Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) - Season 6

CBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Sleuth on the Loose
    Episode 16
    While the Turtles are watching their favorite TV show, Sleuth on the Loose, which stars April's Aunt Agatha, April interrupts the broadcast with a special bulletin about a break-in at Dynamic Science Labs. The Turtles rush over there and agree to guard the remaining objects, which have not been stolen - yet. But somehow, while the Turtles were just outside the room that housed these objects another one disappeared - yet no one had entered the room from outside and the surveillance cameras picked up no one from inside the room. They seemed to have literally disappeared.

    The Turtles agree that maybe they should take the one remaining object back to their lair, where no one knows where it is. Dr. Webb, director of the Dynamic Science Labs, reluctantly agrees, warning them that if it should fall into the thief's hands he could construct something of unspeakable horror. But while the other Turtles are out "beating the bushes" looking for clues, Michaelangelo is responsible for guarding the object. Suddenly the TV set picture scrambles and a light beam emanates from the set, enveloping the object and sucking it back into the TV set.

    When the other three Turtles return, Michaelangelo has to explain that it is gone and to make matters worse, April contacts them and tells them that she has discovered that all the stolen objects put together could make a doomsday device but without the one piece that the Turtles are guarding it is worthless. Without trying to panic, the Turtles try to solve the disappearance in the same way their favorite TV detective, Aunt Agatha, would. Donatello deduces that the thieves used a Molecular Disintegrator beam to teleport the objects across the airwaves. Donatello builds a device that will transport them along the same signal to whoever it was that stole the objects. Only it does not work. In fact, it had the exact opposite result and transported Aunt Agatha from Sleuth on the Loose television show into the Turtles' lair. After explaining the premise of this week's episode, Miss Agatha agrees to lend her services.

    Meanwhile, Professor Von Volt, the man responsible for the thefts from Dynamic Science Labs, is aware that someone is trying to home in on his Molecular Disintegrator beam and tracks the energy surge back to the Turtles' lair. He decides to send his two henchmen, Knuckles and Garth to take care of the interlopers. But along the way, they see Miss Agatha and Raphael enter the Public Library. Being the big fans that they are, they delay their mission in an effort to get Miss Agatha's autograph only to discover that she is already onto their boss. While Miss Agatha and Raphael head over to Channel Six to see April, Knuckles and Garth return back to Professor Von Volt's lab to warn him.

    Using her keen detective skills, Miss Agatha is able to lead the Turtles to Professor Von Volt's hide-out, only to find themselves battling a Destroyer Robot and a Octo-creature just prior to Professor Von Volt activating the Doomsday Device. When it looks like it's curtains for everyone, Miss Agatha pulls a nail from her purse and deactivates the "death machine".moreless
  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Episode 15
    It's sweeps week and Burne assigns April a story reporting on the increase in urban crime. The only problem is that urban crime is decreasing...or so she thought until she had her Channel Six van stolen right from under her nose! Meanwhile, ever the grump and even more so on his birthday, Raphael accidentally blasts himself with one of Donatello's many inventions while ironing his laundry. Whatever this device is, it has turned the usual foul-mooded Raphael into a charming, friendly, always-willing-to-lend-a-hand Turtle.

    The other guys are confused by Raphael's sudden change of attitude, but are reluctant to look a gift horse in the mouth. Over at the Crosstown bank, the stolen Channel Six News van crashes through the front doors, and Max, a typical cartoon punk and his partner in crime, Iggy, make an early withdrawal.

    As chance would have it, the Turtles are out on a pizza run and happen to be near the Crosstown Bank as it is being robbed, and while Leonardo, Donatello, and Michaelangelo are trying to thwart the bank robbers, Raphael is actually helping them! After a series of misadventures during the apprehension of the bank robbers, the other three Turtles agree that perhaps Raphael needs to see a psychiatrist. So the TMNT send the good-natured Raph off to the Von Shrink Institute of Mental Health, where Dr. Otto Von Shrink himself personally treats him.

    Dr. Von Shrink regresses Raphael back to the time he first became "Mr. Nice Guy". Dr. Von Shrink learns of Donatello's Personality Alterator. The quack realizes that he could make millions from Don's gadget and also get revenge on the psychiatric community, so he asks the ever obliging Raphael to bring it to him.

    Back at the lair, Donatello accidentally discovers why Raphael is all smiles, but as he shares this bit of news with Leonardo and Michaelangelo, Raphael exits the lair with the Personality Alterator. Later that night, after a series of rash crimes are committed all over the city. All of the eyewitnesses described the perpetrators as "nice guys", so the Turtles realize that someone is using the Personality Alterator for nefarious gains. It does not take them long to put Raphael, the Personality Alterator, and Dr. Von Shrink together before they hustle over to the Von Shrink Institute of Mental health where they are immediately trapped in Dr. Von Shrink's Phobia Chamber, a place where they must battle their worst nightmares!

