Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 15

Take Me to Your Leader

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1989 on CBS

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  • Good Leonardo episode

    Leonardo leaves the team due to a nightmare. And the other Turtles must find what is causing the sun to get smaller by themselves, and try to find Krang and Shredder. But Raphael resigns too quickly, Michelangelo is not serious enough, and Donatello leaves. Will they stop the villains? It was better than the previous ones. Not great, but good.
  • Can they do one Leonardo episode without making others look stupid?

    As I understood, this episode goes something like this:

    Leonardo: Oh, no! I had a nightmare in which I said left instead of right. I suck as a leader.

    Raphael: Don't tell me! You're gonna leave the team because of the inferiority complex like they did in every other cartoon.

    Leonardo: Well, yeah.

    Raphael: OK, bye.

    2 hours later

    Raphael, Mikelangelo, Donatello: Oh, no! We never should let him go. Now we have to do what we always do in episodes about Leo - being incompetent jerks who can't even sneeze without Leo telling us how.

    Leonardo: Gee, it's snow in the middle of June. Could it be that the Shredder is up to something and that the Earth is in danger?.......Nuuuhhhh! 2 hours later

    Leonardo: Come to think of it, this is a stupid episode, I better get back.

    Leo gets back, they kick Shredder's ass, and they go home.

    Splinter: Well, my Turtles..what have you learned, today?

    Donatello: This episode sucks.

    Raphael: It really sucks.

    Mickelangelo: I can't say anything without a lame pizza joke.

    Leonardo: I'm gay.

    Splinter: Very good, my turtles.

    The End