair. On the way, Shredder arrives and steals the Polarisoids camera. He inserts Krang's "tampered" tape and unleashes an alien monster which, true to form, attacks the Turtles. Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop cause havoc throughout The City when they unleash more and more alien monsters with the Polarisods' camera. And while this is happening, Krang's computer is breaking into computer systems all over the City and taking control.

    The City's populace is in a state of panic as The Turtles "put out every little fire that erupts." It looks like Krang will be victorious when Shredder plays back some footage that Frip shot on a planet with no gravity -- everything starts floating away -- including the Turtles. But when Shredder has the camera inadvertently knocked out of his hands, Frip retrieves it and turns it off. While everything comes crashng back to Earth, Donatello successfully inserts a "bug" into Krang's computer, thus destroying it and Krang's hope of dominance.moreless
  • 11/9/91
    Zach, the Turtles' young friend, and honorary fifth Turtle, is infatuated with comic books, especially "The Alien Invaders"... but the boy has "cried wolf" once too often as he seems to see aliens everywhere. Zach "retires" his Turtle costume when his parents enroll him in the Ten-Hut Military Academy where they hope he will learn some discipline and live in the real world.

    But after Zach arrives, he discovers that all his fellow cadets are zombies thanks to two aliens: Wingnut and Screwloose, who are disguised as Colonel Clout and Sergeant Rambo. Wingnut and Screwloose plan to conquer Earth using their "Mind Changer" on the young cadets. Zach calls the police when Wingnut and Screwloose unleash a Robotic Cockroach onto The City, but they do not believe him. The only ones who might believe him are the Turtles, but he is captured before he can convince them that he is telling the truth. It is not until the Robotic Cockroach starts attacking some construction workers downtown that Zach's alien invasion story is accepted as fact and not fiction.

    Michaelangelo and Donatello arrive at the Ten Hut Military Academy to rescue Zach only to find themselves in need of rescuing. At the last minute, when Zach, Michaelangelo and Donatello are strapped in the Mind Changer, Zach uses his Turtle-Com to overload the power of the "Mind Changer." Defeated, Wingnut and Screwloose "beat feet" and Zach is honored as a hero by the city.moreless
  • 10/9/91
    The City Mayor announces an end to crime when he introduces Professor Mindbender and his latest invention: LEX, a robotic police officer. In no time, LEX rids the streets of crime. So much so, that the Turtles decide to take a vacation and leave The City, all save for Leonardo who fears that there may be some things that LEX can not handle.

    Now with all the major criminals behind bars, Professor Mindbender makes some adjustments to LEX so that he can now pursue small time petty criminals. And his first arrest is of Leonardo and April for jaywalking. However, when LEX is called away for another arrest, April and Leonardo take flight and become wanted fugitives. Back at the Turtles' Lair, Leonardo unsuccessfully attempts to contact the other Turtles. But he finds a piece of Donatello's equipment that gives him an idea: find REX-1, their old friend the robotic cop. However, REX-1 is malfunctioning and can not remember who he is. Thanks to April's old news reports, REX-1 is back up to speed. And just in time -- because LEX has arrived to arrest them all. REX-1 attempts to protect his old friends but LEX zap him with a ray that deprograms and reprograms REX-1 to follow his orders. REX-1 attacks Leonardo and April who barely make good their escape.

    Meanwhile, the other Turtles, after getting Leonardo's message, return to The City to find Professor Mindbender in charge and the populace in a panic. By the time they find Leonardo and April, everything is under control -- it seems that LEX turned on his inventor when he arrested Professor Mindbender for having scuffed shoes.moreless
  • 11/2/91
    Raphael's ego is bruised when the other Turtles refuse to take him seriously when he informs them that he is taking a correspondence class in the art of disguise, so he challenges his brothers to go to Central Park and pick him out of a crowd. If they can-- they all get free pizza. This is an offer that Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello cannot refuse.