    Unable to convince Raphael that Dr. Von Shrink really is a bad guy, Donatello is able to use his Bo to throw the switch on the Personality Alterator from "very nice" to "very nasty" and we witness Raphael being zapped again. Now that he is back to his old self, he stops being Mr. Nice Guy. Raphael turns the Personality Alterator ray on Dr. Von Shrink, who immediately becomes a mild mannered therapist.moreless
  • Polly Wanna Pizza
    Episode 14

    Michaelangelo returns from his sojourn to the pet shop with a monkey named Clyde, much to the chagrin of the other Turtles. After only a few minutes with the undisciplined pet Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael demand that it be returned to the pet shop. Meanwhile, Burne Thompson has assigned April an interview with the notorious Mugsy McGuffin, a mob boss responsible for the theft of the Galuby Ruby. It seems that Mugsy is being paroled after 15 years in prison and Burne thinks that because April will be the first woman he will lay his eyes on in all this time, he will give up the location of the stolen jewel. Unbeknownst to both April and Burne, Vernon plans to scoop April out of her story by arriving at the State Prison first.

    On the other side of town, while Mugsy's henchman, Boris, prepares for Mugsy's homecoming, he accidentally spills black paint on Mugsy's pet parrot and quickly delivers it to Ralph's Rent a pet for quick cleaning. And of course as luck would have it, Michaelangelo, unable to get a refund for the chimp, exchanges it for a parrot. And as luck would have it, Ralph now has two identical parrots and is not sure which one he sold to Michaelangelo and which one he returned to Boris. No sooner does Mugsy arrive home, he discovers that his parrot is not his parrot! How does he know? Because he had hidden the key to a vault, where he had stashed the Galuby Ruby around Polly's neck, inside his tuft of feathers. And now the key is gone.

    Meanwhile, Michaelangelo arrives back at the lair with the real Polly, now known as "Ditto". The other Turtles assume that Ditto will be safe and not cause the kind of damage that Clyde had. Of course, they soon learn that they were mistaken. Back across town, Mugsy learns that someone with a "green face" has the real Polly and that the Bering Arms Hotel, site of the locked vault with the stolen Galuby Ruby is about to be demolished. Mugsy has to find that key.

    But again, as luck would have it, the Turtles have found the key and Donatello uses his Key Analyzer Spectroscope to determine what the key is for. Desperate to find the key, Mugsy contacts April and offers her an exclusive interview at his secret hideout. Vernon overhears her conversation and races to the location in an effort to, once again, beat April out of her story. Only Mugsy uses April and the media to find Polly by pretending to be heartbroken over his disappearance.

    However, Burne Thompson is none too happy about April's use of the airwaves and sends her over to the Bering Arms Hotel to cover the demolition. Michaelangelo once again returns his beloved pet to Ralph's Rent-a-Pet, and the other Turtles learn the identity of the key and the identity of Polly. They rush to Ralph's to prevent Michaelangelo form returning Polly only to learn that he is trapped at the Bering Arms Hotel. But, after the usual third act shenanigans, the Turtles have only enough time to rescue Michaelangelo before the building blows, causing the sky to rain ruby confetti as Mugsy is hauled away to jail.

  • Snakes Alive!
    Episode 13

    While practicing their martial arts, Leonardo tells Splinter that he is convinced that there is one combat maneuver he has yet to teach the Turtles. Splinter ponders this for a moment and then agrees to teach him the one technique for which there is no defense, the Viper Maneuver. However, despite being Splinter's most gifted pupil, the Viper Maneuver seems to be beyond Leonardo's ability. Splinter suggests that maybe there is some hidden fear that prevents him from accomplishing the maneuver. Leonardo is insulted and quickly defends his honor by stating that he is not afraid of anything! Splinter informs Leonardo that he will not be able to perform the Viper Maneuver until he confronts his deepest, darkest fear and overcomes it.

    Meanwhile, April O'Neil reports on a break-in at the city zoo's reptile house. It seems that someone made off with over six hundred species of snakes. Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo are very curious about this robbery while Leonardo seems to be visibly shaken by the mere mention of the word: snake.

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know what Leonardo's deepest darkest fear is. So, while prowling the streets looking for clues to the stolen snakes, the Turtles pass the Atlan-Tec Building and notice that all of the equipment inside is moving. Upon further investigation, they discover that the movement is being caused by hundred of snakes. Before they all slither away, the Turtles are able to catch one, slip a tracking device on it and follow it to whoever has programmed them to steal.

    Meanwhile the other Turtles are curious about Leonardo's strange behavior, but they have not made the connection to snakes. Across town, April and Vernon are cruising the streets, hot on the trail of the story when they come across Pinky McFingers and two of his henchmen breaking into a sporting goods store to steal scuba gear. Still on yet another side of town, the Turtles follow the snake with the tracking device onto the grounds of the old Botanical Gardens, which has been abandoned for years. There the TMNT are attacked by hundreds of snakes. Leonardo panics and is unable to help the other Turtles. Before crashing through some rotting floorboards, Leonardo finally announces his fear of snakes.

