Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 43


Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1989 on CBS

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  • Better epsiodes

    One of the better episodes
  • It's a Wonderful life turtle style when the TMNT wake up in a world ruled by Shredder.

    This brilliant episode is among the best ones in the entire series. Featuring a world without the turtles it exploits what everyones life would be like in this reality. It is an interestig tyranny that makes you wondering plenty of things such as why Krang did not rule the world. What happened to Splinter, and more. I thought they gave you just enough background information on this world to make it a perfect and flawless episode. I liked how Shredder was so different from the normal worlds one but still evil. In the end the episode leaves you wondering if the events really happened or Splinter was really behind it to teach the turtles. If you must watch only one episode from this season let it be this one!
  • neat episode

    this was a really good episode

    it was a take off on its a wonderful life in which the turtles wish they were not around. in this world everyone hates mutants due to shredder and he rules, but is overburndended by it

    bebop and rocksteady are humans and april and irma are slaves to them

    krang is in the technodrome with no body as the technodrome is malfunctioning and explodes in the end

    I like how they have traag get Zack for defacing the technodrome.

    It was funny of how they then realized the world is well off with them, but silly of how they blame themselves for shredder's actions.
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