    Raphael goes to the nearest Post Office, grabs a wanted poster, and makes up his face to appear as none other than Mad Dog McMutt and heads for the park. What Raphel does not know is that the real Mad Dog is taking a walk in the very same park and, after an encounter with a stray dog over a bone, is knocked unconscious and left hidden in the bushes.

    Meanwhile, April fears that her job is on the line and that she must find a news story by the end of the day or find a new job. When she sees Mad Dog McMutt strolling through the park she sees a golden opportunity. She convinces Irma to go with her as they attempt to follow McMutt.

    The other three Turtles, who have been following Raphael, enter the park, find the McMutt wanted poster and realize that Raphel is disguised as the notorious crime figure. But elsewhere in the park, McMutt's thugs encounter Raphael as McMutt and take him back to their hideout so they can commit the "caper of the century" with April and Irma following close behind.

    A few minutes later, the other three Turtles find the real McMutt who they believe to be Raphael -- only he has lost him memory and cannot remember who he is. The Turtles convince him that he is Raphael until he is attacked by the same stray dog, knocked down and regains his memory. McMutt pretends to be Raphael until he learns that the real Raphael is impersonating him and that his thugs believe that Raphael is McMutt.

    Meanwhile, April and Irma have been caught by McMutt's thugs when they break into McMutt's hideout. Raphael reveals his true identity to them but his ruse is soon discovered when the real McMutt shows up. April, Irma and Raphael are taken along for the ride when McMutt and his thugs "commit the crime of the century" which is literally stealing the Museum of Natural History -- it seems that McMutt has a thing for bones -- especially dinosaur bones. His plans go awry when Irma and April get peeved enough to take on McMutt himself. And thanks to April and her video camera, Burne Thompson renews her contract at Channel Six News.moreless
  • Pirate Radio
    Episode 15
    Krang's attempt to create "Krang's Chasm," by splitting the Inter-Dimensional portal goes awry. But his hopes boudn when he discovers that everyone in The City listens to the "pirate" radio station WOOF. He figures that he can use the station to lure The City's populace into Krang's Chasm. Meanwhile, Michaelangelo has been ousted out of the Lair for listening to the head banging music of WOOF.

    Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop travel to the Earth's surface via a Transport Module in an effort to locate the radio station. They find it anchored at sea in an old abandoned freighter and then The Shredder, as the new DJ: The Sliver, tells all of WOOF's listeners to come to the station.

    The first one affected by The Shredder's command is Michaelangelo, who walks zombie-like toward the harbor. Irma, another WOOF fan, is next, followed by April who inadvertently hears Shredder's voice when her favorite radio station changes to WOOF. Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello rescue April but lose Michaelangelo and Irma as they, along with the rest of the city's population head out for the open sea and toward a vortex that will lead them into Krang's Chasm.

    Donatello is able to locate the source of Krang's Mind Control Signal and reverses the signal, causing a power drain which in turn causes the Mind Control Signal to go BOOM! Michaelangelo and Irma are rescued just moments before being sucked into the vortex while the rest of the City's population goes rushing after the Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop. Shredder assures Rocksteady and Bebop that they won't be forced to "walk the plank" but they end up being sucked into the vortex by none other than Krang, who is angry that Shredder failed once again.moreless
  • Leonardo Cuts Loose
    Episode 14
    A series of baffling crimes are being committed by "brawny burglars" with thick Austrian/Schwarzeneggian accents and the Turtles are on the case. But so is Casey Jones and that could mean nothing but trouble for the Turtles. It seems that Casey Jones is just too much of a gung ho vigilate for the Turtles taste.

    However, the Turtles are no match for the "muscle-bound miscreants." They decide that they will have to fight fire with fire -- by "pumping up." With that no sooner said, then April calls them on their Turtle Com to tell them a crate was delivered to them at Channel Six -- it is a weight lifting machine from Wally Airhead. The same Wally Airhead who owns the gym around town and is the employer of the "pumped-up" creeps who whipped their butts.

    Back at the lair, Leonardo refuses to participate. He believes that honing his ninja skills will enable him to defeat their enemies. He leaves the Lair, leaving the remaining three Turtles to "just do it."