    When Leonardo regains consciousness, the snakes and the other Turtles are gone. Leonardo is in a quandary. He knows that he must save the other Turtles, but his first reaction is to run which he does... straight into April and Vernon's Channel Six News van, which had been following Pinky McFingers' limo to the Old Botanical Gardens.

    While April and Leonardo exchange stories as to why whey are both there, inside McFingers delivers the stolen diving gear to a hooded figure known as Cobrato. Cobrato informs Pinky that he and his men are to use it to place a thermal device, built with all the stolen electrical equipment, at the bottom of the East River. Cobrato goes on to tell them that he plans to activate the device causing the water to rise in temperature and create a tropical atmosphere for his loyal subjects the snakes.

    Leonardo, April and Vernon follow Pinky McFingers and his henchmen to the river, capture him and turn him over to the police. But not before the villains are able to place Cobrato's device at the bottom of the river. April does some research and learns that Cobrato is really Rudolph Cobrato, a herpetologist who disappeared after a tragic accident involving an experiment with snake venom. Meanwhile, convinced that his device is in place, Cobrato begins the activation process while Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael, convinced that Leonardo is too afraid of snakes to come back and rescue them, devise their own escape.

    All across the city, the temperature is rising, but still Leonardo is too afraid to go back and help his brothers, that is until three small children who worship the Turtles call him a chicken after he tells them that there is nothing he can do. Mustering up all of his courage, Leonardo successfully battles his way through the snakes, only to be confronted by the hooded Cobrato, who finally reveals himself to be a snake. Using the Viper Maneuver, Leonardo is able to defeat Cobrato, rescue the other Turtles, deactivate Cobrato's device and even cause an ungrateful Cobrato to revert back to his human form.

  • 10/24/92
    After another night's performance of the robotic Willie Wombat at the Pizza Pan Theater, a mysterious figure, wearing a long black cape, black fedora, white face mask, and known only as the phantom, makes an appearance, terrifying alarmed patrons. An irate Rufus Higby, the owner, orders his henchmen to get him. When April reports from the scene, a very nervous Rufus Higby tells her that it was merely a publicity stunt. The Turtles that are watching April's report down in their lair think Higby's story is fishy and decide they should investigate. While the Turtles traverse the sewers and remark about how high the underground river seems to be, they encounter the Phantom and give chase, but ultimately lose him.

    Later, with the aid of a tracking device, the TMNT are able to locate the Phantom's lair. It appears that the Phantom has opened all the flood gates and is generating hydroelectric energy -- but to what end? After evading numerous traps rigged by the Phantom, the Turtles are able to successfully close the floodgates... but they still haven't found the Phantom. While investigating the area, the Turtles find an elevator under the foundation of a building that leads them up inside the theater, where they encounter Rufus Higby. He still denies the existence of the Phantom. The Turtles rush over to Channel Six. April has been busy reporting on the break-ins of over forty banks city wide. In each break in, someone or something literally ripped the vault doors off their hinges. The Turtles decide they should enter the investigation as well.

    Over at the Cityville Bank, one of the few banks that was not robbed the night before, the Turtles stand guard. But not for long, because they are about to encounter whatever was strong enough to rip through six inches of solid steel -- The Willie Wombat Pizza Pan Theater Robots!! April contacts the Turtles via the TurtleCom to inform them that Rufus Higby had a partner named Bogart Flywheel who invented and designed all the robots. After a fall out with Higby three months ago, Flywheel vanished without a trace. The Turtles are now convinced that The Phantom/Bogart Flywheel is behind all the bank robberies and head back into the sewers to find him.

    Once they encounter the Phantom, and hear a tale of woe, the mutant lads soon realize that he is not responsible for the robberies, but rather his ex-partner Rufus Higby is. After a battle, which destroys all of Bogart Flywheel's "children" and causes the theater to fall into the sewers below, the Phantom discovers that his face is not hideously disfigured after all and he can resume a normal life.moreless
  • 10/24/92

    While Splinter is away on meditative satori, Donatello sets his sights on solving world hunger. He invents the "Food Revivafiver", a device designed to reverse the aging process of food.

    However, Michaelangelo accidentally zaps the other Turtles with the device and Donatello fears that it may have devastating effects on them. Meanwhile, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady break into a government weather station to steal balloons and helium. Shredder returns to the Technodrome while Bebop and Rocksteady load their Transport Module with their booty.

