Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 47

The Big Blow Out (3)

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1989 on CBS

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  • Should jave been the Series Finale

    This should have been the series finale -but they had to renew it and put more epsiodes on it. result too many epsiodes ruina good series.
  • The trilogy ends...

    This episode, the big blow out is one of this series best episode and is filled with action, excitement and adventure. An brilliantly built up story, especially for the early 90's ends and it could not get much better. Thr technodromes return above ground was well done and the plot were Vernon tries to take aprils job was well concluded. I liked the final battle scene when Krang was pulling Earth in to Dimension X. It was suspensful and yet kept the same campy feel of the show. It set up for the plot line of season 4 wich was probly the best season. I liked every part of it from beginning to end.
  • This is easily one of the top five Turtle episodes.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. The technodrome gets back to size and causes a lot of destruction and even has hydrolic legs used. Krang unleases one of his worst plots, to send earth through a dimensional portal to Dimension X and have Traag and his armies attack the Earth. HE even tries to blow up mount rush more. I loved how Splinter had the size of shredder and krang\'s evil will be their undoing. Shredder fights splinter and almost destroys him. I loved how the army tried to blast the technodrome, but nothing worked. nothing. so the turtles resort to have a missle stolen. Shredder lost it with the turtles beating him and ruins krang\'s plan by trying to get them and the turtles cause the technodrome to be blasted into the portal to Dimension X and Traag\'s armies think its the earth and blast the technodrome and I loved how Krang said the techndorome is ruined and no portal, no power. Shredder said it could be worse, we could be stuck in Dimension Z. Krang attacks him. the turtles are hailed as heroes, but then they go back to what their old status somehow. And I wonder how many people thought this was the last one. It was hard to say. I thought the bad guys were done for when the technodrome sank in the lava in return of the technodrome.