    Suddenly, the weight-lifting machine imprisons them and becomes mobile - delivering them to none other than Wally Airhead himself.

    When Leonardo returns, he discovers that his brothers and the weight lifting machine are gone. Splinter suggests that he recruit Casey Jones in his effort to locate his missing brothers. Leonardo reluctantly complies.

    Back at Wally Airhead's "House of Pecs," Wally is surprised to see only three Turtles rather than four. It seems that Wally is not just a weight lifter but a scientist as well -- he has built a machine that emanates a ray that he calls "Strongium 90." This machine provides Wally and his men with their strength. And it also seems that he wants to capture the "essence" of the Turtles" strength, bottle it and mass market it.

    After Leonardo contacts Casey Jones, he convinces him to join Wally's gym in an effort to find his missing brothers. With that done, Casey and the Turtles discover that Wally and his men are buillding "The Block Buster" a gigantic boxing glove that Wally plans to use to execute the "crime of the century."

    Meanwhile, Donatello has rewired the Strongium 90 machine so that Wally and his men will think that they are "pumped up" enough to commit their crime.

    Wally takes his "block buster" out into the streets and makes his demands: either the City give him $500 million dollars in cash or he will demolish every building in the city, starting with the Supreme Court.

    However, Donatello's plan kicks in and Wally and his men revert back to the wimps they really are, allowing Casey and the Turtles to kick their butts with the greatest of ease.moreless
  • 10/26/91
    While the Turtles do battle with a refrigerator that has not been defrosted lately, Rocksteady and Bebop decide that they want to be the "top mutants" at the Technodrome and throw out a vat of mutagen onto the frozen tundra, creating a giant Ice Creature.

    The Ice Creature goes wild and starts to destroy the Technodrome. The Shredder fires a series of missiles at the Ice Creature and one embeds itself into the Ice Creature's hand.

    Bebop "pulls a thorn from the lion's paw" and the Ice Creature follows Bebop's orders. Shredder suggests that Bebop order the Ice Creature to dislodge the Technodrome-- when that fails he decides that Bebop should take his new friend to The City and retrieve a new thermo explosive device being developed at a nearby Defense Base.

    Rocksteady, Bebop and the Ice Creature arrive in The City and are greeted by the waiting Turtles. However, they are no match for the creature that Bebop calls "Frosty".

    While Rocksteady and Bebop take a break (they are busy building snowmen of The Shredder and Krang and then knocking them down) from searching for the thermo explosives, "Frosty" turns all the buldings into blocks of ice -- including the Channel Six News Building where April, Irma, Vernon and Burne are busy preparing for the five o'clock news.

    The Shredder arrives just as Rocksteady and Bebop locate the thermo explosives. They load them into the Transport Module and head back to the Technodrome, leaving a very lonely and angry Ice Creature behind.

    The Turtles lure the Ice Creature over to a nearby rocket ship and ignite it. The Rocket ship is launched into the startosphere where the Ice Creature riding it like a runaway horse.

    Meanwhile, The Shredder is successful in his effort to dislodge the Technodrome with the thermo explosives. But no sooner is it free from the Artic's frozen grasp, then the rocket ship crashes into the tundra, and the Ice Creature, now melting from the intense heat of the rocket ship, blocks the way of the Technodrome.

    The Ice Creature melts and then freezes, thereby making the Technodrome a prisoner once again.moreless
  • 10/19/91
    Donatello decides to create a clone of himself so that he can spend more time on his inventions while his clone spends more time fixing things around the Lair. Donny tests his latest invention on a sewer rat and accidentally gets his hand in the way, causing the rat clone to talk just like Donatello.

    The talking rat is discovered by The Rat King and is convinced by a local hood, Pinky McFingers, that they could take over the world with Donatello's invention.