    Back at the Turtles' lair, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo are shrinking down to Turtle Babies. When April contacts the Turtles about the break in at the Government Weather Station, the three baby Turtles can't wait to get there and punch Shredder in the nose. They all climb on one skateboard and race across town with a frustrated Michaelangelo in pursuit. However, when they arrive, Shredder, as stated earlier, is already gone and Michaelangelo and the three Turtle Babies prove to be no match for Bebop and Rocksteady. Later, while April continues on her story and Michaelangelo returns to the lair to search through Donatello's notes for an antidote, Irma is left to baby sit Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael.

    Meanwhile down in the Technodrome, Krang reveals this episode's scheme. It seems that the villain plans to use the helium-filled weather balloons to support a man-made bogus island, a place where Krang intends to lure the city's top criminals with a bogus treasure map. When they all gather on the island, Krang will release the tether that secures the island to the Technodrome, and all of his competition will float off in to space.

    Only once again, Krang's plans are foiled, as April is reassigned. Burne sends her out to the mysterious tropical island where the leading underworld figures have been spotted.

    Michaelangelo decides to go with her, and to the surprise of both of them, so do the three baby Turtles. During a skirmish, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael escape into the ocean, where, lo and behold, the salt water transforms them back into their natural states. They are now ready to go back and kick butt. Shredder and company retreat back to the Techndrome and April contacts the police to pick up the city's crime lords.

  • 10/17/92

    Down in the sewers, while Michaelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael are watching yet another cheesy sci-fi film, Donatello is busy building his latest invention, the Dream-O-Vision, a device designed to turn your "imagination" into a three-dimensional hologram. After a couple of test runs it appears to malfunction when a Freddy Kreuger-esque character, Creepy Eddie, appears and announces that he is taking control of the dreams. Donatello shuts down the Dream-O-Vision helmet and decides that it is too dangerous and puts it away until he can figure out what is wrong.

    Meanwhile, over at Channel Six News, Milton Frobish the Third, a nerd and son of the owner of Channel Six News, has been welcomed to the News Team and assigned to work with April. Thus begins a series of misadventures for poor Milton the nebbish, thanks to Vernon's constant "sucking up." Back at the lair, Michaelangelo against Donatello's orders, elects to test out the Dream-O-Vision. Everything is fine until he is attacked by the Squid Monster That Ate Hoboken. Unable to return to the real world, Creepy Eddie informs Michaelangelo that he has been waiting for someone from Michaelangelo's universe to pass through. All he needs is one more person to make a two-for-one exchange.

    Concerned about Michaelangelo's reluctance to join them for pizza, Leonardo returns to the lair, only to be sucked into a whirlwind and transported into Nightmareland. Moments later, Creepy Eddie arrives in Reality. While Michaelangelo and Leonardo do battle with creatures from Mikey's imagination, Donatello, Raphael and Splinter do battle with Creepy Eddie. Finally, April saves the say when she arrives at the lair and finding the lights turned off, turns them on -- blowing a fuse in the process. This causes the Dream-O-Vision machine to shut itself off, causing Michaelangelo and Leonardo to return to Reality and Creepy Eddie to return to Nightmareland.

  • Sword of Yurikawa
    Episode 5

    We open our story with April reporting from the Japanese Embassy about their latest historical artifact exhibit -- the Sword of Yurikawa. But this is not just any sword -- this sword was once owned by Splinter's ninja master. Apparently, the katana has amazing and powerful attributes. Splinter fears that if it were to fall in to the wrong hands, dire consequences would ensue. He orders the Turtles to go to the museum to guard the sword.

    Meanwhile, Krang's crazy scheme this week is to blow up the Tri-State Bridge just as a convoy of trucks carrying a "rare form of toxic waste" passes overhead. The toxic waste will spill into the harbor and upon contact with the sludge at the bottom of the river, create a race of MUD MUTANTS. Then, Krang will use his Mindbender Ray to make the Mud Mutants obey his every command.

    Meanwhile, Shredder learns about the ancient Sword of Yurikawa, now on exhibit at the Japanese Embassy, leaves the Technodrome and heads for the surface. He believes that if he possessed that sword there would be no need to blow up the bridge.

    But Shredder is not the only one in this story who covets the Sword of Yurikawa. It seems that Lafayette Le Drone, an international weapons fancier, wants to add the sword to his collection. Prior to the end of the first act, the Sword of Yurikawa is stolen by an "unknown" masked ninja and replaced with a bogus one which in turn is stolen by another masked ninja- attired Lafeyette Le Drone and replaced with a bogus one -- which in turn is stolen by masked ninja-attired Shredder and not replaced at all.

    By the time that the Turtles arrive to guard the sword, after making a detour for a pizza respite, the sword is gone. Embarrassed by their sense of priorities, they vow to find the stoen sword rather than return to the lair and inform Splinter of their failure. But before the TMNT can begin their search, they are confronted by masked Ninja #1 and his flaming sword, and are summarily defeated.

