Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 1 Episode 5

Shredder & Splintered

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1988 on CBS

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  • great way to end first season

    great way to rap up the season finale and it rapts up karng wanting a body and the turtles wanting to cure splinter. Krang gets his body and wrecks havoc on teh city. the turtles fight it. I loved shredder\'s its alive its alive when the robot comes to life. the fight between bebop and rocksteady was decent, but it does not show them return ot the technodrome. I loved how Krang\'s troops nearly came through. Splinter seemingly lost his chance to become human as he did it to save the turtles, but later in the series he is fine with being a rat. The technodrome gets sucked through and Krang says he is the total ruler of dimension X. I loved how they have mixed reviews of the turtles on the news, in the beginning there are sightings of them reported. did this look like the end to you? I heard this was a 5 part mini series and was supposed to end here.
  • The wrath of Krang...

    You watch this episode, thinking it's another filler, but no way!!! This is the spectacular Season 1 finale, where Shredder's Retro Mutagen Ray is the only thing to save Splinter, but it is fatal to the Turtles. The turtles have to go through the mutants, foot soldiers, and Jumbo Krang. Then Krangzilla goes on a rampage, and the Turtle Blimp comes out of nowhere, and Donatello's smarts get Krang back to economy size. Then the Technodrome is sucked into Dimension X?!! So is it the end. Nope, the saga has just begun. Woot for Ninja Turtles!!!!