    Meanwhile, Donatello turns his cloning machine on himself and, thanks to an algebraic miscalculation, creates a clone that is 10 times smarter than he is. The Clone refuses to do the work that Donatello specifically created it for. Donatello decides to put him in his place until he discovers that his Clone is also 10 times more adept in ninja skills. The Clone defeats Donatello, ties him up, locks him in a closet, and then finds himself abducted by Pinky McFingers (who double-crosses The Rat King) when he goes out for a walk.

    The Clone convinces McFingers that he is not Donatello and builds a cloning device that replicates thousands of rats, causing The City to be infested with them. While the City is in a panic, McFingers and his crew loot the shops.

    Donatello is found by the three other Turtles and he tells them of his Clone. As they begin their search, the TMNT encounter the Rat King who is more than happy to help them find the Clone. The Rat King gives our heroes Pinky McFingers' address.

    At McFinger's Mansion, Donatello's Clone creates clones of Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo. Donatello tricks his Clone into revealing the cloning process. When he does, all Turtle clones, including Donatello's and the rat's disappear. Wacky.moreless
  • 10/19/91
    The city is in the throes of a garbage strike and an infestation of flies to boot. Bebop and Rocksteady go to a warehouse to steal equipment, they run into Baxter Stockman, who now has the ability to control flies. He forces Bebop and Rocksteady to bring him back to the Technodrome, where he and Shredder do not get along. Krang then tells him that he has a machine that could undo mutations if Baxter puts the city into submission in Krang's name. Baxter goes for it.
    Meanwhile, the Turtles run across Baxter on the Tri-State Bridge. They follow him to a power plant, where he blows up the generator. This leaves the city without Electricity. April finds the turtle lost in the sudden darkness By using April's chopper, the Turtles confronts Baxter at a new baseball stadium. Shredder shows up soon afterwards. Up in the stands, Vernon walks out of the main room only to be startled by a swarm of flies. By stumbling into the stadium's pipe organ, vernon changes the game. The flies go crazy at the sound of music filling the stadium which helps the turtles break free. The turtles pummel shredder and company with baseballs until they run back into the module. Donatello then arrives to zap Baxter into another dimension, and the flies are now free & the garbage & fly crisis that paralyzed the city is over.moreless
  • 10/5/91
    Thanks to a malfunction in Donatello's "Healthometer," an invention designed to diagnose one's health, Raphael is convinced that he is not long for this world. Raph decides to make the world a better place with what little time he has left.

    Meanwhile, Burne Thompson has assigned Vernon to cover the eruption of a volcano on the Island of Poppalua and April to cover the dedication of a new species of lily at the local Flower Society Club. Raphael, disguised in a Musketeer costume and calling himself "The Green Defender", risks his life by stopping crime all over the City. The "terminal" terrapin even rescues a cat off of a ledge of a high-rise apartment building.

    Back at the Turtles' Lair, Donatello repairs the "Healthometer" and searches for Raphael to tell him that he is okay and that the invention was broken, only to discover Raph's farewell note. The Turtles join April and scour The City for Raphael/The Green Defender.

    Meanwhile, a Professor Wilhelm Vanilli is angry that LaVerne Forsythe, president of the Flower Society Club, has named the recently discovered species (discovered by Professor Vanilli himself) of lily after herself. Vanilli vows to kill every living plant on the planet for revenge by dropping a canister of the toxic chemical into the volcano on the Island of Poppalua.

    When Raphael sees the live broadcast of Professor Vanilli's threat, he takes the Turtle Blimp and heads for the island of Poppalua. The other Turtles team up with April as she is assigned to cover the story as well. They arrive in the Channel Six News Helicopter just in time to see Raphael leap into the volcano. With the help of the other Turtles, Raphael/The Green Defender saves the world's vegetation.moreless
  • While Krang hires some local hoods to drill for anti-freeze (in an effort to free the Technodrome from the frozen Arctic), he sends Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop down to the Louisiana Swamps in search of the Mutagen Pool. Shredder's mission is to extract said mutagen with the Mutagen Shooter to use against the Turtles.

    Napoleon Bonafrog contacts the Turtles when he sees Shredder and crew patrolling the swamps and then inadvertently is blasted by the Mutagen Shooter when Rocksteady trips over a root, causing him to mutate into a mean giant frog. Shredder uses this to his advantage and returns to the City with his new "slave" in tow.

