Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 7 Episode 27

Shredder Triumphant!

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1993 on CBS

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  • "You wretched reptiles! I'll destroy you!" -Shredder "There's only one way you can do that." -Donatello "And that's to take us on. Mano on Turtleo." _Michaelangelo

    After seven years of the turtles, I sat down on Saturday and put it on CBS to watch a full hour of Ninja Turtles. The first episode was Combat Land, which was good, but no Shredder. But the second episode... it was the best! I was thinking as the Turtles broke into the Technodrome and were searching for the Regenerative Power Cell, the Heroes in a Halfshell would foil ol' Tin Grin again. But I saw nay! The turtles are hurtled into Dimension X as Shredder and Krang take over the city. But they overcome all the trials Dimension X had and they came back, stronger. Shredder was trapped, Krang's body had a few malfunctions, and the Technodrome was sucked into Dimension X!