Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 3 Episode 46

The Big Break-In (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1989 on CBS
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Now successfully re-energized, The Technodrome begins moving towards the surface. Krang sends for a Minimizer from Dimension X. With it, he can shrink anyone and anything that stands in his path. He immediately uses the device to shrink all of the nearby military bases, therefore making the planet defenseless, once he takes the Technodrome to "higher ground."
The Turtles, knowing that they and the planet will be in hot water if Shredder and Krang take the machine to the surface, decide to break into the machine itself, and try to sabotage it. Under attack from Rocksteady, Bebop, and Krang, the Turtles realize that taking out the machine won't be an easy task. April, in the meantime, shows up to cover the mystery of the missing bases. Although she's at the right place, she's here at the wrong time. The Technodrome suddenly surfaces, and heads in the direction of the reporter.
The Turtles, however, manage to gain control of the Minimizer, and with just seconds left before April becomes road kill. They are able to use it to shrink the Technodrome to the of a softball. Then, they restore the military bases to their proper The now miniaturized Technodrome falls back into the hole it came out of, where Krang and Shredder use their energy reserves to restore it to it's own full height. It's not over, yet.


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  • The trilogy continues!

    The trilogy story arc continues in the Big break in, an episode among the series best ones. The technodrome regains power and uses it to wreak havoc on the world as it rises above the ground. Although little is seen of the sub plot involving Vernon taking over Aprils job among other small glitches this episode is still fantastic. I liked many parts in this episode although may favorite is when April tells Burnes that the technodrome is coming. The episode begins to show the true threat of Shredder, Krang, and the technodrome to earth. This episode is another one were, although the turtles may not know it, the villains suceed, in a way. This one is another must see episode.moreless
  • good episode and well action packed

    very good episode, but the beginning made no sense as splinter gave them a tea lesson. the technodrome finally heads to the surface and it took almost the whole episode for it to get to the surface. They have general traag. Krang uses the minimizer to shrink the military bases to lower the defeneses. It was thrilling of how April was about to get crushed by the incoming technodrome and she could have just broken the glass to get out. The turtles shrink the technodrome and it uses its reserves to get back to normal just as the turtltes leave.

    I loved how Krang fought the turtles.moreless
Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon


Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke


James Avery (I)

James Avery (I)

Shredder (Oroku Saki)

Pat Fraley

Pat Fraley

Krang/Burne Thompson

Peter Renaday

Peter Renaday

Splinter (Hamato Yoshi)

Renae Jacobs

Renae Jacobs

April O'Neil

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    • (After the Turtles shrink the Technodrome)
      Shredder: (In a high voice) "Stick with me," you said, "and I'll make you a big man." Some big man!
      Krang: (In a high voice) Relax, will you? I designed the Minimizer and I can undo the effects of its rays.
      (Krang pulls a lever and the Technodrome begins to grow back to its normal size)
      Shredder: (In normal voice) Now, to get those turtles!

    • (Leonardo slices the pipe)
      Raphael: Wow, Leonardo. Did you ever consider being a heart surgeon?
      Leonardo: Turtle Power! (slides down the pipe, other Turtles follow him)
      Donatello: Geronimo!
      Michelangelo: Cowabunga!
      Raphael: Have a nice day.

    • Raphael: Donatello, are you sure you can land this thing?
      Donatello: How hard can it be?
      (They hit the ground)
      Raphael: (Angrily) Not as hard as the ground!

    • Michaelangelo: If we don't do something, like, quick, April and those army bases are gonna be...lumpy oatmeal!!
      Raphael: Michaelangelo, I always knew you had the touch of a poet.

    • Raphael: (As the metal restraints hold him down) Cool it, bud. I'm not an auto chassis.
      (Raphael sees the spikes at the end of the treadmill)
      Raphael: Uh-oh. Turtle tartare is not my favorite dish!

    • Krang: Do you wish to go somewhere, Turtles? I'd be happy to "drive" you. (Turns his hatchet arms into metal pounders.)

    • Leonardo: Hey look, it's raining Foot Soldiers!
      Raphael: Hah. Wouldn't you know it? The weather bureau predicted "sunny and mild!"

    • Krang: Soon all the armies of the Earth will be coming up a little short!
      Bebop: Yeah. (to Shredder) But what about da Toidles?
      Shredder: (laughs) If they get in our way, we'll crush them! The Technodrome will squash them in their shells like bugs!!

    • Donatello: Michaelangelo! Lets take this turkey down!!
      Michaelangelo: Tubuloso idea, compadre!!

    • Donatello: (To Michaelangelo) We've gotta get out of here and help April!
      Krang: You two will be taking a trip, but the directions will be straight down!!

    • Krang: The Minimizer is on the surface.
      Shredder: Now to see if it can deliver as promised.
      Krang: Oh it can and will, I promise you!
      Shredder: Even Rocksteady and Bebop could control this Minimizer!
      Bebop: I'm real good at video games!
      Krang: Later! First, we do some real damage!!

    • Donatello: (Drawing bo-staff) If we take out one of these electrodes, the whole Technodrome will shut down. (Krang laughs nearby) Krang!!
      Krang: You're going to have to tangle with me first! And I do mean tangle! (Wraps his ball and chains around Donatello and Michaelangelo)
      Michaelangelo: Uh-oh! We've been bolo-blitzed!

    • Shredder: At last! After all this time. The Technodrome....arises!!!

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