    In the sewers, Napoleon reluctantly leads Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop in the Turtles' lair. But before he is close enough, the mutagen wears off and he reverts back to his normal size and warns the Turtles off. Shredder zaps him again, causing him to mutate yet again. Shredder orders Napolean to destroy the Turtles. Giant Napoleon refuses and runs away.

    Meanwhile, Big Louie realizes that the diamond used to pay him off for his delivery of the anti-freeze is not the Star of Hoboken -- in fact, it is nothing more than glass. The mobster is angry and he wants the real diamond. Big L drives all over town searching for Shredder when he stumbles upon Napoleon (who he had "met" during the payoff and who has shrunken back down to his normal size), who he now holds for ransom until Shredder makes good on their deal.

    Back at Big Louie's hideout, with Shredder and the Turtles hot on their tail, Napoleon reverts back to his mutated size -- and once again he is very angry and refuses to obey the Shredder. But Shredder zaps him again with the Mutagen Shooter and once again, Napolean is under The Shredder's spell. They take Donatello prisoner and return to Shredder's secret hideout.

    Shredder is very upset that Krang's Mutagen Shooter is defective and forces Donatello to fix it or otherwise he will launch his heat-seeking missiles against the other three Turtles. Donatello agrees but ends up crossing the wires causing it to have no affect on him and reverting Napoleon back to his original size.

    The Shredder launches his heat-seeking missiles anyway, failing to realize that turtles and frogs are cold blooded. He barely escapes with his life.moreless
  • Muckman Messes Up
    Episode 8
    Shredder and the mutants look for Compound X-7, which will undo the Turtles' mutation. They are unable to find it, but Bebop and Rocksteady accidently throw it out the window and it contaminates two garbagemen into mutants known as Muckman and Joe Eyeball. The Turtles are caught by the news during the fight, and they have a hard time being cleared. Meanwhile, Shredder pretends allies with Muckman and Joe Eyeball to do away with the Turtles. Muckman's mutation weakens the Turtles, and while they are vulnerable, Shredder kidnaps Splinter. April and Irma get Muckman to turn against Shredder, and after Donatello develops and antidote to make them immune to Muckman, they go to the Artic via the Portable Portal Generator to rescue Splinter.moreless
  • 9/28/91
    Michaelangelo and the other Turtles go "topside" in an effort to find the latest issue of "The Adventures of Bugman", only to learn that the comic book has been canceled. Michaelangelo is devastated.

    Back at the lair, Michaelangelo, Splinter and the other Turtles find it curious that they have also not seen or heard from the real Bugman (aka Brick Bradley) since the last issue of Michaelangelo's favorite comic.

    Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the TMNT, they have been followed by a young man who writes down every move that they make. When their "intruder alert" alarm sounds, they discover their tailer in the bowels of the sewer making a map. As the Turtle team explains to youth the dangers of "lurking" around in the sewers, the ledge that they're standing on collapses sending the mutants hurtling down a shaft while the young man makes good his escape.

    Later, as the Turtles begin their search for Brick Bradley/Bugman, Michaelangelo is once again followed by the youth. Only this time, the young man finds that he needs Mikey's help when he is taken hostage by two would-be bank robbers. Michaelangelo is only able to learn the young man's name: Jerry Spiegel, before he disappears again.

    At Channel Six News, Irma runs a "computer check" on Jerry Spiegel and discovers that he was the writer/artist of "The Adventures of Bugman" comics. Michaelangelo gives Spiegel's editor, Julie Schmooze, a call to learn more about his "shadow."

    Mike discovers that "The Adventures of Bugman" was canceled because the real Bugman sued them. He now fears that Jerry Spiegel wants to write a comic book based on the Turtles and thereby revealing the location of their lair to the whole world -- including Krang and Shredder.