    Back at the Technodrome, Shredder learns that he does not possess the Sword of Yurikawa and returns to the surface to find it. Krang is concerned that there is little time left to rig the bridge with explosives, but Shredder assures him that the sword will be more effective.

    Thanks to the security camera video, the Turtles learn of Le Drone's identity and set out for his mansion in an effort to reclaim the sword. Unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady. After a minor tangle with Le Drone, the Turtles realize that he does not have the "real" sword of Yurikawa and, once again, set out in search of it.

    No sooner do they leave, than Shredder arrives and convinces Le Drone that it would be in his best interest to join forces with the nasty ninja. Shredder promises that once he uses it for his own purposes, Le Drone can add it to to his collection. And no sooner do the Turtles take possession of the real Sword of Yurikawa (thanks to the original Masked Ninja who stole it from the Japanese Embassy) than Shredder is able to liberate it from them.

    At the Tri-State Bridge, with the Turtles trussed up in ropes and hanging from a suspension cable, Shredder awaits the convoy of trucks hauling the "rare form of toxic waste" and boasting about his new found destructive powers.

    But Shred-head's boasting is cut short, when in his attempt to use the power of the sword, it turns on him. Suddenly, the Masked Ninja arrives, frees the Turtles, and reveals himself to be none other than Splinter. Foiled again, Shredder retreats and the convoy safely passes over the bridge.

  • 10/10/92

    Donatello goes down to Channel Six News to give Vernon a piece of his mind after he had made disparaging comments about Turtles on live TV. On his way, Don runs into Slash, the evil turtle from Dimension X. This time Slash is smarter, stronger and has more technologically advanced weaponry... so he starts kicking Donatello's butt. For some reason, Slash intends to be the supreme turtle in this town. After dispatching Donatello, Slash sets off in search for the other three TMNT. But first he wants to go to Channel Six to get some equipment he will need to complete his "Trans-Frequency Fluxorator."

    After contacting Donatello on the TurtleCom and rescuing him from under a pile of steel girders, Raphael, Leonardo and Michaelangelo have a good laugh when they learn that this was Slash's doing. They remember him to be as thick as a brick and as dumb as mud. But the skeptical Turtles are finally convinced when they track Slash down at the Channel Six News Building and the nasty mutant turtle delightfully tells them the story of how he became the genius that he is now. It seems that while he was drifting through space he happened to crash land on an alien world inhabited by a race of hyper-intelligent beings. They took pity on his sub-par IQ and increased his intelligence beyond the wildest dream of mere mortals.

    From that moment on he was a turtle with a mission - to return to Earth and become the supreme turtle and "turtlize" the entire planet by using his Animalizer Ray and turning every human being into a turtle. To prove that he is "as serious as a heart attack" Slash demonstrates the Animalizer Ray on Vernon and Burne, and presto, they become turtles! After putting the Turtles "on ice" Slash climbs to the roof of Channel Six to prepare his entrance into the world domination. Before he can utilize the new Channel Six High Frequency antenna, the Turtles foil him. After a minor skirmish high above the city streets, Slash falls and is impacted into pavement. When the Turtles revive him, he is his old dumb self.

  • Shreeka's Revenge
    Episode 7
    While April is showing off the site of the new Channel Six news building, The Turtles realize that they have forgotten April's birthday. Meanwhile, the Technodrome is under some kind of attack. Bebop and Rocksteady go out to investigate, and they are abducted into a stranger alien craft owned and operated by Shreeka. Shreeka is an alien with an attitude and a vendetta against Krang. It seems that she and Krang used to be partners until he double-crossed her. She has spent eons tracking him down and now she has finally found him.

    What she wants, besides Krang's brain on a stick, is her most potent weapon, her Power Pack Energy Ring. Krang lies and tells her that he has given it to April. While Shreeka heads for the City, Krang gives Shredder the Ring and tells him to deliver it to April ASAP. Shredder is reluctant. Shred-head believes that a ring this powerful should be put to better use. Krang assures him that the ring is virtually useless - most of the power has drained out, but it will make the perfect "pawn" in their desire to be rid of the Turtles. Krang surmises that once Shreeka goes after April, the Turtles will come to her rescue and die for their efforts and destroy Shreeka in the process.

    While Irma buys a surprise birthday cake for April and the Turtles window shop at Spiffany's Jewelry Shop, Shredder arrives in town. The nasty ninja gift wraps Shreeka's ring and has it delivered to Channel Six News with a card from the Turtles. Only Shredder is still not convinced that the ring is not worth having and decides that he will stick around and reclaim the jewelry after the Turtles and Shreeka annihilate each other.

