Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

Season 2 Episode 6

The Case Of The Killer Pizzas

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1988 on CBS

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  • Right when you thought this show couldn't go any further with pizza...

    I have to say, Case of the Killer Pizzas, is one of the better episodes of the serie, and most likely the best episode on the DVD it's featured on. I think that the pizza creatures were a brilliant idea, and I'm pleased that the pizza creatures were featured in some of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games. I think the creatures themselves fit the part very well, and I like the idea of their growth. Each form of the creatures are very original, and the battle screens are classic TMNT action. Certainly a classic amongst the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and without doubt unforgetable. Probably the only time pizza is viewed in a negative manor throughout the series :D
  • evil little monsters disguised as meatballs are are placed on pizzas and start havoc

    I was a kid this episode kind of scared me because it was creepy. I liked how this episode was set up like a horror film and had little snippets of sublty to the situations involving the monsters when the turtles and April and Irma are looking for them. I will never forget the scene where Irma follows the little monster to the basment and crawls through the washinh machine into the sewer to find it. And now as I watch this as an adult I can really appriciate the slight sence of horror they put into this episode. Particularly the scene where the turtles try to trap the little monster in the carpet and they find that it burned a hole through the wall, and Leonardo is on all fours looking for it and says that it vanished, and the little monster is right above him on the ceiling peeking behind a support beam laughing all sinister like. It kind of mildly reminded me of "Grimmblins" the movie, great eppisode.
  • "These babies may look like meatballs, but once they hatch..."

    This is my review for one of a few TMNT episodes that I have seen several times in my life. It is about Krang helping Shredder and Baxter out again, this time by giving them the eggs of creatures from Dimension X. Shredder decides to let the Turtles know of a pizza contest going on by taking some flyers and washing them down the sewers, where they live. Once there, Baxter places the eggs on three of the prize pizzas, which two of them get taken as part of a pizza delivery and replaced by new ones. Baxter then annouces the winners by using the Turtles' names. The Turtles then decide to repay April for entering their names in the drawing by giving her one of their prize pizzas. When April heats up the pizza at Erma's home, the first creature hatches and devours the pizza. The Turtles come over and get the creature until it runs away. They then go after the other pizzas, but it is too late; the other creatures hatch and run away as well. They escape into the sewers, where they become bigger and stronger when exposed to the water (They kinda look like Aliens, don't they?). The creatures spend the whole time chasing after the Turtles, Shredder, and Baxter until they are exposed to electricity, which turns them back into eggs. I like this episode so much, I know just about every quote from it. A true classic.
  • the turtles are up against killer pizzas

    this was one of my favorite episodes for this season. i liked the idea of krang and the shredder using the pizza contest to lure the turtles and maing the aliens look like meatballs. the animation was a bit better in this episode compared to earlier ones i thought. although i did notice that once raphael's did turn into leanardos at one point as they was battling the shredder. i liked the way the pizzas ended up in the wrong hands which panicked baxter and the shredder. irma and the itallian man was a good little side story as well.
  • That's a spicy meatball, with a killer pizza in it!! LOL!!

    I thought Krang wasn't going to help Shredder? Once again, he has to bail him out, and gives him some eggs with mutants in them. He lures the Turtles to a pizza contest and putsk the eggs in the prize pizzas to trap the turtles. But the pizzas go to some little kids, and the Turtles follow them. The creatures get away. The third Killer Pizza goes to Irma, it escapes to the sewers, and the Turtles must collaborate with Shredder to stop them.
  • Wow! What an excellent episode.

    I like this episode very much. The little pizza eating monsters are done very well, and are an excellent new character to this show. I always wanted to know the secret of what those little pizza monsters were after versus them in an older Ninja Turtle game. Now it all makes sense.
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