    Meanwhile, April interviews Professor Higgenbottoms at Designer Genes Research Laboratory where it is revealed that a special collection of termites has been stolen. What makes these termites so special is that they don't just eat wood -- they eat metal, concrete and plastic.

    Elsewhere, in an abandoned warehouse somewhere in the city, an egomaniac, who looks not unlike The Shredder, calling himself The Swatter, releases the mutant termites into the city. Their first stop: The Conspicuous Consumption Mall, where they devour shop after shop.

    The Turtles arrive just in time to save April who was doing a live report and to receive an ultimatum from The Swatter. He wants the Turtles to surrender to him or he will unleash the termites onto the rest of the City.

    Michaelangelo tracks down Brick Bradley's current address, the Happyville Meditation Center, to help the Turtles battle the mutant termites. Only Brick Bradley is finally "one with the universe" and nothing can make him mad, therefore he can no longer "turn into" Bugman.

    While Michaelangelo tries to get Brick Bradley upset, the other three Turtles do battle with The Swatter who catches them in flypaper and asks them twenty questions.

    Thanks to April, Michaelangelo is able to get Brick Bradley mad and he saves the City from The Swatter who turns out to be none other than Jerry Spiegel. It seems that Jerry was merely tyring to get close to the Turtles so he could do research for his latest comic book: "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

    When it is suggested that he do something original, he proudly boasts that he is a "writer" and that he has never had an original idea in his life. Rim shot.moreless
  • 9/21/91
    While road testing the Turtle Van with his latest inventions, Donatello encounters a family of hillbillies known as the Badd Family. The Badds are the notorious crime family from the back woods.

    The Badd's family pick-up truck has "given up the ghost", so Donatello, acting as a good samaritan, stops and offers his assistance. The Badds lock the helpful Turtle in the engine compartment of the truck and then steal the Turtle Van and have fun with the many "contraptions" that Donatello has installed in/on it.

    Back at the Turtles' lair, Donatello is afraid to tell the other Turtles about the theft of the Turtle Van. Don-san pretends to be working on the vehicle while he is actually working on the hillbilly's truck. Meanwhile, the other Turtles are desperate for the use of the van so that they can aid in the capture of the "Heisitng Hillbillies".

    Meanwhile, April and Irma, who are investigating the Badd Family themselves, do an interview with Dr. Kepple at the Kepple Research Laboratory. Dr. Kepple tells the reporters about his invention the "Powersizer", a device that can provide more energy than the Sun. However, Kepple reveals that the machine could be very destructive if it should fall into the wrong hands. And what powers The Powersizer? A giant diamond of course!

    And guess who was watching April and Irma's newscast while driving the Turtle Van? You guessed it -- the Badd Family, who arrive just in time to steal the diamond and the Powersizer while April and Irma are doing their live report.

    Meanwhile, Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael are walking the city streets in search of the Badd Family. The 3 mutants are grumbling about Donatello's strange behavior when they are almost run down by the Turtle Van.

    After April informs them of the theft of the diamond by the Badd family in the Turtle Van, the remaining three Turtles are convinced that Donatello is in "cahoots" with the Badd Family. April also warns them that if the Badd Family turns on The Powersizer without calibrating it correctly, it will drain the city of all its power, causing an overload that will make the City go BOOM!

    And of course, the Badds do turn it on when they try to dislodge the diamond from The Powersizer and the City's power begins to drain. The Badds see this as a plus as it will enable them to rob banks without burglar alrams being set off.

    Finally, Donatello tracks the Turtle Van and falls victim to his own inventions as he follows the Badd Family all over the City. Fortunately, he came prepared -- he rigged the Badd's pick up truck with some inventions that couteract the ones he invented for the Turtles' van.

    In the end, Donatello and the other Turtles apprehend the Badds and the Powersizer is turned off before the city is destroyed.moreless
  • Enter: Mutagen Man
    Episode 5
    The Turtles, courtesy of Donatello, sneak into a launch base to see preparations for a rocket to lift off to Venus. The escape when seen. Meanwhile, Shredder and Krang plot to use a Bindex-3 to mix a batch of mutagen, using the rocket, to turn everyone into mutants. Bebop and Rocksteady don't get it from ACE Scientific, so a delivery man named Seymour wonders in and asks if the warehouse is a flower shop. Bebop and Rocksteady blast him off into the mutagen tank, and he is mutated into a creature that can turn into other people-- but for only a short time. Shredder tricks him into getting the Bindex-3.