    But moments later, the Turtles have thier first run-in wiht Shreeka. After an Interglactic Scan Search, the TMNT discover that Shreeka is an interplanetary outlaw wanted in thirteen different galaxies for crimes too unspeakable to speak of -- and that she is after April. The Turtles run all over town in search of April but they are always two steps behind her and one stop behind Shreeka. In the final battle scene, Shreeka destroys the new Channel Six Building (still under construction) and ultimately her precious Power Pack Energy Ring. The Turtles rescue April and back at the lair, celebrate her birthday with a large birthday pizza - complete with candles.moreless
  • Too Hot to Handle
    Episode 6
    Donatello tells the other three Turtles that based on his calculations, the Earth has changed its orbit and is heading for the Sun. Mikey, Leo and Raph think that Don has been working too hard and force him to watch a movie with them. But when that movie turns out to be The Day the Earth Collided with the Sun, Donatello goes ballistic and says that he has to find a way to save the planet.

    Meanwhile, Vernon's genius nephew, Foster, is in town for his junior high school's science fair. Vernon tries to impress the boy at Channel Six News, but like everyone else in Vernon's universe, Foster sees through him like a sheet of glass. Back at the lair, despite the fact that the termperataure is rising, no one believes Donatello when he tells them "that the sky is falling." Over at Channel Six, Vernon makes one last vain attempt to impress his nephew by pleading with April to ask the Turtles if they would meet Foster at the National Junior High Schol Science Fair Competition. The TMNT reluctantly agree and arrive to witness Foster's invention, the Solar Magnet.

    Donatello was right! The Earth is orbiting closer to the sun and Foster is responsible! Foster says that he plans to leave it on until after he wins first prize. Donatello destroys Foster's invention. Not to worry though, Foster is a genius and he is able to put it back together in time for the competition. Meanwhile, some how or another, the evil scientist, Professor Philo Sofo, learns of Foster's Solar Magnet and steals it prior to Foster's unveiling, to put his, as he says, "evil plan into action." Of course, everyone assumes that Donatello is responsible but he professes his innocence. In fact, he wishes that he had stolen it, because if it should fall into the wrong hands it could mean "the end of the world."

    Suddenly, the image of Professor Philo Sofo appears on the television screen and announces his evil plan. It seems that while he is safe inside his underground bunker, the rest of the world is about to become toast. Afterwards, when there is no one left alive, he will become the undisputed ruler of the planet. With few clues to go on, and only twelve hours before the "end of the world as we know it," the Turtles race over to Sofo University. Along the way, they pick up Vernon and Foster. The Turtles thank Foster for having a change of heart by agreeing to help them dismantle the Solar Magnet, but Foster informs them that he is merely along to meet his hero - Professor Sofo. When they arrive at Sofo University -- it is deserted and apparently has been for some time. Before they leave, they find an important clue that leads them back to the city and under the Central City Park. With only minutes to spare, the Turtles, along with Foster, foil Professor Sofo's evil plan, and destroy the Solar Magnet.moreless
  • Super Irma
    Episode 3

    While the Turtles are busy trying to decide what costumes to wear to this year's Channel Six Halloween party, April and Irma are doing a story on the "reverse polarity magnet" at Magno-Dyne Labs. While at the Labs, Irma falls into some "goop" that the good Professor Chumley describes as harmless. Nonetheless, she feels ill and goes straight home.

    Meanwhile, inside the Technodrome on the Arctic Ocean floor, Krang and Shredder watch April's broadcast and decide that the "reverse polarity magnet" device is just what they need to rule the world.

    Later that night, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady break into Magno-Dyne Labs and attempt to steal the Professor's invention. As fate would have it, Irma is walking by in her Halloween costume, which looks like Wonder Woman's in design. As she passes by, Irma is accidentally "zapped" by the magnet device when Bebop accidentally turns it on.

    When Shredder and company try to "take care" of Irma, they find themselves being "taken care of," as Irma inadvertently displays super powers.

    Later, on the way home from the party, Irma tries to convince both the Turtles and April of her new found powers. No one believes her, until April and Irma separate from the Turtles and are confronted by two muggers in a dark alley.

    April and the Turtles become believers as they witness Irma's spectacular super powers. But Irma is now out of control. She sees herself as the new crime fighter in town and is determined to right all wrongs. Fortunately, Donatello planted a tracking device on her before she fled from the alley in pursuit of evil-doers everywhere.

    So our intrepid heroes follow Irma around town, all night long, saving herself from herself, that is until the inevitable happens -- Irma finds herself trapped inside a Transport Module, with Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady and the "reverse polarity magnet machine," headed for the Technodrome.

    The Turtles learn that Irma's super powers will wear off in five minutes. Meanwhile, Krang tests the "reverse polarity magnet" machine on a battleship, doing target practice on a mothball fleet in the harbor, by lifting it out of the ocean and flying it across the city skyline.

    With the flip of a switch, the Turtle Van becomes a Turtle Sub and the TMNT race to the Technodrome, rescue Irma, and gently put the battleship down on a busy thoroughfare.