    After a goose chase, he gets it from Channel 6 after dodging April, Irma, and the Turtles. He then must try to silence April by tying her to the rail system over the East River and leave her to let the gears grind her to death. The Turtles bearly save her. She leads them to the warehouse where Shredder betrays Seymour and makes a run for it. The Turtles meet up with Seymour and plot to get the Bindex-3 from Shredder.

    At the launch base, Seymour turns into Rocksteady and lures Krang away from where he and Shredder are pumping mutagen into the fuel tank. After taking out Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady, the Turtles tell Seymour to change to Krang. As Krang, Seymour tricks Shredder into draining the mutagen into the Central Waste Disposal Disintegrator. The rocket is ready for lift off. Shredder and his goons make a break for it and Donatello uses the Bindex-3 to repair Seymour's image... but Seymour chooses a better look this time.moreless
  • 9/14/91
    Michaelangelo awakes in the middle of the night from a bad dream. Unable to remember what it was about, Splinter assists him through hypnotism. Mikey vividly recalls the day that he and his brothers fell into the sewer and landed in the green ooze but he also sees a small lizard crawling through the contaminant and then something picks up the lizard and carries it away. That is all the Michaelangelo can remember. Splinter advises the Turtles to go back to sleep as he returns to his own bed chamber.

    Unable to sleep, Michaelangelo ventures down into the sewers, trying to locate the tunnel from his dreams. No sooner does he find it, then a burglar alarm sounds from above the streets and he "beats feet."

    Up on the street, Michaelangelo encounters three punks running away from the Second City Bank with bags of money. He tries to stop them, but is less than successful. On his way back through the sewers, Mikey is run down by one of the bank robbers riding a skateboard. Michaleangelo chases the bandit into a dead-end, only to discover that the punk is a mutant known as Mondo Gecko. Something about Mondo is very familiar to Michaelangelo. But before the puzzled Turtle can decipher it all, Mondo Gecko strings him up like fresh meat and leaves him hanging while he makes his escape.

    An embarrased Michaelangelo manages to untie himself and proceeds to follow the mutated lizard. Mondo Gecko's skateboard tracks lead him to an abandoned warehouse where Michaelangelo overhears Mondo Gecko and the other two punks, Basher and Sluggo. The robbers are getting their crime orders to hijack an Army truck carrying a top secret explosive from a voice identified only as Mr. X.

    Michaelangelo attempts to stop Gecko but once again finds himself in another embarrasing situation. Mikey is once again captured. Basher and Sluggo want to feed him to the sharks but Mondo Gecko decides that they should take him to Mr. X and let him decide what to do with him.

    Afther the hijacking, Michaelangelo attempts to contact the other Turtles via his TurtleCom, but before he can give his exact location, Basher destroys it. Immediately afterwards, April contacts the Turtles with news of the same hijacking.

    At Mr. X's hideout, Mondo Gecko goes inside to deliver the top secret explosive and instructs Basher and Sluggo to watch the truck and the Turtle. They do -- only they watch it go over a 1,000 foot cliff. Mondo Gecko returns in time to save Michaelangelo's life but, he doesn't know why.

    Mondo delivers him to Mr. X who has just finished blackmailing the Army for the return of the top secret explosive -- if they do not deliver $5 billion in seven minutes he will set off the bomb.

    Michaelangelo realizes that Mr. X was the guy in his dreams. Mr. X realizing that Michaelangelo knows too much, orders Mondo Gecko to "finish him off." When Mr. X leaves the room, Michaelangelo fools Mondo Gecko with Splinter's pendant and hypnotizes him. Mondo tells his life story of how he remembers being in a dark sewer with some turtles crawling around in some green ooze and how some guy picked him up and took him back to his place where he taught him everything he knows about being a criminal.