    Donatello then rewires the controls to turn the "reverse polarity magnet" machine into a regular magnet machine -- which means the mothball fleet will be pulled down under water and drawn toward the Technodrome, destroying it.

  • 9/26/92

    The TMNT are convinced that every time April covers the unveiling of some new invention, Shredder always happens to see the same televised report and shows up to try and steal it. This time, the Turtles think they can cut Shredder off at the pass by scurrying over to the Top Notch Scientific Corporation and standing guard over the SONIC DISINTEGRATOR - a device that can turn metal into powder.

    Big Louie and his henchmen break into the lab. Big Louie escapes leaving his henchmen behind to spill the beans. It seems that he had seen April's newscast and decided that the Sonic Disintegrator was just the right tool for robbing banks. Meanwhile, across town, a UFO streaks across the sky and crashes. As innocent bystanders look on, a Killer Robot, known as Destructor X, emerges...

    When the Turtles hear about the robbery they set out to investigate, convinced that Shredder and Krang are behind it. While searching they come upon Kerma, the Turtleoid from Shell-Ri-La. It seems that the Turtleoid has another "small problem," Destructor X. After getting their butts kicked, Kerma and the Turtles are able to escape when they discover that bright light interferes with Destructor X's sensor functions.

    Hiding out at Channel Six, Kerma explains that Destructor X is a law enforcement drone, programmed to hunt down criminals. Due to a clerical error, Destructor X is hunting for Kerma rather than the space villain known as Nerma. Big Louie learns that the Turtles are at Channel Six. But no sooner does he arrive, than so does Destructor X. During the course of the battle, Big Louie discovers Kerma's portable gold making machine, decides that it is worth more than the Sonic Disintegrator and leaves with it.

    Meanwhile, the Turtles are running out of light to keep Destructor X away so they leave also. Halfway to who-knows-where, Kerma explains his new "small problem" and the Turtles decide to take Kerma to April's apartment. After enlisting Splinter to help watch after Kerma, Donatello and Michaelangelo head for the Top Notch Scientific Corporation to "borrow" the Sonic Disintegrator, believing that it is the only thing that will stop Destructor X, while Leonardo and Raphael hunt down Big Louie and retrieve Kerma's portable gold making machine.

    As soon as the four Turtles arrive in April's apartment Destructor X shows up as well. Splinter and April do everything that they can to protect Kerma. When things start to look hopeless, the Turtles arrive and use the Sonic Disintegrator, turning Destructor X into metal powder. The TMNT are then able to revive Kerma with the reflected light of his gold. Kerma once again thanks the Turtles for helping him out with his "small problem", boards his rocket ship and heads back to Shell-Ri-La.

  • 9/26/92
    Down in the sewers, while the other three Turtles are busy practicing their ninja arts training, Michaelangelo is busy playing computer video games, meanwhile, under the Arctic Ocean, while Bebop and Rocksteady are also busy playing video games, Krang is tuning up his Robotic Body. And while no one is looking, Bebop and Rocksteady inadvertently destroy an important computer chip and surreptitiously replace it with one from a hand-held computer video game player. When Krang's Robotic Body goes on-line -- havoc ensues! Krang's Robotic Body "thinks" it is playing a video game. It escapes into a Transport Module and arrives in the Turtles home town -- followed by Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady in pursuit.

    However, upon arrival, Shredder falls down a big hole, knocks himself out, and temporarily loses his memory, Krang's Robotic Body is on the loose, destroying everything it its path in its quest to win the "game."

    Later, thanks to Bebop and Rocksteady's "loose lips," the Turtles learn the truth about Krang's Robotic Body and track it down. The Shredder, still uncertain of who he is, takes a job with Barney Mushnik, proprietor of The Big Bang -- a fireworks company. Shred-head, not knowing exactly why, decides to build a bomb and then uses it to hold the city for ransom. Vernon Fenwick, in one of his vain attempts to beat April out of her story, arrives on the scene with camera in hand and accidentally causes Shredder to fall down the City Hall steps -- thus causing Shredder to regain his memory and quickly assume his old Turtle-hating persona.

    After doing battle with Krang's Robotic Body, which changes size in the blink of an eye, Michaelangelo wires his video game player to the robot, takes control and saves the City.moreless
  • Leonardo is Missing
    Episode 12

    When Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Raphael return from the video arcade, they discover that Donatello's lab is in disarray and that Leonardo is missing. Meanwhile, stuck in the frozen tundra, Krang locates a highly concentrated energy source just outside the city that he believes will be sufficient enough to enable him to blow the entire planet off its axis, thus causing a shift in the Earth's proximity to the sun that would reverse the entire climate of the planet. While the polar ice caps would melt, thus freeing the Technodrome, it would also cause the city to be plunged into a new ice age, paralyzing it for Krang's conquest.

    With the aid of his Hyper Thruster, a contraption large enough to jolt the Earth off of its axis, Krang proposes to use the Foot soldiers to transport it to the planet's surface and assemble it while Shredder and Krang locate the mysterious energy source. While out on the streets, still searching for Leonardo, the Turtles discover a break-in at the Blow Hard bubble gum factory and decide to investigate. Inside, they learn that someone is stealing baseball cards and they decide that they owe it to the Youth of America to do something about it.

    Of course that someone turns out to be two someones, Bebop and Rocksteady. After kicking the Turtles' collective butts, they learn that one of the Turtles is missing and return to the Technodrome to inform Shredder. Using Krang's holographic cloaker, Shredder turns Bebop into a bogus Leonardo and sends him back to the planet's surface to distract and confuse the real Turtles who are desperately searching for the real Leonardo.

    While down in the sewers, the real Leonardo is traversing the underground tunnels with one of Donatello's tracking devices, searching for the source of the distress signal he received while the Turtles were at the video arcade, and heading outside the city. Back at the lair, Splinter suggests that they all hold hands and try to contact the spirit of Leonardo, but when they do, they receive a vision of three dinosaurs! Meanwhile, the bogus Leonardo (Bebop) is terrorizing the entire city!

    Over at the gravel pit at the edge of town, Krang and Shredder discover the source of the mysterious energy, an alien craft that burrowed its way up from the center of the Earth. Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello finally catch up with the bogus Leonardo just as the hologram is wearing off. Within minutes, Bebop and Rocksteady spill the beans telling the Turtles about Krang and Shredder's plan to rock the Earth off its axis and where they can be found. But when the Turtles arrive at the gravel pit, they encounter the same three dinosaurs from the vision they shared with Master Splinter back at the lair. Preparing to defend them, Leonardo arrives to introduce them to his new friends.

    It seems that Speega, the dinosaur leader, and his comrades are descendants of a group of dinosaurs that escaped extinction millions of years ago by escaping to the center of the Earth. The dino survivors have been on a mission to save endangered species every since. While on just such a mission they damaged their craft and sent out a distress signal that Leonardo picked up on Donatello's equipment. The rest is history. That is until they learn that Shredder and Krang have stolen the dinosaur's energy cells. Thanks to Bebop and Rocksteady, the Turtles know exactly where to find them. And with the help of Speega and his fellow dinosaurs, they successfully foil Krang's seemingly foolproof plan to conquer the earth.

  • 9/19/92

    Krang summons General Tragg from the Dimension X to keep the Turtles busy (with a Rockolizer - a device that "vitalizes" anything made of mineral - i.e. turns inanimate rocks into animate rocks) while Shredder places a remote control transmitter upon a rocket ship preparing to launch a satellite with a new Super Laser. It is Krang's intention to steal the Super Laser and uses] it to free the Technodrome from its arctic prison.

    While rushing across town to cover a report of "rocks going wacko", April gets trapped in her van, almost falling into an enormous crater left by a boulder which exploded out of the earth. The Turtles rescue her. Fortunately, April had contacted the Turtles before heading off to the Central City Park - site of the "wacko rocks."

    Meanwhile, Shredder arrives at the launch site and prepares to attach Krang's remote control device onto the Super Laser. Back across town, the Turtles and April come across General Tragg and realize that Krang and Shredder must be up to no good again. While the Turtles attempt to do battle with General Tragg, April borrows the Turtle Van and heads back to Channel Six for more video tape to capture the "story of the year." But General Tragg tires quickly of the Turtles' feeble attempts to capture him and, using his Rockolizer, creates a Giant Rock Monster and sends it chasing after the Turtle Van - thinking they are still inside.

    The Turtles arrive at the Channel Six building and lure the Giant Rock Monster away to a nearby construction site before it can destroy the building with April inside. Meanwhile, Krang is getting anxious as liftoff time is fast approaching and Bebop and Rocksteady have still not attached the remote control device to the Super Laser.

    Back at the construction site, the Turtles defeat the Giant Rock Monster, only to have General Tragg create six more new ones from the remains of the original Giant Rock Monster. However, with typical Turtle ingenuity, these Rock Monsters are destroyed, as well as General Tragg's Rockolizer.

    Before the Turtles can capture him, Krang returns General Tragg back to Dimension X. As the Turtles start to celebrate their victory, April comes rushing into the scene to tell them that there is more trouble with the Super Laser that just was launched. Somehow, she got wind of Shredder and Krang's scheme.

    The Turtles race to the launch site but are too late. Krang has control of the Super Laser and is able to free the Technodrome from its icy prison. Unfortunately for the bad guys, Bebop and Rocksteady, while arguing over a Captain Cow comic book, disrupt the Super Laser remote control equipment, causing the Super Laser to cut a hole in the ice, causing the Technodrome to fall through and plunge to icy cold depths of the Arctic Ocean.