    Michaelangelo has heard enough. He snaps Mondo Gecko out of his trance and tells him that he is not bad -- that Mr. X made him that way. Mikey goes on to tell Mondo that they came from the same sewers and that they were born to be "best buds", not enemies.

    Mr. X re-enters the room to discover Michaelango still alive. He now orders Basher and Sluggo to finish the job. Mondo Gecko protects Michaelangelo and causes the two incompetent punks to knock the top secret explosive off of the desk, which activatea the timer.

    As Mr. X is about to do the job himself, the other three Turtles arrive and save the day. Mondo Gecko ends his life of crime and moves into the sewers where he becomes "neighbors" to the Turtles and Master Splinter.moreless
  • 9/14/91
    Shredder breaks into the Ninja Hall of Fame and steals the diary of the infamous Brothers Kojima. He leaves his fingerprints all over the place though, and one Lt. Saki finds them: Shredder's brother!

    Burdened with his evil brother's past and present sins, Lt. Saki vows to bring in his sibling and travels to America to track him down. He meets up with the Turtles by accident at the Nuclear Fusion Reactor, where they are safeguarding a new super-magnet, which they suspect might be Shredder's next target.

    But all chance of an alliance between the two forces are soon hampered by lt. Saki's obsession with doing things "by the book", preventing the green machine from breaking the law in efforts to stop Shredder.

    Shredder creates holograms of the Kojima Brothers and programs them with "the greatest secrets of the three great ninja master of all time." The brothers keep the TMNT busy long enough for Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop to break into the nuclear fusion reactor and acquire the super-magnet.

    With the magnet in his possession, Shredder can now use its power to pull the Tecnodrome back from Dimension X, and into the middle of the city!

    But Lt. Saki arrives just in time, but he is soon outmatched by his brother, who handcuffs him to a drainpipe. Donatello finds the holo-emiteer -- generating the Kojima brothers and destroys it. The holograms vanish, and the Turtles race to stop Shredder, but it is too late. The portal is opened and Krang sends the Technodrome through.

    As the green machine duke it out with Shredder, Donatello manages to reverse the effects of the magnet at the last second, but instead of being pulled back to Dimension X, the Technodrome is catapulted into the heart of the North Pole.moreless
  • Planet of the Turtleoids (2)
    (Will be put up ASAP, hopefully when released to DVD)
  • 8/31/91
    The TMNT are on the prowl in the city, their target: a good Pizzeria, when they stumble onto by a sumo wrestler breaking into a pet shop, his name is Tattoo, who constantly, mumbles something about "going home", the turtles attempt to subdue the colossal opponent, but to their surprise, tattoo is able to elude them by morphing into a hamster and fleeing..
    The turtles are quick to suspect Shredder and Krang of this little event, and indeed, they are correct, the diabolical duo have been experimenting with the mutagen again, unleashing newly created mutant menaces upon the city so as to acquire a ruby krang believes will be sufficient in empowering his heat ray with which he'll use to free the technodrome from it's icy cage!
    Shredder journeys to central park to acquire a lion and a gorilla to mutate, but rocksteady and bebop's usual bungling inadvertently causes a Mole and a Bull to transform. Creating Groundchuck and Dirtbag! Shredder, a little miffed that this was NOT what he wanted, decided that these two mutants will have to do, and orders them to take the ruby.
    Meanwhile, Vernon of all people runs into a turtle-like figure, assuming it IS one of the green machine, he contacts April, but the turtles have been together the entire night, something's up!
    As the Turtles ponder this mystery, Groundchuck and Dirtbag attack them. A battle ensues, one which is only halted by the strange turtle being that Vernon encountered, his name is Kerma. He captures the TMNT and the two mutants, and takes them to his starship-disguised as the Chrysler building!
    April arrives with her camera, but she is too late and can only look on as Kerma activates his ship's engines and takes off, taking the mutants and the turtles with him into the unknown deapths of space....moreless